In this excellent update on the stock, dollar, oil, and gold & silver markets, former Bear Stearns trader Greg Mannarino states that the stock market is testing major resistance WITH ZERO VOLUME and is preparing to roll over.  He states equities are currently at least 50% over-valued from fair-market prices, and that the Fed is currently setting up the biggest pump & dump in the equities market that the world has ever seen!Enormous amounts are going to be created when this bubble bursts, and the majority will be STOLEN BY THE INSIDERS, AS THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE SLAUGHTERED!

Mannarino states that we are in the midst of a currency collapse, and that rather than worrying about the latest I-phone or I-pad, people need to be worrying about SURVIVAL!

Mannarino states that the best play to avoid the coming onslaught is PHYSICAL SILVER and that after a potential short term pull-back over the next week or two, a MAJOR, MAJOR LEG UP IN SILVER IS IMMINENT!!



Mannarino states the 1,000 million dollars a day in QE3 being used t0 attempt to re-inflate the housing bubble is attempting to remove risk from the banks, who can now package all mortgages and dump the MBS to the Fed.  However Mannarino states that the plan will not work to re-inflate the housing bubble DUE TO INFLATION.   The Fed believes money will come out of equities and will go into housing due to their plan.

    • Yes, they go to infinity as well.  Difference is they are not honoured and the chumps that bought SLV and GLD are left homeless, hungry and destitute as well.

  1. The entire destablization of the MENA happened through the flash point in Tunisia. This was caused by food inflation and that was one of the worst of the many terrible effects of QE 2. As this prior bout of inflation resulted in up to 40% increase in the cost of food for people who spend 50% of their budget on food, this new flood of drought and QE 3/Operation Twist food price increases will cause untold havor with food budgets in the world. It will also wash up on our shores.  20% of all families in this country have ‘food insufficiency’ as they run out of money before the run out of month.
    Hunger is already stalking our streets. A 25% increase in food costs to families whose budgets are strained by food costs today will force the hunger issue to a tipping point 
    Rest assured, by mid 2013 there will be food riots in major cities and floods of people trying to escape the food deserts in large cities.  This will end in such ugliness that even the American Depression where millions starved will pale in comparison.  Children starved but it was never called by its real name.   The doctors termed it ‘failure to thrive’  But Dead is still dead. 
    I wonder if Michelle Obama’s new regime  of calorie restriction at school lunches is just a warm up and precursor to get kids prepared for the hunger pangs of real food deprivation, because it will come to that end IMO

    • AGXIIK, it’s posts like these that often makes me feel like I’m wasting my time on these boards.  If I check back with you later next year and there aren’t “food riots in major cities and floods of people trying to escape the food deserts in large cities” and we don’t have a situation worse than “the American Depression where millions starved” would you admit that this was an ignorant post and prone to hyperbole?  Or, will you do like most and come up with a reason why your prediction didn’t come to fruition?  Because you did afterall say “Rest assured”.  It would also take too much time to go back and remind folks of all the hyperbole spouted by Mannarino.  Where to go to find level-headed, common-sense discussion?

  2. It isn’t  housing bubble, or equity bubble, we are looking at a dollar bubble right now and things are going to collapse if a trigger point is hit. Massive food inflation may well be that point as AGX pointed out. The sheeple are to hypnotized by their latest new tech toy to prepare and when it happens it is not going to be pretty.
    So the federal reserve becomes the owner of a lot of property in the US. I see them foreclosing on people who aren’t even behind on their mortgages to force them out of rural or suburban living and into big city closet apartments.

    • Some of the sheeple are so hypnotized by their latest new gadgets that they would take out loans from the banks just to buy an overpriced phone. As for the kids which are the younger generations, they use all their savings just for an iPod, iPad, etc. Are people that desperate for just a gadget?

  3. QE 3 is set up to buy Mortgage Backed Security pools so in effect the Fed will own tranches of mortgages. If our mortgages are in that pool the fed will own them  This will take place at a $40-80 billion rate per month. Within a few years, and I read that the fed will continue this for the nxt 4 years, $4 trillion in mortgages will be in the hands of the feds.  QE 3 is nothing more or less than a junk mortgage bail out of the big banks holding smelly pools of subprime non performing mortgages. The funds used to purchase these mortgage pools will be rotated and sanitized into short term treasuries, allowing the treasury to refi the $3 trillion due this year plus the $1 trillion budget deficit. Nice trick if you are a banker.

  4. Gold and silver will be like an armor to us that will resist against the sharp blades of the slaughterhouse. Every time I receive some fiat dollars, I exchange them for some gold and silver.

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