launch rocket verticalDouble or Nothing?
One thing is certain: Bo Polny’s bold gold and silver predictions are not getting conservative…

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    • Bo Polny is always sticking his neck out, and always getting his head chopped off, with his ever adaptable predictions for precious metals and the end of the world. But like many slickster salesmen/preachers, his capacity for excuses and rationalizations allow his hydra heads spring up with new predictions.

      These tedious Fundamentalists should abandon their self aggrandizing  sideshow theorizing from Creationism to EndTimes, and instead focus  on the central event in History, Jesus Christ. And then actually practice what he preached, which isnt ”once saved always saved” or ”have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior”, but ”everytime you did … for the least of my brothers, you did for me”

  1. BINGO!!!!

    I knew it, I knew it!!!

    Like I said exactly last night- I just need Blow Poclair to post his foolishness by Thur.  to insure Ag/Au tank and my Put Options “come home to Pappa”!


    Ag->$14/Au->$1150 by early next week.

    ( ART005– I was pulling some serious G’s today when the PMs were grinding up….okay now. Blood back in my head)

  2. Although the last COT report looks scary, I would be very careful to short g/s at this stage. Both want to go up and they will. The trading pattern has changed. Of course, there will be corrections and opportunities to short g/s but timing could be very difficult. This is my opinion and I might be wrong.

    • Totally agree JD, it does seem different now. The price action in the evening is no longer contained to gold plus +/- $2.00. Although it could well be supressed, it’s still managing to show strength on an ongoing basis. I feel good about the direction but i’m always ready for a smashing.

    • Agree JD..the miners look strong and held up well during the last two declines in the stock market. Theory is the miners will outperform the metals in the beginning of a trend change and it seems to be taking place. Watch for the flash crashes in the early morning.

    • I would not prefer trading silver COMEX.  The price action has high frequency chop and it tends to stay in a middle rather than extreming and making good trends.  It was much more fun in 2014, but real commodities have better and longer-living swings.  Even if silver goes to $1000 it could be a choppy ride.  Why chop down forests when you can take the freeway?

  3. Actually, pondering it for some minutes, Bo *MUST* know something. Otherwise, there would be some 50/50 chance of accidental hits. But he is so consistently wrong, it really is conspicuous.

    I think Bo, like every one else mentioning the ShitMetah in a serious context, has sold his soul to the dark side. He is now possessed by the evil Soros/Kissinger demon, and serves as the propaganda mouthpiece of “the Evil NWO Banker Cabal” …

    • @ava_tar i see i am not the only one still recovering from last years shimmitah . it was horrible i know i was there for it too . i do not remember much of the details of it. all i know was it was horrible . i read about it everyday . 

  4. Sensationalism sells. This guy is clearly trying to sell subscriptions and generate ad clicks for this website. He has been so wrong for so long hopefully by now nobody is paying him any mind.

    This is my last post on any of his articles. Don’t want to contribute to the problem.

    • Did you see this video of a woman reading the my little polny report recently? She went long fertilizer and made a mint.


      p.s. nobody hopes more than me to see the price of silver triple, but I’ll be goddamned if there is some technical analysis that can lead to that prognostication.

  5. We know what male my little polny fans are called right? Brolnys. I’m not long or short silver. I have my stack which I add to whenever I feel like it. I hope anyone who trades gets nuked, as they are part of the problem. However, saying listening to My little polny pholny baloney has gotten long in the tooth ( I don’t want this gift horse ) is the understatement of the century. Only the die hard brolnys line up for him now.

  6. The usual drill folks. JUST HERE TO READ YOUR COMMENTS.

    I don’t like feeding the “TROLLS” whether it be the usual suspects, or this bloke.

    He must be a troll because he only seems to come out of the woodwork when G & S are going up. Talk about a JINX.

    All the best to the long suffering readers. from _JOHNLGALT

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