cartel taken to kneesIn the MUST SEE video analysis below, PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler reviews the options expiration week that was for gold on the Comex. Predictably, the hits just kept coming. The take down of gold arrived right on time, which Kranzler explains in a unique blow-by-blow format.
The thieves are laughing–all the way to the vault.
PM fund manager Dave Kranzler’s blow-by-blow video analysis of the latest orchestrated gold take-down is below:

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  1. I have been a Paul Craig Roberts fan way before it was cool to be a Paul Craig Roberts fan. PCR likes Dave Kranzler so that’s all I need to trust Kranzler. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize if a seller sells an ass of something its going to drop the price. It irritates the fool out of me these parasites have all these sick little tools to steal money. I’m getting pretty old so I’m not going to have to watch these parasites slime around forever, but it does sicken me as to what scams my generation has left my children’s generation. I just hope something happens where every single one of these parasites get their heads chopped off. One gift I’d love is when a parasite meets his maker is to hear him/her say, “What did I do wrong?”  

  2. It’s like an organized gang of serial rapists stage regular ‘gang-bangs’ and all the minor small-time ghouls discover this and join in on the debauchery of kidnapped innocents drawn into their ‘CRIMEX’ lair.

    I’ve said my whole life that repeat rapists ought to be strung up. This allegorical simile comes damned close to warranting the same treatment.

    • @PatFields
      “I’ve said my whole life that repeat rapists ought to be strung up.”
      Yes, I have said that as well… and NOT by their necks!  
      Reminds me of the bumper sticker I once saw that read:  Disarm Rapists!”.  That makes sense to me.  After all, if one abuses a car and injures others on purpose, the car is taken away.  If one abuses gun ownership and people are injured, their guns are taken away.  Why not take away an offending organ that is out of control and very likely to continue harming people?  (said with tongue only slightly in cheek…)

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