cliff fall coyotePM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler joins the SGTReport to discuss the details of the collapse, which is in already progress — as Jim Willie says, it started in 2008 — however the sad reality for most Americans is that they won’t wake up until it’s too late.
Dave says, “The majority of people won’t pick up their pitchforks until something really bad and painful happens.  It might actually not happen until the Dollar collapses and people see that our country is essentially a third world country masquerading behind debt, printed money and FRAUD.”
Kranzler’s full MUST LISTEN interview is below:


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  1. Didn’t Russia’s dollar collapse in the early 90s? They did ok and it’s been onward and upward for them ever since. Correct Me if I’m wrong but I think a collapse is a good thing, right?

    • @dolph
      First of all, Russian currency is Ruble, not dollar. Second of all, when it collapsed the event wiped out all people’s savings. That was second planned robbery after the demolition of the Soviet Union. The same thing is happening to the United States now. The biggest problem is that under normal monetary system and fair conditions such collapses are house cleaning events. The poor investments are sold at a discounted price to the savers, who benefit from these events. Today the majority of people save on their accounts and pension funds (in case they do) somebody else’s debt denominated papers. In case of collapse they are going to be wiped out first. The only group that benefits is a handful of banksters who design, manufacture and execute these crisis. So there is nothing really to look forward to.

    • When the Russian Ruble collapsed, some people found their life’s savings would only purchase a sack of potatoes.  If the US dollar collapses, the wealthy folks will mostly get through it okay; it is the ordinary working stiffs who will see their savings evaporate.
      Years ago, the Ruble was nearly equal to the $USD.  I happened to be in Russia when one of these bills would only buy a wristwatch.
      Note that those folks who store their life savings in PM’s will get through the dollar collapse with most – if not all – of their wealth intact.

  2. there’s $20 trillion in US pensions   there is even more in Europe that is vulnerable to bailins and confiscations.  IMF has come out, stating that bailins of sovereign and TBTF banks will take place if the bonds and capital is impacted by financial reverses. The failures are happening now with Portugal’s biggest bank’s inability to pay its bond payments.  This is a rolling scenario where the cresting wave of confiscations willgrow ever larger  there are even reports of bailins starting due to the problem with the Portugese bank

  3. There are some externalities in comparing collapse to melt-down.  Melt-down started with Gorbachev and ended with Yeltsin.  I was in Russian Federation in 1996 trying to buy Silver, yet only got Russian Stamps.  Ex-fiancee read to me in Russian & English  on how the twin towers will fall, war in Iraq/Iran and a black president.   Of course my denial was only towords having a woman president.  I am human with a belief in Persian countries will free manipulation in Precious metals.  Now open for questions?

    • @ Republic for mars
      You denied having a woman president but what a Man for a first lady? LOL… Hilarious the joke they playing on us. As far as wiping out russians savings? They had no savings, they were communist. The state owned everything. no?

  4. Didn’t Karen Hudes claim that the USA has 178,000 tonnes of gold held in the Bank of Hawaii? If that is true, surely all this discussion of the USA running out of gold are all hot air. If and when gold-backed SDRs become the top tier of currency, as Jim Rickards predicts, then the USA only has to bring its 178,000 tonnes into play. But of course I have no idea where Ms. Hudes gets her information.

    • They are capable of reasoning but they are in denial. I talked with a close friend about the coming economic collapse and he became angry, saying “I don’t want to hear this shit!”. I liken the sheeple to the residents of Pompeii on that fateful day in A.D. 79. They had had a few earthquakes, but what the heck? the sun was shining and it was a lovely day. Even when Vesuvius erupted, the column of ash was going straight up, so the sheeple didn’t feel particularly threatened. by the time the ash column collapsed and became a pyroclastic flow, it was too late to get out of the way.

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