Gold & Silver demand – not paper but PHYSICAL gold &  silver demand is finding a lack of storage space…


    • same ole BS fear monger shameless drivel EVERY single article. SD is the simpleton tout media who, on their News Doctor propaganda page published an article  about a free lance photographer, who took pics at ground zero THREE days after 911, and ND claimed he was a first responder; the guy is now in South America, because he is a MURDER fugitive from U.S.

      this rag is a complete waste of time; it is BS just like CNN; simply the other end of spectrum. Clowns spewing fantasy fear mongering trash

      oh please give us some more paul craig ROBOT same ole same ‘neocon’ this n neocon that; guy writes SAME article every time

  1. “People are taking money out of the bank and buying metals to store in secure locations”.

    So I can’t help but wonder how much folks pay to store metals at the super secret and very highly secure storage vault thats on the government’s list of number one places to stop and rob, err, confiscate first. I also hope they pay the security staff more than minimum wage.

    How trusting today’s society is! Me, I barely trust myself and i’ve known me for sometime now.


    • “Me, I barely trust myself and i’ve known me for sometime now.”

      Yes, but just maybe you know something about you that generates this mistrust?  😉


      On a more serious note, this is a big question.  Is it safe to keep something that is portable and valuable in someone else’s hands during times of extreme emergency?  What is to stop them from absconding with the loot?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  And you’d better believe that if the SHTF while they hold other people’s wealth, that wealth WILL be taken to help THEIR family survive, not yours.

      Among the obligations of wealth are protecting, preserving, and growing it.  For that to happen, it HAS to be in YOUR own hands AND you have to have a plan that will protect and preserve it.  One of the techniques that I use is diversification of location.  Not all of what I have is in one place.  If one of my caches is discovered and stolen, the others likely will survive intact.  Putting what I have in someone else’s hands is NOT part of my plan and never has been.  I urge extreme caution to anyone contemplating using a PM storage company to protect their wealth.  Maybe using them for PART of their stash would be OK but not more than that and certainly not all of it.


  2. The Gold article on SD will bankrupt you if you are stupid enough to read and believe them.  I have been reading these article for over 4 years and everyone of the predictions I have read has been wrong and SD knows it!  Yet, they continue posting this hogwash!

    • “if you are stupid enough to read and believe them”

      Sounds like it’s coming from someone that did. Are you admitting?

      You are to blame, no one else, it was yoar decision I bet. Take yoar loses as the cost of learning and move on in life, rather than coming here blaming everyone except yoar own ignorance. Nobody gives a rats ass about yoar loses or gains, so save the whining for someone who cares.

    • @Justin_Case You come in here trying to take some intellectual high ground position and spell “your” as “yoar” twice – effectively revealing that it wasn’t a typo?

      Regardless of the “bad decisions” we’ve all made regarding precious metals, it does nothing to diminish how the articles here have largely been a beacon of incorrect embarrassment, with some whistling past the graveyard ( like this article ) sprinkled in for good measure.

      I’ve been saying for years, we’ll be right someday, and until that day, the nobel laureates having their work published here will continue to look bad and make precious metals stackers look like not only loons, but DUMB loons.


      All it would take would be some honest reflection and analysis about the reality of where we are, instead of hearing about the IMMINENT COMEX RUN or the NAVY USING SILVER BULLYEEEEONN TO PAY FOR FUEL FROM THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!


      Here’s hoping we get out of the upside down world before I die.


    • It seems there is always an increasing amount of gold and silver on the market.  Not sure how many of these have tungsten cores but there’s just a never ending supply.  Now all the storage sites are filled up?  LOL

      This site posts nothing but hopium to anyone that will listen for the past 6 to 7 years.  Lots of tempers on this site for those which followed their advice, including myself, which missed the stawk’ market, real estate and crypto boom expecting metals to do something.  Instead the metals sank like the Titantic and muddling along the ocean floor near production costs.  This incredibly wrong predictions have cost a lot of stackers their life savings, retirement, opportunity costs, homes, vacations, etc.  Thanks SD..


    • Trolls keep talking´bout silver losses, that´s because they are stupid. Buy any lunar Perth near time of issuance, series one average return is over 300%, and it is over 100% for series 2. Holding time is in average 13 years for the first series and 4 for the second.And that is nothing compared to the future returns.

  3. “bad decisions”

    Havin insurance is not a bad decision. Going gung ho and plowing every cent into precious metals is a bad decision. I bought mine in 1983 and never had to sell b/c I needed money. I bought with what I was willing to risk as a loss. Greed is the problem. Going in with what you can’t afford to lose in hopes of making a large amount of profits. The other issue is buying something that you don’t understand and have done zero research. Believing that someone can project price in the future is the same as a tarot card reader.

    Everyone with a few stem cells should be able to see that there are problems in the monetary sphere. All assets are distorted. The system is broken and TPTB know this. There is no way to fix it. It has to be reset some how. When this will happen, nobody knows. When it happens will be like trying to buy insurance after the accident. Metals will prevent total losses of yoar wealth, just as an insurance policy helps offset the costs/losses.

    If you feel that you made a mistake, sell out yoar positions and re-invest those funds into the next big thing to make money. Sitting on it and whining will not make you any money. If you re-deploy yoar funds, you will begin making money (maybe) while the other investment doesn’t, so you can recover yoar loss, not sit on it. I don’t like immature content that adds no value to this community. Like little cry babies.

    “An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it. ”

    • Are you suggesting the articles are accurate and have been helpful to the rest of us who are not as smart as you.  Like me who has two masters in economics and finance.  You are so much smarter because these articles are a wealth of information?  A good percentage of my Gold was bought at $450 an ounce but how about the millions who bought at much higher prices,.  Your an outright Clown sir!

    • the articles here have largely been a beacon of incorrect embarrassment, with some whistling past the graveyard

      So I dare ask, why come here? To complain? That’s not adding any value to this community. Stay away from here b/c it’s all BS that doesn’t interest you. Find another place to whine.

    • Justin –

      It is impossible to lose even if you have 100% of your wealth in gold and silver.

      Gold and silver is REAL money. The dollar value of gold is meaningless. Think about it…it isn’t like gold and silver all of a sudden became valuable when America was born and the dollar was created. Gold and silver have been valuable for thousands of years.

      If you are valuing gold in terms of fiat then the joke is on you.

    • @AZcats2

      “It is impossible to lose even if you have 100% of your wealth in gold and silver.”

      I assume you live somewhere that it would be absolutely inconceivable that the government might demand that you turn-in your metal at some government determined price,  and make the penalties for not doing so draconian, like 10 years in prison and confiscation of all your assets, as is the case for possession of a few pills or grams of various drugs??????

      Anything like re-enactment of the 1933 law in the USA would spoil a lot of peoples’ plans.

    • @Faranginkorat


      “Anything like re-enactment of the 1933 law in the USA would spoil a lot of peoples’ plans.”

      It might.  But even in 1933, there were a lot of people who never turned in their gold but hid it and then quietly used it as needed.  These were the folks who did not get financially hosed when the US Gov then “revalued gold” from $20.67 per oz. to $35 per oz.  That was about a significant loss of buying power for those who followed the law, as promulgated via EO #6102.

      Even then, people were allowed to keep $100 in face value of gold coins, which was just under 5 oz. in those days.  Those who never had more than this on their person at any one time and who hid their gold carefully did not have to worry about this draconian law or its threatened punishments.  They could also take a single gold coin to any bank and exchange it for silver coins to spend.  Doing this at multiple banks would have been wise.

      We’ve seen this movie or at least its prequel so know what to do about a recurrence of such theft.

      IMO, it is likely that the US Gov will have so many nasty problems on their plate when the SHTF that spending time and resources trying to round up PMs would be seen as a wasted effort.  My guess is that they would look to some new form of fiat to “save the day”.  It might even take a few tries before they find something that does not fail almost immediately.  We can be reasonably sure that gold and silver will not become currency because that is the very last thing that the fiat-pushing crowd would like to see happen.  But it would be completely in character to claim gold and / or silver backing for their new fiat(s) but with no intention whatever for the exchange of any fiat for any physical gold or silver.


    • It is impossible to lose even if you have 100% of your wealth in gold and silver.
      Gold and silver is REAL money. The dollar value of gold is meaningless. Think about it…it isn’t like gold and silver all of a sudden became valuable when America was born and the dollar was created. Gold and silver have been valuable for thousands of years.
      If you are valuing gold in terms of fiat then the joke is on you…

    • Bro, your just a troll that secretly screams for glee over others misfortune.  You say you don’t care but you respond to anyone that post about their pain. Me, I am not worried I bought all my silver below $18 and gold below 1200 so I have not lost anything. In fact I just used what money I used to spend on liquor and going out on gold and silver so i am up big(I quit drinking). To those that are under water I feel your pain(Clintonesqe) and truly hope PMs go parabolic like cryptos. But dude you need to relax and maybe see a therapist with your hate and anger issues.

    • I care less whether they make or lose money. If one is full of grief there are sites that they can go to for therapy just like AA.

      It’s only money they lost and they can earn it back. These are life lessons and they have learned something valuable in life. Those are the lessons that stick. If you lose a loved one, get injured or lose a body part, that is truly a tragedy and I can sympathize. Heath cannot be bought. Steven Paul Jobs had lots of money. I bet he would have given it all to me if I could guaranty a cure for pancreatic cancer.

      Money, I don’t see it as a tragedy. I lost a $500,000.00 capital investment in a business venture and also the $18mil property in bankruptcy. I am healthy and still alive, so I moved on. I had very little time to recover as I was 50 at the time and now I’m 60. My insurance was the PMs I bought. Gold at $284/oz and silver @ $6.00/oz.

      I don’t expect anyone to cry a river for me or send money. What doesn’t kill you just makes you tougher. Life’s lessons.

      Best of luck to everyone, I have no reason to wish anyone anything less. Gold will shine again trust me.

      I don’t like sniveling, even my kids know that. I don’t sympathize sniveling. Fix it if it’s broken and stop sniveling.

    • lol @Justin Case


      “I don’t like sniveling, even my kids know that. I don’t sympathize sniveling. Fix it if it’s broken and stop sniveling.”

      Amen to that.  I used to have a bumper sticker on my truck that read:


      A lot of people I didn’t know smiled and waved at me for that.  A few others made other gestures.  Oh, well.  Can’t please everyone.  lol




    • don’t think the crooks running the government will ever allow the price to go up.

      If you look at the price over the last 35yrs. they have failed to contain the price. If they can control the price we’d still be still paying $35.00/oz. Short term price control is all it is. Long term is still up.

      They must keep the faith in the USD. Gold is the anti-dollar and therefore all efforts must be used to keep people from abandoning the fiat dollars. In sum, gold will continue to rise as long as the US budget remains in deficit, the US trade account is  in  deficit and Donald Trump is in the White House. Trust in Trump has disappeared both at  home and now abroad. Ironically, Mr. Trump will be very reliable as an agent of dollar devaluation, which is good for gold. Gold’s new bull market has just begun.

    • It is impossible to lose even if you have 100% of your wealth in gold and silver.
      Gold and silver is REAL money. The dollar value of gold is meaningless. Think about it…it isn’t like gold and silver all of a sudden became valuable when America was born and the dollar was created. Gold and silver have been valuable for thousands of years.
      If you are valuing gold in terms of fiat then the joke is on you.

    • Never is a word you should never say talking about corrupt governments. Fiat shelf life averages 37 years, there is not one example that has exceeded that by too long.

      Come on even the sun is not forever, only a troll could possibly think Ponzys are forever

    • Fiat shelf life averages 37 years,

      Kondratiev waves it is stated that the period of a wave ranges from forty to sixty years, the cycles consist of alternating intervals between high sectoral growth and intervals of relatively slow growth. Generally the average life span of a currency is 60 yrs.

      Long wave theory is not accepted by most academic economists. Among economists who accept it, there is a lack of agreement about both the cause of the waves and the start and end years of particular waves. This points to a major criticism of the theory: that it amounts to seeing patterns in a mass of statistics that aren’t really there.

    • “It is impossible to lose even if you have 100% of your wealth in gold and silver.”

      If you bought during a rising frenzy, and yoar financial situation changes and you are forced to sell at a time when the market is in a down momentum, you will lose money. If you average in, buying gold every month regardless of the price, over a ten or fifteen year window, for savings or as retirement plan, you will be very happy you did.

      Many people are confusing “money” with “currency”. The two are very different. Unfortunately, in today’s globally insane world where everything is forced to be exchanged for paper, most uninformed people can’t see the difference.

      The best way to illustrate this without giving standard definitions from some entry in the Webster Dictionary, is to perform the “savings” test on each.

      If you save currency, for a few years, you will most likely, (maybe 85% of the time), notice that your currency will no longer pay for that same can of beans, gallon of gasoline, or that electric bill.

      Thus, something happens to currency. Things become more valuable, because the cost of labor to produce them rises, but that currency just sits there, frozen in time, possessing a “declared value” determined by the present cost of labor it took to create it–as long as the faith in the authority that declared it to have value, (by FIAT), remains in tact. I say this from the point of view of a regular citizen vs. a bankster, who can create it out of thin air, by I digress.

      If you save gold, (or silver), you will most likely, (maybe 85% of the time), notice that your precious metal not only pays for that same can of beans, gallon of gasoline, or that electric bill, but it “more than pays for it”.

      Thus, something happens to precious metals. Things become more valuable, but so does that gold or silver in your hand. Yes, it just sits there, frozen in time, but it possesses a “value” determined by the future labor it’ll take to create it. I say this from the point of view of a regular citizen vs. a bankster, who can’t create it out of thin air, by I digress again!
      RE-READ—The Above Paragraphs for further clarity on the subject. Yes–I wrote that. I didn’t find it in some archive of what some past president said.

      So–What’s the conclusion here?—Well, if you save gold or silver, (money), it keeps up with the future cost of the labor required to produce the goods and services you want. If you save currency, (paper bankster notes), you freeze it’s purchasing power at the moment you acquired it.

      Thus, Precious metals are money, paper bankster notes are currency. And yes, you save gold and silver–you spend currency.

      On another subject where you can be dead wrong. People can’t spend their gold to buy groceries. You are technically right, but you’re still dead wrong. The only reason why you can not literally go into every grocery story to spend your gold or silver in a direct exchange is that the banksters have placed rules against it–declaring, by fiat, that only paper bankster notes are exchangeable for goods and services.

      They go one step further by saying, paper bankster notes are “money”–and people like you believe it. That’s call “INFORMATION FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION”. Don’t concern yourself with this BS–it’s bad for your health.

      This does not mean you can’t trade your gold or silver for “things”. It can be done easily with good results. There are places called coin shops or even banks in Canada, that allow people to exchange their gold and silver for currency.

      If you were holding that gold for a few years, you’ll actually get more currency now than you spent on it in the first place. You then take this currency to the grocery store to buy cans of beans. This is why paper bankster notes are called “currency”. They CURRENTLY buy goods and services. They will not pay for FUTURE goods and services.

  4. Well as long as the supplier’s continue to buy and sell at the MANIPULATED PAPER PRICE this will continue. It’s absolutely ridiculous the major dealers to mom and pop coin shops and everyone on the planet essentially use the Comex paper price to buy and sell physical PM’ss. In reality it would be like me wanting to buy 100 ounces of silver and then accepting a paper “IOU” for 100 ounces from my local coin shop. I believe it comes down to the PHYSICAL sellers and buyers enabling the bankers to manipulate us. We let them get away with it and it’s insane if you think about it. If someone were to create a “Silver & Gold Buyers Association” if you will, and utilizing today’s social media tools it may take a couple to a few years but I truly believe it could be coordinated and be done. If THEY can manipulate the prices lower by dumping millions of paper in a few moments there is no reason WE cannot fight back – its a war and wars take time I know but no one does a damn thing but bitch. Every article on every site has the same common denominator, manipulation – but the ironic thing is the very people that hate, bitch and moan about the manipulation is the very same people allowing them to get away with it. It really amazes me that JP Morgan is allowed to dump millions of paper on the market within minutes in order to drive the price down AND THEN BUY MILLIONS of ounces of physical at the lower price and nothing is done about this. All I know is that it will continue until the people that deal in physical take matters int their own hands. Something could be done about it and I don’t believe it is an impossible task.

    • This is the petard that gold & silver holders will hang themselves on – the “comfort blanket” of so called “manipulation”.

      There is no manipulation. There are simply two different markets for two different products – physical metals and derivatives. Neither are manipulated, they are each subject to supply and demand of their respective trading instrument. In particular, physical gold is freely traded at whatever price anyone wants to let go of their stack for. You can go online today, purchase the physical and get it delivered.

      No, the problem isn’t “manipulation” it’s liquidity. Physical gold’s historical value is monetary and that in turn owed its origins in a mobile and circulating supply. But that was in medieval times, when precious metals represented “the bitcoin” of their day. A bearer token where possession and ownership could be exchanged in the same trade. This is however no longer the case because the bulk of world trade has migrated to electronic platforms. Its monetary function has been superseded by cryptocurrency and in particular Bitcoin which represents the “supernova” of electronic bearer tokens, whether or not its marketcap gets exceeded by other fancy technological platforms.

      That is the real reason for gold’s stagnant performance. It’s monetary function is being “priced out” and what’s left of its marketcap will represent the “stacker’s premium”, and possibly the endorsement of a few sovereigns which might be worth something still.

      No more no less.


    • One gram crypto

      Germany demanding their gold back why not just accept cash settlement

      Why does JP Morgan  store that much PMs

      why do central banks hold gold on their balance sheets for M2

      why does China not allow any mined gold out of their country

      if it is so barbaric then central banks should just liquidate it all.

      Just a few sovereigns have gold.  Really please let me know which 1st world counties do not have gold in their central banks.  I wish to know



    • @ toknormal

      So you are telling us that dumping a few months supply of gold in the fairly tale market at low volume, middle of the night trading periods, crashing the real market PRICE somehow doesn’t qualify as manipulation?

      Yup, sounds logical to me.

      You can talk in circles all day about there being no connection with the derivatives market and physical market but the reality is they are connected by that little ticker that scrolls across the screen (market price). When there is a supply disruption, the connection will finally be severed, but into then, the PRICE manipulation will continue. The stinky feces covered tail we fondly refer to as derivatives will not just wag the dog, but shake him until he is nearly dead.

    • There are simply two different markets for two different products

      The day will come where the fake paper market becomes irrelevant to those that need silver in the industry and the physical gold market as an asset or a store of wealth. Paper certs in a vault are the same as fiat USD. They are both worthless paper. Physical metal exchange will become the true pricing mechanism.

      If you robbed a casino would you take the $10k in chips on the table or the $5k in paper money?

    • why do the central banks still have gold on their books?

      Gold is an unencumbered asset with no third party liability. It is money in the purest form. For the banks it is an asset to offset the liabilities of the loan portfolio.

      We currently face the prospect of a reallocation of capital from America’s financial sector into government and non-financial activities, driven by President-elect Trump’s expansionary plans. These plans, if pursued, will lead to money flowing from purely financial activities and will have a profoundly negative effect on asset prices. Furthermore, price inflation, the result of fiscal expansion, will raise consumer prices to unanticipated levels, forcing the Fed to raise interest rates more than expected today. Rising interest rates in the expansionary phase of the credit cycle do not undermine the gold price, unless, and this is no longer certain, interest rates are raised to the point where the US economy is driven into a slump. However, the world is no longer dependent solely on US economic and monetary factors, because Asian demand for industrial materials has become the principal engine of commodity demand. Therefore we can no longer be sure a Volcker-style shock from the Fed will kill price inflation at the end of the upcoming expansionary credit cycle.

      There are just two possibilities left in the bankers’ end game. Either deflation’s growing momentum will pull today’s faltering economies into the ever-growing maw of a deflationary collapse or the continued printing of money to stave off such a collapse will end with the complete debasement of paper currencies in a hyper inflationary blow-off.

      My guess is inflate or die.


    • Only the most borderline Trolls continue denying mannipulation, there are sentences against banks all over the world in every case of mannipulation, there is even a leak from a government communication FROM 1975 explaining how the futures market is used to suppress Gold price. BUT THESE MONGOLOIDS GO ON WITH THE SAME SLIME irrespective of all available info coming out in a regular basis.

    • With all of the manipulation, how in the world did gold rally almost 8x in 13 years. These manipulators are obviously the most incompetent ones ever. If the so-called manipulation is true, then the old master manipulators like the great Jesse Livermore, would be totally mocking these modern day bumbling losers. They are apparently a bunch of Inspector Clouseaus. Why won’t one of the gold permabulls (sanely) explain to me how gold had that massive rally even with all of the manipulation.
      Why is gold over $1200.00? I bought it at $280.00/oz CDN.

  5. Although I bought some silver at $33, then added as it started to decline and my average is way above the current value I am not that upset since I feel it is my insurance protection regardless of the manipulated price. When the banks collapse it will have more value.

  6. Silver/gold will float lower til July maybe beginning of August then will power higher to $1300-1330 and silver $17.75-18.50. Why? Because PMs follow interest rates. You can go all the way back to 1973 after the disconnect and see  that gold follows interest rate and hikes. It drops before the Hike and a few weeks after then goes up about 25-30 percent. Don’t believe me just look at every rate hike the fed did since 1973.

    The bottom of the gold was 2015 and gold started to rise when? Umm first rate hike and now we on the 4th one I think.  So it will bottom out again in July and then turn.  Watch for the next hike if the market is 70 percent sure of a 5th hike I advise to hedge your position a month prior on the downside and sell it about 2 weeks after.

    I could be wrong but I trust history and nothing I am saying is because I know it but from what I’ve read.

    I wish you all well and hope PMs eventually hit their old highs. It will eventually happen but I have no idea when.

    Hopefully the unwinding of the balance sheet by the Fed does not turn into 1937 but if it does then you will have your gold/silver party.

    • Gold rose from $35 to $197.50 between 1970 and the end of 1974, an increase of more than four times. During that period, the Bank of England’s base rate rose from 5% to 13%. The Fed’s discount rate was 4.5% in 1972 and rose to 8% in August 1974. So, a rising gold price was accompanied by a rising interest rate, contradicting the conventional wisdom of today. Gold went on to hit a peak price of $850 at the afternoon fix of 21 January 1980, when the Fed’s discount rate was at an elevated 12%.

      The current belief that rising interest rates are bad for gold was disproved by those events. The reason gold rose had little to do with interest rates, and everything to do with accelerating price inflation. The only way a rising gold price could be halted was to raise interest rates high enough and sharply enough to collapse economic activity, which is what Paul Volcker did in 1980-81. In other words, until the Fed abandons all pretensions to supporting economic growth, people will continue to increase their preferences for owning goods over holding dollars, thereby continuously reducing its purchasing power.

      PM prices are also affected seasonally. Summer is slow and volumes are low. India is a big buyer in wedding season and Festival Of Diwali.

      Other positive notes:

      Fiscal economics is being turned on its head in India, as the Asian nation recently acknowledged it plans to go cashless on very short notice.
      India began taking steps in that direction when on Nov. 8, 2016.

      Gold Now Compliant with Sharia Law
      The gold market might now have access to 1.6 billion new buyers. The yellow metal is acceptable for the first time as an investment in Islamic finance.

      Investing in Gold Now Compliant with Sharia Law – Potential Huge: WGC The Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) — which establishes standards for Islamic finance — and the World Gold Council made it official on Monday, announcing in a statement the changes which now make investing in gold compliant with Sharia law.

  7. It’s time for me to make my call, I’ve been told by a very successful trader I know that $1245 in gold is time to load up, back up the truck, make the final buy, I’m stealing the crown from Bo 🙂

    • ___________________
      |                                      |\
      |      GOLD                    |[” ” ‘| ” “\__,
      |(@)(@)” ” ” ” ****|(@)(@)*[__]*(@)

  8. Just two thoughts, and they may seem off-topic, but not really when considering the practicalities of storage and ultimate use of PMs.  Storage is but one side of owning PMs; practical use of PMs is sort of the other side of that coin.

    Seems to me that all types of business entities would want either to have equipment (and folks trained on use of, and ability to calibrate, the same) that could objectively confirm the purity of gold and silver PMs, or access to a business that could supply such a service.  I acknowledge issues of personal security (that topic has its own myriad of issues) both for buyers and sellers in a world that may come to lose trust in any non-PM currency.

    And regarding Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, in my mind they have their place; however, they too need their own “storage” facilities.   At a minimum (and intentionally not addressing any hacking by fill-in-the blank persons or institutions), crypto-currencies rely upon the fragility of any nation’s electrical grid.

    Do not comment often, primarily because of the vitriol, but just thrown out there for studied consideration.  Perhaps these issues have been or are being respectfully discussed elsewhere.  If so, I would welcome any info as to the locations of such discussion groups.


  9. You would think that many of us would have learned by now that there just isn’t much of a connection between physical demand and available storage capacity. At first glance you might think there would be but the price of gold consistently remaining 100’s of dollars off its high for many years proves otherwise.

  10. To Justin Case – thank you.  It was exactly the kind of report for which I was looking.  Both sides of the coin regarding Bitcoin were provided, as were  some general insights into crypto-currencies.  Plus, the author did not shy away from what I consider a a reasoned conclusion when he states “It’s my personal belief that Bitcoin will be a disappointment.  I love the idea but hate the implementation.”  A statement that is true of many, many things, but rarely understood in its complexity – regardless of the topic.

    Again, thank you.

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