Source: Banzai7

Source: Banzai7

In an interview with TheBlaze, Peter Schiff makes the case that Bernanke is attempting to re-inflate the housing bubble, and states the Fed won’t stop the monetary heroin until we die of an overdose, and that the reckless monetary counterfeiting will result in a total collapse of the US dollar!

i.e.  QE TO INFINITY until the dollar collapses into hyperinflation!

Schiff’s full interview is below:

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  1. ATTENTION NON-BELIEVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Read this:
    How sweet this is, huh?  Now the Dutch are keeping your gold, silver, etc. that they have stored for you.  You can SELL it, but you can’t RECLAIM it.   LMAO!!!!!!!!!

    If that doesn’t make EVERYONE who has ANYTHING of value in a bank, bank deposit box, etc, run, not walk, to get it out of the banksters hands then you are either a stupid fool or an Obama-sized idiot and deserve EXACTLY what you will get!

    • silverrrrr…I agree it sounds nefarious on the surface, but the Dutch bank is giving everyone advance notice of their new policy.  Maybe they have a smattering of conscience left in their evil souls.

    • Conscience my Ass, No Bank has a Conscience. The letter was probably mailed out about ten days prior to it going into effect. and this statement; “the bank had used a price midway between the wholesale bid and ask levels” and that’s the sale price, Daylight Robbery and this; “customers need not do anything because the bank has their investments in precious metals.” Do they have the physical?
      Now I’m wondering if April Fools Day is going to be a Joke on Joe Public.

      Many people out there do not have a clue about any of this info, so are plodding along as if nothing unusual is happening.  Most of us here know better.  Cyprus is most likely a test case for additional bankster theft of the private property left in their care.  Under the law, this makes them fiduciaries, which is a fancy word for asset managers who MUST care for these assets in a manner that always serves the best interests of their clients.  There was a time when those who failed in their fiduciary duty were subject to lawsuits and possible jail time for their malfeasance.  Somehow, we seem to have gotten away from that fine tradition and that apparently makes our assets up for grabs.  Don’t play the game of asset grabs.  Protect what you have as best you can or it likely won’t be yours for much longer.

  2. Charlie   here is a banker’s conscience
    One for me, one for you
    Two for me, one for you
    Three for me, one for you
    Uhh, where was I?
    Six for me, 1 for you
    Seven for me—-whattya mean you can’t make your payments.
    Get the hell out now!

    • No need for that here.  I’ve never been a fan of debt, much less that of high interest credit card debt.  In my 63 years, I have probably paid about $50 in interest on my credit cards.  In most cases, the $2 or so that I end up paying is because I forgot to pay my VISA bill, it wasn’t worth my time to write them a check for the $12 I charged that month, or I intentionally did not pay so they would get a few bucks and keep my card and account active.  I learned a LONG time ago that credit is like fire… a fine servant, when appropriately controlled, but a terrible master, when not controlled.

  3. Plus, Bernanke is printing 85 billion dollars per month which is still QE3 going on. If you combine the population of the USA, Canada and Mexico and give everyone that amount per month, each person would receive about 170$ per month which shows how big the amount is!

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