hPeter Schiff joins BNN’s The Street to discuss the Fed’s monetary policy ahead of this week’s October FOMC meeting, and the fact that the taper discussion is irrelevant- the Fed will be forced to do the opposite, and announce MOAR QE!
Schiff, one of the few economists to correctly state the Fed would continue with $85 billion a month in asset purchases ahead of the September FOMC in which a taper announcement was nearly universally expected, is forced to repeat himself over and over again as the BNN hosts simply are unable to fathom the reality of the US economic condition.
Schiff’s Must watch interview on QE ahead of this week’s FOMC statement is below:

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  1. I am certain of one thing. 2014 will be a tough year.  Credit availability will be reduced through mandate of the Fed to curtail lending. 
    Banks will lend less.
    Business credit will contract thus businesses won’t grow. 
    People will not be hired; some maybe laid off.
    People will not be able to get home loans.
    That industry will contract.
    A healthy stable economy is charaterized by home ownership.
    The government will grow and whatever form Obaminationcare takes, it will be a huge drain on the economy. 
    The government revenues will shink and  printing will grow.
     Fed funding will increase to pay for programs from revenues not there.

    This is a mathematical certainty.

    I will plant my flag on the prediction. 
    The government will also grow more ruthless in its quest for revenues.
    They will be eyeing bail-ins in a stuctured and stealthy basis.
    That means hidden taxes and outright theft from businesses and the people.
    We may see a VAT or retirement wealth tax forced on us by one of our overlords such as te IMF.
    Second flag planted
    Obama will be as dangerous as a corner wolverine and just as like to do something incredibly stupid and equally ruthless.
    Third flag planted
    I’ll print this to see if these things come true
    PS Every lying POS politician will be spending OPM to buy votes and particularly those ilk who voted for Bammycare, so that they can save their miserable asses and not be forced into the streets to root hog or make an honest living Good luck with that.
    Watching MSM bilge with give you brain damage
    If I’m right—Meh–things will not be pleasant. If I’m wrong, DA hat worn for 1 week.

    • List of My Own:
      Why work for some schmuck? How does a “j-o-b” qualify as Creation?
      Everybody lives in concrete canyons and neither plants nor reaps, yet hungers daily. Big Folly
      “An army runs on it’s stomach”–Napoleon…I thought it was Patton but I looked it up.
      The above point is that the TSA–any Military may find its ranks decimated if the “Yanqui Dollar” don’t buy ’em a red camero.
      Banks are already on the rocks. THEY DON’T LEND MONEY. Read that over three times. What the fuck is a bank good for Jimmie Stewart if they don’t LEND MONEY? There is 1.9 TRILLION going around in circles calling it “parked overnight at the Fed.”
      There is more money spent on Cat Food in Britain than the total of ALL Food Relief in the entire World.
      If you are watching T.V, let your Kidz watch T.V. know anyone that can quote some bullshit from T.V. or hate muslims, Know that according to the Koran satan is a short guy with one eye.
      All the boogie men in the TSA are those little brats you placed in front of the T.V. with a star blaster video game in their hand while you went out/was too busy/not right now/ talk to your mother/ stop bothering me/ love is something I get from a porno.
      If you are working for the Yanqui dollar and not paying your help in silver…or if you are selling something and not demanding constitutional silver in exchange then remember the adage (from the ’60s) “If You are not part of the Solution then You are part of the Problem!!!)
      Note to TSA: A real army walks in cadence, follows a plan, sleeps in barracks…not alone…alone…get it? Outside your window a free republic creeps closer…ever so closer…until you join the sensible not some government check. I think I’ll dress up like a gay TSA with the swat mask and…hell where is the Lone Ranger or gangbusters. gawd it’s hard to be humble when you live in IDAHO!!

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