Patriot, Author and 2008 Presidential candidate Pastor Chuck Baldwin joined our friend Sean from to talk about the last line in the sand for Americans who love their country: Semi-automatic firearms. Without them, Baldwin states we are essentially defenseless against any future government that may turn tyrannical. Pastor Baldwin says “If we don’t take a stand on this issue, we won’t stand for any issue. THIS IS THE DEFINING ISSUE FOR LIBERTY IN AMERICA”.

Chuck Baldwin’s full interview with SGTreport is below:

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Part 2

    • Asymmetrical warfare. The same tactics used to defeat the US in Vietnam, and the same way tens of thousands of US troops had trouble holding Baghdad against relatively small numbers of insurgents. 

    • Gun behind every blade of grass and every tree kept Japan from invading. They knew the average American was armed. The entire might of the US military hasn’t been able to tame Afghanistan in 10 years, think it would be any different here where the citizens are much better armed?
      How many service members are going to turn on American citizens? I would bet less than 20%. They have family living in our communities and they fight the same struggle the rest of us do.

    • Most are overseas.
      … leaving the brown shirts, I mean the blue shirts …
      You can anticipate the tactics they will use against us, pit starving city dwellers against peppers. Blame stackers as hoarders rather than virtuous savers of God’s currency.
      That’s one reason we should all stack non hybrid seeds enough to give away for peace.  As Chris Duane says (I’m paraphrasing a bit), “we need to learn how to be a blessing to one another rather than a curse”. 
      See how tptb use politics to make the welfare victim (I won’t call them beneficiaries b/c welfare is a spiritual curse on the soul of the victim) hateful and hated by the tax victim.  It’s all victimology to them. You can be sure they have studied learned helplessness and operant conditioning.  We need to break that dynamic and meme.

  1. If and when the public gets hit with a live gun grab some of US need to make it incumbent upon ourselves to develop missions to strike at the top of the pyramid.  They live from coast to coast.  Make them head for cover as well.  

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