gold rushIt used to be the main exchange currency in Europe, but soon after WW1 governments ditched it. Now, amid turbulent financial times and economic woes, gold is fashionable once more.

RT Germany examines the rush of Europe’s rich, poor, and everyone in-between into physical gold.

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  1. The average American selling their Gold, Silver, and Platinum jewelry is being fleeced by the merchants.  For example, a place called Jared Gold Exchange routinely publishes their purchase prices for items made of Gold and Platinum.  As of 2/28/13, they were paying just $873.60/oz for 24K Gold items, when the spot price of 24K Gold was at $1,577/oz.

  2. Some veteran LEOs and Military have lately been calling into talk radio shows to let folks know that intensive ‘training programs’ are under way in anticipation of ‘deployment any time between now and mid-April’. We’re on the precipice … really. So, collect your thoughts, your loved ones and get right with God. ‘Normal’ is about to become a pleasant memory.

  3. I’m sensing something similar to that Pat.  With an incredibly well armed internal Brown Shirt army of FEMA people plus the DHS, if Obama really finds his ass in a crack he will react badly.  He has made it completely clear to anyone listening that after hundreds of EOs and a couple of billion rounds of JPH ammo, he’s prepared to act, without any approval. The top echeon of the military is being coopted with some key senior officers willing to turn their guns inward.  2013 will be an interesting year.  Sensing something and knowing the reality of the situation are two completely different realities but there is a great deal of chatter about this possibilities.  Keep head down, ears open, mouth closed and senses alert.

    • Mouth closed? No I am vocal about it, let them come for me, I will make sure it wakes people up. Time to take back our country simple as that.

  4. Yep it’s getting scary indeed, I wish my daughters would move here to Maine from California but I just can’t sway them to come.
    People in the small towns around me are just not talking about this nor gold or silver, I feel for them but for once in my life I’ve got to look out for myself and just let go of compassion although I feel it deeply, I’ve got to let go. Survival now comes first. Keep Stacking Folks we are going to need it.

  5. A couple of  seemingly unconnected posts on ZH are putting more dots on the map. Japan gov raises wheat prices 10%.  90% of pharma shipments stopped to Greece.(Is everyone getting healtier all of a sudden).  Mayor Bing says Gov Snyder will move to take control of Detroit tomorrow Mar 1.  Sequestration starts tomorrow.  S&P is at a triple top.  This is the third in 10 years, first hit in early 2001, mid 2007 and now.   Those nagging little things seem to be cropping up.  Detroit take over might be big. Who’s going to lose big time there I wonder?

  6. Mary B  Mouth closed. Poor choice of wording.
    I meant OPSEC. 
    Being vocal is a whole ‘nother thing.  We are very vocal. Mouth wide open and on a soap  box shouting to top of lungs.  Like here and elsewhere.
    I made intro to another gun and ammo homie in the vil too. Finding more like minded people in the local area.
    I did see powder at Sportmans Warehouse this week as well as brass. Primers were not seen. Maybe Big 5 or on line?

    • I understood your comment in the spirit in which it was given, AG.  When one is in combat and sneaking through the jungle, squawking about this or that is most unwise.  Prior to that time, however, making as much political noise as we can has value.
      Good deal on the addition of another “Bro in the Ville”.  Having each other’s backs will be of GREAT importance when the SHTF.

  7. EdB.  It’s nice to have another like minded person on the team.  I’ve always a bit reticent with gun homies to mention silver or gold, food or the real amount of my ammo stores. But knowing their thinking and what they value does help gauge their intentions. But just because we go to the range and fire off a few rounds doesn’t pass the litmus test.  But they are within a few miles and not the 40 miles to Virginia Highlands, Reno or Fallon.  those are my fallback positions if things get dicey.
    But for now I can keep them stocked through my ammo sources and that’s a good thing.

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