free silverOur friend Chris Duane of Dont-Tread-On.Me has released a MUST WATCH interview with an Average Joe silver investor who has milked over 2,000 ounces of physical silver out of the Federal Reserve banking system- FOR FREE!
Duane listenens in awe as the reader details precisely how he was able to acquire a years salary worth of physical silver for free from Chase, Wells Fargo, and even Bernanke’s Fed!

Full MUST WATCH interview is below!


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  1. Coin Roll Hunting is not new, been there done that but it’s all drying up in my opinion (to many people doing it now). One good thing is, my bank calls me when someone drops of half’s as they don’t want to be bothered with them. I buy them, look through them, keep the silver if any and dump them in another bank.
    The tellers don’t like counting the half’s as it takes to much time and they are glad to get rid off them. Lol
    Here’s the 2nd Part

  2. You will have the best luck if you live in a high density population area. My friends brother pulled 30k of halves two years in a row.
    I once bought 8000 halves and found not a single 40%. The only silver I goin that trip was the 40% half I spotted in the telllers drawer.
    I did have a fun time spending all those halves back into the economy, I even bought a roll of premium free eagles from a private party with my halves

  3. This has been going on for ages. Must have seen at least 10 youtube videos. From what I have seen the odds are getting longer to where the time invested becomes very expensive. May as well do a job that pays £40k and convert half your salary to precious metals. As another article on here described, currency is time. My suggestion, get knowledgeable about old world currencies, plenty of money can be made through another man’s ignorance. I go into a culture where they are not aware of others and buy non native coins from them, feasting on ignorance. The more ignorant a culture the better 🙂  for example and this is for free, old Italian coins contain .800 silver. I done Italian coins I am on to another country, but not saying which 🙂 

  4. Why is it that these halves were never taken out off circulation?
    In my country, they replaced all silver by nickel around 1966-1967. One coin changed size, became smaller and nickerl, the other just got a bit lighter. You had to be quick to keep any silver ones in a jar.

    How is it possible these halves survived 1980? I can’t wrap my head around it. 

    • “How is it possible these halves survived 1980? I can’t wrap my head around it. ”
      Somebody was smart enough to save them.  Someone else was dumb enough to spend them.
      Often times, it’s from people liquidating their parents’ stuff because they died or went into a nursing home.

    • Agreed.  I get quite a bit of change since I rarely ever spend it but an always using paper fiat to buy things.  It’s been at least 20 years since I have even seen a US silver coin of any kind in my change.  That was a Winged Liberty dime that was so dirty no one could tell what it was, other than it was the size of a dime. 
      But, the bottom line IS the bottom line.  If this fellow can collect silver in this way, what the heck… go for it!

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