The Fascists have blinked.
In the most glaring admission to date that the ObamaCare health care legislation spells complete catastrophe for the American economy, the Treasury Department has just announced that the implementation of the ObamaCare employer mandate and shared responsibility payments will be delayed until 2015 (i.e. after the mid-term elections).

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From the Treasury Department’s Blog:

Continuing to Implement the ACA in a Careful, Thoughtful Manner

By: Mark J. Mazur


​Over the past several months, the Administration has been engaging in a dialogue with businesses – many of which already provide health coverage for their workers – about the new employer and insurer reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  We have heard concerns about the complexity of the requirements and the need for more time to implement them effectively.  We recognize that the vast majority of businesses that will need to do this reporting already provide health insurance to their workers, and we want to make sure it is easy for others to do so.  We have listened to your feedback.  And we are taking action.

The Administration is announcing that it will provide an additional year before the ACA mandatory employer and insurer reporting requirements begin.  This is designed to meet two goals.  First, it will allow us to consider ways to simplify the new reporting requirements consistent with the law.  Second, it will provide time to adapt health coverage and reporting systems while employers are moving toward making health coverage affordable and accessible for their employees.  Within the next week, we will publish formal guidance describing this transition.  Just like the Administration’s effort to turn the initial 21-page application for health insurance into a three-page application, we are working hard to adapt and to be flexible about reporting requirements as we implement the law.

Here is some additional detail.  The ACA includes information reporting (under section 6055) by insurers, self-insuring employers, and other parties that provide health coverage.  It also requires information reporting (under section 6056) by certain employers with respect to the health coverage offered to their full-time employees.  We expect to publish proposed rules implementing these provisions this summer, after a dialogue with stakeholders – including those responsible employers that already provide their full-time work force with coverage far exceeding the minimum employer shared responsibility requirements – in an effort to minimize the reporting, consistent with effective implementation of the law.

Once these rules have been issued, the Administration will work with employers, insurers, and other reporting entities to strongly encourage them to voluntarily implement this information reporting in 2014, in preparation for the full application of the provisions in 2015.  Real-world testing of reporting systems in 2014 will contribute to a smoother transition to full implementation in 2015.

We recognize that this transition relief will make it impractical to determine which employers owe shared responsibility payments (under section 4980H) for 2014.  Accordingly, we are extending this transition relief to the employer shared responsibility payments.  These payments will not apply for 2014.  Any employer shared responsibility payments will not apply until 2015.

During this 2014 transition period, we strongly encourage employers to maintain or expand health coverage.  Also, our actions today do not affect employees’ access to the premium tax credits available under the ACA (nor any other provision of the ACA).​

Mark J. Mazur is the Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.


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  1. Well, isn’t that special.  The Obama Administration, with all it’s kind understanding, careful thoughtfulness, and benevolence, has decided to postpone the day they (in the immortal words of George Carlin), f**k us up the a$$.  Gosh, I feel so much better now. After all, they wouldn’t do this to thwart off any negative voter blowback in 2014 now, would they?  

    • The terrible part of this is that many of them are stupid enough to fall for something this obvious.  If it is so bad that is can’t be done out of fear of the voters, then it OUGHT NOT BE DONE AT ALL.
      Many years ago when I was young and silly, I voted for Dems.  When I became aware of how they were screwing everything up, I voted for Repubs.  After considerable consideration, I realize that there really isn’t a rodents’ rosy red patootie worth of difference between them.  Only thing that changes is how fast they expand the Gov and ruin the country.  Repubs will do it a little slower, so maybe they are a bit better.  Both still suck baboon balls, however.  Libertarians?  Yeah, they have a lot of good ideas but are too small to have much effect.  It takes time to build grassroots political power and God bless ’em for trying.  I send some of them a few bucks from time to time.  Also support a few TEA Party Repubs and Independents.  Still, it is frustrating… like bailing out the Titanic with a tea cup.  🙁

  2. My thoughts exactly Guitar Dan. Carlin will go down in history as one of our generation’s great philosophers.
    Bipartizanship.  When the guy you voted for and the guy you didn’t vote for get together to use your butt as their playground and expect you to pay for it. 

  3. If people saw their ravaged paychecks before the mid term elections, Obama and the Dems would be thrown out. Wait until after the Dems gain more seats and then they will sink the dagger into the heart of America and finish her off. The people do not see the Tax Tidal wave coming and their pay stubs would have woke them up quickly, therefore it has been delayed.

    • Maybe.  All too many voters could not get an average score on an IQ test and have zero concept of what the important political issues are these days.  Maybe they would finally understand that they too are being screwed along with the rest of us and maybe not.
      That everyone who CAN get exempt from this BS ObamaCare nonsense already has SHOULD tell them something.  If it is so great, there should not be ANY exemptions, right?

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