Our favorite member of the European Parliament, UKIP member Nigel Farage has unleashed another epic rant to the European Parliament regarding France’s budget crisis, stating that France is bankrupt, and that it is going to be impossible for France and Germany to stay together inside the same economic and monetary union.
Farage stated that the European Union increasingly will be about war, and that he does not want the UK to be a part of the Euro-zone’s wars of aggression over monetary budget crises.

Nigel Farage’s full rant below:

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President Hollande, despite your own views you’re doing rather a lot for the Eurosceptic debate in France.

The decision to reduce the retirement age, to increase the minimum wage, but above all, of course, the hate tax to make sure all your successful entrepreneurs and now footballers are fleeing France, means that the competitiveness gap between France and Germany is getting wider.

That is now being reflected in the flight of capital from French banks and people are beginning to notice that actually, ultimately, the euro is not just doomed in the Mediterranean, but it is going to be impossible for France and Germany to stay together inside the same economic and monetary union.

So on the basis that your employment minister says the country is bankrupt what do you do? Well, the old trick – launch a foreign military intervention.

So your troops go off to Mali, and yes, it is very good to see the smiling faces in Timbuktu for the moment.

But you have done this on behalf of the European Union. It is now an EU Mission.

Just two days ago, Tony Blair said ‘the EU is not about peace, the European Union is about power’.

I think what he meant is the European Union increasingly will be about war.
Because the response to Mali, the response to it being an EU mission – we have heard it all around the chamber today, the Liberals urging us to intervene militarily in Syria, support from left and right in this house that the EU should intervene militarily.

I have to say this, if you really think that taking on fundamentalist, radical Islam in battle is something that we can somehow succeed in, I suspect we shall launch ourselves, in the same way as we have in Afghanistan, on a decade of unending, unwinnable misery.

I do not want the United Kingdom to be part of a militaristic warlike European Union, and that is the speech that I have heard from you, president Hollande and from most people in this chamber today.”

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    • “Or, maby the one the MSM became so fond of …”
      Something tells me that the MSM will be far less fond of that one when their masters tell them that stirring patriotism (as in sucking up to the Gov) is necessary.  🙁

  1. Farage’s City of London is the most corrupt financial jurisdiction on the planet. If they didnt have financial instruments/scams to flog, they would have nothing. At least France has agriculture (yes heavily subsidized) and Germany has exports. England has nothing but financial paper games.

  2. John Kerry, one of the biggest chickhawks in DC was just elected Secretary of State.  If he doesn’t continue the War WAR theme of the US and Obomber and Sec State Hillary I would be surprised.  War like this is a distraction, a jingoist rabble rousing call to arms. Our military has been beated into dust. Our equipment is worn and the cost of war has not gotten cheaper in any respect.   Enough is enough.
    If BHO has a hair in his ass he would return his Nobel Peace Prize, hang his head in shame and give it to a real heroine, the young Pakistani girl, Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban, recovered from her wounds, raised $10 million for her cause of education for Pakistani girls.
    Her eloquence, spoken in English!,  given the extent of the  terrible things done to her and young women like her,  shows up everyone of these wretched inexecrable s***heels in DC and the Euro countries talking crap while  they  beat their chests, strut around like a bunch of banty roosters and mouth off about war.  I bet not one of them, including that  Swift boated, medals chasing chichbleep Kerry could summon 1% of Malala’s courage.  These bastards are not fit to clean her bed linens or wash her feet.

    • AGXIIK
      Could not agree more.  Most people thing conservatives are war like.  They do not think liberals fight wars, they “save” people.  There is nothing worse than a self-righteous hypocrite

    • Time to bring war to their doorsteps and toss the lot of them out (or hang them, firing squad, set adrift in a boat with no food with the rest of congress…). Bet most of them would wet their pants and faint the minute someone pointed a gun their way.

  3. Nigel Farage is a right wing numpty.  He couldn’t hack it in the Conservative party because they were too liberal for him. Don’t know what he was going on about War, the war in Mali is a responsible thing to do. It was a French Colony, just because you don’t own that part of land any more doesn’t mean you wash your hands of it. If the British had the same constitution for liberty and the common sense of the right thing to do, the West Bank should have been sorted out years ago, instead of passing the buck onto the next generation of super power. I would be proud to stand next to a Frenchman to help him/her repay a country back for past servitude. I don’t think its a political exercise as Mr Farage is scandalously saying. Keep your personal opinions to yourself about the sovereign matters of state, worry only about the real problems that your voters asked you to sort out. UK independence Party. Stupid.
    Yes he is right about Germany and Frances economy being out of sink and that the Euro will kill the French economy, but the bureaucrats of Brussels in the Civil Service will not give up power easily. The end goal is the United states of Europe, organised by the same people who created the Fed and the Bank of England. Its about the control of people through debt. And once your part of the Union as America is all too aware of, you will never leave. The difference between America and Europe though is that Europe has had constitutional governments for a longer period of time and the Union will take a couple of decades. This is not the end of the European Union, this is the start. I just hope we get something a bit more worth while than what we got at the moment.
    I am a European, I believe in Europe for the right reasons, the reasons we all think are good. I like being able to work any place in the Euro Zone, without any border control. I like the ability to buy things in the European Union for the cheapest amount possible. Living in Britain, I would love it if we were using the Euro. It would make my life a lot easier when it comes to purchases and travel. These are all good sound personal economic reasons to be part of something. This would allow free trade and should allow prices to be rediscovered through the merging of economies. Germany’s export model is too strong and they abused their position. Yet again its time they paid the piper.
    The biggest problem with the European Union as far as I can see, is that there is a power grab by the technocrats and oligarchs. It is undemocratic and money is wasted hand over fist. The same people who took the reign of America are the same people who installing their chess pieces within governments and within the European Union Parliments. They are puppets.
    Until this crap gets sorted out, I will be a Pirate with a pirates mentality.

    • @WaitingForSilver
      You observe as an Englishman that … “Its about the control of people through debt.”, yet paradocically go on to muse … “I would love it if we were using the Euro.”
      How can you fail then, to deduce that the artifice of currency itself lay at the heart of your mis-content? If all countries across the world traded in weight and fineness of metals alone, we’d realize the benefit you imagine in the Euro without the debt burden of bank interest on these currencies.
      As an American, I revel in Mr. Farage’s obstinant railings in the very faces of the red-heeled EU fops stood up by the bankers, but for another reason I nevertheless share a bit of your reservation, as I’ve never yet heared him champion universal return to Honest Money.
      There’s your Liberty! There’s your Independence. A path Mr. Farage only barely broaches and feigns, however delightfully indignant and outspoken his diatribes, otherwise

    • @PatFields,
      I Observe as a Welshman or Cymry in my own language!
      Yes it is about the control of people through debt, that I have no doubt. I would much prefer that my paper currency was backed by something more solid, a promise to pay the bearer a quantity of gold would be rather nice 🙂
      What I was referring to was the idiotic notion that being outside of the Euro is a good thing. Mr Farage is a typical small Englander. You got to think bigger.
      In the grand scheme of things, the larger a thing becomes, the easier it is to move about in it. Can you imagine as an American, that on a trip from Chicago to New York you would have to change your currency, at a rate specified on the day by the middle men to spend your hard earn cash? How would you discover prices if all your states had different currency.
      I don’t disagree that Fiat is a bad thing. I hate it. I would much prefer silver or gold coinage. But I would also like the freedom to work where I please when I please how I please, and live where I god damn want.
      And don’t talk to me about liberty, if you know your constitution a fair number of Welshmen were signatures to the declaration of independence.
      And as for Magna Carta, we are mentioned in that document too.
      Liberty and justice for all. You can not have Liberty without Justice. Liberty is but the blade but Justice is the shield that protects us all. Including the less well off, the needy.
      Every man needs a helping hand, every man has the right to freedom and the pursuit of personal happiness. It just so happens that making others happy in a free world makes me happy. That is the compromise of the libertine with a conscience. A basic need to do good.

  4. Ordinary Joe,
    I don’t know about the right thing to do, that would be one for the ethics committee, but I do think that there is more honour in fighting the good fight, to help those in need as opposed to helping yourself and pretending to help.
    I think the “War on Terror” is getting to be a bit much now. But I think that protecting ones once close to your previous Empire is a good thing. Means that you didn’t just rape and pillage their land and forget all about them.

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