FarageOur favorite member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage was interviewed by RT today regarding the EU’s decision to attempt to force Cypriot depositors to pay for Cyprus’ bank bailout. 

In this MUST WATCH interview, Farage does anything but diffuse the situation, stating that the EU is simply attempting to steal money from Cyprus bank accounts, and he recommends Europeans Do not invest in the Eurozone, you have to be mad to do so, and to get your money out while you can!

Farage states that the European bureaucrats will not allow Cyprus to collapse and leave the Eurozone, but that the entire Euro experiment will soon end in a disastrous collapse: They are propping up a Eurozone that, in the end, will collapse in disastrous failure and they are prepared to do anything to do so.

Farage’s full interview is below:

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Something tells us Schäuble is going to regret this entire attempt to force Cyprus’ bank losses on Cypriot citizens.




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  1. I been reading alternative media for a few years now. Right now, it’s difficult to tell how BIG this all really is. Every single article on this website is posted in multicolor, capitolized and bald highlights, MUST read/listen/watch.
    So, is this big? A trigger? What’s the intention? Or is it a very last resort, as they calculated that more printing will not work anymore? Perhaps they are really trying to save/extent the economy.

    • Well, seems like alot of collateral damage for stealing Russian money for their heist of 11 billion worth of pure Horse. As far as the Europeans, I bet all those beautiful Catholic Cathedrals are still empty. The Reckoning is upon all of us for allowing the House of Windsor, Rothchild, Rockefellar Et. Al. to usher in athiesm, materialism, and human secularism. This is part and parcel to the miserable condition we find ourselves in. We all have been bamboozled out of our inalienable rights as people, states, and nations…I shudder to think these same people behind Cyprus want to depopulate earth to 500 million.  
      National Security Study Memorandum 200, or “NSSM 200,” it was made official U.S. policy under President Gerald Ford.
      The memo — which was kept secret for fifteen years (until organizations affiliated with the Catholic Church forced its declassification) — was commissioned by Nixon on the recommendation of John D. Rockefeller III — whose family long had been intimately connected to the population-reduction cause, as well as establishment of elite secret organizations. It was written by Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger — who had extremely strong ties to the Rockefellers going back to the 1950s.

    • “I shudder to think these same people behind Cyprus want to depopulate earth to 500 million.”
      If this sounds so good to them, perhaps they should be among the 1st to be, umm, depopulated?  Not part of their plan? Not any kind of a surprise, is it?

  2. Released On 3/20/2013 2:00:00 PM


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    Data Source: Haver Analytics

  3. The ONLY member of the ONLY UK political party with the balls to tell it like it is. How refreshing!
    The rest of them (ALL of the UK political socialist elite) are waiting, snouts at the ready, to join the EU gravy train and do not want to upset their future paymasters.
    As the saying goes, you cannot serve two masters, one being the UK electorate and the other the European Commission (EUSSR), and we KNOW by their conspicuous silence regards this crisis, exactly which one they obediently serve.

    • Indeed. In fact, Farage might very well be classified as the “un-politician”.  He certainly does not engage in the usual political BS, does he? In order to save money, perhaps we should outsource the US Fed Gov to him and his UKIP group?  Out-sourcing seems to be very popular among those who profit from it.  Let’s just see how they like being on the receiving end of it for a change.

  4. Well I hope the Sheepee are listening, things look to be getting worse in the Euro Zone, Hell it’s getting worse over here also.
    Nigel is also a pleasure to listen to and refreshing compared to other Politicians.

  5. Farage suggests that is better to default on International bond agreements and try and save their bank industry.  My question is this.  Can they default and still retain use of the Euro?  If they have to go back to the Cypriot pound who in their right mind would want to do banking in some third world banana republic new fiat currency?  

    • They will probably go back to the British Pound as their are numerous British Subjects based in Cyprus who bring in lots of Pounds and it’s also a favorite place for European tourists or they could go back to the Cyprus Pound again.
      As for a Banana Republic I thought that’s where you where staying. Lol

    • @Pollokeeper:  Right.  They’d have to exit the Euro system.  But the downside to doing so isn’t necessarily as bleak as you suggest.  With the right mix of business and turisim friendly policies, the nation would bounce back pretty quickly from a financial crash AND enjoy greater financial independence thereafter.

      Review Iceland’s experience over the last four years.  It’s quite revealing.  The people rose-up and told the bankers to go pound sand.  After a nasty crash and economic contraction, Iceland is already on the road to recovery and greater financial independence.

    • First of all it is doubtful that they would go back to the british pound.  Which is a currency of dubious value at any rate.  Thanx Marcus for reminding me that I also live in a banana republic.  Yes, that is true.  Cyprus obviously is lead by a bunch of leaders that have no vision.  They are running scared and they should be.  They need to let the people get their money out of the bank and tell the world to f%&k off.  Then they should default.  Then they should do the Iceland thing.  Go back to the Cypriot pound.  Start all over.  What is this fixation with the Eurozone?  They have no choice but to make radical choices. If this tiny nation wishes to remain independant than this needs to be done.  The Russians need to be appeased as they are not folks to be played with.  They understand risk but they will not accept outright theft.  Unfortuneately they need to be part of the solution, not part of this ponzi scheme.  I expect that this issue has a few more weeks of negotiations.  The Euro zone is in jeapardy.  Oh, I do not know how much trouble Panama is in.  It certainly is not in the news.  I am trying to get as much exposure to gold as possible but I can’t get anyone to sell me any.  Is their any Panama experts out there that can give me some clues?  Thanx.

    • Only have 7 k in two bank accounts for bills, emergencies, told Scottrade to send us two checks. We are out of equities, out of the banking system, in cash and metals, and in Church praying. See you after the 60% equity correction…maybe

    • Why would they need it?  We all know that the F DICKS can just call up Uncle Ben when they get into trouble and any amount of money needed will be printed and sent to the F Dick offices.

    • @Thomas
      Farage is just a wind bag, he goes on and on about leaving Europe, and then what? What I have heard is that he wants to remain part of the European trade zone, but not the United states of Europe. Well that’s going to work isn’t it, I mean look how successful Switzerland are, oh wait, their currency is being attacked daily and the only way they can stop it is by buying up foreign currencies faster than the rest of Europe can buy.
      Europe is a great idea, without the idea of Europe as a Country in the style of America, then we will be left irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.
      The problem is not Europe, this is bigger than Europe, the problem is with the real people in power looking out for themselves and their loved ones, above and beyond the myriad of small people below them. This isn’t a political thing, this is a power thing and the control of money.
      Oh and from my limited education of America, even I know that Benjamin Franklin was a great man, a true renaissance man. Nigal Farage is just a dick.

  6. @WaitingForSilver:  Populist?  True.  So what?  Can you address the top two or three things you disagree with when it comes to either his politics or the politics of the UK Independence Party?  I ask because I’m honestly interested in your perspective.  I’ve heard others raise the exact same criticism.  But I don’t think I’ve ever seen specifics from anyone tossing out the”populist” boogieman charge.

    • He’s a one trick pony, The only catch phrase he has is “leave Europe”. Apart from that , that’s it. The rest of his political stands are Right wing Conservatism. I don’t agree with leaving Europe. Europe is a good idea with a terrible implementation. But just because this version needs a change, you don’t just say “right, pack your bags, we are leaving!!!”..that’s just small Englander thinking. Also I never forget the Conservatives in the 1980’s. UKIP is  basically 1980’s Conservativism, with the racism and small minded thinking of white only, not on my door. 
      I am also a liberal when it comes to economics and my socialist ideas. As far as I can tell Nigel Farage still believes in Central Control, small state as the Conservatives believe in, but also likes the idea of economic meddling by the BOE. I am an extremist, I don’t care if a system is all out Real Marxist, or full on Capitalism. What I object too is this compromise of ideas. Either money is an invention of man that we have outgrown, or its essential to the exchange of goods and products. You can’t chop and change what you think is correct.  
      As I get older mind, I think I am leaning to full on cut throat piracy and the ideas of Laissez-faire. Let markets fail, its like walking a tight rope 2mm from the ground, lets raise the bar, lets get rid of the safety net. 

  7. Not sure how credible this.  Maybe others can research this story.  If this is true, then this whole bail-in scam is spreading.
    National planning Cyprus-style solution for New Zealand
    The National Government are pushing a Cyprus-style solution to bank failure in New Zealand which will see small depositors lose some of their savings to fund big bank bailouts, the Green Party said today.
    Open Bank Resolution (OBR) is Finance Minister Bill English’s favoured option dealing with a major bank failure. If a bank fails under OBR, all depositors will have their savings reduced overnight to fund the bank’s bail out.
    “Depositors will overnight have their savings shaved by the amount needed to keep the bank afloat.
    “While the details are still to be finalised, nearly all depositors will see their savings reduced by the same proportions.

    • @duckvision: The story is real. The New Zealand green party did indeed issue the press release.  You can see it addressed on their website.  Also, Scoop is a well respected online alternative news service in New Zealand.  They’ve been around for over a decade and are reputable. 
      What I’d like to get a better handle on are the politics on the ground — where the local power groups are lining up on the issue, and just how much resistance is likely.

    • Thank you Flying Wombat.  I had no idea but this story is going around right now on a bunch of sites.  It’s going to get big.  I didn’t have any idea about if it was credible.  This story will not help the EU situation and the bank runs.  This is a PR nightmare.  Thanks for the info.

    • Managing bank failure will be (and has been) about as successful as managing cancer.  Neither can be managed.  They can be excised, however, if caught early.  This is what seems to escape our erstwhile politicians.  Of course, they are not interested in preserving our financial welfare, only their own, and the banksters pay MUCH better than we do.

  8. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere yet, but I have a “what if”.
     It goes like this:
     The banks have already got everyone’s money, fair and square, what makes you think they have to reopen their doors?
     Why settle for 10%, when they’ve already got 100%?
     Who is going to stop them?
     Food for thought……….

  9. @flying wombat see the 2010 manifesto http://www.ukip.org/page/ukip-manifesto (cant find a newer version). I like Nigel Farage but disagree will his policies towards immigration/emigration (p5). He wants to cut immigration from Europe (a comparably rich economy) which would have the effect of making it harder to emigrate to Europe (as European nations would likely enact a tit-for-tat response). The UK is a nation of immigrants, and if we as a nation benefit from emigration, why stop it. On p6 he states that he wants to double prison place ie, prison capacity. This would further drain taxes. On p7 he says that he would increase defense spending by 40%. No one is perfect but these positions grate me.

  10. I first want to thank all of the Silver Doctor Irregulars for their consistent and powerful posts. It’s really inspirational.
    If the NV bail-in is dictated by the political party in power, then this is not an external Force Majeur from IMF and ECB.  The mentality of a group of politicians in any one country thinking that they can bail-in to save one bank by stealing from the people is wrong in more ways that I can express. The leaders priorities are completely turned around and screwed up.
    Banks need to fail of their own accord as a result of doing a bad job of running their operations. There are consequences for banking ineptitude and its is not being rewarded by bail out money from innocent parties to help the incompetent bankers jobs and stock vestings. I’ve seen that reaction way to many times to be sanguine about bankers losing everything due to incompetence.
    If there is deposit insurance that can protect the deposits of account holders, then is all good and well.  But today, whether Cyprus or NZ, this obsession over saving banks has gone way beyond the pale.  Banks fail regularly and I’ve been through 3 cycles of bank failures in my career spanning 35 years. 
    1.  The S&L failures in the mid 1980s.  Bankers did serve time for their complicity in poor and sometimes corrupt and illegal activities.  That cycle of bank failures cost the US Treasury about $150 billion. 
    2.  The cycle of bank failures from 1989 to about 1994 saw  nearly 1,000 banks go down. The government cost was approximately $500 billion, of which the treasury recovered about $375 billion from the sale of assets bought from failed banks.
    3.  The 2007-2013 bank failure cycle.  The total cost is unknown but in the trillions and still in process.  The total number of banks that failed is  much fewer than the 1990  cycle but the banks were much larger.  In this present era,  though, the worst offenders were not allowed to go bankrupt.  Some  did but many banks were bailed out by tax payer money, little of which will be recovered once this cycle sees its end.  Our present recession/depression is a result of bad banks allowed to remain in business as well as tax and regulatory issues which weight on the economy. The unintended consequences of the 2008-2010 bailouts were that these banks soon saw themselves above the law. This can be see in Europe as well as here. A healthy bloodletting of zombie banks was not allowed to clear the system so the major fear of all concerned, including political leaders, central bankers and privare banks is that the final resulting collapse will be so cataclysmic that it has to be prevented at all cost. Therefore the banksters can cry wolf and get the spineless political leaders to do their bidding. We see news of that every day, right up to the last day or so when JPM was found innnocent of manipulating precious metals for the last 5 years.
    This thinking now pervades every level of government in dozens of countries.  It’s the fear of failure that’s prompted the worst type of policies; the knee jerk reaction of the IMF and ECB, the Fed and the B o J, aided and abetted by the Merkels and Hollande’s of the Eurozone, to actually reach into the sanctum sanctorum of private accounts to steal clients fund in front of their eyes.
    MJ Global’s excuses for their theft were palpably false but Corzine was a ‘made man’ and untouchable.  But this Cypriot idiocy and even the attempts of the liberal party in NV to suggest that the rule of law is inconvenient and can be breached. Like a fire extinguisher with the sign ‘use in case of fire’, the political leaders think this excuses their actions. Yelling Fire is not appropriate whether in a theater or political forum.  Spraying everything does not solve the problem.
    But that  the Magna Carta, English common law, Judeo Christian laws and ethics and the American Constitution can be brushed aside because someone’s banker pants are on fire destroys 1,000 years of legal presedence.  This extra legal action by supranational fascist banksters is tragic and if allowed to continue, running like brush fire through minor and major countries, shows us clearly that Emperor is both buck naked and strapped to the stocks in the middle of the town square.  Got tomatoes?
    Late news JPM just reached a settlement with customers for $546 million. Otherwords, 3o cents on the dollar. Corzine? Still in St Kitts.

    • “right up to the last day or so when JPM was found innnocent of manipulating precious metals for the last 5 years.”
      What I read did not say that their was any innocence pronounced, only that there was insufficient evidence to have a trial.  In legal matters, this is a HUGE difference.  No guilt or innocence was established.  It’s somewhat like the difference between being acquitted and not being found guilty.  They are not the same but the results tend to be the same.  Anyway, lack of sufficient proof of guilt is not the same as proof of innocence… not that innocence must be proved in US courts. If I have misread any of this, please clarify.
      “MJ Global’s excuses for their theft were palpably false but Corzine was a ‘made man’ and untouchable.”
      I agree completely about Corzine but the company he looted was called “MF Global”.  Gerald Celente derived a great deal of satisfaction from referring to the people running this company as “MFers”, with the obvious reference to decidedly poor behavior on their part.  lol
      “But that  the Magna Carta, English common law, Judeo Christian laws and ethics and the American Constitution can be brushed aside because someone’s banker pants are on fire destroys 1,000 years of legal presedence.  This extra legal action by supranational fascist banksters is tragic and if allowed to continue, running like brush fire through minor and major countries, shows us clearly that Emperor is both buck naked and strapped to the stocks in the middle of the town square.  Got tomatoes?”
      No, but I could probably make up some gasoline filled balloons.  Would that suffice?  Anyone got a match?
      Yes, the crux of this matter is that the rule of long-established law is being rapidly undermined by a class of vermin who care nothing for the rule of law and only care for their own enrichment at any cost.  The bad news for them, of course, is that humanity can no longer afford them.  They are simply too expensive for the minor benefits they create in society.  Unfortunately, the political class has yet to figure this out.  Either that or they are too busy counting all the bribe money they are being paid by these cretins.

  11. Have I missed something? Last I saw Cyprus said no. The bankers in Europe may want its savers to fit the bill, but the Cypriot Government said no. Now, all we need now is the Russians Riding to the rescue to sound of “Ride of the Valkyries “. 

    maybe a bit of Erole Flynn swash buckling, or some Good old English Pilot shouting “Bombs away, tally ho!!! whato old chap!!”  

  12. Point well taken on the legal niceties Ed B.  While I was not great shakes as a banker (probably didn’t steal enough fast enough) I would probably have made a lousy attorney. 
    All that Latin;  res ipsa loquitir and quid pro quo.  Of course, the quid of that pro quo usually means a lot of money is at stake. Back to banking I guess.

  13. If I ever have my purchasing power inside my bank account, it’s either because I want to make online purchases or because I just received them inside the account. Today, there is no point on keeping your fiat dollars inside bank accounts!

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