• NFP +175k on expectations of +165k
  • Unemployment climbs to 7.6%
  • Silver instantly smashed to $21.75Silver’s flash algo crash:silver
    2nd wave of waterfall smash takes silver through $22 to $21.75:
  • silver
  1. I said to myself this morning that they were going to hit gold by $18-$20 bucks and silver by about $.50 cents today no matter what the jobs numbers were. Well here we have it. Extremely frustrating but expected. 

  2. Man oh man, another NFP bit of BS.  Good morning Doc. 
    I wonder if we will ever get past statistical anomalies and move into something of normalcy in these government-generated stats that meaningless, contributing little except to continue the MOPE and meme of economic recovery.  Probably never, I’m guessing
      Liars figure and figures lie. 
    It reminds me of a story I heard while listening to one of my erstwhile gurus of yesteryear  He spent some time in a Buddhist temple. some dumb-ass gaijin,  trying to get a handle on the  meaning of life. Supposedly he ‘got it’ and went on to fleece the unwary who were on their own journey to greater understanding.  Something like Transcendental Meditation, a system that Mort Sahl described as a hairy little mother talking over your head while trying to put the bite on your wallet.  I guess that was one way Buddhism was interpreted as it crossed the Pacific and landed in the new world
     As the story goes,  Buddha’s  great epiphany was reputed to have come while he was resting against a tree.  An ant clamered between his feet and with no malice but  just a reflexive active, Buddha crushed the ant.   At that moment the meaning of life came to Buddha.  Life has no meaning he thought,  since it’s so transitory and ephemeral.   Before the religiously inclined of our group jumps onmy case, I said this is a story that was relayed to me.  I don’t know if it’s a true story but I do know it is a story.
    That said, this NFP printing does nothing to account for the tens of millions of people (ants) who are being crushed underfoot by our Leviathan government.  These millions have been consigned to a statistical Soylent Green  realm of Guv-Think, a bit of the uber-propaganda that issues from our own politicians and those of other countries.   But unlike Buddha, who resolved to be a man of peace and harm no one from that day forward, governments are reflexively harmful to we, the people, the ants to Buddha’s clumsy feet before his revelation.  Which speaks to the phrase  “Jobless Recovery”  That is going to go down in the records as an oxymoron of epic proportions.  With the emphasis on Moron.  There are recoveries and there is joblessness.  These two phrases may  not occupy different planets but only a self serving government trying to perpetuate their own existence while deceiving the people  would connect them into one phrase and expect the people to buy it.(See the definition of TM and you’ll no longer wonder why Bernanke has a beard) 
    Funny enough, ants have always fascinated me.  Their industriousness is legendary, making them the hero of Aesop’s fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper.  I guess I’d rather be and ant and take my chances with Buddha’s feet than be a gummint grasshopper.
     If nothing else I’d be industrious and not have to make excuses to my fellow ants as to why I was a burden on the ant tribe.  Besides which, ants are preppers and in sufficient numbers they are perhaps the most formidable species on the planet.  Don’t triffle with the ants. Their numbers of legion and they do not take prisoners.  Everything is food to them.  
    I’d bet that Chaz Napolitano would dress out at about 130 lbs,  hanging in the locker.  hehehehehe   That image is very comforting. 

  3. Gold and silver need a deep recession,  sub-par economic results is acceptable, and do nothing for the metals at this point.
    Stagflation is not the end of the world for policy makers,  QE and low growth buys them time, maybe another 4 years.
    Are the government stats BS?   Yes, but it doesn’t matter at this point, they have been bunk for years.
    Bottom line, things are not falling apart, not even close.  

  4. We need some hopium stat. I’ll take a dose of uncoroborated metal shortages in some vault somewhere as emailed by an anonymous source, plus some chartist painting a picture of how silver could explode any minute, and some prognostication by blowjob bo pony.

  5. Hope you all set your watches…awww you missed the seminal weekly event you say the flash dip in price on no cogent information?! Fear not next Friday will surely be a repeat of today and last week and the Friday before ( could have been a Friday where silver actually closed up, POS algorithym must have missed it ) It is what it is. carry on

  6. ROM  It makes you wonder if Chavez was a genius or a loon.  The jury is still out as is Chavez.  But he makes for some interesting theater.  The US coild not get him to bend. He got his 110 tons of gold.  Whether his cancer was  natural or helped along a bit by some less then sterling folks is a matter for forensics–like Arafat and his thirst for Polonium cocktails

    • I think he was somewhere in between. As for the Western power base, I think it fair to say they are all corrupt criminals, and speaking to all of our financial markets, they have become weaponized and exist to make TPTB money and maintain their control.

    • Well, the Russian version of HAARP (supposedly much more advanced) could have easily induced not only cancer, but exploded his brains from Moscow, or DC, or wherever it was based. So I doubt it was HAARP or Scalar Weponry, that would have been much faster and effective LOL! Even Loon-Bags can make a few valid observations, and once in a while a blind hog finds an acorn! 😀

  7. This is my take on what the plan of the metals criminals is – To turn gold and silver into black market goods as per poland under the nazis. This has just been in effect done already in france with the postal ban. Think about it .

    • I’ve been theorizing on here for a reasonable amount of time that simply they are waging war on the metals ( in addition to their normal reasons ) to ensure they are beaten down ahead of an inevitable stock and bond market implosion, then the big reset.
      At this point though, who knows, everything is fake.

    • Mary B  I listened to that maggot gandydance his Obamacare BS today when he spoke in San Jose.  When he opened up for questions the first on was about the surveillance that hsi administration has imposed on the citizenry. 
      He mumbled some tripe and then said  “It’s just a modest encroachment’
      Modest encroachment??? Whiskey tango Foxtrot.  Modest??
      does that mean he can come 2 feet on to my property? Can he modestly encroach on my bank account? How about a modest encroachment into my bedroom or bathroom, with the baleful all seeing eye of Big Brother watching me do my business
      Modest Encroachment to a government is like my protologist engaging in modest encroachment during  his exam and he  ends up doing my dental work. 
      This may be one of the most telling truths of this half wit.  Like—you didn’t build that business—someone else did.

      Modest encroachment is a way of saying the  soft tyranny of this government will reach into our lives with velvet lined gloves holding a tire iron and  a baseball bat.

  8. AG 925   that is a good point  the Baltic Dry is so low its almost unmeasurable.  the industrial use of silver may be ebbing due to sales slowdowns and a near world wide recession.  Silver stocks are being depleted by the mints and other consumer users.  the mints can get planchets in a quality to satify demand.  According to an article aday or so ago, there is a 25 MOZ shortage of silver coin blanks.  Or so says the RCM.  Prices are low, supplies are low and silver is not hear close to becoming a Giffin Good

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