• NFP +96,000 on expectations of + 130,000
  • Official Unemployment rate drops to 8.1%
  • July revised down from +163,000 to + 143,000
  • Gold and silver surging on the news
  • Silver back over $33, gold soars to $1720.

    We now know why the cartel’s massive raid overnight was needed: to prevent $1800 gold and $35 silver by the end of the day.

  1. Damn that is a very perpendicular line for Silver. I believe it is a perfect Right Angle 🙂
    Times like this you got to appreciate geometry. Silver up 67 cents. Silver up $2 from last Monday just like I called it!

  2. Every month the previous month’s job figures are revised lower.  There are no honest numbers pertaining to this economy to be had from any agency.  Unemployment dropped so that just means a bunch of poor folks are no longer counted in the computing of the number.  More discouraged workers suffering.
    The only consistency in the numbers is revising them lower and just plain ugly.  So we know what that means for the metals — they will go much higher.  A few are figuring things out.  They are starting to seek the truth and they really don’t have much time to find it for a reasonable cost.  I would suggest the folks start speed reading all they can on metals if they don’t want to be left in the dust when this jig is up.  Those high estimates are coming into focus so just continue to do what we do.

  3. I don’t trust any government statistics anymore. I see what grocery prices are doing, seems like every week I get less for my dollar. And jobs aren’t improving here even though MN has a much lower unemployment rate than most of the country.

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