• NFP +155k
  • Unemployment rate to 7.8%
  • Gold & silver down hard to $29.30 and $1630

    Gold & silver are actually rallying on the news, after being raided throughout the light overnight sessions:




    • sadly for the moment it appears they can do just that and the attacks are more overt and recently they have been grotesquely effective.
      We go from it near 35, to praying it holds 33, then 32, then 30… now we need it to get back to 30. I know it will and we’ll win, but we aren’t in control at all.

  1. Unemployment continues  to go down and ALL Commodities go with it! Yea!, let’s all get excited. Our wheels are spinningin the mud! Yep I can see Silver and Gold zooming alright in 2013….all the way to the tank! Where are all the Guru article authors than have been sitting on the side of the bed, telling us how good it’s gonna be? Embarrssed? probably so!

  2. If you look at the labor participation rate, somewhere around 63%, the real unemployment is roughly 22%.  Job growth is negative.  It would take 350,000 new jobs a month for the next 4 years to regain a real 5% unemployment rate.  That is not going to happen due to the loss of good paying manufacturing jobs overseas. The average job income rate is down 10% in the last 4 years and moving lower while tax retes on individuals increase. Obamacare will reduce jobs significantly as employers reduce head count below 50 employees or reduce hours under 30 per week to avoid the punitive costs of regulated fees and taxes.  That is a disaster heaped on the rest of the disasters we have seen for 20 years now. GDP growth is -0- or less.  The national debt is more than 100% of GDP, effectively limiting any type of growth to under 2%.  The way things are going now, GDP can’t grow due to the new taxes that will probably cause a 3% drop in GDP this year X inflation adjustments.  With that included, we are moving backwards quickly. 
    Trusting government statistics is about as smart as trusting your banker that he has your back. The check is in the mail; I’ll respect you in the morning (heck, I don’t respect you  now); we’re from the government and we’re here to help. 
    Heck, I’d believe silver price was not supressed rather than government BLSBS. It’s all part of the same theme. The government is our enemy and means us harm, either directly or indirectly. You are on your own

    PS In the last 4 years upwards of half of all new jobs were with the government.

    • As more and more jobs are added to government it makes the problem even worse because those jobs don’t add to the GDP, they consume instead of build.

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