Image: Jonny O'Callaghan

Image: Jonny O’Callaghan

Equity Management Academy’s Steve Roy has released his silver forecast for 2013.  While many precious investors are panicking and throwing in the towel in the aftermath of the month long capping in gold and silver after QE4, Roy is predicting a massive year for silver in 2013.

Roy states that silver completed the 4th wave of it’s correction and placed a bottom in June 2012 and that silver’s next up wave will take the metal to $91 in 2013:

This cycle terminated in July of 2012, and the low was in June.  Note that the 1.618 extension of the Wave 3 move is $91.98; eerily close to the $91.49 price that we got earlier from the monthly chart.
This indicates to me that the rally from the low in June, and subsequent completion of the ABC correction of that wave sets us up for the next impulse wave higher.  Based on my analysis, I think silver will go above $90.00 in 2013, on its way to much higher prices later on.”

Roy’s full analysis below:

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  1. I’ll take 35 bucks first please. We wonder why there are an increasing number of disaffected stackers. In other news, 20 cent beatdowns seem to be the call of this day.
    The day silver hits even 50 I’ll post a retard dance on youtube for the ages. I hope to be posting that soon lmao.

    • I’m with you dirt. We all want to see triple digits in the price of silver, but some cannot resist to hyperventilate when they turn to projections. 35 sounds good to me also.

  2. LOL, i agree Canadian. Im so sick of these “projections”. Didn’t we hear this SAME EXACT THING last January?? hahaha  Just keep stacking, believe in the fundamentals, and let it play out as it will. Please people, do not get excited because one more analyst “predicts” a huge jump.  🙂

  3. I have been bitten by the bears.  Mentally it is difficult for me to imagine silver going to 91 in 2013.  The good part is that I am usually wrong.  My brain tells me that silver is a terrible investment right now.  Therefore I am sticking with it.  Right now I would dance the retard dance if silver hit 35.  This means we have a good chance of silver doing well in 2013.  Great news!!!

  4. Silverking….The banking system/Elites are using every trick in the book to repress Gold and Silver.  Be smart and use the pullbacks to stack.  Its no big deal if we are delayed a year or two. Are they breaking your spirit?  Remember, they want to break you.

  5. It is sad, but the bastard powers that be probably love these prognostications. Although not off base in a non manipulated market, they serve to shake out the average joe when we see all these grand predictions then next thing you know there is a daily drive by shooting of silver twice a week for months on end..
    I know these prices are a gift.. I just hope I live long enough to see the fruits ( I’m 38 lmao ).

    • Hell CD I’m 67 and I have no fears that I’ll see the fruits of my labor. Hell if it don’t happen, I’ll have my stash melted down and line my Casket with it. LMAO
      You need a sense off humor in these times and lots of Faith. Lol

  6. To be honest right now I will not be disappointed if silver remains in the rage it has held in the past year. I am waiting for the right opportunity to add several thousand ounces in the not to distant future. Another 5 dollar drop could mean thousands in savings. The next two years could be most exciting.

  7. While, from the point of view of an historic rationalist, I find this fellow’s technical assessment encouraging, it STILL isn’t NEAR where the record evidences how much labor in relative alignment with silver and cost-of-living, rather ought to value silver … somewhere between 160 and 170 CURRENT banknote measured exchange (altogether ignoring banknote inflation and physical silver bullion ‘losses’).

    • Some serious head down mope going on around here.
      If you’re not buying you’re selling.
      We know $30 is a no brainer swap for the known value of the FRN dollar at $.04.
      I’ll trade actual value $1.20 in paper for an ounce of silver any day no matter the suppressed market price.
      Writing is on the wall politically, socioeconomically, macro-economically and historically.
      Get a hobby and quit watching spot like a crack monkey hitting refresh.

  8. So Steve Roy is like, saying you know, Silver will like, hit $91/oz this year?
    So you know I was like, looking at the price of Gold and it was like, OMG you know? Like, I’m so sure it is a gnarly buy at like, six-teen hundred and fifty dollars for an ounce. As if! Totally. You want me to like go to the coin store and like buy some? What-ever
    You know I would be totally stoked, you know if it like, went below six-teen hundred dollars. But you know with Syria & Iran like, sketchy, and the Euro and dollar so totally bogus and then you like, add in Oil and other commodities then today’s barf price for Gold doesn’t really seem so like, buggin, you know?
    Like, Silver is more affordable.  You know???

  9. Here’s a good price projection.  A kid wrote this on a forum and he sounds pretty confidant.

    Originally Posted by some_math_guy 
    If you are looking for a more reasoned price forecast based on some analysis, I calculated here that if the same pattern that has repeated 4 times since the beginning of the current silver bull market continues, silver will stay mostly in a trading range between roughly 30-40$ until Summer/Fall 2013, when it will leap to 75-80$, then fall back to about $50 shortly thereafter in preparation for the next catapult to about 100-120$ silver in 2015. We won’t see 200$-300$ silver until 2017-2019, at which time I plan to sell and buy cash-flowing real estate, and semi-retire in my 30’s. 

    We are about 60% through the current ‘Bull Burst’ cycle (which last 2-3 years) which began May 2011 and should end in Summer/Fall 2013. It is almost guaranteed that silver won’t fall below $25.84, because no Bull Burst cycle has ever had a double bottom…the first huge bottom happens within 6-9 months of the high for the cycle, and then gathers strength to assail the new peak 2-3 years later.

    That’s what I see, and I’ve been accumulating heavily at anything under 32$.

  10. Alex  I’ll take Silver for $100
    He predicted silver would hit $500 in 2012
    F*** me Alex, I sold at $25. 
    Charlie  Need a Pallbearer?  I’ll volunteer.  Of course, the chances you’ll be buried in your casket are slim to none.

  11. Its nice to hear these rosy projections as it gives everyone hope. I think its a little tricky to be doing projections with technical analysis when these markets are “Manipulated”. 

    • Icarfa it has nothing to do with roses
      Some of us are tired of being pimped like a cheap street walker & some of these clowns think we dont notice.
      Buy ………buy …….buy ……….BUT……the big question is are the pimps buying ???? ohhhhhh & by the way PROVE it

  12. Just another prediction pulled from nowhere. We don’t know how deep the cartels pockets are and if they will stay in favor with government. Meanwhile every ounce we take from them is 100 they can’t push as paper. Death from a thousand silver cuts.

  13. Does technical analysis have any relevance in these 100% manipulated markets, especially silver?
    Love the idea, but I need to stack more and I have no moneys yet, so hopefully not for a while.

  14. This chart analysis sounds familiar. oh yeah thats right I posted an eerily similiar chart analysis in my thread ” US Debt Ceiling breached by Xmas”. 🙂 But instead of $90 it looks to me to pass $90 and go to $115 before it gets smaked down by 50%

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