propagandaJust exactly who is controlling US media?
Watch the humorous but frightening clip below and decide for yourself.

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  1. It’s ok. I can admit it…  Huh, what, uh. where am I? What happened?

    Actually, I heard some commentator on Fox radio labeling the week after Christmas the ‘third shopping season’ and naming it the “me shopping season” and “selfish shopping season” where everyone takes advantage of the after Christmas sales to buy stuff for themselves. I thought it was one of the stupidest marketing things I’d ever heard of.

    • The Consumer Cult is insatiable … it is Down Right Evil.
      How many times do you see the MSM remind us to put in effort to buy US Made Products, or to advise us against Chinese Slave Labor? It’s just ‘Buy, Buy, Buy’ with no caveat on what is good or bad for the US or even poor Chinese IPad assemblers who are jumping off the rooftops.

    • silver alert  
      I think one of the reasons the handsome and/or beautiful people, babbling on the MSM to ‘buy buy buy–dammit–and then buy some more,’    ‘or your life will suuuuckkk’ and ‘you’ll never get someone as luscicous as these blow dried dingbats’ is that their inordinately extreme paychecks depends 100% on selling the crap shilled on their networks.  I hear tell that some of the super shills are paid something like $10,000,000 a year. In my best day pimping loans for the man I never came close to a small percentage of these paychecks.  I wonder if they buy the same ‘As seen on TV’  crapola we seem willing to hoover into our closets.  
      I doubt if the TV Weather Woman buys   Bacon Bowls or Snuggies.   Shamwoos? Maybe.

    • On the other hand, this crass commercialism can also have a positive benefit.  I know that it did for me.  There I was, one day, reading a magazine and drooling over a glossy ad for the then new 2003 Jaguar XJR.  It was a stunningly beautiful car in deep sapphire blue with light beige leather seating and enough walnut to satisfy just about any classic car buff.  The throaty rumble from its 400 hp super-charged V8 literally floated off the page… and then… POP!  I awakened.  What the hell? says I.  Yes, I could buy this car but if I do I will have to put off retirement for a couple of years.  Nope, I am not selling my freedom, even for this.  So, I didn’t.  Instead, I bought a 4 year old silver Eldorado with 27k miles on it at 1/5 the price of the Jag.  No, it’s not as nice as the Jag but it is probably more reliable and it was definitely more affordable.  In fact, I still have it and it has been a very good car.  🙂

  2. That’s why I refer to the mass media drivel as a “script” Who’s behind it? Well since 95% of the media is owned by 6 globalist families/companies, I’ll give you 6 answers to the question, bear in mind they all work together for the same agenda…..THEIRS!

    • @SilverSlicker
      Thanks for the info, it’s a good one I shall have to forward on. Don’t listed to Ranger, he’s just upset his stack hasn’t bought a Yacht yet. Propaganda is as propaganda does, and SD info is still just telling the truth. Would we all rather be in Stocks and Bonds or Phyzz? Who cares if the waiting is a little longer than expected.

    • @WillNotBeASlave
      “Would we all rather be in Stocks and Bonds or Phyzz?”
      Not that this has to be an either or question, of course.  It is entirely possible and, given recent history, highly desirable to be in BOTH stocks AND Phyzz. 🙂
      But then, I am not suffering from the idea that gold and silver are investments.  For me, they are not.  They are other things… like REAL money and protection from economic problems, such as inflation, dollar devaluation, bail-ins, etc.  Like other forms of insurance, I care not what their daily value might be in fiat terms, only that I have it available “just in case”.  Whether the short-term price is up or down matters little.  I buy the dips and tend to buy healthy amounts when prices pull back.  By doing this, I have managed to back my average cost down a bit.  For a while there, I was at about $34 an oz.  Now it is more like $26 an oz.  Not at all bad.  The process continues and the lower PM prices go, the more I buy to continue averaging down.  The fact that I do not need to sell any of this gives me considerable staying power… or strong hands, as they say.  I can wait for PM prices to turn positive before selling any of it.  If they do not rise significantly within my lifetime, then they will serve my kids and grand kids at some time in the future.  Either way, it will have been a trip well worth taking.  🙂

  3. No need to put such a large graphic on here. But the truth be known there is as much propaganda here as anywhere else. Been listening and reading how great Silver and Gold are going to go to the moon for a very long time, but just keep seeing my investment in both metals go South. The clowns that post yea! I can stack more because the price is lower are fools. What difference does a couple of dollars lower make if you have faith that Silver will go to $100? The Doc is a great guy, the fill in posts are needless, just articles that connect the dots, is all that is needed here, no hype or feathered speculation, just connect the dots.
    Happy New Year to All!

    • My New Years Resolution to you Ranger is, “not to listen or read your BULLSHIT again”. If you can’t handle the posts then don’t come back. Clowns My ASS, Go —- Yourself. I’m tired off your Bullshit. Happy Hogmanay you just lost a friend by calling us Clowns and Fools.

    • I’m with Charlie! You have been angry posting for a while. If you have such shutty sentiment, why bother coming here? You have been getting more and more negative in the last few weeks. Sorry my large graphic angered you, I’ll make sure I don’t do that again, after all, don’t want to piss you off. Criky!

    • @silverdog
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually thought hard before using the graphic because it was so long but went ahead because I thought some might take something from it. Obviously, it ruffled some feather/s….LOL

    • Nice work Charlie. I’ve been pointing out his trollish bullshit around here for weeks. I told him to sell and get the hell out if he is so unhappy. And the graphic was stellar and very informative on the post at hand (pointing out the MSM concentration and propaganda).
      I’ve been in this since the mid 1990’s. Ranger should have been around in the days when $300 was the line in the sand for gold and silver moved a nickel at $4/5 bucks an ounce.  🙂

      Good luck to all and best wishes for 2014,

    • 6 months ago I began slamming Ranger for being a troll, pointing out his long term history of posts and their negative light and how they reflect his nature.  Then he began posting positive things more and more often, markets, data, pointing out how knowledgeable he was over others, cheering on the metals in a positive light. (as if he had something to gain/lose)
      I admit, I shut up about him, thinking to myself. “Hmm.. he appears to have come around, he must be legit” even in the face of months of PM bashing, and poster bashing; but then the negative posts popped out one at a time. (manager must have been losing patience with his long-run infiltration tactics) and more and more negative posts, PM investment posts began oozing out of his keyboard…. before I knew it, Ranger was 100% trolling… all over again.  I peek at 5 topics, and who’s tagged 1st? Ranger, what’s he got to say? “PM investors are fools, the games over, MSM isn’t nearly as corrupt as this site” , etc etc.
      I’m happy everyone’s eyes are open….not that I gain from it, but he sure was getting me down, what with everyone thinking he’s on the PM team, and it appeared I was the only one who knew better.
      After all…I’m a simple Engineer…I’m not qualified to hold an investment debate with the Great Ranger, who does this for a living…but still, admittedly knows far more about markets than I….. But my stomach speaks louder to me than any statistics.

    • @Marchas45,
      Lord have Mercy, not even a LOL keep stacking at the end of that one.  LOL, I’ve been on the site almost a year now and have not seen you pissed like that.  Only one that has gotten under my skin like that is Proverbs.
      For Charlie…  “LMAO Keep Stacking”

    • Ranger, old friend, you need to take a chill pill here.  We all know that silver is volatile and that it is manipulated.  Well, MOST of us know that.  Because of this, we can expect prices to be all over the place and often lower.  But then, this IS an accumulation period and not a bull market selling period.  Because of this kind of price action, any number of us in the PM camp have been suggesting that those who value hard money should be buying steadily over time and not jumping in with both feet at any one time.  It is also a good demonstration of why it is useful to small investors to DIVERSIFY their holdings among various asset classes.  I like gold and silver a lot but I don’t want to limit myself to just them.  I also like oil, utilities, wheat, corn, soybeans, timber, healthcare, real estate sometimes, and big-cap dividend-paying blue chip stocks.  I am not particularly fold of fiat currency but keep a good supply of it outside the banking system for emergencies.  These can come along at any time and they will not be announced beforehand.
      Given all this, we are faced with a 3-way decision: 1) we believe in PMs and are in them for the long-term, even though we know that there will be a lot of bumps in the short-term and continue to stack regardless of price;  2) we have lost our faith and cannot remain in PMs any longer so must sell them and get into something else with which we are more comfortable; or 3) we rant and rave about the idiocy of the choice that we have made but DO nothing about it, so the ranting and raving can continue.  No, door #3 in this game is not where the best prize lies.

    • @hromano1030 Not exactly right. Charlie got really angry with me about a year ago when I called Ranger shill and a troll. The sparks were flying LOL.
      My opinion about Ranger never changed but it appear he has had some support on this forum but so does Zman. I tried to avoid reading his posts months ago. He really gets under my skin even more than Zman and Proverb LOL.

      @Shamus001 I agree his posts have negative effect on many stackers especially newcomers.
      Yesterday, I had enough of his bulshit again. I was just about to respond but got distracted. When I got back I saw Charlie’s post. Good on YA mate. I couldn’t say it better myself.

    • You should feel bad because the MSM says so! Didn’t you know that gold and silver are passe….a dying commodity? Geeze!!!! You should have put your fiat on something made of paper, again, because the MSM says so!!!!

      That was money out the window….(Charlie at age 3, trading fiat for silver)

    • “I admitt it. I bought 10 ASE`s today for 21.20 each.    I feel so bad.”
      And well you should, too, you fool!  But, if so, then you are MY kind of fool!  Good buy on those ASEs.  That’s a very nice price.

  4. @ Marchas45

    My New Years Resolution to you Ranger is, “not to listen or read your BULLSHIT again”. If you can’t handle the posts then don’t come back. Clowns My ASS, Go —- Yourself. I’m tired off your Bullshit. Happy Hogmanay you just lost a friend by calling us Clowns and Fools.
    Right on Charlie! I doesn’t matter who controls the media only that it is controlled. Those like Ranger will follow directly in the controlled part of society every time. 1 or 2 or 10??? LMAO! That is for the same people that can’t get enough of the American Idol Show.

    SilverSlicker, Silverdog and BayofPigs, thanks for backing M45. Says a lot!

  5. Ranger please i m tired of cry thought this was going to be easy!!.
    As the old saying goes.If you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
    2014 will be the year of the metals fly.
    at the current rate of drainage id say late q1 early q2 and the shtf.

  6. dammit dammit dammit silver slicker  this is sooo disappointing. 
    I thought by watching Fox and all their brain trust hotties I was actually getting past the agitprop and disinfo with some intelligence discourse.
      My bubble is completely burst. I do not know what I have to live for after this.
    Seriously though, the MSM is like a giant killer octupus, sucking all the crabmeat out of our minds and filling it with goo.
    Too bad I’ll miss Kimberly Gilfoyne and Megan Kelly.  They seemed to real.  LOL
    Cheers to all y’all and Happy New Year. 
    I got some single malt that needs to be punished.

    • I am equally disappointed AGXIIK! Who knew? Loved the “goo” line…….funny!
      Happy New Year to all……..including Ranger! We all know this game has been stretched beyond the breaking point and I agree, 2014 will be that point! Way I see it, silver could double in a matter of days once the button is pushed….or should I say, once the button is released.
      Good fortune all!

  7. @Ranger:  I’m sorry, I too have noticed, shall I say, a rough edge to your commentary of late.  If your pissed the metals have stagnated in ’13, we feel your pain.  But as the saying goes, if you get dealt a bushel of lemons, make lemonade, then ask Charlie where to buy some cheap silver with your profits!!!!
    Reading your post made me remember, I don’ know why, a guy giving me all sorts of ridiculing looks and comments when I was buying all the $20 gold double eagles (at a flea market) when the spot price was $240 per ounce.  Just for the record, I got rid of them as soon as I could for silver.
    Things look like 2014 COULD be a banner year for PMs.  Who knows?  Only the oligarchs, but we (the regulars here) will keep trudging along picking up PMs when we can.  Suggest you consider it, too.  Happy New Year!

  8. More powerful than any commentary–Media is groupthink and controlled.  Pravda would be proud.


    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  9. The Doc stated: “Just exactly who is controlling US media?”

    This was a CBS production. Yahoo finance shows who the largest shareholders of CBS Corporation are (current price over 63/share):

    1.)Vanguard Group (over 27 million shares)
    4.)State Street Corporation (over 24 million shares)
    6.)BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. (over 15 million shares)
    7.)FMR, LLC [Fidelity] (over 15 million shares)

    Read about these 4 companies below. They have a combined stake of ~83 million shares, which is close to 5.3 billion dollars invested in CBS. Moreover, Vanguard, via mutual fund ownership, has another 19.2 million additional shares, not included in the above totals.

    The 9th largest shareholder (almost 13 million shares) is JP Morgan Chase, which is well-known here on SD, and still likely under Rockefeller control.

    “For those who wish to do their own fact checking there is a way to show the West is ruled by a secret totalitarian regime. Take a look at the ownership control of the Fortune 500 companies that dominate the economy. It can all be traced, as can the ownership of the Federal Reserve Board and the 12 largest banking corporations to four entities: BlackRock, State Street, Vanguard and Fidelity. The ownership by a few families (the usual suspects like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Morgan etc.) of most economic activity of course includes ownership of the media, text-book publishing and educational institutions of import.”

  10. there’s another set of charts that outline the largest 1,000 corporations, which are actually comprised of a smaller unity of 147 world spanning corporations which are, in reality, more like 10 or so corporations.  It was a pretty extensive list but theorg chart necked down to a really small number of companies. The owners were identified well and included the usual suspects.  

  11. The repeating mantra demonstrated via the video above is a pretty good explanation of the term “programming”.  I’ve noticed the same crap when the politicians start spouting.  Within hours ALL of them are saying the same crap.  Remember the word “gravitas”?  Few ever even heard it before but let one politician say it and within a day ALL of them are using it… like a flock of seagulls, all squawking the same sound.  Must be part of the talking points that get faxed everywhere.

  12. Lord have Mercy, not even a LOL keep stacking at the end of that one.  LOL, I’ve been on the site almost a year now and have not seen you pissed like that.
    @hromano1030 I usually have thick skin and I am mostly a happy go lucky guy but when you step over the line and call us Clowns and Fools then that’s just going to far. This is one of the few times I’ve been upset on this site with anyone since this site started (and I was one of the first ones to join) and guess what, it only hurts me not him. If you get my drift. I believe what I believe and will never try and change what anyone else’s believes are or belittle them and I expect the same in return. Anyway Happy New Year and Keep Stacking LOL

  13. Teddy Roosevelt said the presidency was a ‘bully pulpit’
    bash and Obama were nothing more than ‘bullies with bulls***’
    EdB  You hit the nail on the head
    Gravitas   another name for completely unoriginal thinking
    There must be some secret message board these people subscribe to—a magic teleprompter that appears at the right moment.
    It would be funny as heck to be able to reprogram that script and see every one of these morons start spouting the same message—the other message.  Kind of like the Fox anchor giving the names of the flight crew that crashed the JAL jet into the runway at SFO.
    She didn’t even have the right nationality.

    • LOL, AG!  Now THAT is appropriate!
      Mushroom Management = feed ’em BS and keep ’em in the dark!  😉
      I usually think of MSM as the Main Scream Media because BS is not easy to sell unless the seller YELLS LOUDLY.  Somehow, there is a perception that volume and frequency equal truth.  They don’t but that doesn’t prevent people from trying them as standard selling approaches.

  14. Aw Ed you had to remind me of Jags.  Of all the things I could have purchased when silver was $4 and gold $300, my 2004 XJ8  was worth the equivalent of 250 oz of gold or about 17,000 oz of silver.
      Sheesh.   I got aluminum instead of phyzz but what aluminium it was. 
    One thing about cars is they are cost factors.  Cars now are bought used.  Period.

    • Egads, AG, what an admission!  You had a chance to buy 250 oz of gold or 17k ozs of silver and you bought a car?  A CAR??  250 lashes with a wet $100 fiat bill for you!  😉
      Of course, I should talk.  While I did not buy the Jag, I also did not buy any PMs back then.  No, I was too busy making serious money in the stock market.  I might have made more via PMs in those days but most of my investing money was tied up in retirement plans, so was not available to buy phyzz.  In fact, it wasn’t really until 2010 that I started buying PMs.  It must have been the shock of all the financial BS that hit in 2008 that got me moving in that direction.  Shrug.

  15. Egad is right, Ed   Be glad you resisted the 2003 400 HP XJS or R model.
      The tires alone cost $1,200 for 4.   Pirello P Zeros.  And they might last 12,000 miles. 
    I got the 300 HP  but this was the brand new clean sheet Jag; all Alum including most of the body. 
    One thing Jag was good at, even with Ford at the helm, was under manufacturing their cars. It just part of their DNA.
    I personally forced two factory recalls and one class action lawsuit to correct the deficiencies. 
    But what the heck, like they say—a Jag is the supreme crumpet catcher. 
    Married as I was, my wife loved the car. It got 32 MPG   That was a great justification to buy it.
      A real ECONOMY CAR—right. Back 10 years ago that price would have fetched 3 KIAs.

    Funny part of the story’s moral about phyzz; my wife’s dad was the uber stacker.
    He suggested to me on more than a few occasions about the wisdom of buying precious metals. It took me another 6 years to get a clue about that. I wish he had shouted that message. Jags are metallic Cialis.

  16. Yes,willnotbeaslave.   A car. 
    Seems out of character but I did have a truck at the same time.  We had a small farm with a large dog and two wolves as pets.  The license plate said  ‘Dos Lobos’.  Our neighbors were not pleased.  But no one messed with the truck.  The car was just for show.

  17. Silverslicker loved your media post, great visual and I really don’t understand how anyone on this site could complain about it.
    I am very curious about the year ahead, I believe we will see a lot of consolidation on behalf of the powerful globalist as more people are waking up for different reasons, which just may force their hand. There is a huge push to rush through the TPP, ditching congress in the process, bond yields are rising, the Fed is backed into the corner with QE strapped to their chests. Obamacare is rolling out to Americas detriment and no one can perfectly predict the time line or events that will unfold in the coming months. 
    What I do know is that things will not get better and will not improve for the current system this year, there is still time for people to prepare for government bail-ins, capital controls and down right dodgy dealings and manipulations. PM’s are the easiest way to protect and hedge against the debt and manipulators. I can walk into any country take my PM’s and exchange for fiat in any currency. Now that’s real money to me!!
    2014 needs a KISS, and you won’t go wrong!!
    (Keep it simple stupid!!)
    ps: after reading through the posts I think a little drink is called for………… Happy New Year!!!

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