SilverMoneyFuture has released an excellent interview with our friend Ned Naylor-Leyland regarding what brought him into the precious metals sector and what he sees for gold and silver going forward in a ZIRP (or even NIRP) environment.

Naylor-Leyland discusses his views on QE3, and states that the Fed and Bernanke is attempting to walk a tight-rope between printing enough to prevent a massive economic collapse, without triggering an increase in the velocity of money by causing global investors to lose confidence in the dollar. Naylor-Leyland states it’s all about managing perception and managing the markets, and that there are no markets anymore, only manipulations.

Full interview below:

    • …..that’s what I’ve learned since getting on board the silver train nine months ago.  I’ve withdrawn my emotional reaction in watching the ups and downs, knowing that the dramas are just an entertainment and not to get bothered about it.  It’s all a shadow play, but in the end there will be light.  That’s the reason to buy and hold silver. 
      You can trade it and cash it in along the way, but it’s not a gambling play, unless you think you’re smarter than the house. Eventually the manipulation will stop or reverse course and everybody on the train will have to buckle up.
      In the meantime I’m trying to restrict myself from much of the blog talk, because predicting movements is near worthless.  It’s all a fraud, so TPTB will be running the show until they don’t.  Save yourself a headache and sit on your thumbs for now (meanwhile, BTFD).

    • At first when silver went down after my first purchases of physical silver, I was kinda sad but then it went up and then down. It’s just repeating these processes. All it takes is patience. Personally, I think my wealth as the numbers of ounces of silver that I own and not how much I paid for each of them and told myself that if silver reached 50$ per ounce before, then why wouldn’t it reach that level again.

  1. Great interview, Ned is a bright mind.  People try knock Alex as a nut because he gets very excited and passionate, try doing that with Ned.

    Our society believes in the strength of complexity and their beliefs will betray them.  When you understand the way our financial world and banking system works you are left with the feeling of having stood at the very edge of the Grand Canyon with your toes over the edge, looking down and feeling a cool breeze caress your neck hairs.

    • I wasn’t standing at the very edge of the Grand Canyon since I still didn’t officially started my financial life. I’m just close to the edge for my age. 🙂

  2. That Mr. Naylor-Leyland balked at practicality of ‘trade silver’ viability going forward, on the matter of quantity, came as a shock to me. Silver and gold had NEVER been the sole money forms in the past … they had ALWAYS been supplemented by copper forming the base of commerce … ALWAYS!

    Silver’s temporary decline in quantity can EASILY be ameliorated by simple rational valuation … supplemented by copper. What’s so inconceivable about a 1/10th ounce of silver equating to, say, ten banknote units, further subdivided by ten ounces of copper (13, if we moronically accept today’s market ratio)? Given that the banknote’s TRUE relation to copper is 10 grams, a troy ounce ‘swap’ SIGNIFICANTLY over-states the damned banknote by a factor of about 8.5 times! So how is that beyond Mr. Naylor-Leyland’s purview?

    ‘Anarcho-Capitalism’ is an alluring philosophy for me, though I can’t entirely endorse it without reservation yet. ‘Anarcho-Monetarism’ on the other hand, isn’t at all appealing. We’d already been down that road over the past 5,000 years! The metals that had come to be the backbone of human civilization for time immemorable, became so because they fit like harmonics within the scale of goods comprising the grand symphony of commerce. Throughout social strata, from individuals to countries, each specific metal perfectly accommodates its station. As I’d characterized it in the past, silver is the fulcrum between copper and gold. Whether it’s point of balance is held up by a broad or narrow pedistal is of no material importance. The rational weight-value of silver can thus be appropriate to its quantity without disturbing its pivotal function as arbiter between copper and gold.

    No monetary viability for silver? INDEED? I really AM in a state of shock at what I just heard.  

    • Ah, the games people play…..
      In Games People Play, Berne defined games as:

      “A game is an ongoing series of complementary ulterior transactions progressing to a well-defined, predictable outcome. Descriptively, it is a recurring set of transactions… with a concealed motivation… or gimmick.”

      Sorry, the Psychologist in me keeps coming out.

  3. Even if there aren’t any markets left and that there are only manipulations in this system, it wouldn’t continue on forever because everything’s prices are going to blast due to the demands so everyone is going to rush to buy everything they need which will accelerate the collapse.

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