In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser talks to our friend Ned Naylor-Leyland of Cheviot Asset Management about the fishy smoke signals blowing at the LBMA regarding silver contracts and about the debate between inflation, deflation, hyperinflation actually being a debate about the final denouement of paper currencies. Ned also reveals that the LBMA is about ten times larger than the Comex and that BBC’s flagship program, Panorama, had interviewed him and Andrew Maguire about silver manipulation and yet have never aired the episode.

Full interview below:

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    • @RocketsRedGlare   Yea but wasn’t it you that said Sprott hasn’t received his Silver yet. Lol or am I wrong in thinking that?
      Actually since Max has moved to England recentlly his shows have more depth to them and very interesting. Lol Maybe he has more material to use. Seeing maybe it’s the Elites stronghold IMO. Lol     Great Interview.
      Fish and Chips anyone?     Sounds Fishy and Let The Chips fall Where they May.

  1. I was the one, heard the interview at a site that is unfriendly to SD so it goes unnamed.
    He said he got a ‘green shoe’ on it and is waiting for delivery. 9,000,000 oz.
    He did not say which exchange or how many different vendors, no specifics.

  2. Chairman of CFTC Gary Gensler who is responsible for gross inaction in the issue of illegal manipulation of gold and silver markets, has just been shown to be an acted character, and the actor is Scott Baio, who played Chachi in Happy Days. Scott Baio is a j w, surprise surprise (as is ‘Gary Gensler’). This is work about to appear in its own right on, but is previewed in the following video on the Greenberg family … watch from 3-50 for ‘Gary Gensler’. 

    • Disinfo.
      All those lookalikes portayed as actors for (non)fictious) characters. Most actually have very different ears.

      Just get the evil characters in jail where they belong and THEN try to find the supposed actors.

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