A tidal wave of new commercial (including the food industry!) and medical applications await silver with the development and implementation of silver nano technology.
The benefits and uses of silver nano technology are simply mind-boggling, and are included below:


  1. Just a small FYI   Silver is a great addition to your prepper supplies outside have some junk bulllion as well as that good ol’ stack we are famous for

    Colloidal silver is beginning to surface again as a first rate infection, health, well being and bacteriostat

    formulation.  It is not necessary to buy .9999 silver rods to stock your colloidal silver manufacturing machine.  Just use a .9999 Canadian eagle. 

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  3.  True  that is the one drawback to colloidal silver   if it’s taken internally in excess it can turn your skin color gray to blue.  There are instructions as to how much to consume  It is better to use externally in salves or liquid solutions.   The Smurf color is harmless but a little strange to say the least

  4. If silver kills bacteria then next time if I ever go camping, I’ll bring some junk silver for water purification.



    “Just use a .9999 Canadian eagle” Don’t you mean 9999 Canadian Maple Leaf?

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