house-of-cardsFormer World Bank Senior Counsel Karen Hudes says, “It’s pretty clear where we’re headed, and that is something called permanent gold backwardation. That’s a fancy word for people losing confidence in paper currency. That means the value of currency in the future is less than today.” How bad is “permanent gold backwardation”? Hudes, who spent 20 years at the World Bank, says, “This is not just a bad event. This is like the meltdown of all meltdowns. What it means is you cannot finance international trade.” Hudes goes on to say, “It’s going to make any depression we ever had (the 30’s, 2008) pale in comparison.” Hudes says even though the credit ratings agencies rate U.S. debt high, they know just the opposite is true. Hudes contends, “This is actually an underhanded move because they know the U.S. dollar is going to lose its status as an international currency.” What would that look like to the man on the street? Hudes predicts, “Prices would change on a daily basis. They would double. The number of families that would be employed would be in the minority . . . there would be lawlessness.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes.

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  1. She covered a lot of topics such as gold at the Vatican, corruption at the World bank, the FRB and holding government accountable for this mess. When Greg asked what would happen to the man on the street she kept giving answers at the government level. She did touch upon how the BRICS is setting up their international trade agreements.
    She also mentioned how there is gold available at the Vatican but other then that she didn’t specifically identify where else is there gold available.

  2. Ok, I listened to this whole thing.  Ms. Hudes apparently doesn’t like giving advice to the average peon.  I found it odd she would ramble on and on about Germany and us holding onto their gold but gave one word responses to everything pertaining to the little man.  Hmmm.  
    If I had to guess I would say she doesn’t want to tell everyone to go get PMs because that would make the system tank before alternatives are in place to take over for when we give the Fed the boot.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I will continue stacking and everyone else can hope for the best.

    Somehow I don’t believe a single word of what she said. Let’s dissect the interview. Greg was throwing at her very important questions and she managed to dodge almost all of them. Second point, I don’t believe she is a whistle-blower, rather she is an “ambassador” for some important entity. Nobody out of general public knew about this lady up until fairly recently. We all remember what happened to Michael Hastings with his investigation. And he was a known journalist on public view. They could have eliminated her without us even knowing she ever existed, unless of course there is someone behind her back that the US alphabetical agencies cannot touch. Then it points to London, since the British control all the US intelligence through the RIIA. She did mention London in the interview. She said: “I had the UK call them up, the Serious Fraud Office…”. (18:48) Hey, can get the UK Serious Fraud Office give a few calls to some local crooks around here? And what was this office doing during the Libor Scandal and what is it doing about London Gold Fixing and their gold price manipulation today?
    Then she randomly brings Bitcoin in the conversation, which made me freak out and now I really would question if Bitcoin indeed has this uncontrollable algorithm, or it is just a trap for the NWO digital currency. Another odd point is that she brought up Vatican’s gold in the equation for settling the US debt when Greg kept pushing with his question what the average guy should do. Yeah, maybe there is a lot of gold out there but how is it going to help the US to settle its international trade? She dodged a very important question whether the bankster are going to jail. Not only they should go to jail but the gold they looted should be confiscated to settle the US and other countries’ debts. Politicians like Gordon Brown should land in jail for selling national gold at the lowest possible price. It means he collaborated with the banksters.
    To summarise it looks all to me like that. There are two groups in the world that push for gold settlement in the international trade. One is what Jim Willie is talking about, that is Russia and China. In other words they would congregate in their camp all the countries who either produce goods or sell their natural resources. Those countries indeed want to get wealth instead of somebody else’s candy wrappers, especially if the exchange rate is fixed not in their favour. For instance, what is the mathematical formula that calculates that 1USD =31.8431 RUB or 1USD=31.1100 THB? None. It is all about buying world resources with fewer paper notes. There is no formula here besides looting the countries that produce something. The other camp is those who collected the majority of world’s gold in their hands. They do want a gold standard as well. Remember the golden rule? Those who have more gold rule. That’s right. So if the house of Rothschild after almost a century of controlling the London Gold Fixing managed to accumulate let’s say 70% of the world gold, of course they want to go back to gold standard. So how would the countries that have no gold settle their trade? They would need to borrow gold and pay back in gold. But, the Rothschilds don’t want to end up in isolation. Remember when Greg was pushing with his question about an average guys and whether they need to buy gold and silver. She said, Greg I am talking about the international trade settlements. Another point I wanted to make is that this new trade settlement system that is being built in the East will exclude the bankrupt West from it. We already saw how quickly American Administration was discredited in Syria and how it found itself in isolation. This will apply to international trade. The Anglo-American tandem doesn’t want to be isolated. It has been fleecing the world for too long without producing anything but debt obligations. There is no industry left neither in Britain nor in America besides drone  and spying equipment manufacturing to track the slaves that might rebel one day. Europe, even though in debt, but still has its industry in full operation. That’s why Germany is a key player. They can show banksters a middle finger with their paper debt, demand their gold back as they should and turn to the new system of trade. Italy and France will follow, they are not stupid. So what I think this lady is doing is shilling for the house of Rothschild and trying to convince American delusional ruling elite to change the game plan, but to maintain on top with a leading role instead of being swept to the side. Clearly their war efforts failed miserably and will fail in the future. Their key sabotager in the Middle East, Israel, is getting out of control since the population there is waking up too and they don’t want any more wars. Huge demonstrations in Tel Aviv (Was it last year or earlier this year?) is a proof. So the world domination with Order out of Chaos motto is falling apart as we all witness it right in front of our eyes. That’s how I see it. What do you guys think?
    One final thing, yes Greg, the average guy needs to dump the Federal reserve notes while they can and get something useful, if not gold or silver, at least some useful products: nails, screws, lumber, honey, cloths, footware, tools, etc. But don’t sit like idiots with debt denominated coupons on your hands waiting for some miracle, damn it.

    • I watched her first interview with Greg some time ago. I have to admit something did not feel right about it. Just gut feeling. The current one tortured my mind too.
      Greg was drilling her with very important questions really hard. She appeared very uncomfortable with some and without the doubt she was trying to dodge them.
      I think PB with your theory, you might be onto something.  It could be scenario number two in the making. 
      Regardless of the scenarios PMs still rocks as long they are in our possession.

    • One has to listen very carefully to what Ms. Hudes is saying and do some fact checking and other research to make some sort of sense to what is being said here. Ms. Hudes and other whistleblowers are working on the problem of mass corruption at the head of the world’s financial system and they can’t get ahead of their efforts on the political level. The depositories of PM’s and other valuables Hudes is refering to is that which has been amassed (theft and buying) over time by the owners of the debt money system, In my research this amounts to a mind bewildering 2 million plus meteric tons of gold that has been secreted away by enslaving the world with their debt. That’s why Hudes says gold is an insurance not an investment, or diversify diversify. She has also said that this tight knit group of financial biggies, including the Bank of the Vatican, has collabourated in the most corrupt manner to enrich themselves at the cost of swamping the peoples and nations with their debt money system. To me she is a “Johnny come lately” to the understanding of the  who, how, what and where of this ultimately ponzi style scheme. When this corruption was finally staring her in the face her mind was repulsed at what she saw. After inside attempts to rectify this stituation she was ultimately fired for her efforts, a high powered women scorned. What Hudes ultimately is trying to do is to have an orderly transfer of financial (military etcetera) power from this deby money system to one that that issues money without debt and is backed by some valuable commodity (ies). The world is saturated with debt and the printing of more fiat currency to monetize this debt is not the answer. The power elites know this and are trying to confiscate these PM depositories for their own use. Perhaps to float a new currency that will be accepted without having a debt jubilee of the present debt. Hudes wants these depositories to back a currency while “firing” the owners of debt money and that system.

  4. What must be considered is, a state can only use gold and silver to back a state currency, if said state HAS any gold and silver! The stuff has been heading east and continues to do so…….and it’s not coming back! I think we as individuals, need to become our own bank and hold/trade the phyzz ourselves as it’s the only clout that a person will have left in the world she describes. Got physs?

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