The manipulation of gold and silver prices by the Western bullion banking cartel is all about the management of the perception of economics.
Investors MUST NOT protect themselves from currency debauchery by acquiring hard assets such as gold and silver to preserve their capital.
Readers will recall that in November of 2011, the gold price was sent down a vertical mineshaft just moments prior to the announcement that the Swiss were linking the CHF to the Euro, which was intuitively massively bullish for gold.

Another counter-intuitive smash of gold and silver prices is in progress, as gold has been smashed $30 and under $1700 from it’s post QE4 announcement high near $1725, and silver has been smashed $1.15 from $33.92 to $32.77.

The Doc has been inundated with desperate precious metals investors ready to throw in the towel with tonight’s raid, as those without conviction are buying into the Fed’s MOPE, hook, line and sinker.  This is a war, and a battle for your wealth and your assets earned through blood, sweat, and tears.


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Gut check your emotions at the door, and think rationally.  Do you want to throw in the towel and cancel your insurance while the house is on fire?  Physical monetary assets protect you from the theft known as the loss of purchasing power from currency devaluation.  The Fed is attempting to stoke the velocity of money, and once the velocity picks up, hyperinflation will be on the doorstep.  Please understand that EVERY OCCURRENCE OF HYPERINFLATION IN HISTORY HAS BEEN PRECEDED BY TERRIBLE ECONOMIC CONDITIONS! 


Silver’s massive cap and raid on low volume Globex trading:


Gold blatantly stuffed under $1700, down $30 from the post QE4 rally:




    • It only matters when you trade it back. It matters a little bit when you buy, but no one can predict lows, so that really doesn’t matter either. You have the right attitude. Watching the market in detail, as it progresses, is better suited to those that like to ride on rollercoasters.

    • Exactly! Before, I was always angry whenever gold and silver’s prices dropped because I was thinking of my wealth in fiat dollars. Whenever silver’s price go down, I tell myself that if silver reached 50$ per ounce twice, then why wouldn’t it reach that price level again and that low silver prices are opportunities for us to stack more silver cheaply, faster and easily.

    • Try having your regular buying moment at$48, then $42, then sub /$40….   dude I stopped caring, cause the moment this goes vertical it won’t matter …. generations will look back and say you were an idiot to worry 🙂   cheers mate!

    • Yeah, it’s very hard to stay the course here, except that there’s no choice! I used to get worried about all these moves down, and I nearly jumped out the window in April 2011, but the problem then was that I had it for 2 reasons – to make fiat profits when it went up, and also as insurance when the whole house of cards came down. BUT, now I have it for only the latter reason, and its a whole lot more peaceful.
      I don’t think we have long to wait now, and when 1oz silver is literally priceless, we won’t care about these little moves of today.

    • Guess it is easier for me since I average around $12/oz. Paid between $5 and $50 per ounce. It does feel good having insurance in case of unforeseen events.

    • I never sold my gold and silver because it is against the law for people who are younger than 18 years old to sell stuff and especially because I don’t want pieces of paper made out of thin air for hard mined commodities.

  1. Its seems the 1st installment of QE4 went to Wall St. to smash PMs. How typical of them. They waited till after the NY market closed instead of the opening! That was sneaky. Push it down all afternoon and then at 10 PM EST smash. Something smells, it’s the smell of desparation in pin stripe suits.

  2. Wow. I was wondering if they were going to take to down in the morning and it looks like they are hitting it overnight instead. This is very amazing and very frustrating at the same time. I can’t wait to see what the miners do tomorrow since they rallied so hard today. Could be in for a hard drop. Keep stackin’.

  3. What the hell, where do you think their getting the $85 Billion from, by robbing us and know one is stopping them. We need to get the word out and form our own Physical Silver Cartel and let the Paper Boys have theirs. Yea I Know, I’m Dreaming.Lol
    But hang in there and Keep Stacking our reward is around the corner.

    • They can’t keep robbing us like that by simply creating 85 billion dollars. When inflation becomes too high like hyperinflation, people will move away from the US dollar and then the Federal Reserve won’t be able to create dollars out of thin air anymore.

  4. Good Ole Blythe Masters & The Gang. You have to admit she one smart ass cookie. However, if she ever had a body like this one in the photo. I would not complain one bit. She could sit down and feed me cookies and milk anytime. Keep stacking and just suck it up. 

    • Would never claim to be a rocket scientist; Like simple things, a sexy booty comes to mind…
      Seems like they want Gold at $1700 and Silver at $33 doesn’t it?
      Happy to see the can go skippin’ down the road s’more.
      I’m rootin’ for ’em!
      Hoping’ they keep on kickin’ for a long, long, long time…..& in the mean time I’ll just pick up a simple coin or two as I go about my biz….

    • I have to ask. Who’s the athlete in this pic? A: Jaqueline Carvalho

      back on topic, The spot price of silver is irrelevant at this point. When the general public collectively smells the giant load of gas Bernanke just farted today the physical inventory will vanish faster than acetone on a hot plate, or faster than the hot ass above.

      Note: Which is photoshopped to add ridiculous curves. Much like the chart at the top.


  5. Hold on.  Everyone gets crossways in their thinking because they mistake the federal government’s balance sheet with their personal balance sheet.  It’s apples to oranges.  The federal gov’t can print money.  Their debts are denominated in their own currency like any sovereign that issues their own currency.  The federal gov’t can not default.  Repeat.  The U.S. Gov’t can not default.  And here’s another one for you.  The federal gov’t does not need your tax revenue.  They can print what they need.  Taxes are simply a control lever they use on society to shape behavior.  We are talking about fiat money here.  The strength of which is imputed by the people who use it, not the people who issue it.  
    The call is out now to eliminate the debt ceiling.  And in the world of fiat a debt ceiling is truly a stupid restraint.  Fiat debt based money is a pyramid scheme.  Gold/silver are your only protection when the gov’t issued money eventually crashes.

  6. No one can take the Fed seriously or the manipulation. We all know gold is been leased out so many times nobody knows, that’s why the Germans can’t get their gold and probably never will. It’s all a paper game now that’s all they got is manipulation, im sure Goldman Sachs loading up anything we sell to the Chinese. 
     The only way to fight back is to keep stacking and this is a long-term play, I’m not even looking to sell for years. 

    • Also, all these physical gold bars that belong to other countries are actually sold off to the gold market to keep gold’s price low but then, Asian countries especially China have bought them all.

  7. I usually observe and listen… I rarely speak out… If you are so busy in observing and listening, do you have time to speak out? Anyway, this is my first post. IMHO, those who use sound money management will not be emotionally affected by the raid and those who does not use sound money management will be very emotional now… I AM NOT A BIT EMOTIONAL AT ALL NOW.

    Let me put in a word of advice to help those who are in emotional and stressful states… If you use sound money management and you know that Silver is ranging from 32 to 34 currently, how low can it go… ZERO? So use the ZERO to 34 to strategize your money management in hoarding Silver… AND IT MUST BE PHYSICAL SILVER… Do not trade on margin for those who are not real traders.


    • All I know is that silver’s price will not go lower than 30$ per ounce because that’s how much it cost to produce an ounce of silver and if silver’s price goes lower than that, then miners will stop producing more silver due to their losses in terms of dollars which will then drive silver’s price much higher.

    • The subscribers on this site are some of the most aware you will find anywhere. Most people on here that post have been at this game as long, or longer, than you have. Not much you can say that we haven’t already heard a million times. We don’t need no education…

  8. Why is anybody panicking? As Andy Hoffman says, physical gold and silver are not investments but savings. Add a little more to your stack after each smackdown.
    62% of foreign global currency reserves held by central banks are in US dollars. After this latest FOMC announcement, central banks around the world are going to be dumping dollars and piling into gold like crazy. There is only so much western central bank gold that can be leased out before the gold suppression game is up. Then it’s game over for the unbacked western paper currencies. If the Germans, Austrians and Dutch are happy to trust the Bank of England and New York Fed with their physical gold holdings they deserve everything they get. I

    • Exactly! Gold and silver are actually not investments, they are money! An investment is something that brings in profit for you but precious metals don’t bring in profits, they preserve your wealth.

  9. Let the madding crowds panic.  The victory goes to those who play the long game.  Notice the miniscule swings up and down by 1-2%.  Is this the best the opposition can muster with their tens of billions of FIAT dollars. 
    I’d rather think about Brazilians.  They seem to do so much right.  And derrieres that would make a blind man stand up and cheer.  Must be something about being south of the equator.

  10. If the FED really cared about employment they would just print different stats, if they wanted to enslave you they’d print more money! Printfinity continues……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  11. Open letter to Bart Chilton following obvious silver and gold market manipulation in the wake of the post Dec. 12th Fed QE announcement:

    Dear Mr. Chilton:

    I’ve watched silver and gold trade 24/7 for over two decades, pretty much not missing a single day’s trade.  I’ve known about precious metals manipulation for nearly that entire stretch of time.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much of an aggressive move by the cartel as this after-hours smash.  We’ve seen larger take-downs, to be sure.  That’s not what I’m getting at.  It’s the timing and aggressive nature of this move smack in the face of the latest QE missive that is so astounding.  The cartel appears to not care about getting caught anymore.  There’s been no negative news related to bullion in the last 24 hours and the QE news is known by even rank amateurs in the financial services industry to be bullish for gold and silver.  With the exception of those in the deepest funk of denial, no professional money manager could look at the last 24 hours and not conclude something is “wrong” with the market’s behavior.  

    What’s horrifying is the fact that complacency has been fostered in the markets with a titanic bond market bubble and interest rates and inflation that will now – due to suppression – come back and bite the global economy in so-called black swan fashion.  When this mess starts to unwind, it’s no joke to say that millions of people in poorer nations (and even some folks in the US) will DIE as a result of no longer being able to afford means of survival.

    Propping up the bond and stock market and having artificially low interest rates isn’t revitalizing the global economy.  It would be better to start unwinding all this market management, slowly (the admitted part related to Central Bank balance sheets and the clandestine actions in gold and silver markets).  Massive attack-dog strategies like we see in this evening’s bullion market smash only furthers complacency and general societal ignorance about the divergence between non-managed market prices and what this Frankenstein global financial system is generating.

    Mr. Chilton, again, I say it’s high time for you to resign and become a whistle blower.  The system is beyond the point of being able to be dealt with without at least some pain.  But letting this insanity go on and on only ensures the end game will be more painful — and more people will, quite literally, DIE.  Don’t kid yourself, Mr. Chilton.  You have blood on your hands and the only way to wash it off is to resign and come clean with the American public.  The American public will support you if you go all-out with all honesty … and don’t think we’re dumb enough to think you don’t have all the dirt.

    Odds are, you will do nothing.  You wouldn’t be the first person to miss his opportunity to be a true American hero.  In the long-run, the global economy will do what it must, and you can take a pass if you choose.  But it’s a bit ironic that a window of opportunity has opened where you could really make a huge impact for the betterment of millions.  You could in fact become an American hero, actualize the mission statement of the agency you work for, and actually come out on the other side with far more personal safety, wealth and opportunities than were you to simply do nothing.  Brooksley Born tried to work within the system and got nowhere. She was reasonably safe, as a result, as you no doubt have observed. But to go all-out with media allies as a whistleblower can in fact work to procure not only the reform you claim you believe in, but your personal safety, wealth and further opportunities in life should you play the whistleblower game correctly. In the least, you must admit to yourself that you can’t serve the CFTC’s mission while remaining within the CFTC.  By now, that much is clear to most everyone that’s been following the CFTC silver manipulation investigation.

    • Great letter FW. I’d love to believe his reading of the above would make him extremely uncomfortable. He at times comes across as being on the side of truth, yet to have already lived with the truth for so long and to have materially still done nothing may mean he’s just a very good actor. Did he read this and hold his head in his hands while contemplating doing the right thing? Or did he read it, smile to himself and then say F*** Em. ?

    • @Zilver Zeta
      “I’d love to believe his reading of the above”….AT ALL! Nice writing but to the round file nonetheless. These people couldn’t muster a single atom of conscience. The smack down last night will be forgotten very soon…… of that, I am very confident.

    • @SilverSlicker: Given comments Mr. Chilton has made to @TheDoc: it’s clear Chilton sometimes reads what goes on here when the writing mentions him.  Should Doc elect to post the letter on the main board, odds are good Chilton will read it.  But it’s not only about getting him to read it.  It’s about placing that statement into the historical record so that people new to the market will learn who this person is, what he could do, and what he will most likely fail to do.  I’d also like to see the call for him to become a whistleblower be taken up by many voices.  Mr. Chilton reads his public email.  Perhaps he’d move if letters like mine were to come to him from all points of the compass.
      Thanks for commenting.

  12. I’m curious about this last spike down (in the face of an appreciating price), as to the tonnage it would take to do something like that.  If anyone can point me to the actual number, that would be great, but a reasonable guess would be fine.  Thanks.

  13. It is a an ill wind that blows no one no good. My clients were lapping up the smack down, particularly in gold, to add to he price decline the Aussie dollar appreciated 1 cent to the US dollar (due to QE4) so the gold price in AUD has declined over $50 in the few weeks, even a Luong (37.5 grams) is well under $2,000. As a result many price savvy clients, particularly those of Chinese, Indian  and Middle East decent, came in to buy over the counter today.
    Ill Wind

    • Are you having hard time buying physical gold and silver? Is there any shortages inside your shop? In my case, my local coin shops all have shortages and are selling precious metals for high premiums.

  14. The Fed aka Cartel, don’t want anyone to buy anything that will take Dollars out of the Economy. They want the money to flow fast and free. They see Gold and Silver in my opinion as a carbon capture program, if the Dollar gets trapped in the ice that is Silver and Gold then that isn’t good for the economy, in the same way that Banks buying Bonds is bad for the economy, the money gets tied up. The Fed and I think most of the global central banks ARE trying to free up money and get it invested in the purpose of creating jobs and get exports moving. This can not be denied.

    So bearing this in mind and that after this last announcement, the economy (world) is looking terrible, would you as lender of last resort wish to make the dollar look good and sexy and pretend that it is the Fiat Currency that it once was, the Reserve Currency of the world? or do you want to see America looking weak feeble and about ready to go the way in history as the British?

    Your call.

    Is there price manipulation going on? yes, is it for the greater good, I am beginning to think so. Am I worried? No….why? silver and gold are long term hedges not get rich quick scams. They protect against inflation, deflation and retain your purchasing power over 5-10 year periods.

    There should be no place for Gold and Silver in the world as a way to make money quickly, its unethical, it means that the system is well and truly stuffed. Gold and Silver should not be as volatile as it is. How do we fix this? Ban All forms of paper ownership of Silver and Gold. If you want your gold, you got to take physical receipt of it. This would also take out shorting as you can’t short physical, only paper Gold and Silver. Also can you imagine any of the big banks actually forking out the cost of storage and insurance, they wouldn’t be able to afford it, all under written by Lloyds of London of course. This would make the ownership of Gold and Silver more democratic.

    Just my opinion. Please feel free to shoot me down. I wanted Silver at $50 by Christmas, oh well, just keep it stacked, not loosing me anything, not making me anything either. 🙂 

    • If the Federal Reserve hates gold and silver, then they would tell the US Mint to stop producing American gold and silver Eagles. At least the Federal Reserve is lucky that it is only the one percent of the population who only buys precious metals.

  15. Throw in the towel???? No offense DOC, but it sounds like there are a lot of paper traders here. My stack didn’t get any smaller with “said raid”. They didn’t raid my stack. They, actually, will have increased my stack size as soon as my LCD opens. What a beautiful day.

  16. The battle is intensifying, and it is not often that they smash gold and silver prices outside of COMEX trading.  When that happens, it is certain to be caused by the seriousness of how bad things are for the world’s financial system, and their need to artificially prop up fiat paper money.
    Remember that, even though they are accumulating precious metals, China’s wealth is in large part denominated in paper money (ie, US Dollars) at the present, so it is certainly not in their interest to have the US Dollar (and paper money as a consequence) hyper-inflate into nothingness in a short time, because that would render their ‘paper wealth’ practically worthless.  So, even China wants paper money to go on for a while, and they would rather have a slow transition to a new monetary system.
    Nevertheless, there are catalysts and trigger points that could lead to hyperinflation that are beyond the control of anyone.  Thus, the need to prepare for the coming change is as essential as ever, because timing is not the goal.  Preparation means preparing for something because we are not sure when it will happen.  If the timing were known, it would not be preparation but planning.  It is said that history shows that for any given widespread crisis, only about 5% of the people are ever properly prepared for it.  This time will be no different.  The question is, do people want to be part of the 5% who did prepare, or the 95% who will suffer the full consequences because they went along with everyone else?
    Read this sobering story of commentary from the head of Unilever in Europe (maker of daily-use products):
    Telegraph, 12/12/12.
    “Unilever chief warns Europe faces decade-long slump

    …In August, the head of Unilever’s European business warned of a “return to poverty” in Europe.

    Jan Zijderveld said that the company would adopt marketing strategies used in developing countries in order to drive future growth.

    Unilever has already started to change the way it sells some of its products. In Spain, the company sells Surf detergent in packages for as few as five washes. In Greece, it offers mashed potatoes and mayonnaise in small packages.

    “In Indonesia, we sell individual packs of shampoo 2 to 3 cents and still make decent money,” said Mr Zijderveld. “We know how to do that, but in Europe we have forgotten in the years before the crisis.”

    Mr Polman also said that declining consumer confidence in the US had seen the rise of an “emerging poor” class dependent on government benefits.

    With millions of Americans relying on government benefits to buy food, “people scrape by until the end of the month,” said Mr Polman.”

    • It is all due to Western countries who are exporting China’s goods that have made China a rich and powerful country. Also, the future collapse of the USA will be similar to the collapse of the Roman empire in my opinion.

  17. But hey, look on the bright side! You can now buy more physical gold and silver cheaply, faster and easily when in reality, it is supposed to be the opposite due to QEs that make the US dollar worth less.

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