The post QE4 MOPE raid in gold and silver continues today, with the cartel moments ago sending silver down another waterfall to $32.19, and gold to $1688.

With the Fed now OPENLY admitting that the only way to fund the massive US deficit is by outright bond monetization, current precious metals prices will be looked back upon as the greatest opportunity/gift of all time in the not-too-distant future.  The question is will you have the intestinal fortitude to be right, and sit tight?

As the desperation continues to intensify among precious metal investors (the exact intentions of the Fed and the cartel), we are re-posting The Doc’s rant from last night:

The Doc has been inundated with desperate precious metals investors ready to throw in the towel with tonight’s raid, as those without conviction are buying into the Fed’s MOPE, hook, line and sinker.  This is a war, and a battle for your wealth and your assets earned through blood, sweat, and tears.


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Gut check your emotions at the door, and think rationally.  Do you want to throw in the towel and cancel your insurance while the house is on fire?  Physical monetary assets protect you from the theft known as the loss of purchasing power from currency devaluation.  The Fed is attempting to stoke the velocity of money, and once the velocity picks up, hyperinflation will be on the doorstep.  Please understand that EVERY OCCURRENCE OF HYPERINFLATION IN HISTORY HAS BEEN PRECEDED BY TERRIBLE ECONOMIC CONDITIONS! 



Silver sent down another waterfall from $32.80 to $32.19


Gold knocked under $1690:


    • Silver at about 27$ per ounce will just make me happy. Too bad that I’ve missed my chance at buying silver for 28$ per ounce on June 2012 at one of my local coin shop when the spot price was at about 27.50$ per ounce! That was only 0.50$ over spot! I missed my chance because I didn’t have enough cash. 🙁

  1. Lol whoever is bothered by this just doesn’t get ‘it’. If silver goes on a huge bull run now from here to the moon, that means that you hold whatever silver you have and that’s it. You are openly admitting that if you accumulate more in the future, it will be at a higher price. Fuuuuuck that, let’s get this baby back down to 26!!

    • Exactly! That’s why I don’t want silver’s price to go up too quickly and that’s also why I’m glad whenever silver’s price goes lower. Now, I don’t have enough physical gold and silver in my wealth.

  2. Silver and gold,
    The value of old,
    To keep your stack,
    You must be bold,
    The cartels think they’re in control,
    As they dig deeper into the black hole,
    I know my stack will surely rise,
    As we all witness fiat’s demise.

  3. I’m trying to get past being pissed off about obvious garbage like this… but the truly disgusting part is that each and every one of us has been thrown overboard by the ruling class in favor of the people who fill their coffers with dollar bills.
    And We’re the nutjob conspiracy theorists for calling an obvious spade a spade. I hope all these bastards end up at a gang bang hosted by the budweiser clydesdale team.

    • But hey, look on the bright side! Thanks to these price smashes by the cartel, it allows us to stack more physical gold and silver very, fast, easily and cheaply. The cartel’s manipulation will eventually be destroyed because their paper tricks are getting less effective on precious metals’ prices compare to a year ago.

    • @Canadian Dirtlump: No we have not been thrown overboard. The stupid have been thrown overboard! Thats all! TPTB have made it so obvious as to what is going on!! Everyone who loves someone has told everyone they love what is going on!!! There comes a time when someone is just to stupid to understand! — A book! A really good book. John Ringo: “Troy Rising”, one of the best authors of our time! If you read the book you will understand…

  4. This is just a way to to let the Boys Club (Ruling Elite) buy up the metals cheaply. The 1 % is buying all the physical up and dropping worthless paper on the comex to keep the prices low. When it all falls apart there wont be much physical left to buy. Do not be stupid and throw away a winning lottery ticket.


    • Just only the one percent of the population is giving more hard time for the cartel to smack gold and silver’s prices so now imagine when the whole population wakes up about their savings in dollars being destroyed due to hyperinflation!

    • According to Chris Duane on his Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, he said that buying physical silver is the best way to destroy the elites and the banksters’ corrupt paper currencies because silver isn’t owned by these people. Buying silver is the second American Revolution.

  5. Folks here can rag on Kitco, but here is a gem from their morning commentary:
    Once again, the gold market suffered a rapid and inexplicable price drop in early Asian trading Thursday, on reported sell stops being triggered. That marks the third week in a row of such price declines that occur for seemingly no fundamental reason.”

    Ditto for Silver.  Whether stacking or investing, you definitely need to check your emotions at the door.

    Was thinking about making another purchase during the morning’s low, but decided against it.  I have already spent way too much on gifts, etc. this holiday season and still have to visit the Post Orfice to mail all those packages.  So my stack may be smaller than it could be, but there will be lots of happy faces & smiles on Christmas morning. 

  6. Looks like Gold is trying to ramble up from the beat down. I would like to see gold exhibit some strength but is as Paul Craig Roberts says, the Fed is openly shorting (which I would not doubt in the least as they have the most to lose) – they’ll have to be forced out in a blaze of glory and we’ll likely see a war before that happens.

  7. I’m glad that, I have decided to wait to purchase more silver and or gold. They are on an all systems go with this latest raid. They are going all out and I will just sit here and wait. Makes you really wonder why all three of the SEC people are resigning on Dec. 14th, 2012.

    • Same thing with me! Good thing that I’ve waited until Friday to buy more physical silver. I received more cash on Thursday and here I am now where I bought more silver cheaply. But, too bad that my local coin shops are still selling pure silver ounces for the same price as before.

  8. Is there any chance that by tying QE4 to unemployment rate, investors are seeing a potential end to QE and as a result are selling off for profits now?

    We all obviously realize that this was a BS move by Bernake to give the illusion that they will actually stop QE at some point.  The BLS numbers regarding unemployment are so cooked that they can make the report say whatever they want.  The only reason unemployment is dropping is because people are dropping out of the labor force.  

    What could get truly interesting is if enough people drop out of the labor force to bring unemployment down to 6.5% (which would in reality be terrible economic news) would the Fed actually pull back or stop QE?  Such a move would remove the only buyer of treasuries from the market (currently 90%) causing interest rates to skyrocket.  This would result in staggering deflation, as no one could afford access to loans.  The result would crash the modest recovery we had in the real estate market and send us into depression.  So I believe the answer is no, they will never allow QE to end because they can’t.  

    Essentially we are too far down the rabbit hole already.  There is no way for the Fed to unwind QE without immediate crippling deflation.  So they will of course choose to kick the can down the road for a hyper-inflationary collapse of our currency a few years from now.  

    • QEs aren’t actually helping the USA’s economy. Instead, they are destroying the American citizens and the economy. The Federal Reserve will not stop QEs until the USA’s economy becomes better but in reality, it will not.

    • The US government is the biggest tyrant who is against terrorism. I prefer terrorists than the tyrant US government because at least, it is easier to take down terrorists but it is harder to take down a government and at least the terrorists can help the American citizens to save their country.

  9. This does matter, you can pretend it doesn’t, but it does. It means that the Fed are actively participating in market manipulation. I believe that they think that this is in the best interest of the many, however its hardly a free market.

    If they are fudging the employment figures, it means nothing without exports reflecting the true value of the Dollar. If your country don’t export , then your Dollar is worthless. You can only measure true success in economic terms by your GDP.

    Questions should really be asked about what exactly the world is buying from America, that America is not consuming more of?

    What exactly is a service based economy and who is it good for?

    You can only export the Dollar for so long before the world starts looking at it and saying, hmm, really, your worth how much? and you want me to pay for oil in this, even though I can do it with my local currency now I have set up trading with the country who is supplying?

    The Fed can pretend that they got a handle on the situation, all I see is the world moving on from the Dollar and seeing that there is no need for it in a world economy that is shifting phase to the East.  For the next 10 years, I think the Fed will do their best to change the scenario, but unless America starts exporting and I mean really exporting, then I can’t see this going well.

    Will Silver go up, of course, will I keep stacking, yes. Its as good as cash. And gold will be a bona fide currency under Basel III. Well it will in the rest of the civilized world, in America, Ben says no. 🙂 

    • “You can only measure true success in economic terms by your GDP”

      This isn’t always true… the major flaw of the GDP is that it does not account for inflation, so GDP may grow by 2%, and it will be reported as economic growth, but in reality there was no growth, only price increases.  If you are making the same money this year as you were last year, but your cost of living went up there was no growth, but the GDP will reflect growth. 

    • It doesn’t matter how many QEs the Federal Reserve do because the best solution is for the USA to produce its own goods and bring back the American companies on the USA’s territories instead of leaving them in Asian countries which will give more people more jobs.

  10. an interesting observation on silver’s trends today: they seem to be a mirror inverse (although a slightly different magnitude).  This is evidence to me of it being strictly algos and nothing else.  What I mean to say is that we know that it’s mostly the algos which create these trends, but it’s our suspicions based on what we think we know.  But when we see moves down today in relative proportion to the moves up yesterday, at nearly the exact same moment, it helps establish fingerprints of whose hands were in the cookie jar.  So yesterday’s rise was likely also algo driven. 

  11. I’m in a pissed off mood so I won’t reply to the last post. So I will package my Christmas presents to my two daughters in Ca. Two rolls each of Walking Liberty Halves. Merry Stacking Everyone. I still say $40-$50 by the end of the year. I’m just as good as the rest of the hypsters. Lol

    • 50$ is way too much in my opinion. I’ll say 35$ per ounce by the end of the year and if silver does pass 35$ per ounce, then I’ll say silver will at least reach 40$ per ounce maximum by the end of the year.

  12. all of it is a managed reality.  we are far down the rabbit hole.  it’s been aeons that the cartel has been manipulating price.  they can arrive at any outcome that they want by the push of a button. the only play on PM is the end game when the caps can no longer be supported because the money system has gone kaput. what kind of a market will there be then??

  13. The real problem with GDP is it is a measure of consumption not productive growth.  We have too much of the first and not enough of the latter. You mow my lawn for $100, I mow yours for $100 and that’s $200 in GDP growth, easy! Nevermind the fact that government spending is included and taking up a larger percentage of spending overall.  Also, it doesn’t matter if that GDP growth came from savings or credit, it counts the same.  What a joke!

  14. Now in my opinion, I don’t think that silver will go lower than 32$ per ounce and gold will not go lower than 1650$ per ounce. QE3 was just announced about three months ago on September 2012 and QE4 is announced now! Hyperinflation will arrive soon! QE4 arriving that fast was something that was unexpected for me.

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