Politico reports that Montana State Representative Jerry O’Neil has officially requested that the Montana State Legislature pay his salary in gold coins as he believes it likely that ‘the bottom will fall out from under the U.S. dollar‘.

But Chairman Bernanke informed us via Ron Paul’s famous inquiry that gold is not money at all, merely tradition!

As Politico reports:

O’Neil states he is requesting payment in gold coins to honor his duty to uphold the US Constitution:

A Montana state lawmaker is asking that he be paid in gold coins because of his lack of faith in the U.S. dollar amid a rising deficit.

Jerry O’Neil, a Republican just reelected in his northern Montana district, says his constituents told him he was not honoring his duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which O’Neil and Gold Standard supporters say requires the government to print money backed by gold.

The Montana lawmaker apparently reads ZH and SD:

he wrote a letter to the state Legislature asking to be paid his public salary in gold and stating: “It is very likely the bottom will fall out from under the U.S. dollar. Only so many dollars can be printed before they have no value.”


And so the demand by public workers to be paid in real money begins. How much longer until Representative O’Neil is proven correct, and the bottom falls out of the dollar and fiat Federal Reserve notes resemble their Weimar counterparts in value?

  1. Judges are the ones with the clout to get paid in gold and silver, not politicians.  I have read several articles stating that some judges are very upset with their salary not keeping up with inflation and cited law that requires this.  If a judge(s) got smart and legal worked the system to force being paid in gold and silver, that would get peoples’ attention.

    • Good point about the judges.  By law their salaries cannot go down, but judges are figuring out that being paid $100,000 in 2012 is not the same as being paid $100,000 in 2000.  Their fiat paper money has been debased by the government during that time!  They will start demanding their pay be tied to gold and silver prices (real money by definition under the US Constitution).
      For the same reasons, every American should demand that their salaries be paid in silver and gold as well, so that the government would have no power to steal from them by debasing and devaluing their savings.  Fiat currency based on debt is nothing but a scheme to steal from the value of the labor of all working people.  Why should anyone be willing to work for pay in fiat paper money that someone can print without limit out of thin air?  Wouldn’t people rather be paid in something of physical and tangible value that has stood the test of time for thousands of years of human history?
      Let the people follow in the footsteps of the judges and of this Montana State Representative.

    • I see people’s future brightly if they follow the judges’ footsteps and if the judges defend the US Constitution especially if they ask their bosses to pay them in gold and silver. What I’m wondering is if the American people could defend themselves against the corruption.

    • I’m waiting for the Federal Reserve to at least reintroduce the 500$ bill. I wonder what would be their reasons for doing that without giving reasons that will worry the public. Maybe the Fed will say that it’s to help consumers keep their wealth without too much space.

    • At the other end the scale, Australia stopped producing 1 and 2 cent coins 15 or 20 years ago.
      We have been “rounding up” or down to the nearest 5 cents since then.

  2. Judges are not the only working stiffs who are upset their salary does not keep up with inflation.   But any American who demands that their salariy be paid in silver and gold is asking to be replaced by somebody who has been out of work for six months and is willing to accept paper fiat.

    Yesterday I read another news article about O’Neil’s asking to be pain in Gold.  At the bottom of the article, in the comments section – most of the commenters were calling him a crackpot.

    When the music stops, many of these folks will find they do not have a chair to sit down on.    

    • Yes but that could work out OK.  They may also find that they do not have a financial a** to put in a chair, so not having a chair will not be a major problem for them.   😉 

    • Wow! Those people are a bunch of ignorant. I rather be a pothead than a sheep because at least pot doesn’t kill me if I consume it. As for being a sheep, I could die because of my bad ways of living.

  3. Judges are not only upset, they actually won the lawsuit against the government.  See Beer v. United States, October 5, 2012.
    “The plaintiffs are Judge Peter Beer and a rainbow coalition of some of the most distinguished judges on the federal bench. They have just won a ruling that prohibits Congress from suspending a system of automatic pay increases designed to protect their honors from inflation.”

  4. LMAO politicians are not the only ones that want to be paid in gold. I know of a real estate closing here in Belfast, Maine where the Seller wanted to be paid in Gold. Guess what, she got her wish but the bank didn’t have any and had to order it for the closing. Lol So Much For Fiat and by the way the Seller nearly doubled her wealth in a few months. Lol

  5. Those are hints indicating that the collapse of the US dollar is arriving closer which will be a really bad and one of the most important event in the whole human history. People are starting to demand to get paid in precious metals.

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