Last week we published the first 2 episodes in PBS’ powerful new documentary of the financial crisis.
Part 1 documented Blythe Masters’ infamous role in the creation of the credit default swap.
In Part 2, Frontline examined Bear Stearns’ collapse and take-over by JP Morgan.
Part 3 continues tonight, and focuses on the financial crisis Obama inherited, and the economic team he assembled to fight the crisis.  That’s right, we’re talking TIMMAH!

Money, Power, and Wall Street Part 3: Obama Inherits a Crisis below:

Watch Money, Power and Wall Street: Part Three on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

  1. This guy just rubs me the wrong way… I mean all the other lairs and thieves have this clueless I haven’t got a idea if my life depended on it… Turbo Timmy boy looks like the male version of blythe… You just know when he opens his poo flap that he is telling lies and looking for a way to bone ya… He needs to have his vocal cords wrapped around his neck and snapped tight!!

  2. Obama has not inherited a crisis… he is the crisis. It is because of people like him that we are floating in a sea filled with diarrhea and trash. Lucky for us silver bugs we’re at least sitting in a silver warship… to your stations, keep stacking my friends!!!!

  3. That’s the problem with this country, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lets kick the B%&)#$S out. Forget about Obama he is on his way out, let’s get the people that are Manipulating this Country and Hang them and let’s do it in the street so that everyone can see. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. There have always been crooks and liars in the top ranks of government.  My vivid recollections start with Nixon my my father in law had some choice words about FDR and his schenanigans.  Here are the top 5 for BHO in no particular order.

    1.    Gun running fun facts  with Fast and Furious

    2.    GSA   What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas

    3.  ICE   It’s cool to steal $600,000 for me and my girl friend

    4.   The Secret Service boys   Animal House in the south

    5.   I’ll take   EPA’s famous last words for $1,000,  Alex.  Crucify a few businesses to make an example of them         

    And all this from just the last month.      Just imagine what may will be like.  By of course Obama nailed Bin Laben.  Don’t forget that when you vote                                                                     

  5. I saw this last night.  The narrator gives Geithner and Summers far far too much credit.  Timmah is reported to have bragged that he was “right” about his solution, but this crisis is far from over.  Owebama should have used this crises to blast wall street back to the stone age.  Other, smaller banks would have taken over the credit liqudity and we would be much further along in the recovery.

  6. Some of the analysis is very interesting, while other bits of it seem to be awry.

    I know Bix has hailed this as the “Good Guys'” final clueing in of the American public, before they sink these guys for good.  I must admit, the timing of this thing coming out is very interesting indeed, released right after the Greek CDS trigger.

  7. Is there a point of voting anymore?  I’ve been voting with my dollar exchange for silver, to bad I’ve run out of dollars!

    aragornsos, correct most couch-potatoes are watching brainless shit, seppuku to the brain

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