falling-bearThe analysis of the past twenty years of the Miners Index is showing that an important bottom has been printed in December 2013.

Submitted by Trader MC:

The Miners Index’s symmetrical sequence and also the relation between the Miners and the 78.6 Fibonacci Number (both in Price and Time) are validating this major low.

Markets like symmetry and the HUI Index is following an accurate symmetrical sequence. On the following chart you can see that major tops and lows are accurately symmetrical about their centerline (2000 major bottom). The only exception was 1987 top which matched with the low (or the inverted top) in 2014. The next symmetry turn dates are February 23, 2015 and July 10, 2017 which correspond to the periods of 744 and 868 weeks.


Another important criteria to take into consideration is the connection between the Miners Index and the 78.6 Fibonacci Number. The Miners Index is related to the 78.6 Fibonacci Number both in Price and Time.

On the following chart you can see the HUI Index and the 78.6 Fibonacci Price Ratio. Firstly, you can notice that the two up legs of the secular bull market (from 2000 low to 2011 high) have quite the same amplitude (about 488 points) and the two down legs of the bear markets are connected to the 78.6 Fibonacci Number. Secondly, you can also notice that the first down leg (from September 2011 high to May 2012 low) and the second down leg (from September 2012 high to December 2013 low) of the last bear market are connected to the 78.6 Fibonacci Number. Thirdly, the last down leg (from September 2012 high to December 2013 low) and the entire bear market (from 2011 high to 2013 low) are also connected to the 78.6 Fibonacci Ratio.

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The Time Duration of the major lows and tops is also connected to the 78.6 Fibonacci number. Firstly, you can notice that the major low in 2001, the top in 2008 and the recent low in 2013 are exactly connected to the 78.6 Fibonacci Ratio. Secondly, the bull market from 2008 low to 2011 high (150 weeks) and the bear market from 2011 high to 2013 low (119 weeks) are also connected to the 78.6 Fibonacci Ratio.




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The 78.6 Fibonacci Projection of the bear market from 2011 top indicates July 31, 2014 as an important turning date. It also matches with the Golden Ratio projection in one of my previous articles “Gold Projection by the Golden Ratio” that indicates the first week of August as an important turning point.


A closer view of the Miners Index is showing a One Year Parallel Base Pattern. You can see that HUI prices backtested both the apex of a Triangle Pattern and the neckline of an Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern. Prices have recently broken out of a Falling Wedge Pattern and I expect higher prices in the coming weeks.


The One Year Parallel Base Pattern has the potential to end these 2 years of bear market. The longer the Base Pattern takes to build, the greater can be the reversal move. The MC Community is still bullish on Miners as all the factors mentioned above are indicating that a decent bottom could be in place for Miners but in this fast moving market it is important to keep an open mind and to adjust to the market conditions. Only a breakout of the Base Pattern will confirm that the bear market has ended.

Trader MC



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    • Spot on….. total waste of bandwidth
      The miners ceo’s need to grow a huge pair & with hold metals & stop hedging to bring value to their share prices
      Until that happens investing in the miners is a waste of money

  1. Your right MFL, too much fraud the insiders have the miners tied up like puppets on a string. I sold all my miners a couple days ago after recouping most of my losses and promised myself that I will never put another penny into anything paper again. At the end of the day I can’t justify buying into a company and then sit back and watch them game the metals in the paper market all the while the company you put your money into gives away its product at break even or a loss to the company and its shareholders.Until the miners start standing up against the rigging why bother.
       Physical only from today forward and that’s it, I can hold it touch it and I have removed myself from the rigged casino and the bankers have none of my money except my mortgage which from today forward will be my other investment.Time to stop being a debt slave to the elite, paper markets bye bye never to get another penny.

  2. The mining companies only have themselves to blame. Piss poor management permeates the entire sector. I understand that a lot of them are under contractual obligation to sell their metal as they pull it out of the ground no matter what the price. If you are going to play in this space stick to the streaming companies like Silver Wheaton. 

  3. What bothers me most about TA, is its precept that things exist in a constant numerical vacuum … even when the substance of the enumerating metric entirely morphs into a wholly separate paradigm … and even then, continues to dream-like contort further still.

    This assertion disturbs me most when pre-1913 figures are ‘analyzed’ in continuum to the present … pretending that ‘trillions’ of ethereal banknotes actually have any genuine relative relationship to the prior circulating money. That has to be among the most illustrative examples of willful self-delusion I see in the arena of finance and economy today.

    In the Law there’s a maxim to steer the mind from such folly … “What is like is not the same, for nothing similar is the same.” 4 Coke 18.

    Post-1963 ‘analysis’ on a ‘straight-line’ basis, within this unique paradigm of exponentially self-inflating (pretense for) ‘currency’, leaving that phenomenon as a ‘separate matter for consideration’, is … well … goofy. One may as well ‘analyze’ random undulating fun-house mirror reflections as an endeavor of serious import by ‘smoothing out’ ambiguities with Fibonacci-Fractal application. The ‘sense’ drawn is contrived.

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