SGTreportMike Maloney joins Sean from the SGTReport to discuss The Hidden Secrets of Money and the 7 Stages of Empire.  It was the collapse of the currency in the Weimar Republic that paved the way for the rise of fascism, and Mike tells us we are in stage 6 of the collapse of the U.S. empire, and we are at risk of repeating history.

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  1. Man Bloomberg has an article written yesterday, you can still se it on the right hand side; it’s the biggest anti Gold investment article I’ve ever seen! It’s pulling no punches, and it’s loooonnnnggg! Chalk FULL of mind control goodies leading you to run in FEAR of gold. Everything fro. golds 33% drop, to mining companies shutting down, Africans out of work, crime spiking in African mining communities, American families fooled into into investing in gold, lost their retirement funds and childerens college funds, investment brokerages selling portfolios like gangbusters,in an attempt to save their clients portfolios from being obliterated, even stating that gofolds recient “reprieve” is just the pause before tanking to 1000/oz next year and 850/oz in 2015. (Supposedly because the economy is doing so much better!) So end thought, ground into readers minds…RUN FROM THIS STUFF! (While we take it all on the cheap!) Well, it’s a good thing we have honest folks like billionaire, soda pop killer Bloomberg looking out for our interests…I feel safer already with him as my guardian angel… Heck! I might just give him my guns! What do I need them for? Bloomberg Utopia is amongst us!

    • Riiiiiight.  Gold has been money for 5,000 years but now, all of a sudden, totally unbacked by anything at all, printed from thin air paper currency is just so much better!  (cough, gag, wretch…)
      These dick-wads come on with this vocal diarrhea as if none of us are paying attention and do not know that, thanks to the Fed, the US dollar has lost over 98% of its buying power over the past 100 years.  This is why 5 cents worth of bread now costs $3.  I don’t know about others but this sure makes me want to hold my long-term wealth in those amazing US dollars.  NOT!

  2. Court officially declares Bitcoin a real currency
    A federal judge has for the first time ruled that Bitcoin is a legitimate currency, opening up the possibility for the digital crypto-cash to soon be regulated by governmental overseers. United States Magistrate Judge Amos Mazzant for the Eastern District of Texas ruled Tuesday that the US Securities and Exchange Commission can proceed with a lawsuit against the operator of a Bitcoin-based hedge fund because, despite existing only on the digital realm, “Bitcoin is a currency or form of money.”

    • It would be interesting to see what constitutional justification this judge has for approving ANY government entity to regulate Bitcoin in any way whatsoever.  Or does the concept of anything existing outside the government’s purview just not occur to these people?

    ALBANY, N.Y. — New York is investigating the “Wild West” atmosphere of virtual currency such as Bitcoin to create new regulations against its use in crimes.
    The inquiry by Financial Services Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky is confirmed in a memo provided to The Associated Press Monday.
    Virtual currency is composed of digital bits and based on mathematical schemes that guard against counterfeiting. Bitcoin was started in 2009 as a currency free from government controls.
    Lawsky’s memo claims the virtual currency has been used for narcotics, illegal guns and child pornography.
    A state official who spoke on the condition of anonymity says 22 subpoenas were issued last week. They seek records of anti-money laundering measures, consumer protections, and investment and promotional materials.
    The official required anonymity because the investigation hasn’t been announced yet.
    — The Associated Press



    Question what about the fiat currencies. They haven’t been used in Narcotics and money laundering. HSBC aids with trafficking of narcotics, money laundering and child trafficking. Hello…

  4. of course bitcoin will be trashed.  HSBC UBS  B of A and JPM can’t stand the competition.  I hope Jeff Berwick does not jump in.  TPTB will look him up and then f”” him up
    Tor and the dark net are being hacked. Two anonymous sites (forgot their names) just closed due to their proximity to the site that Snowden used. I read the TOR was invented by the Air Force for the purpose of anonymous digital data transfers. It was taken over by private interest The Onion Report (TOR) is now considered very dangerous and thus the gummint plans to take it out.

    Correction. Lavabit’s owner shut down his site after it was found Snowden was using it to post. Sad situation there. The owner built this site to help people post anonymously. Subscribers paid $10 a month. He was making pretty small money, estimated at $100,000 a year. Now the government wants to arrest him for shutting down the site to protect his customers. Son of a bitch. This gummint is really getting out of hand.

    • “The Onion Report (TOR) is now considered very dangerous and thus the gummint plans to take it out.”
      Of course they do.  Anything that is not tightly gripped in one of their MANY tentacles WILL either be licensed, taxed, and regulated into submission or it will be attacked and destroyed.


  5. There is some serious propaganda going on at the moment against PM’s, just been over to the Guardian newspaper and they are even at it.
    Headline: “Gold demand hits four-year low despite surge from Chinese consumers”
    You can almost smell the fear…..

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