But THIS against GOLD…

Greg Hunter interviews Michael Pento to find out just how far past the point-of-no return we have gone. Tune-in for the latest analysis on just what Michael believes is in store for the markets.

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  1. Today fed guy Stanley Fisher says the reason for interest rates being so slow is a weak economy, go tell that to wall st. which keeps making record highs. If the economy is so weak Mr. Fisher then why is the stock market so high? Of course they never answer that. If you look at the chart for the markets they have been moving in a straight line up, with minor exceptions in 2015 and 16, but they have returned right back to that trajectory. We’ve never seen seen anything like this in history. This of course is all a result of central banks printing money. I believe that in order to make pensions whole they have to keep the market going up on average around 10 – 15 %. I believe even if the fed starts selling off their assets they will put the money into the markets to keep them propped up, and the insiders know the game.
    That’s the VIZ hit an all time low. There are no more free markets, the central bankers did away with that. I am so disgusted with these people. And don’t count Trump, he’s in fantasy world, just hope he doesn’t start WW3.

  2. Stacking the pm shiny phyzz, so when the house of cards fall, my family and I will live another day. Got to keep stacking even if it hurts.. Going thirsty and hungry is inhumane… happened to me in college, went 3 days without eating, had water thank goodness, got my paycheck that Monday afternoon. I have never forgotten that moment and period of time.  So live below your means and enjoy life to its fullest.

    Stacking the silver shiny phyzz one troy oz at a time.

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