Blythe Masters Jamie DimonIn the latest episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser delivers an epic rant on banksters, gold, & China’s commodities rehypothecation scandal.  
Max delves into the tangled web of debt and deception that led to the bond market selloff in 2013, the ongoing crisis of fraud and dark pools in London and falsified gold contracts in China. 

  1. Isn’t he the guy that promoted buying silver to kill JP Morgan, and stopped doing so when silver got lots cheaper?
    Isn’t he the one to prop up crypto currencies, and then created his own, which he largely pre-mined and then launched?
    He’s very outspoken about banksters not manipulating Bitcoin. He would know. He was principal in designing price manipulation technologies. He can be trusted with a currency like a pedophile can be trusted as a boy scout leader taking the group on camp. 
    If you listen to the devil rant (I’m not religious actually) you can be sure a lot of truths will be brought up, and it will be awesome. But the main truth is left unspoken.

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