Image: Jonny O'Callaghan

Image: Jonny O’Callaghan

In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the market creatures with no apparent instinct for survival as they walk toward the frothy market despite all the signs of a debt tsunami about to hit.
They also discuss when Goldman Shrugged after Thomson Reuters data was no longer available to high speed frontrunners. In the second half, Max talks to Jan Skoyles of The Real Asset Company about gold demand in China, the Shanghai Gold Exchange and smuggling Snowden in Venezuela’s gold delivery.

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  1. I’ve all but stopped listening to these 2. Selectively bragging about the proper calls they made, while stuffing the many wrong calls they made, not talking about metals for a while for shiitcoin, whining about global warming, and now injecting themselves into race politics by coming out pro travyon martin – I’ve had enough. Which is sad. I used to really enjoy his rants, but now it is derivative shilling.

    • Perhaps they try to be in the spotlight too much. Indeed, the move from minting silver (never saw the coins) to pumping bitcoin, that was an awkward switch. Made them millions though.
      The guests are usually awesome though.
      Not sure what to think, I’ve stopped subscribing to their videos a while ago.

    • You key on on a good point, made millions. HE rails on wall street for front running / pump and dumping, but if someone wants to get technical, he can be stated to doing the same or similar. I agree, not sure what the hell to think. I find that if I like the guest, I’ll zip through and watch it. I like the guests that see through Max trying to craft or twist the conversation – although generally it always has some good information (barring that idiot comedian lee camp, or some retired punk rocker). LOL!

    • @Canadian Dirtlump
      Didn’t Max predict bonds would go but pop in April of this year. That didn’t happen, and the whole bitcoin thing, he was all over it at the expense of Silver. His one time favourite hobby horse, whatever happened to crash JPM program.
      He went a bit quiet when bitcoin dived in value, I think he had made a real killing up to then, but I suspect he didn’t get out in time.
      I suspect Stacey is there to administer meds, you know when he goes raving nuts, she gently steps on a pump to feed tranquilizer via a catheter in his leg.
      You’re right about his interviews he likes to steer the conversation onto his own agenda, it’s funny when people won’t play along.
      I used to watch Max regularly but I have also gone off him a bit, I wrongly thought he wanted to help people, but I came to the conclusion he is out for himself. You can take the man out of Wall Street but you can’t take Wall street out of the man.

    • “His one time favourite hobby horse, whatever happened to crash JPM program.”
      I dunno, Neo, but with JPM stock at a decade high share price, his “crash JPM” program seems to have crashed!  X-[

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