JPM ChaseThe cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has endured several flash crashes this week as first MtGox, and then BitStamp were forced to halt withdrawals due to issues with Bitcoin transactions settling due to massive DDoS cyber attacks.
JP Morgan, who according to reports continues its attempts to launch its own cryptocurrency (in competition to Bitcoin) has issued several scathing attacks on Bitcoin in the past week.
In response, longtime Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is publicly alleging that JPMorgan is behind the Bitcoin DDoS attacks!

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Max Keiser Bitcoin

  1. The fact that Max Keiser launched his own crypto currency the maxcoin indicates one of the major issues I have with buttcoin. Although bitcoins are limited, there is no limit to the number of cryptocurrencies out there.
    There is no doubt we need sound money, but in my view max is on the pump and dump train for bitcoin – and to his credit he no doubt has made millions.
    by the way I’m starting CHUBBYGANGSTERcoin soon if any of you want in.

  2. Max Keiser is the biggest scam artist ever.  First he loaded people up with his ethical keisers then silver drops to shit and he now pumps bitcoin.  Every time when silver drops – it’s all JPM, bitcoin drops – it’s all JPM.  I don’t believe a word of what this POS is saying anymore.

    • I’ve long said anyone who thinks governments / intelligence services with unlimited access to money and therefore computing power haven’t been mining buttcoins from day 1 are simply retarded.

    • @Canadian Dirtlump
      With unlimited money, no limit on their actions, AND some of the planet’s best hackers, I don’t think that NSA has any interest in mining bitcoins.  Invading that algorithm, setting up their own back doors, and co-opting it for their own nefarious purposes seems a LOT more NAS-like to me.  Instead of mining, they will probably just take it over, surreptitiously of course, make sure that bitcoin goes viral and replaces ALL fiat, and have absolute control and records of all transactions.  Best part of this is that bitcoin buyers and users will have done all the heavy lifting as far as establishing THE crypto currency is concerned.  There is no slave like a willing slave.

    • @Ed_B
      Lump is closer to the true picture than all that stuff you were shoveling, Bub! 
      Waaaaaay easier to JOIN’EM than to FIGHT’EM!
      Invade the algorithm? How? It would be known right away. The algo is Open Source 
      and anyone can use it. Modify it? System kicks it out as “hacked” or “corrupted” actually. 
      Monitor the BTC system? Go right ahead, that is by design…
      I had all these questions too, and found the answers, which makes it look pretty good, compared to unbacked paper fiat! 
      Compared to Silver and Gold? Well, it is like a high class fiat, but still FIAT. So not so much, compared to Ag & Au…

    • @undeRGRound
      There’s a LOT being shoveled in this area.  If you don’t think that the NSA and CIA are ALL about control, then you need to pay closer attention.  These guys do NOT play well with others.  It’s THEIR way or the highway.  If something CAN be done with a computer, then it is far safer to assume that NSA can do it than to assume that they can’t.  It is also safe to assume that if they CAN do it, they ARE doing it.  Why wouldn’t they?  It is in the nature of intelligence agencies to gather ALL of the info that they can.  Since there is no consequence for them that stops them from doing it, they suck in everything.
      The bottom line is this.  Bitcoin IS a fiat currency.  ALL of the problems that I have with fiat currencies derives from their fiat nature.  Gold and silver coins, rounds, and bars are REAL money and have been for 5,000+ years, not this fake crap that so many are pushing.  In my mind, the differences between Bitcoin and US dollars are insignificant.  No, I don’t want a virtual dollar either.
      That said, others are more than welcome to use whatever they want for money.  Doesn’t mean that I have to do the same.  🙂

    • “Well, it is like a high class fiat, but still FIAT.”
      I said that. 
      I’m also not pushing anyone to use BTC, just trying to clear up some of the misconceptions 
      that are so prevalent about it. The best way to stop BTC would be shut down the InterWebZ. 
      Most of the things you said are darn near impossible, but lots of folks believe it so I was just 
      trying to clear the air. MUCH more effective for govt’s to JOIN rather than FIGHT. 
      BTW, it is likely from the gubbment anyway, so why would they want to hack it???
      Good discussion, Ed. You’re the perfect backstop for this 😀 
      I don’t “trust” it either, but I see an opportunity. A “short term” opportunity. Kinda like 
      those that still insist on playing with the CRIMEX I guess?

  3. Dear haters:
    Max was the first (been saying it for many years) to publicly call the “banksters” (I believe that’s his term as well) out for the cesspool of fraud and corruption that they are… he’s an “acquired taste” kinda guy to be sure, but he IS “the man!”

    • Some evil doers get us hooked on them by first doing something we like.
      MK’s pumping o BTC ater he acquired a huge amount on the cheap is inexcusable. Starting his own is a slap in the face economic intelligence.
      I’ve been preaching for a while that nothing is holding anyone back to start their own CC. To the point where there will be more units of CC outstanding than USD or even cents in the monetary supply. Only so much money can low into CC, but CC’s can grow at an infinite pace. Are we seeing BTC being diluted due to greater growth of CC’s than inflow of fresh greater sucker cash?
      I am no expert but have a hunch MK is using his skills in HFT, combined with the presence of multiple CC exchanges to “milk” the CC economy. Different prices between exchanges. Full-automatic arbitrage, right? And while you’re at it, influence prices as you please. But a random CC and new MK episode mention it. Let the intermediate sheeple double or better its value, and get out.

      Now he’s mined a bunch load of his own coin before pumping it to the masses. It’s a MMR scheme. Make Max Richer.
      MK is an independent bankster. All the talk and manipulation, but without the loaning and service desk.  
      And I fear the charming Stacy is blinded from a bad case of crush.

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