Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss that feeling you get when you’ve blown your life savings on a carnival game and all you have to show for it is a stuffed banana with dreadlocks and how the entire global financial system is not too dissimilar. They also note that those blowing their life savings on a rigged game, or stock market, always seem to turn to doubling down in a vain attempt to win back all that they lost. In the second half, Max talks to the author of Paper Money Collapse, Detlev Schlichter of, about ECB policy, the gold battle between Chinese housewives and Wall Street.

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  1. Gold is under the control of the bankers (they are the biggest owners of physical Gold).  The real battle is in Silver (as it has been since Silver was first de-monetized on a global scale).  That is why the greatest concentration in short positions in the futures markets is not in Gold, but in Silver.  As the most widely used recent form of sound and honest hard money globally, Silver is still the biggest threat and rival to fiat ‘money’, and that is why it is manipulated the most.  Silver is still the one and only true Achilles Heel of the bankers and of the financial system based on fiat debt ‘money’.
    Buy physical Silver and save it, and take it out of the marketplace.  If the people in China would focus on buying physical Silver with even more fervor than they are buying physical Gold, the end of the reign of the fiat ‘money’ system would come even sooner.  By the citizens of the world buying physical Silver and saving it as real money, the transformation from counterfeit ‘money’ to a sound and honest monetary system will come that much sooner.  There can be no improvement in the social and economic conditions of the world until a just and sound monetary system, which is the foundation for a just and sustainable economic system, is restored.

    • Pleb,
      Hopefully You may be right, but remember that there is far less Silver than Gold to monetize.
      I have believed for several years that the Industrial supply for silver (Highest demand) controls the
      paper market, which controls the London Fix.

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