Max Keiser interviews Gerald Celente and discusses the bankster mafia and the economic collapse facing Western nations in today’s Keiser Report.

  1. I miss the red screen in their other studio.  I wish they’d bring that into this NY studio, I found it easier to focus on those two talking with nothing else in the background to distract me.  But they’re still in rare form on the bankster crimes.

  2.  Dear onikoroshi (post #3)- hopefully Celente and Keiser fans will spit you out – go get your doughnut with the JP Morgan police, cause I don’t think you are hunting Panther.
    Yes Blanche, we see it was all a mistake – young, having fun bankers just reducing risk in a non regulated market, wash your hands, everyone is so stupid they’ll never get it right? Make the lie big, repeat it, etc.

  3. I could not say it better myself.   These two men have seen the worst, with Celente losing a six figure amount through blatant theft.  There is no better case for to be made for removing yourself from harm’s way by parking your money in concealable assets, cash and a small account with a local bank.

      Like I noted in a prior post,  bankers are largely just two bit hucksters who would pimp their mother for a commission.  Taking  into account bankers are the kids you knew in 3rd grade who struggled with long division when everyone else was taking algebra classes, possessing all the insecurities of the kid that was bullied and you have a recipe for disaster when these people are left in an unsupervised manner close to your money.  These dimwitted ‘children’ never learned to play well with others. 

    It is a virtual certainty that given the nature of bankers today, you will be poorer as a result of that misplaced trust. Just ask the people who have accounts with B of A or WFB.  Inch by inch, dollar by dollar, your account will be drained by fees, impounds, insults and overcharges that heretofore only a government could create in its wildest wet dreams of progessive redistribution of wealth.

    In the case of a bank, you won’t get anything for your troubles, not even a warm handshake from some Congresspimple grifting you for a vote.   Just yesterday I spoke with a friend who’s son got a loan for his business building. Dad went to the document signing session and when the banker realized he had dad on the room, he had his document processor draw up  a personal guaranty form and told the dad to sign the form or the loan would not close.  Dad’s son would have lost upwards of $20,000 in prepaid expenses and deposits if Dad did not sign. Now the dad is on the hook for a $900,000 loan. 

     I gave him the name of a good real estate attorney. The fraud, subterfuge and criminality of the act was so astonishing, something I never saw in my time as a banker, that if dad is successful in challenging this illegality, he will be free of the guaranty and should be able to sue the bank for damages.  ISYN!

  4. Spot on!! What else can be said…. The 1% get the bail outs and free passes on any wrong doing… The rest of us are considered the enemy… They steal from us, strip us of our rights, and do everything possible to discourage us from standing up for what is truly right… We are given excuse after excuse as to why they know what is best for us while those in the “club” profit from everything whether it fails or not… And what do we get?? More taxes…. Lower pay… Less benefits… Loose our homes… Our retirement nest egg are drained … All for what??? So they can continue to take from us and profit no matter what there outcome is… All cause they know whats best… Well who in the fuck are they to tell me, you, or him what is best for themselves!!!!!!!!
    History will repeat… A revolution will take place… “We The People” will eventually get sick of the way things have been and continue to  go… Maybe then we will stand together and resurrect  the American way, the way it was intended… Not how half ass know it all hacks interpret it…

  5. I love Max Keiser and Gerald Celente,
    they are both huge voices in my world.
    been listening to them both for years now, i believe them.
    They have both earned their stripes in my opinion.
    I am confident that they know what they are talking about.

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