Max Keiser has joined Jim Willie in predicting an imminent default of Deutsche Bank, which would likely result in a Lehman like triggering of the next financial panic.

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Max Keiser@maxkeiser

My Geneva fund contact: Deutsche Bank is officially on suicide watch. DB will be the next ‘Lehman’ moment that triggers new collapse.

Recent excerpt from Jim Willie’s latest, who stated that if Deutche bank goes under, a full blown contagion is assured:

Judging from the ongoing defense from prosecution and cooperation (flipped) with Interpol and distraction of resources, the most likely bank to die next is Deutsche Bank. They are caught with accounting fraud and outright financial fraud over collateral shell games, pertaining to USTreasury Bonds, other sovereign bonds in Southern Europe, and OTC derivatives linked to FOREX currency contracts. D-Bank is a dead man walking.

The contagion that will hit is assured, since these three big banks are all interconnected, their positions intertwined, their fates tied like a common millstone around their necks. When they go down, and they will go down hard, the gaggle of Western financial firms (banks, investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges) will sink together into a sea of red ink, toxic swill, and more than a few orange jumpsuits. The legal route might be more likely a vanishing act, as hidden banker prisons have begun to be populated, very quietly, under extreme secrecy. Remember that since the great London gold drain last spring 2012, a new sheriff has been in town and hard at work. And he is taking bankers, mid-level bankers, the ones who know too much information, but who do not have the privileged high rank.

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    • I know Max. Many Country’s are walking the tight rope by using the debt scheme. But where is the solutions? Where is the manipulation ends?

      Why not talk about BRICS and 140 + country’s that is setting up plans to end the use of the ferral reserve? Talk about assets backed by gold and other commodities?

      I am talking about a global scale, not just 1 piece that does not hold much clout being backed up by the ECB.

      How about BRICS and 140 country’s backing away from useing the ferral reserve system by September?

      80% Gold 20% other commodities ring a bell?

      Do Not Let go of Your Gun’s Nor The Bill Of Rights.

      United States has created this plan.

      You are just like pharmacy, profiting with the problem without the cure.

    • God does exist, prove me otherwise. Spider-man as a concept also exists. The world is but a stage and we all play on it for his amusement alone. Apparently gravity exists also. Many books describe what it does, but none what it is, or where it comes from. Does your skepticism branch to the concept of Gravity as well, or just self proclamation of self induced ignorance of others and their belief system?

    Talking about Hitler, many people around the world call Zionism and the modern State of Israel (those… Jews… yeck), a Nazi and Apartheid blood-sucking state and the IDF is a bunch of monsters.
    Here is a two-part documentary about the Golani brigade, one of the Zionist entity’s best (or “beastly”, since they drink blood) regular infantry Brigades… fighting Hezbollah and defending the Golan.
    All this time, I’ve been trying to promote Israel as made up of sweet-spirited people (once you get past their initial prickly outside), but these two videos sure prove me wrong… Finally, all you Israel-haters and bashers have proof to use against me in these videos about who nasty, ghastly and inhumane and anti-Geneva Convention the IDF’s combat units are (warning… after seeing these two videos, you’ll probably think the Russian army is easy and nice).
    Congratulations, but disclaimer, these videos are not for the faint… they show the raw, not-meant for-Western Zionist-controlled media real side of the IDF.

    • I went to your link and watched your videos, well, more jumped through them, looking for the substance in the context you suggested. Nothing… I got nothing. That was time spent I can never get back. That was a waste. What was the point of you posting that? Better to just stick to the metals…

  2. Interesting read but remember didn’t these cats predict JPM was goin’ down about a year ago.  So I’ll believe it when I see it however things are getting choppy out there.  I listened to a radio show yesterday and their feedback from the largest dealer bullion wholesaler in the U.S. is: Things are very tight in the gold market.  It appears Jim Sinclair’s recent article about the COMEX not having enough gold was confirmed on a phone call Monday.  So the COMEX better find a lot of gold quickly or the SHTF within a couple of months. 
    Of course, gold’s little sister will go along for the ride.  It should be interesting in the gold market for the rest of 2013 unless the COMEX has 1,000 or 2,000 Tons tucked away somewhere.  Maybe they’ll just raid the Gold ETF funds gold?  That would move things towards a cash only market very quickly.

  3. If any banking enterprise starts a process of failure first it will be the Eurozone with the large banks, Bubu, DBank, SoGen, Unicredit and the like suffering the torment of the damned when their 35 to 1 leverage is destroyed by bond failures in all of the PIIGS.  The litany of ECB, IMF troika destruction in order
    1.  Currency shutdowns
    2.  Limits on cash withdrawals at ATMS in Italy and other formerly strong Euro zone countries
    3.  Greece thrown back into the stone age to bail out the northern tier banksters
    4.  Cyprus and all its attendant woes to bail out northern tier banksters
    5.  Spain’s theft of their citizens social security funds
    6.  Ireland and its crushing of the bank bond holders to bail out other banks
    7.  France with a 75% tax rate
    8. BASEL III==a nice plan if you can get in the game
    9.  Collateral with the equivalent value of a wrecked Citroen DCV
    10.  Portugal dropping off the map with 7.5% bond rates
    11  Depression-level economies with Germany well into its own recession
    12.  Red arrows on all bourses and economic indicators
    13.  Full on bail ins promised by the central banking ghouls
    These 13 indicators, a bankers dozen of smelly moldy croissants, will prove the undoing of Europe and its shake and bake FIAT experiement at economic and financial unity that will fail utterly and with great pain and suffering levied on the Average Pierre
    Even two or three of these failures will collapse this tiny house of cards
    China’s trade with Europe and China’s slow fade will smash the euro economy when trade drops of the cliff.

    • If there is a banking holiday in Europe, it would also affect us greatly here, as trading with the Eurozone would be frozen. It might start the golbal currency reset, beginning witj Japan/Yen, then US$ ? Paper Currency (Cash) should always be held on hand for everyday use, and for these emergencies. Your thought, @AGXIIK ?

    • Many of those with advice about bank holidays and PM stacking advise having cash on hand. 
      Makes sense for the short term. I believe AGXIIK has recommended this as well, he is well rounded. 
      I have read all of his materials  😉  He’ll be in here sometime to set us straight I’m Sure!  lol

  4. Given the current gold-silver price ratio, can anybody here provide justification for purchasing gold rather of silver?
    All I can come up with – is that it is prudent to include both metals in your portfolio.
    –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –
    And as to Provervs666’s comment, more than sixty years later, I still would not even wipe my ass with german toilet paper.
    Never Forget!

    • @Mammoth,
      My thoughts are – include both gold and silver. What ratio of gold/silver to keep (in terms of paper currency) is your own personal choice. Factors are – how much paper money do you have (want) to convert to gold & silver. For future use of gold and silver, I would treat gold as having a lower increase (in terms of future paper money) vs silver (which is more volatile). But gold is a very high store of value, in a very small volume, and very portable -for emergency travel & escapes. Silver would be used more for everyday, lower monetary value needs. 

    • I think gold dynamics are much more interesting than silver, demand for gold is huge right now, silver not so much (check gofo rate, silver stocks (inventories) vs gold, etc.  I’m not selling my silver to buy gold, but my next purchase will be yellow

    • I go 50/50….yes the ratio is out of wack, and theoretically the gold and silver ratio should be a lot lower, but in the real world, it is not.
      Silver is much more volatile in price fluctuations, gold is much more stable. I prefer silver though, buying big lumps of metal feels a lot more satisfying than buying little lumps.
      Also you go to think about how your going to sell it down the line. Gold is pricey. Silver is cheap. Say if, the miracle day when silver and gold dramatically go up by 100%….silver will still be in the double digits, whilst gold will be in the quadruple digits. In GBP gold would be £1700 a troy Oz, whilst silver would be around £50 a troy oz. I know which is easier to shift. Its the same old story, bigger the unit, longer the time it takes to shift.

    • BUT, @WaitingForSilver,
      Gold will Double, but SILVER will go up 225% to 300% as compared to Gold. 
      It always does in a proper Bull Market. 😉 I have seen MANY Trading Days where 
      Silver out-strips Gold by 5 or 6 to ONE!
      Your portability argument is a good one, though. However, I am making provision
      for hauling my heavy metals. I also stack Brass and Lead 😀 

    • @Mammoth
      For me it is to have some of both. I’m virtually all silver, so need some shiny yellow. It might be only gold is used as a monetary asset. But that silver will rise purely because it is valuable as being precious and useful, but much rarer!
      I hear you on the values. My trade will be for property/land, other assets, not paper, so a small handful of gold would be useful. Could be that gold is the cheaper option one day!!! See RGR.
      RGR agreed brother. Unless you have multiple monster box reserves, I still think silver is very portable. You can throw a monster box or less in your car boot and GTFO!
      Physical gold and silver – also known as a ‘balanced portfolio’ 😉
      Gonna have a read now, thanks for the link dude.
      I am with you for my (hoped) next purchase, a few chippings from the yellow brick road.
      Haven’t posted in ages. Thought I’d indulge a little.

  5. Interesting move in silver today. Nothing really bullish coming out today for the metals but silver caught a nice bid around 19.80 after some steady early morning selling. Looks like the opposite of the action we had been seeing during the past few months. Appears several big entities have changed sides…I’ll be keeping an eye on this.. 

    • FERAL?   ROM, that is excellent.  Feral as in a tame pet that has gone rogue; wild and vicious.  I plan to use that, with attribution, like KLUMMAC, Pat Fields classic reference to—–KLUMMAC, of course
      Charlie  if you have your ears on I made reasonable decent 50% sized copies of you and your monkey   Ill take them to the range for hostiage drills and send you the best of my shooting. Hopefully its the first shot–the best shot and I can save ammo. 
      10 yards out—half sized target head—equivalent of 20 yard shot.  Glock 19 wth std 115 gr ball ammo.
         Wish me luck.  I plan to remove monkey, save humanity.

    • AG, give one of those a smack with a load of 00 buck to see what it looks like after that.  Range of about 20 yards would be good.  Heh heh

  6. Mammoth  I’ve kept a 60 to 1 silver to gold ounce stock–60 oz of silver for 1 oz gold.  this was done over the last 3 years buthave traded gold for silver when the ratio hit 65 to 1  Silver’s potential for larger percentage price increases is pretty solid given that it has been knocked down over 50% since May 2011   Gold is down about 35%.  That makes the silver stock pretty compelling. But having some gold in the portfolio is a good idea.  Maybe 10 oz or so?  trading back into gold with silver might be workable if you want to lesses your stack of AG
    If gold went to $20,000 an ounce, pretty goofy notion until that happens, that one ounce could be a workable tranche of real money if you need a high value item and can purchase it under the radar. Meaning? No cap gains on the transaction.

    • Lol, AG… if gold was $20k an oz., the s**t would be so deep that no one would care about cap gains, taxes, or anything else.

    • Good points.  If gold goes to some goofy number like $20,000 it’s guaranteed that anyone which bought silver will be o.k.  Gold and silver are intertwined like lightening and thunder.  If one happens then the other is guaranteed but may take a little bit longer before you hear the rumble.
      If gold got revalued don’t expect Silver to lag too far behind.  Sure it could get capped but don’t expect it to stay there very long as govt controls rarely work.  It will eventually find its true worth in the monetary system.
      There’s an old sayin’ that silver is golds reluctant little sister.  Sometimes the big brother will trot down the road and the little silver sister will refuse to move.  However as gold continues to trot down the road the little sister will eventually start to run and catch up.  This analogy goes back many hundreds of years and doubt anything has recently changed.   

    • Thank you Neo,  The Germans will not let DB fail, talk of this is just silly.
      Letting a bank fail is a choice in the world of fiat money,  bailouts are still in full force. 
      Germany is one the worlds strongest economy, the Germans do not let their biggest bank collapse and disappear.

    • @zman … if a huge derivatives freeze occurs (or is allowed to occur) it is game over. The derivatives exposure of DB is something like 50 times (something like that) the GDP of Germany. Merkel is a puppet, and Germany (or rather the German people) don’t matter one whit to those who will push the button. It’s all set up.

  7. @Genius8 & @AGXIIK, thank you for your input.  From a phyzz trader’s point of view, it seems the thing to do is exchange gold for silver when the ratio is high, and convert silver into gold when the ratio is low.
    Where is Marchas45 today? Which reminds me, I need to fix that crack in the foundation of my house this weekend.

  8. I stopped reading Jim Willie after he said the same about Morgan Stanley, and a year later, nothing. And then there was the London Whale with it’s unstoppable contagion. That never happened either.

    • @JLee2027
      I believe that QE3 was pushed up on the time scale to use the MBS purchases to bail out a failing Morgan Stanley. I have heard several people with “insider” information state this. Also I believe that in the beginning Jim Willie along with zerohedge believed the London Whale fiasco was going to reach multitudes of larger $ amounts.

      With rigged markets it’s really hard right now to try and predict anything. I am not gonna throw away anything Jim Willie says because he got a couple calls wrong or was early to the party. I mean Ron Paul called the housing bubble in 2002 and that it would pop with devastating effects, but it took 6 more years to materialize.
      Just keep stacking, studying online information and get your mind and physical affairs in order for a post fiat world.

  9. The fundamental design of the banknote scheme, which is intrinsic and unalterable, guarantees that all banks are doomed to fail. All economies. their finances built on the banknote scheme, are thus doomed to fail. Which implodes first is immaterial. Still, it’s kind of a fun game to guesstimate which and when. A good pass-time in the interim.

    • @PatFields
      Sounds like we need a new board game.  We could call it “SHTF Bankopoly”.  This would be modeled on the Parker Brothers classic game but would include many references to the banking system, Fed, UST bonds, gold, silver, and slimy banking practices… like “foreclose on widow with children, lose 2 turns” or “pay $1,000,000 to bribe brainless politician”, etc.  lol

  10. Genius 8 I am more along the line of EdB when he mentioned that Europe will the the first wave in the tide.  Europe is larger GDP-wise than the US and a $45 trillion banking empire with a leverage of 35 to 1 makes their continent-wide debt to GDP ratio at 250%.

    Their countries are at each others backs with war-like noises from the PIIGS, the worst of the 26 nations in the Euro zone while the bankers are trying to carve up turf, bowing and scraping to their dark lord masters in the old dark castle.
      Their financial conditions, debt, depressions and FIAT consumption, (As in the old phrase for Tuberculosis) will prove to their undoing.  Bank leverage at this level with terrible collateral backing this will mean that the Fed will have to send trillions to the EU to keep them afloat  
    Benny’s sent about $1.5 trillion this year to chore up the hollowed out ECB and EU banks.  D Bank may be the worst of this breed of Feral banksters killing and eating their fellow countrymen and entire countries just to live another day. 

    When Europe goes down, particularly since they can’t rely on that huge trade with China now, the tsunami will make Fukushima look to a cakewalk but with even more radioactive FIAT flowing into the sewers:  Nasty thought. 
    But Fukushima concerns me even more since all four reactors are having huge problems, with reactor 3 potentially having a plutonium-thorium-hydrogen fusion blast as a real possibility  That could crack open the techtonic plates in the area and create a super volcano and a human-wide ELE.  That might make Europe’s problems seem minor by comparison.  Bleah

    • “Benny’s sent about $1.5 trillion this year to chore up the hollowed out ECB and EU banks.”
      Link?       I do know that dollar swaps were established sometime ago, but i haven’t heard about it much lately.  Does the Fed even disclose this data?

    • Yeah Ag12k…I would have to agree, an Extinction Level Event would be the ultimate domino to fall.  Unit 3 started steaming again. It’s in the news if you look hard.  And that is a very bad sign. Something is cooking.  Unit 3 used the highly lethal MOX fuel.  It would be nice, however, if we could see silver hit $500 before a thermonuclear explosion set off the super volcano choking the globe in dust and radiation.  Just saying.

    • “But Fukushima concerns me even more since all four reactors are having huge problems, with reactor 3 potentially having a plutonium-thorium-hydrogen fusion blast as a real possibility”
      If one looks at and understands the nuclear technology that is required for a thermonuclear explosion to occur, the odds of that happening in the cauldron of a melted down fission reactor is virtually nil.  There is a MUCH greater chance of the Earth being obliterated by a large comet (ala Shoemaker-Levy 9) or a large meteor than there is of this occurring.  Not saying that the Fukushima meltdown disaster isn’t a horrific problem but any explosion from there is far more likely to be from by-product hydrogen gas or confined hyper-pressure steam than to anything even remotely nuclear in nature.

  11. zman, the notes about the $1.25 trillion and then another $100 billion plus was noted on the Fed disclosure papers. I read this on several sites. Jim Willie also commented at length about this. Apparently the reference and amounts were hiding in plain site on the Fed disclosure papers about March of this year.   I dont have a link, just a memory for details like this that I hold in the noggin as part of the dot connecting mental apparatus.

    • What would stop the Fed from increasing this amount (dollar swaps) if needed in the Euro zone?  I am sure there is a limit at some point, but why not another $1-2 trillion to avoid a banking crisis?
      Why doesn’t anyone in the PM world ever talk about this $1 trillion plus of dollar swaps going to the Euro zone?  Does it have any meaning?

    • I am still trying to figure out what keeps the ECB from creating counterfeit digital dollars and vice versa what keeps the Fed from creating an account with a $T euros?  There are no audits.  Is it a gentlemen’s agreement between thieves?  At least with a paper note you can manually determine authenticity.  But, wouldn’t all digital dollars look the same in cyberspace no matter if they came from a Fed computer or an ECB computer?

    • “At least with a paper note you can manually determine authenticity.”
      There was a time when this was relatively easy to do.  But with the advance of technology and governments getting into the act of counterfeiting their enemy’s currencies, it is getting more difficult to do all the time.  At some point, it will be virtually impossible.  The question is, “Are we there yet?”.   😉

  12. zman  I wonder what sort of collateral the Fed is accepting.  They are buying  USA MBS tranches that have some serious problems.  Taking Euro collateral is problematic.
    Ed  Fukushima’s nuclear fuels are not my skill set but has a lot of intel on these reactors and the steam venting.  Reminds me of the scene in Aliens II when the terra-forming plant corked off as the usual suspects exited the planet PDQ.
    00 buck at 20 yards to nearly impossible. My target is 50% normal size and 00 at 60 feet, the spread would not allow the targeting needed.  7 yards is the longest range to assure that the spread would not go wide.  I’ve done the 7 yard drill with 00 buck and targeting the hostager taker’s head at his outside ear will generally assure the taker’s head is hit without a stray round going into the hostage.  Try it and you might be surprised how well it works.  Be sure you use a full size target,  00 buck and dont ask for volunteers. They might become concerned at your intentions. 

    • What?  No apple on their head to shoot off?  Wussies!  lol
      In my hostage scenario, the victim wriggles free and falls to the ground.  BLAM!  EOS
      At relatively close range, a forehead shot with a .357 mag should work well.  A S&W 686 is plenty accurate enough for this.

  13. @UglyDog said…”an Extinction Level Event would be the ultimate domino to fall.
    Yes, but we can not assume this will happen within our lifetimes, because we just do not know.  Having said that, a global shock such as nuclear terrorism in a big city, or the Middle East sandbox exploding in the flames of war are indeed likely scenarios which we will see.
    A question for everyone here:
    Suppose the Middle East and/or iran suddenly erupts in radioactive flames.  Oil will immediately quadruple in price, and perhaps the gas stations will run dry.
    How prepared are you?  You will need more than just your stack of shiny discs & bars to carry you through.
    That reminds me, I need to stop at the store on the way home from work today and buy toilet paper…

    • “How prepared are you?”
      Better than average, I suspect.  Got an old pickup with two 19-gallon tanks that I keep full.  I can siphon that into 5-gallon cans for transfer to our other cars.  In a real pinch, though, I would be saving that gas for the tiller and the chainsaw.

  14. Mammoth  I did a calculation on the dollar value per wipe and how many wipes in a box of the Costco Kirkland baby wipes   100 per container, 12 containers per box.  Sealed  and stackable.  Evaluate your BD visits per day, times 365.  About 1,000 wipes.  10 boxes with 12 plastic containers per box.  that’s some comfort to those who worry about the toilet paper apocalypse. 
    does someone want to engineer this?

  15. Hey Republic. This is a little off topic but with the bible proof posting I can’t resist. There are over 3 dozen scriptures(verses) written in the Old Testament naming very specific places and events that pointed to the coming of Jesus Christ-naming his place of birth,his betrayal, and execution.These Old Testament scriptures were written hundreds of years before Christ’s actual birth. Statisticians have determined that the probability of these verses being fulfilled in any other person in history other than Christ is statistically impossible.If you follow my drift, only THE REAL GOD could have named Christ’s birthplace(Bethlehem) 700 years before the event occurred and documented it in writing to prove His existence. This isn’t some vague Nostradamus bull-crap prediction-Micah 5:2 actually names the place 700 years before his birth. Take the time to research what I have said here-fascinating study whether you believe in God or not. Regards.

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