In the latest Keiser Report, Max discusses the bell ringing for the bond market top as one of the biggest private equity funds in the world is seeking ‘ordinary’ investors to assume their long term interest rate risk. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ian Williams of Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers about his forecast for silver prices to rise five fold in the next 3 three years while US Treasury bonds and UK gilts will face collapse. Ian Williams also suggests that it is commercial banks rather than central banks that will return us to a new style of gold standard.

  1. interesting this guy sees 500% rise in silver price … but doesnt believe the silver /gold market is manipulated …. he sees this as a natural part of the flow of wealth away from certain asset classes into precious metals …. of course if he is wrong about the silver market being manipulated then of course his idea of 500% could be very conservative ….. keep stacking

    • Maybe he believes that silver will go up by 500% due to QE infinity which will drive all prices higher including silver’s price and the US dollar will be devalued.

  2. I’ve got to say that the degree of Max Kaiser’s comprehension of the current financial structure is amazing. That he so fluidly and rapidly rattles off the inter-relationships of its parts and ramifications of their workings is uncanny! Even though he sometimes bumps against tolerability in making their destructive or sinister outcomes into palpitating comic schtick, the depth of his insight is almost incomparable.

    Of course his claxon alarm over the public offering of packaged bond risk is of particular note and I hope it incites more  analysts and commentators to echo his warning. Also, this ‘trend’ toward collecting up ‘dispossessed’ real estate for expansion of elitist rent-seeking through the blatant enablement of government and central bank ‘policy’, reinforces my long-held contention that the worlds governments have colluded to revert the Social Order back to Feudalism. As much ‘wisdom’ and financial ‘aplomb’ as is attributed to folks like Robert Kiyosaki, in essence they’re devolving societies into mean and degrading forms of social inter-relationship that condemns Liberty to a statutory prison.

    • I agree that Max has a lot to offer but the near-hysterical manner in which he presents his arguments virtually destroys any validity that they ought to have.  Yes, we are in deep financial trouble but screaming and slobbering all over himself does not engender him with any aura of believability.  I would much prefer that he be cool, calm, collected, and 100% accurate in his facts.  That would make his points and arguments virtually bullet-proof.

      Yes, government bonds are in a bubble these days and it is inflating as we watch.  It makes me chuckle whenever I read about people selling stocks and moving into government debt as a “safe haven”.  Safe haven?  Surely, they have GOT to be kidding!  It is the mother of all bubbles and when it pops it will destroy the dollar, the US economy, and a large part of the world economy.  

    • The reason why the Feudalism system was totally gone is because there were a lot of people who revolted against the kings and the queens because their laws were unfair. For example, the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, etc.

  3. The feeling I have is the same feeling of excited, yet contained, anticipation one feels when opening a bottle of fine champagne in front of guests to celebrate a meaningful moment together. You hold the bottle, give the tight cork a twist, another little twist, and another little twist, then you feel a very easy twist and you know it is only another slight twist and ‘pop’ the champagne will flow and cheers will ring out all around, the cork starts to take on a life of its own, and you can feel it eager to wriggle out the bottle on its own. One more slight twist and you go from prying the cork out to gaining a good grip on the cork to keep it from jumping out in an undignified manner. This is where we are with silver, the anticipation of the ‘POP!’ is palpable. 

  4. Max is great. He brings enthusiasm and humor to the normally dry, sterile discussion of the markets and his faithful sidekick Stacey is a pretty smart little cookie, too. His relentless rhetorical attacks on the banks are indicators of how seriously he views the damage they’ve done.
    More power to them, even if they aren’t stiff and formal enough for the so-called ‘serious investors’ to respect.  He’s like a whistle blower with a bullhorn plaguing the banksters, he’s on our side.  You go Max and Stacey.  Huuuahhh.

  5. Max Kaiser is becoming an increasingly influential commentator in the gold and silver space.  He is both entertaining and knowledgable and has the street cred from being a former finance professional.  His RT show is being picked up by other major networks around the globe.

  6. Like most of the commodities, it is guaranteed that silver will go up soon in the long term because of QE infinity which causes the dollar to lose more of its values, its above ground supply is getting lower and its demands are growing especially from China.

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