Fekete KeiserIn this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how slime molds outsmart our central bankers and policymakers, and look at the four troll banks and their clients living under the bridge. They also discuss George Osborne’s slime mold serf experience program. In the second half of the show, Max talks to renowned mathematician and monetary scientist Professor Antal Fekete about the elimination of silver as money, an event that saw value and liquidity wiped out. They also discuss the gold basis – cash versus the nearest futures contract and why that the cash price for gold is never reported is by design.

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  1. Thanks Doc for posting this episode of MAX. I just finished watching it on his website and it was one of his best screaming RANTS OF THE TRUTH!!!. Last night I watched “Inside Job” the documentary ( for the second time ), with Matt Damin http://vimeo.com/54817244  and just shoot my head throught out the whole presentation. Then to watch Max today, esp. with the clip of Gary Ginsler CFTC chairman defending LIBOR and not going after ALL the banks and prosectuting them is absolute INSANITY!!! all I can say is that this once Great country of ours is definatly FINISHED! how sad. My advice (which I did 3yrs ago) sell everything you have, esp. your house if you can, convert every dime into silver bullion,(take full pocession) head far awary from populated areas, rent and ride out the massive storm thats definatly coming. Rome is about to burn.

  2. Tremendous lesson from the Professor.   The flow of gold from West to East is about to stop.

    To summarize…The vanishing of the gold basis means that TPTB are fighting a losing battle in the gold futures markets. They are desperately trying to coax cash gold(physical gold) out of hiding by offering ever higher bribes — not in terms of the price but in terms of a lower basis.  That’s the key indicator to watch per Professor Fekete.  A lower basis means that TPTB offer to take your cash gold(physical gold) and let you have gold futures in exchange at a discount price.  This will allow you to invest an amount equal to the price of the gold any way you want and having paid the reduced contango, you keep the profits.  Of course the risk is that you may(won’t) get your gold back.
    When the basis gets as low as zero, it means that the discount on gold futures has gone so high that it is equal to the opportunity cost of holding gold.
    This is where we are now. What now? Where do the futures markets in gold go from here? Well, the pot can be further sweetened. The basis can be pushed down into negative territory.  Gold could be forced into backwardation.   However, once permanent backwardation in gold establishes itself, gold is no longer available at any price.   You don’t get your gold back.  Question then will be how many claims are there to the same lump of gold.  Trouble for certain for TPTB.

  3. I wonder who was getting a big payoff when all that gold got smuggled into France?
    Lol he even looks like a professor in my mind. Manipulation “Not By Accident but By Design”
    Those Bastards must Go. My words. Keep Stacking
    Neat Video enjoyed it.

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