russian meteorA massive meteor traveling a reported 19 miles a second exploded over the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Urals this morning, with at least 500 injured from the massive shock wave.

Unbelievable video of the meteor strike is below:

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  1. Nope  that on.  The one that is passing by  is 150 yards across.  That’s slated to happen today. The blast could destroy a city and put a 1 mile wide hole in the ground. Something  like the meteorite crater in Bisbee AZ.
    This one jsut knocked down the price of silver 50 cents

  2. Ok what are the odds that another meteor/asteriod hits the Earth the same day another was supposed to pass? I originally reported Asteriod DA14 would pass by today and it would be 150 feet long. Russia is reporting that the meteor that struck today was 49 feet long.( 1/3 the size). I call bullshit either this is a piece of DA14 or we have a bunch of incompetant asteriod trackers. Any visuals about DA14 passing by the earth? 

  3. In case you’re interested, Ezekiel 38 and 39 in the Bible describes an amazing intervention from God to protect and save Israel against a coalition made up of Iran, Islamic countries and Russia… where God rains down massive “rocks” on Israel’s enemies… See also Joel  chapter 2.  God is warning Russia and Iran : hands off my people Israel! They obviously won’t heed that warning though.

    • Perhaps…. Methinks that Moscow will get a lesson during the war itself… but until its futile attempt to crush Zion, there’s no guarantee no Russia won’t lose billions in the destruction of Iranian infrastructure they’ve invested in, along with the deaths of many Russian technicians and scientists and their families at those Iranian facilities (North Koreans died at Fordow a few weeks ago). And don’t forget, Israel has more Russian- speaking experts that Russia he Hebrew-speaking experts… I’d place my bets on the superiority of Israel’s technology and God 😉

    • With all due respect, were you alongside Mr. Sinclair in the 70’s when he was a master of the game even then?  He might not be per effect, but it shows little humility to mock him. If you have better knowledge than him, speak up. If not, show some adult maturity in how you refer to him. Methinks he knows more than we do.

    • In the 70s they were scaring people about not recycling because the planet would freeze. Glaciers supposedly formed over thousands of years, yet WWII era bombers have been found buried deep in the ice as they have melted in recent years… So, praise God for this warming cycle… 🙂

  4. Thanks to the slam in PM prices yesterday, I was forced to buy a fistful of old Silver Dollars at the remarkable price of $23/ea. What a shame! 🙂
    BTW, for those of you who do not frequent Russian websites or understand the Russian language, the verbiage which accompanied these videos is HILARIOUS! Repeated exclamations of “Fvck Me!” – a common slang expression – are audible. I also heard, “Who is the idiot who launched that?” and, “Is it going up or down?”  Not to mention that crazy politician Vladimar Zhironovsky, who claimed the meteor was a test of a new American weapon.
    Another joke making the rounds in Ruissia is this meteor was supposed to be the one that would cause the end of the world back on 12/21/12, but because it was delivered by the Russian postal service, it was not only delivered to the wrong address, but that it was also delivered late.

  5. If the Soviet Union still exist today, then they might blame it on the USA. At least the meteor hit an icy lake which didn’t caused a big crater. My question is how can scientists and satellites miss the target? I mean the meteor is the equivalent of 20 Hiroshima bomb so the satellites should have notice it and warn about the Russians. Unless if the government didn’t warn the people.

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