There was a massive silver withdrawal out of the Comex on Friday.  Over the past week, there has been a steady increase in the total amount of silver in the Comex warehouses.

However, in one huge withdrawal, 3.6 MILLION OUNCES, a whopping 17% of Brinks total REGISTERED silver inventory was removed on Friday.  I have not seen such a large withdrawal from the registered category for quite some time.

Furthermore, this single withdrawal from the Brinks registered category was nearly 10% of all the total registered silver in the Comex warehouses.


Brinks had a staggering 3.6 million ounce silver withdrawal (or 17% ) from its total REGISTERED INVENTORY on Friday.  There was an additional 558,390 ounces withdrawn from HSBC.

There were two deposits on the same day.  456,057 ounces was deposited into the JP Morgan warehouse and 1,176,937 ounces went into the Scotia Mocatta vaults.

Even though there was a total of 1.6 million ounces deposited in the Comex Warehouses on Friday, there was 4.16 million withdrawn with a net reduction of 2.5 million ounces.

Of course we don’t know if these figures are completely accurate, but we can plainly see there is serious movement of silver coming in and out of the Comex.


I just looked at the USGS new monthly Silver Commodity Update.  What a SHOCKER.  If we take a look at the difference in silver exports from just June to July, we can see that a staggering 169 metric tonnes of silver was sent to the United Kingdom back in JulyThis is a 5.4 million ounce transfer of silver to the U.K in just one month:

If you notice, you will see that the normal amount of silver that has been moved per month to several different countries is in the 30,000 kg or 30 metric tonnes.  However, in July the U.S. exported 169,ooo kgs. or 169 metric tonnes to the U.K.   Looks like there has been some serious silver being transferred to the LBMA in London.

Lastly, of the total 587 metric tonnes of silver bullion exported between Jan-July of 2012, 169 metric tonnes or 29% of the total silver exports took place in one month… and to one country…. U.K.


  1. PatFields… I have to agree with you.  I have seen some large withdrawals in the past, but this is a hum-dinger from the Registered Category.  As I stated, this single withdrawal accounted for 17% of Brinks total Registered silver inventory.  We don’t know if they plan on sending it to another warehouse next week, but this just goes to show… there is serious movement.

    Furthermore, I am of the belief that these silver warehouse stocks are not a TRUE REPRESENTATION of what the Comex really holds. 

    I am currently working on another LONG SILVER ARTICLE, that I believe the members will find quite interesting. It should take about a week to complete.

    • This article got me to thinking a bit more of the ‘sequence of events’ a while ago and the thought came to mind that if the Equities Market Crash was followed shortly thereafter by the Global Currency Crash, everyone who sold assets in anticipation of ‘buying back’ at a ‘depressed price’, would find themselves locked out. Only the ‘Market Makers’ and Bullion Banks’ would be left with ‘the goods’ in their legal Title. The behavior pattern necessary to accomplish this ‘grandest of grand thefts’ has already been set into a mold of ‘normalicy’. Once the ‘jab’ puts ‘Joe Palooka’ off guard, the follow up ’roundhouse’ puts him on the canvas for a foregone ‘count’.

      Now, I’ve been mulling over the banknote monetary scheme most of my life and came to the firm conclusion that it has a mathematically finite ‘lifespan’ once fully implemented. All the current events that have been unfolding around the world, fit into the scenario of its culmination as I’ve envisioned it. So, I’m about as certain of this transpiring, as I’ve ever been of anything in my life. The remaining question has centered on how ‘the elites’ circumvent its effect on them. This multi-generational devolution from Capitalism, back to Mercantilism, has only one further step to Feudalism, which had its foundation in centralized Title to all ‘things of The Realm’. from which rents were demanded to ‘support’ the ‘managerial lifestyle of ‘The Nobility’.

      With the Currency Crash delayed behind the Equity (Commodities) Crash, the structural (Titles At Law) framework of Feudalism would be re-created and if some ‘maverick barons’ in the elitist crowd want to avoid ‘subjugation’ and ‘swearing of leige’, it makes perfect sense that they’d be ‘sneaking out the back door’ of the ‘Great Hall’, booty in tow, in the hope of preserving what independence they might.

      If all this seems a bit fanciful, it helps to recall that history is peppered with events where regional leaders were called to meetings by Kings and Tsars, only to be slaughtered. To imagine the pattern in the ‘realm’ of finance is entirely plausible.


  2. Harvey Organ for a while has been commenting on the high open interest in silver which I think is currently about 140000 contracts. I think for the December delivery month it’s about 87000 contracts which is only seven weeks away. If say 10% of those stand for delivery that’s 43.5 million ounces of silver which would clean out all the registered silver at the Comex. I guess we should expect more desperate cartel attacks trying to shake all the silver longs from the tree.

  3. I’ve been thinking about the why’s of the silver suppression and who befits. With 10,000 industrial uses and with so many cases of ‘only Silver will’ and the fact that everyone used to carry it around in their pockets, this wealth transfer has been missed by the Public. I’m only 32 but my free online history education has brought me here to SD and to the point in 1964 where the US mint started Counterfeiting coins. The Government and industry knew back then that if the people understood the new technological relationship between themselves and this metal, massive hoarding would have taken place back then, regular people would have been able to recognize the inflation and the big one Industry would have had to pay much much more for the silver they use. It wouldn’t be wasted in mediocre products, there would have been recycling, and now that we’ve trashed so much of it and as newer more important technologies come on line, we  will be limited in our advancement and the availability of these new products because of a shortage of silver. As the ore grades decline this is becoming more and more apparent. Its like if early cave men burned all the trees because it kept them warm with out ever figuring out they could build a house with it. and if you tried building a house other cave men would come and burn it down. The Media was compliment in the crime of 1965 but I wonder why wasn’t there more resistance by the People. I’m looking at 1965 and I’ll I can say is why weren’t people pissed off to the point to where their were general strikes and riots. They Kill your President, Steal the value from your Coinage, and ship you off to shoot at people that want nothing from you. Fast forward to 2001 were they bomb buildings, blame people who had nothing to do with it, send our people off to go shoot at them because they didn’t like growing opium and they wear different hats. Then they take our rights and set up a gestapo, with the help of a guy who ran the German gestapo, to fight an imaginary bogy man we fund by tax, inflation, and drug money all laundered by the TBTF banksters. I know this is all hindsight but NOONE has an excuse for Not Knowing this Information anymore. I don’t know what we need to do, but I know a whole lot more people need to started figuring out HOW they are getting screwed. And this is what kills me about People is the 80% of the people who are being screwed Know it. They just haven’t figured out how. How long will they be raped before they turn their head and see who doing it. Have we drank to much Fluoride. I think people have been chemically subdued. If they started rounding people up to go to death camps, how many would volunteer? Suicide kills more people then car wrecks. It makes me wonder how many of those car wreck deaths are actually suicides. The have us so screwed up we are killing ourselves all while they are trying to kill us with GMO, chemtrails, and God only knows what. If 15% of the population is fully awake and want liberty and is willing to take the responsibility that comes with it, but 40% of the population will defend this system to their deaths because they are nothing without it even though it will destroy them in the end. Will any cop not follow orders if his job, his livelihood, his pension are in jeopardy. This is about defending a paper currency. If I grow food and I want real stuff in exchange for that food, the cop, the soldier, the politician, the bureaucrat, the banker, none of them have anything of value, they are nothing, they are Worthless, but if collaborate and conspire together, they can force us to make and grow all they need and it won’t cost them a thing. If we ever figure this out, the Second American Revolution will look much like the french version in that the banking, political, and bureaucratic class will be eliminated. The beauty of this one is no blood has to be shed, We simply stop paying taxes and stop using their currency. These people are our shackles and the younger generation coming up now in our 30’s are not going to put up with this much longer. I see this has turned into rant, as for 4 million ounces out, 1.6 million in, I wouldn’t buy a ‘good’ delivery bar from these people unless I could cut it all up and check every square inch of it in front of them before I pay for it. I agree with David Morgan when he says it may take the sale of the very last ounce of available before the market really moves. This may be a way of getting physical to the industries who wont take fakes while swindling investors who can’t even check to know the silver they bought is real. Fake in, Real Out. When the industries who NEED Silver can’t get it, Watch out, As for Miners, When this currency collapses, every mine on the Planet will be nationalized, I hope they have some slick, fast thinking negotiators on call who can keep them in the game. They may have trouble even keeping their equipment.      

    • The true history of these people will never be know, at least not in this life. The circumstantial evidence that points to wars, assassinations, murders, planned tragic events, millions of unsuspecting guinea pigs for scientific experiments, legalize poisoning of a population, and God knows what else has become public knowledge because of the internet. That is why the next major attack will be to shut down the internet as we know it today, and then replace it with THEIR Internet II, that will enable the elites to control the information that comes to the public, to monitor those considered dangerous to their control, and to manipulate every aspect of human life. Sounds science fiction, but these people know no limit to what they are willing to do, or the lives they are willing to destroy, or the millions they are willing to eliminate for their own selfish desires. 

      “Suicide kills more people then car wrecks.”
      Not according to the CDC records of 2009-2011.  They show that:
      The 15 leading causes of death in 2009 (Table B) were:
      1.  Diseases of heart
      2.  Malignant neoplasms
      3.  Chronic lower respiratory diseases
      4.  Cerebrovascular diseases
      5.  Accidents (unintentional injuries)
      6.  Alzheimer’s disease
      7.  Diabetes mellitus
      8.  Influenza and pneumonia
      9.  Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis
      10. Intentional self-harm (suicide)
      11. Septicemia
      12. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
      13. Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease
      14. Parkinson’s disease
      15. Assault (homicide)


      suicide ranks as #10 while accidents rank as #5.  No doubt that some of these accidents are non-auto related, such as accidental falls, electrocution, etc.  They do not break it out any further than this.  It is likely that for some age groups, suicide is more common than car accidents but it would be difficult to define the number of people using cars to commit suicide.  If you have a reference that does, it would be good to see. 

      “We simply stop paying taxes and stop using their currency.”

      Yes, using FRNs is voluntary, to a point, but the tax money stolen from paychecks is not.

      As to the UK importing such a large amount of silver, it would be good to know whether this is going to the Bank of England in preparation for resurrection  of the lb. sterling or is only going to the LBMA in prep for shipping it out to Asia.

    • The most shocking part is that most of these actions are against the Constitution but people still don’t care about it. Also, schools in the USA don’t teach the American children about the Constitution and their rights. They teach instead other useless stuffs.

  4. Is it me or is there a pattern of removing gold and silver from the New York warehouses? Are they taking this out of the USA, out of New York or into another NYC warehouse to be then moved out of New York or out of the CONUS? Where is this is this stuff going? Delivery where to? Certainly there must be a way to track PMs leaving the USA for delivery?

    • Think about it based on what has gone on since 1776…from where?

      They have never gotten over us breaking away…not going to go into a full history lesson but the money is all going back to london UK.

      Look at who is there, who is moving there…an who has never left.

      Trucktalk 180 has summed it up beautifully…I am glad that young people are realizing what has/is going on…I’m in.        

    • In my opinion, I think that all the gold and silver from the western countries moved to eastern countries. Because the eastern countries are buying a lot of gold and silver so the western countries are reducing the demands by selling theirs because they want their fiat system to continue to run. By reducing the demands, the prices of these two metals are low.

  5. The obvious wild card here is the deteriorating global economy. When the dust settles, the metal holders will be some of those who are still standing while everyone else is on their proverbial knees! It matters not what transpires in the nearest term….up, down, sideways….it’s all good because in the not too distant future, precious metal will be the big winner and silver especially. Time is on our side……fortunately for us……unfortunately for those who are unprepared.

    • “Time is on our side……fortunately for us……unfortunately for those who are unprepared.”

      Yes, time IS on out side but only if we make good use of it.  There really is no end of prepping because there is always something else that needs doing and other things that need to be done better.  It is not an event on our parts but a way of life. 

    • I’m really excited for that moment when it will arrive because it will be our opportunity to prove everyone around us that we were right and they were wrong. Everyone is mocking us for doing these actions which is buying precious metals.

  6. “a staggering 169 metric tonnes of silver was sent to the United Kingdom back in July.  This is a 5.4 million ounce transfer of silver to the U.K in just one month”
    I do remember Andrew Maguire saying recently that one of his clients placed an order for ten million ounces (app. 300 tons)  with the LBMA when silver bottomed around May-June. He said that the LBMA initially refused to deliver the silver to a private vault outside the LBMA system. They finally received the silver but only after six weeks. I think that the LBMA and Comex are in real trouble. The lower the banksters push the price the larger the demand will come in for physical silver and the sooner a commercial failure to deliver silver will occur. They are royally screwed.

    • “He said that the LBMA initially refused to deliver the silver to a private vault outside the LBMA system. They finally received the silver but only after six weeks.”

      This has been the typical behavior for the past few years.  Don’t know about this case but in each of the previous cases, the silver delivered did not come from a large stash of silver.  It came from BRAND NEW BARS, so it looks as if there is very little silver inventory just sitting around in vaults, in spite of the published figures, and that large orders are being filled as soon as they come in and the new bars can be produced.  This makes me wonder why large silver orders are not filled from all this inventory that is claimed to be held.  Could it be that the published silver inventory numbers are bogus and that the actual amount of silver in those vaults is either committed elsewhere (read hypothecated) or is insufficient for filling large orders?

    • “Any suggestions?”

      Depends on why you own silver in the 1st place.  If you are a stacker and not a flipper, then hold on tight to what you have and add to it on a regular basis.  If you want to flip your silver in the hope of buying it back cheaper later, good luck with that. That will work right up to the time that the dollar collapses and you won’t be able to trade fiat that is rapidly declining in value for REAL money, which is gold and silver.  Of course, it is possible to split your stack and use part for flipping and part for holding, to hedge your bets, while still hoping to profit on your sales.  Most stackers do not get too excited about the price of silver.  They just buy what they can, as they can, and call it good.  🙂

  7. Seems to me that the countdown has begun and Mark Cuban’s 24 second Playclock is ticking, however the Currency Playclock my  run by events rather than seconds.
        I think the thing to take from this, is that, Irrevocably, the events are now unfolding that make any asset and wealth retention no matter how small, down to 1 thin silver dime, depend on us having these little thin dimes and a lot more, in our stores.        Further if  your taking the RED PILL, it requires  you be aware, stalwart, fast and tough.
       No doubt someone is terribly aggrieved that we have caught on.  At this point it is in OUR OWN INTEREST to make as grinding difficult as possible to achieve their Victory, by stalemating and defeating them by acquiring physical Siilver & Gold.
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  8. undeRGRound:  Scroll back to articles on 10/12.  Wyn Benton Group is saying that starting Tuesday, 10/16 the silver price is “going to the moon” (my words).  His prognostications in the past have been incredibly in target.  What I meant in my previous post about either buying or selling is based on the time span (10/16-10/23) Wyn gave.  I’m just wondering if there will be that “classic” hugh dip before the stratosphere shot?  Of course, to be clear, I’m NOT really selling other than “turning over” for small instant profit.

    • “IMO, this little display, just like so many before it, will have no lasting effect.  Except to help me gather up some more assets a slight bit cheaper………..”

      Agreed.  In fact, I was among many of those early-on who promoted the idea that all these silver and gold smashes actually benefit the stacker community by allowing us to buy more silver for less money than if they were not attempting to control the metals prices.  

      Consider your own stack, for example.  Now consider the average cost per oz.  If the price of silver for the time since you started stacking was allowed to float freely, it would likely be in the area of $150-200 per oz. and not in the $25-35 an oz. range.  Based on the ratio of dollars for these two examples, we all have about 5-6x more silver for what we spent than we would have had under a true price discovery system.  

      While I know that the cartel is not doing this for our benefit, its unintended consequence has certainly worked out that way.  

      To the cartel:  thanks, guys, we appreciate your actions more than you know!  🙂

    • I feel ya bro… I have several places like that, at least my
      last place had nearly twice what I could buy this time! 
      I have one place that I cannot ever buy out, as well.  

      Supplies getting tighter I’m afraid 

  9. In my opinion, I think that there would be more physical silver withdrawal from the Brinks because people are starting to not trust these companies. I wonder if the other 83% of Brinks registered silver is actually physicals or they don’t exist.

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