In the wake of the devastating Hurricane Sandy, numerous reports tonight indicate that Martial Law has been declared in Seaside Heights, NJ and surrounding towns.  Large portions of NJ remain without power, and many NJ police departments are reportedly beginning to run out of gas. The situation appears to be rapidly deteriorating for much of the NJ coast.

  1. This is a good article but quite long and goes though all the pertinent satis of help and repairs after sandy. I’ll post some and provide the link.

    Con Ed Continues To Restore Power, But Much Work Remains

    Power Outage Update
    On a Friday night conference call, John Miksad, Con Ed’s senior vice president of electric operations, said the company had begun restoring power to affected areas of Midtown and Lower Manhattan.
    According to Miksad, Con Ed restored power Friday afternoon to four of its networks, which serve approximately 120,000 customers.
    Miksad said Manhattan’s six off-line networks, which serve about 140,000 customers, were expected to all be restored by Saturday.
    Those served by underground lines in Brooklyn are also expected to be back online sometime Saturday.
    Miksad said that customers with flooded basements or damaged electrical equipment will not have power until the necessary repairs are made by business owners.
    Con Ed representative Alfonso Quiroz said Friday afternoon that the company had restored power to Cooper Square network, which powers the East Village and the Lower East Side.
    According to Quiroz, that boundaries of that network are south of 14th Street, north of Canal Street, east of Broadway and west of the East River.
    Miksad said that Con Ed has been joined by 2,400 workers from around the country to assist in their efforts, with more due to arrive.
    “This has been the most massive restoration effort we have ever undertaken here at Con Edison, and we’re gonna continue working 24/7 until the last customer is back,” Miksad said. “Although we have made great progress, we have a huge, huge task in front of us.”
    During a briefing Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said he knows Con Ed workers are doing the best they can with long shifts but that more needs to be done.
    “I want accountability and I want performance,” Cuomo said. “People pay their bills so they have power. They are now without power. We understand the situation, but we now expect utilities to perform adequately in this situation. I will hold them accountable for their performance.”
    At one point Tuesday night, there were more than 650,000 customers without power across the city, including 59 New York City Housing Authority developments without power, most of which are located in the city’s low-lying Zone A.
    Con Ed officials continue to request that residents avoid downed power lines in their area.
    To report a power outage, call 1-800-75-ConEd or log on to
    Meantime, the Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services, working with the New York City Office of Emergency Management, planned to distribute food at 14 different locations in four boroughs Friday and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

    Aid & Relief
    Governor Cuomo on Friday announced homeowners devastated by the storm will be getting some support from the state.
    The governor says the state legislature is setting aside $100 million to help cover some of the costs that will not be paid for by private insurance and FEMA aid.
    The governor says if that’s not enough they will try to find more funds.
    On Wednesday, Cuomo announced the National Guard, along with FEMA, will also deliver 1 million meals and 1 million bottles of water to New Yorkers in areas affected by the storm.
    Deliveries have already begun in parts of Lower Manhattan, affected areas in Brooklyn and Queens, including the Rockaways.
    Meantime, the state is launching an emergency assistance hotline to help people and businesses hit hard by the storm to start rebuilding.
    The number is 855-NYS-SAND(Y) or 855-697-7263, and goes live at 8 a.m. Friday.
    Governor Cuomo says he hopes the hotline will help people avoid bureaucracy.
    “You will get an expert on the phone, you can explain your situation, they can point you in the right direction and start you on the road to applying for the proper funds,” Cuomo said.
    As for federal help for New York, Governor Cuomo says local governments can expect to be reimbursed for 90 to 100 percent of their clean up costs.
    Usually FEMA only covers 75 percent.
    Cuomo says going forward, changes need to be made to the state’s contingency plans for coastal flooding to protect New York in the event of another storm of Sandy’s size.
    Cuomo estimates the private sector will suffer billions of dollars in losses because of businesses staying closed, and people unable to get to work.
    On Tuesday, President Barack Obama declared a major disaster exists in New York, making federal funding available to affected individuals in the counties of Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Richmond, Suffolk, and Queens. Cuomo, meanwhile, requested the maximum percentage of federal aid to repair the damage from the storm.
    The Federal Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security will help oversee recovery operations in affected areas.
    FEMA says residents and business owners who sustained losses in the designated counties can begin applying for assistance by registering online at or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA or 1-800-462-7585 for the hearing and speech impaired. The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week until further notice.
    City residents who left their pets behind during the storm now have a 24-hour hotline they can call for help. That number is 1-347-573-1561.
    The hotline connects the public to the NYC Animal Planning Task Force, which includes representatives from the ASPCA, the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals and several other agencies.
    The agencies have committed resources that include animal sheltering, veterinary support, and search and rescue.
    Displaced residents are allowed to bring pets into city evacuation shelters.

    READ MORE>>>–but-much-work-remains

  2. OBAMA – ORDERS DHS to CONTROL ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy !!!!!

    I TOLD YA SO !!!In my prior videos, I showed how infrasound was used to undulate the storm. If one TTA constantly secured the storm’s polarity with infrasound, and the secondary ‘singular polarity’ was the same polarity, they would perpetually repell each other. Like 2 single pole magnets. Now we find that our illustrious president ORDERED IT!!!…Terminology Definitions in Video Description.THEY HAD TAKEN ‘SANDY’ OFF THEIR POLARITY MAP WEBSITE!!!…They are now showing Leslie from last month. Showing The same type of anomoli event occured with Leslie. Atmospheric Scientists in aircraft take information from hurricanes for DHS Operation H.A.M.P. (HURRICANE AEROSOL AND MICROPHYSICS PROGRAM). DHS funds it. One of the functions of those planes is deploying aerosols. In 2010 the American Meteorological Society (AMS) presented discussion on how these aerosols were effective at decreasing and increasing the intensity of Hurricane KATRINA under DHS Operation H.A.M.P.”Singular Polarity” — simply a magnet with 1 pole rather than a north and south pole. “Perpetual Motion Generator” — using 2 same pole magnetic unit – singular polarities against each other to create force away from each other continuously.”Contrail vs chemtrail”. (As Congress refers to them.)Contrails dissipate to invisibility within seconds or minutes of being laid down because they are simply steam from the jet wash.Chemtrails are mixtures of aerosols that are sprayed in the ionosphere with metals and chemicals such as aluminum and barium in tiny particulates. 1 reason being to create a mirror effect to bounce frequency off of, to pass frequency as far as 1/4 of the globe away. HAARP website explains this process.”Infrasonic Undulation” Looks like frequency on a spectrograph. If you Google images – spectrograph, you will find pictures of frequency. You’ll see sound waves in consistant patterns obviously man-made, electro-mechanically emitted. Chemtrail (already magneto-dynamic) becomes more dynamic when frequency is added to the mix to undulate (stir up) the system. “Infrasonic Undulation” through chemtrail is ELF waves stirring air deployed aerosols up. Hitting the metals etc… with high powered – low frequency disperses the metals throughout the storm, the moisture in the storm clings to those metals, Object 1 – move the metals, and you move the storm. Object 2 – decreasing and increasing the storm’s intensity. DHS Documented during KATRINA. Which is why the new cloud name “Undulatus Asperatus.” “Undulated (Stirred Up) Breathing Vapors” Stirred up by TTA frequency. Kind of reminds you of the NAZI’s who insisted to their victims, “Now breath the vapors in deeply!!!” As they were locking them in the ‘showers’ to be gassed to death, doesn’t it! I get the feeling that when they came up with that name, they were laughing at their many victims whom they dub the “sheeple.”TTA = Tesla Tech Array. HTA — HAARP Type Array. (They use frequency to manipulate.) There are ground based TTA’s (like HAARP n Arecibo) multi-million watt frequency emitters around the world along with countless Low Orbit SAC (AEHF) Satellites, booster antenna arrays, oceanic echo buoys, military, commercial and privately owned sea going vessels with TTA units (BTW …ever heard of mass ocean animal deaths – burned bodies and the necropsy reports stating cause of death to be “Acustic Trama?”) , in field military and mobile units, are all a part of the SAME Global TTA Network, under the auspices of the UN and NATO and are thereby complicit.Decency dictates that having this technology we should use it to save lives and property but…UN Agenda 21 – population reduction from 7 Billion to 500 Million. It means the wholesale slaughter of 6.5 Billion people. ‘The great culling’ they call it. Impossible to believe until you do the research as to why. If you step into their economic shoes, you understand their rationale. The PTB n UN want Obama in office. UN is overseeing our election. May need Martial Law to suspend elections.We have several methods of changing things like this. 1. Prayer – the most powerful weapon in our arsonal. 2. Knowledge – researching and sharing. 3. Lobbying US and UN law makers to create laws to govern these technologies. 4. Our vote.Right now this is the best list I can come up with.

  3. Hurricane Sandy update: Local residents banned from barrier island up to 8 months

    TOMS RIVER — Residents are being forcibly evacuated tonight from seven Ocean County communities because of extensive repairs needed after the devastation Hurricane Sandy left behind, Seaside Height Police Chief Thomas Boyd said.
    Authorities told residents they may not be able to return home for months.
    “It’s looking bad. It’s a catastrophe,” Boyd said.
    The towns affected are Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, island sections of Berkeley Township, South Seaside Park, Lavallette, Ortley Beach and Mantoloking.
    The decision followed an afternoon meeting among the chiefs of police in the affected communities and other county authorities.
    Busloads of people were being escorted out, with several residents interviewed saying police and fire officials knocked on their doors, telling them they had five minutes to pack a bag before they had to leave.
    Boyd said he thinks no more than 50 people remain in Seaside Heights. He said repairs need to be done to the infrastructure of the affected areas, along with the main gas line, from Mantoloking to Island Beach State Park, which needs to be reconstructed, and should take between six and eight months.
    Other repairs that need to be done include a collapsed sewer in Seaside Heights.
    “We were just trying to figure out where we were going to go with this, and the best thing is to get people out of the way,” the chief said. “We’re doing mandatory evacuations to get people out. We want people to know that it’s not just for safety. It’s for other reasons so that we can get in there and work and do what we have to do.”
    Residents will be able to return at some point, with police escorts, to gather their belongings.
    Boyd said he fully understood the frustration residents will feel, but the evacuation are necessary to ensure their safety.
    “Overall, we’re in very very good shape because we have the people in place to do the job at the right time. We’ve pretty much got Seaside on lockdown and that’s what we’ve go tot do to make it safe.”

     Mary Jo Etheridge, 76, a Seaside Heights resident, said she was given about five minutes to pack a bag before she was put on a bus that took her west on Route 37 into Toms River. Her possessions were shoved into shopping bags.
    There are 14,210 residential properties on the barrier island stretching south from the northern border of Mantoloking with a combined assessed value of $9.8 billion. There are 377 commercial properties, with an assessed value of $505 million. This does not include the 5,240 parcels that do not appear to have records associated with them.
    The barrier island stretches for 20.4 miles, half of which has homes.
    Star-Ledger staff writers Dan Goldberg, Alexi Friedman and Eric Sagara contributed to this report.


  4. @427 Thanks for the info. 

    I honestly don’t know what to make of it, but a former member of the U.S. Army has confirmed our suspicions earlier today that they’re playing the harp… I mean using HAARP to cause adverse effects in weather patterns. What to believe in this regard? lol

    • Hi! good stuff 427, I checked out a post I came across on one of the posts on a video of a post on the reddit Forum posted about a month before the storm. Pretty darn scary and the military knew what was going to happen. Hell I wish I could find that link.

  5. OMG!!!! Amusement parks destroyed! People will riot and loot when deprived of their entertainemnt! DECLARE MARTIAL LAW!!!

    What a whispy, gossamar excuse for pretended ‘justification’ to even HINT at ‘martial law’. It’s educational to note that in the late 1970s(?), Congress removed all lingering ‘Emergency Declarations’ except … the one … allowing Ruse-a-veldt ‘war powers’ to address financial crises in the early ’30s.

    Despite the Supreme Court’s response that … “[E]mergency does not create power. Emergency does not increase granted power or remove or diminish the restrictions upon power granted or reserved. The Constitution was adopted in a period of grave emergency. Its grants of power to the Federal Government and its limitations of the power of the States were determined in the light of emergency and they are not altered by emergency. —Home Building & Loan Association v. Blaisdell, 290 U.S. 398, 425 (1934)


    • Your post jogged my memory and OMG I’m remembering some weeks ago I was reading on sites I frequent reports of people connected to people in the military saying Reserves were being put on active duty, something about three weeks, can’t remember exactly what, something about the reason being something undefined happening on the East Coast, and something about certain people indirectly associated with the military, I believe it was spouses, who were located on the East Coast being told to make go-bags. What this means is that something has been, is being, and/or will be staged.  It also reinforces the obvious fact that the chaos occurring is intentional.

  6. @Marchas45 … “the military knew what was going to happen”.

    It would be ‘pretty damned scary’ if the military had no applicable contingent procedure set up for every sort of ‘threat’ imaginable since that’s what it exists for. It seems to me that because posse comitatus prohibits its unilateral decision to move on such contingencise in State territories, the request had to come from New Jersey’s Governor. If that constitutes an over-reaction or failure of State rediness (New Jersey unprepared for storm damage???), then the onus falls on Gov. Christy and the Legislature for deficiencies in their principal duties.

    In the final analysis (since ‘Katrina’ is being alluded to in this case) failure of seriously executed governance accounted for most of the damage in and around New Orleans. Billions of credits were funneled into the area for levee enhancement which instead, was handed out like candy to secure political favors among residents in the neighborhoods behind those levees. Crews got funding for their Mardi Gras floats, costumes, cheap plastic beads and Ball favors, but in the end paid with their homes and livelihoods. The ‘spoils’ of ‘political economics’ runs very deep in these events.  

  7. @Precious … “Your post jogged my memory …”

    You might also recall back a little farther when an exceptionally large solar flare was feared to destroy satellites and electrical grids. Then … gee whiz, here comes a huge storm!

    All this HAARP stuff is hocus pokus in my estimation. The only force known to effect weather is … THE SUN. So, if military families are in fact ‘prepping’ for a major ‘event’, I rather expect that it’s connected with the aftermath of global currency collapse. Recall too, that the Mint has been frantically producing ‘Presidents Dollars’ by the billions and stuffing them in warehouses for the past few years, curiously ignoring their own service desk reports that ‘banks aren’t requesting them’.

    When this collapse happens, many participants on this site will not (really) have ‘seen it comming’. It mystifies me that even the PM community’s most renouned prognosticators can’t imagine how a mere progression in math can overwhelm the determined will of ‘powerful men’ in society. Such is the nature of psychology. Well, it’s happened in the past in China, where the word of life or death was in the power of the Emperor and his Court throughout Asia! Now, we’re about to witness the phenomenon yet again. No government or ‘collective’ of them can defy the ‘Laws of Economics’.

    • Charlie this was before the storm 28 days ago! maybe the storm was gust starting to forum and they knew they could use it?

      FROM A POST ON REDDIT submitted 28 days ago!!!

      About 2 weeks ago my mom called me to see if I had a bug out plan, which is interesting because we have never talked about anything like this. We have discussed politics, religion and various other issues, but nothing along the lines of “What do we do if the shit hits the fan?”
      Her reasoning behind this is that her best friend of 37 years called her and said that her daughter and son-in-law were called into a private meeting on base regarding a probable evacuation scenario of the East Coast. (Son-in-law is in the Special Forces, apparently high up. I think the base was Ft. McPhearson in Georgia).
      From what she said, the daughter and SIL where brought in and made to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying they would tell no one, under the penalty of treason, what they were told during the meeting. They were told that in 4-6 weeks (this was around 9/20) the East Coast would experience some type of disaster that would cause it to be under water. They were also told to make a go bag and be prepared to leave at a moments notice.
      That is about all I have. This does come from someone I trust, and someone who trusts her daughter and son-in-law. I don’t see any reason for them to make it up or freak out over a routine or drill. From what my moms friend says the military does not do these types of drills without warning everyone that it is just a drill. She has been married to a military man for 20 years.
      On a seperate note, one of my best friends brother who is in the Special Forces went AWOL about 2 weeks ago. Went home to see his family in Texas then disappeared.
      So that’s about it. Has anyone heard anything along these lines? I have read that the east coast is in for one hell of a winter, but that’s all I have heard.

      A Few More Comments They Left In The Chat 

      24 days ago
      I just want to say that when I posted this, I titled it “hearsay” for a reason. I am not standing behind this information as much as I am wondering if anyone has heard anything similar. I don’t frequent this subreddit so I apologize if I came across as saying this as truth.
      My moms friend has said that her daughter and SIL have not heard anything else after the meeting. They just have their go bags. I will try to speak to my moms friend directly so that I have a clearer understanding of what she heard from her daughter and SIL.

      3 days ago
      I posted this as a possible warning. I did get this information second hand but apparently it was fairly accurate. I hope we can all take this and be a little more skeptical of our government and what information they choose to desiminate to the masses. I feel like when I got this information it was from a source that had no reason to lie and only had good intentions for family and friends. If that info and this disaster coincide, I am pissed. If our government had foreknowledge of an impending disaster and did nothing than this is a smoking gun.

  8. @PatFields and @Marchas45: I meant to reply to both your posts, but lack of sleep is destroying my organizational and keyboard skills. @Marchas45: It was your comment that jogged my memory about reading posts similar and likely some of the exact ones you read. @PatFields: I remembered that one potential conclusion I came to was an event that would lead to the implementation of martial law. I agree that the system has been, is, will be going down, but my conclusion is that it is intentional/orchestrated, not out of their control, but they keep messing with the timing for some reason, TARPing and can kicking and pulling rabbits, that looks like they’re trying to coordinate it with one or more other events, maybe an ELE they can’t get a time fix on, maybe man-made that’s difficult to get in place, maybe some combo that’s hard to pull together without totally blowing their cover, although the outrageous behavior that’s going on indicates we’re close to the end because they care less and less about hiding behind the curtain.

    As far as HAARP, weather modification is described in its patent, I believe. Also Cohen, defense secretary, said in 1997? that there are weather modification WEAPONS, I think he called them. Don’t know about the HAARP site(s), can’t understand why the data would be accessible, although it seems to correlate with events but still may be misdirection from real tech being used, have heard about space platforms with DEW, also planes with same tech.

  9. OH STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Im so tired of the bullshit “scare tactics” posts on this website…..I live 10 mins from seaside heights and i was just there yesterday. Yes the devastation is massive, but there is no MARTIAL LAW…People are not running through the streets looting and walking around with shotguns….I swear this website is becoming more of a joke by the minute…Seriously Doc, save any respect you have left and cut this bullshit out!



      Before bashing anything,Can you go there today? If you are a resident there maybe you could keep us abreast. I do hope you and yours are well, Im sure it’s difficult to deal with.

      You do sound like me when something happens in California and members run rampent without having a local perspective. I did also post a local perspective vid!!!

    • @ Silverking16 I hear your frustration Silverking16 I’m also against a lot of this crap but a few days ago I decided to follow a link and it started me researching as I’m also open minded and it has led to my conclussion that something is going on.
      As you live in the area it must be a horrible sight to see but I beg you to be openminded and start with the first post and follow all the links to see what I mean.
      I for one if I lived in that area would be stomping mad if all this where true.
      P.S. We are not all doom and gloom on here as for me I believe in the lord and I know he will protect me but I need to be open minded also. Charlie

    • @SILVERKING16 … as much as I enjoy the diversion of discussion from silver-centric topics, I have a tendency to (mildly) commiserate with your viewpoint. There are periods when irrelevent ‘general news’ grabs hold of the site a little too tenaciously. Thank God, it isn’t so bad as the FaceBook side! That gets so far afield, I find myself here on the web side more and more. Nevertheless, over the years, I’d found periodically ‘wandering off the path’ to occur on just about every site I’ve ever hung out on, so I’ve come to expect it and tolerate it … until it gets too frequent and the site’s prime focus falls away altogether.

    • Even if it’s a scare tactic or not, I don’t care about it because this is not happening right now in Canada. 😀 Anyway, it sucks that this disaster happened in the USA.

    • That really is an excellent rant to put the larger picture in perspective, because after doing a comparative analysis, you can still see mission creep over the decades, and mission leap in recent years.

    • @427 Well, that’s new data I wasn’t aware of … barrier islands are permenant land holdings of the federal entity. It’s a little ‘trivia’ I hope to retain … ‘just in case’.

    • Yes Pat it appears so, not that I have done any investigation into it yet. I always take things with a grain of salt until I see some kind of legality 

  10. @The Doc
    Can you please remove all the moderations on my post here. This is extremely frustrating and you want to say it’s not in SD’s priority list of this to work on. lol 

    I thought Silver Doctor’s started up to be a forum to teach & to keep us abreast of curent information we will not hear on MSM.
    I would also think to get post up as rapidly as posale would be important here. Some of my modded post are over 10 hours old and now old news 

    • Hi! 427 a couple of mine where thrown into the Moderation list because of the words I used. Lol That’s what Doc was trying to explain to us the other day, I don’t think it’s Doc but the system he’s using. Lol and if the system doesn’t like it then it won’t post it. Lol

    • I know that Charlie and understand it. but it needs to be worked on and maintained. Meaning post should not sit for 10 hours before others can read them it could be to late to be useful by then.  

    • Yeah that’s true and I also don’t like these moderation thing. I used to remember on the old Silver Doctors blog, anyone can post comments and there weren’t any moderation. Now, the anonymous usernames are gone so I don’t see why comments should be moderated.

  11. @427: I used the words Precious Metals when a website requested a name. Then I cracked up when I got e-mails with the salutation “Dear Precious.” I didn’t know how the name would play here, but, what the hey, I am a troublemaker, and I enjoy its juxtaposition with my (hopefully) nitty-gritty posts. Now, I just need to find some cloyingly sweet pic for an avatar to match. But I am a goil, so it might be some frilly thing I actually love.

  12. @Munchas45: Careful there, turkey, or I’ll have to put you on my ignore list.:) That pic doesn’t quite fill the bill, I am a hot dame, but I’m a hot OLD dame. When I refreshed the homepage and saw part of 427’s remark, I was like, uh oh. Then when I saw what you gifted me with, I was LMAO!
    @427: I have a little dog who is so adorable, he’s painful to look at, although he was a funny-looking teenager when I got him. Two strangers have actually said he’s too cute. We both have aged well.

  13. @427: Obviously, the authorities can’t be trusted because it would have to be someone back at the server who’s messing with the Profile, more proof of the Matrix. I do have the cowboy boots, now I have to get me a hat. As for the rest, as Munchy says, it’s going to have to be imaginary!
    Thank you all for a delightful diversion. I am so preoccupied with what’s happening, but when reading what the people who know what’s up say, I also find they know how to laugh at life.

    • @Precious 
      lol looks only last so long, perspective and outlook of life and a good personality last a life time..

      You came into this thread with the above plus an intrest and concern for others. Until M45 sent you that avatar it never crossed my mind male or female it dosent mater among like minded individuals. Your life perspective and knowledge will be of value here and you will fit in just fine.

    • @M45: The word implies you have the requisite number, and I was making no assumptions. If we’re telling tales on ourselves, I’ve got most of mine.

      I was supposed to be taking care of business hours ago, but I have found hanging out in the schoolyard irresistible, I better book now, before I find myself caught up in a bank holiday. Thank you all again, I so rarely get a belly laugh. Unless we can get our acts together and visualize something better, we’ll be meeting shortly on the thread complaining about our ghastly MREs.

  14. Unless we can get our acts together and visualize something better, we’ll be meeting shortly on the thread complaining about our ghastly MREs.
    Amen to That but a good laugh heals the inside and takes us away from the outside world. MRE’s aren’t that bad ate many of them in the field but that’s another story. Lol

  15. Give me a break. HAARP is not a weather weapon, it fires a radio signal straight up, it isn’t able to be steered.
    Things will get worse there before they get better, someone plays the race card about food and water shortages and this could spill over into other big cities with demonstrations and riots.

    • @MaryB Yes, HAARP fires in a straight line, but this doesn’t mean that the ‘cannon’ cannot be steered in difference directions or that the signals cannot bounce back.

      “The $30 million [Pentagon] project, euphemistically named HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), is made to beam more than 1.7 gigawatts (billion watts) of radiated power into the ionosphere — the electrically charged layer above Earth’s atmosphere. Put simply, the apparatus is a reversal of a radio telescope — just transmitting instead of receiving. It will ‘boil the upper atmosphere’. After [heating] and disturbing the ionosphere, the radiations will bounce back onto the earth in for form of long waves which penetrate our bodies, the ground and the oceans.” [“Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”, page 8] 

      “Environmental war however carried out is almost always a violation of the 1977 United Nations Treaty against modification of the environment. Thus, environmental weapons are developed in secret, and acts of environmental war are carried out covertly, as both environmental weapons and war are illegal under international law. Environmental war is generally carried out as a strategic deception (Psyops).
      “Environmental war weapons systems can include chemtrails, chemical weapons systems (climate and weather modification) and electromagnetic weapons systems (climate and weather modification; seismic warfare).
      “Some definitions of environmental war are more broad. For example, the use of Depleted Uranium in the Yugoslavia war has been termed environmental war.”
      Source: Ecology News.

      Note: The 1977 Treaty is the “United Nations General Assembly Resolution 31/72, TIAS 9614 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques”. Signed in Geneva May 18, 1977; Entered into force October 5, 1978; Ratification by U.S. President December 13, 1979; U.S. ratification deposited at New York January 17, 1980. See Summary and AnalysisWikipedia entry on the Convention, and Parties to the Convention.


  16. If the police departments run out of gas, then it means it’ll be harder for them to chase down a car. So, you should buy and store a lot of gases so that you can run away from the cops very fast and easily. Since Martial Law has been declared, it doesn’t matter if gold and silver are legal tender even if the Constitution says it. Oh wait, people still don’t accept gold and silver as payment even without Martial Law.

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