DosEquisbeerguyFailure to be able to see what’s coming in these perilous times will result in being left with nothing. 
So, buy physical my friends, whoever you are, if you are seeking to protect yourselves against the economic collapse just around the corner.  
I raised the buy flag last week.  I do not mean these are the lowest prices that will be seen, however, ANYTHING below $20 is a great bargain and the time is quickly coming when I will raise the buy flag to an alarm level because the collapse is about 1 year away.
Stay thirsty my friends” AND start building your dry powder (physical precious metals) from your paper investments cause they ain’t going to be around much longer


By SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Greetings from the Land of Mindanao in the Southern most Philippines where my brand new fiancé says it was cold this morning after a hard rain last night and ongoing rain through the morning and early afternoon.  Cold here is somewhere in the middle 75F degrees with slightly less than 85% humidity.


It’s all relative, my friends, well, the temperatures, I mean…  😉


HOWEVER, what is not relative is the manipulation of gold and silver by the elitist bankers of the world and their billionaire bosses who control both banks and politics by virtue of a club that controls the economies of the world!


This appears to have been an off COT period for silver but there is a slight short covering by the commercials, specifically the producer merchant while the swap dealers picked up longs by a 3 to 1 margin.


The net short position of the commercials has dipped close to 100 MILLION ounces a significant low.


Also, the commercial’s total percent of open interest has dipped below 50%!!


Also notice the producer merchant is closer to 40% of total commercial open interest and the swap dealer is closer to being in the driver’s seat with more than 50% of the position.


What really happened last COT period was in gold, of course and here we see some real action!


Both sides of the commercial’s house built massively on their short positions (as if they talk over lunch and after work cocktails) while the speculators living in fear of a price rise purchased some insurance with 13,000+ additional long contracts added to their total numbers.


But guess what?


Despite all that long buying and tepid enthusiasm on the part of some, price declined.


That is called buying the price down, my friends 😉


I have preached on this before and few agree with me but there it is in black and white, price going down with speculators gorging themselves on longs.


The Swap Dealers are now well over 9 MILLION net short ounces of GOLD.


They are in control of their destiny no matter what commentators think about the true cost of mining and what the price of the metal should be.  The lower price goes the more they are in the money with shorts they bought at significantly higher prices.


Sounds like a great deal to me!


Hedge HOGS, I call them.



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The Word to the wise this week is found in the bible in Revelation 3  and verse 18:


“I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.”


Failure to be able to see in these perilous times will result in being left with nothing.


So, buy my friends, whoever you are, if you are seeking to protect yourselves against the economic collapse just around the corner. 


I raised the buy flag last week.  I do not mean these are the lowest prices that will be seen, however, ANYTHING below $20 is a great bargain and the time is quickly coming when I will raise the buy flag to an alarm level because the collapse is about 1 year away.


When I was in Puerto Rica a few months ago and enjoying some snorkeling in shallow waters, a party of 6-8 came by strolling in the water with their beers in hand and told me I looked and sounded like the guy in the Dos Equis beer commercials so all I can say to that is “Stay thirsty my friends” AND start building your dry powder from your paper investments cause they ain’t going to be around much longer…


Until next week…!
COT Silver 5-6-2014
COT Gold 5-6-2014

  1. Appreciate the change in message… its not about “watch out for some coming crash in silver” because honestly, it is SO cheap right now, there is virtually no difference in buying at $12 / oz or at $19 / oz when it is going to $200. JUST BUY THE PHYZ WHILE YOU STILL CAN. And stay out of the paper markets where thievery reigns.

    • “…no difference in buying at $12/oz or at $19/oz…
      Actually, there IS a difference:
      1)  At $12/oz, the high premium will make Silver cost you the same as it costs you now at $19/oz.
      2)  At $12/oz, a visit to websites of sellers like APMEX, Provident, etc. will display a lot more ‘Out of Stock’ banners than you see today at $19/oz.

    • @Mammoth we’ve heard that argument before, and I’ve used it myself over the years. And I have been wrong. Just look at silver’s premium at $18.x. Lowest price in years. $0.65 premium deals here and there. Better deals than at $27 the past years.
      As long as someone sources the bulk bullion needed for the retail bullion market at usual spot pricing, no need at all for premiums to rise. Only if the buying gets to violent they’ll spike up. But we had the lowest silver in non-USD terms in a year, and premiums were really low. Maples under $2, come on!
      In my theory, us nutty way-too-early stackers have bought pretty much what we can, and we did so the past few years. So if the price drops to $12, we can’t do much more. And sentiment will be even worse. Who’s going to buy? Few smart wealthy individuals. 
      I am not convinced that premiums are to skyrocket. Aren’t premiums lower than 4 years ago when silver was at the same price level?

    • @XC_Skater , I don’t know about four years ago, but 1½ years ago I was able to buy junk from the LCS at spot.  Not able to do that, today.  What I said in my 4:13 p.m. post is what I think will be the case, but of course I may be wrong.

    • Fair point regarding junk, but that’s a tiny market with zero production. At low prices there is obviously less selling pressure to those holding it, regardless of premium. So less supply to go around.
      It only takes a tiny Youtube hype to buy junk and it’s sold out in a whole nation. I bought so much junk from one dealer here in Europe (under 2 kg) that the next time he was unwilling to sell anymore after.

    • @mammoth: yeah that the same thing they said when silver was at like $30 and dropping. they said premiums would be like we was still paying at $30 .. that not how it is today so i think you probably wrong.

  2. Marshall   re collapse is about 1 year away could it be sooner ?

    as there is so much instability in the System and other Global events unfolding
    also at these Low prices   supply must be getting tight

  3. By most accounts only about 1% of the American population owns any physical silver at all so imagine if that number were to increase to just 10%. That’s a ten fold increase so would the price rise by 10x? If so that puts silver around $200/ounce which to me doesn’t sound unreasonable at all. If there is a major panic in the markets or some sort of “dollar event” I can easily see this happening. Am I way off base with this line of thinking?

    • Yet no-one has managed to get a really significant amount of people interested in silver. 
      Will it really take a dedicated reality show? That pawn shop show wasn’t enough to make it happen?
      I still prefer my Open Coin Standard idea best. A new currency to collect for people around the globe. All stackers ought to love it. Business opportinities for mints and (non-PM) retailers, even wholesalers.
      It could extract a huge amount of silver from the supply side of the market by creating new demand largely on top of existing retail bullion demand. Kids could get their allowance in Open Coin. Toy stores could offer a discount to kid who pay in Open Coin, to attract that business. 

      Should people want to buy random 1oz coins, or a spread of globally recognized (by cending machines and bank deposit machines) coin silver which are fully interchangeable? 4×5 grams is same purchase value as 1×20 grams. There are premiums on the coins, through their purity. The 5 gram ones could be of 60% purity for instance, to allow a mint to make a fair profit. The 20 gram coin would be 90%, still a fair minting premium for the issuing mint.
      And every mint or company or person can strike their own edition at will. Your right to mint is in the work you put it, the PM you make it from. For the 20g 90% coin the consumer would pay the 20 grams spot price. And get a huge array of choices, since everyone makes their own. All accepted at cash registers, vending machines, and banks through standardization.

    • No, your not way off base. The problem is, nobody believes the dollar is in trouble.
      If you asked a random person on the street, to give you directions to the nearest coin dealer, so you could buy silver or gold, you could hold a pistol to thier head, and they still couldn`t tell you.
      That`s the problem.

    • @Silver Dollar – To your point, I have been trying over the past few months to get some good friends of mine to convert some of their paper wealth into physical silver. I’ve sent them articles and videos to belabor the point and specifically I sent them chapter 6 of ‘The Big Reset’ which by itself should have been more than enough to convince them. Yet none of them to this day has bought a single ounce of silver! Their normalcy bias has severely clouded their judgement as they are heavily invested in the stock market. It’s not like I was trying to get them to go all in; in fact I told them to target a 10%-20% allocation which to me is very reasonable. Instead one of them told me in I quote: “if the dollar crashes ain’t nothing else gonna matter ’cause we’ll all be screwed.” Really?? He obviously fails to understand that if you are holding physical you will be much more insulated from the crash than the other 90% of the population.
      I’ve done all I can to help them see the light but it is clear to me that some people simply refuse to do so until it is too late. Most people will not consider silver until it is going up 5% a day and is getting constant coverage on shows like Fast Money. At that point where will the price be? 

    • Actually Gogetter, that may be off. You are assuming ALL of the silver investors are in the US, thus, a 10% US increase ends up a much smaller percentage of the total market. Guessin only a couple of percent at best.

    • @gogetter1132
      The fact that you tried to tell people to allocate some reserve PM`s is enough. The point is, they are adults, you told them, now the ball is in ther court
      You asked at what price will people take notice.
      At  $1500 Gold and $35 Silver, people will start to pay attention, the week hands will liquidate, the price may drop some at this point. Once the weak hands are out, the price will start up again. The weak hands (some of them) will get back in. From there is anyones guess

  4. @gogetter1132
    I found my friends equally reluctant to lock in the long-term purchase power of any amount of fiat.
    My best argument is that in 1 century of dollar reign, it’s seen a 30-fold inflation. So if your greatgrandkids find your box of fiat under your house, even a million dollars will not really get them excited.
    Moreover, if my greatgranddad had left me Guilders, I would be quite pissed. Because I can’t exchange them for Euro’s anymore. Only as collectible bills, to an extent, with lots of inflation obviously. Currencies end.
    I also like the argument that in roman times (before the bible was written) a large gold coin bought a horse or genteman’s armor. Today, it buys a bespoke Italian powersuit. Or a horse. And that’s while mines have a hard time surviving the low gold price. That’s long-term purchase power at work. And ore insightful than the 15 ounces of silver Judas took to betray his messiah.

  5. this guy lost my respect when he started spouting the bible. look bud if i want to hear religion i will go to church. i’m sure u know what you can do with your wisdom right ?? hope so.. friggin religious nutcase.

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