We are going to get a gold standard probably in 2016 after the world wide economic crash of 2015.
But, between the crash of late 2015 and the implementation of the gold standard, there is going to be civil disobedience on a scale never before seen in the history of man.
The preppers are going to get the thing they have feared most and have been preparing for many decades.

Submitted by Marshall Swing: 

What a difference a week makes!

For 3 weeks I have been saying it was time for a sliver and gold smash because the short levels of the commercials demanded a return to the “GREAT PMs DEPRESSION”.

In the last few days, we have gotten signs of return to depressive episodes and that is the pharmaceutical prescription the Federal Reserve has ordered up through the Bullion Banks.

Unnatural chemicals are very bad for the human body and it is not different for gold and silver…

Did you know that there are thousands of completely natural plant based remedies for virtually anything that ails you?
Did you know that if you eat a CLEAN biblically based diet it is almost impossible to ever contract diseases, viruses, or illnesses?

The Amish people, the Seventh Day Adventists, Jewish, and Messianics are prime examples of such shining health approaching the health of those we read about in the bible in both what is called the “old testament” and also in the “new testament”:

Why the Amish are healthier than most Americans
Amish Health:  http://www.naturalnews.com/031782_Amish_health.html



Add the fact that Seventhday Adventists live longer than virtually any group of people on the planet…


I am in no way advocating becoming Amish, Seventh Day Adventist, or Jewish but the truth in the excellent health they enjoy is laid out clearly in the law in the book of Leviticus.  All down through history, peoples who followed the Leviticus clean food laws enjoyed natural health far and going away superior to those who did not.

The same is true for countries who utilized silver and gold in the currencies, they thrived because trade was based upon fair scales of measurement not fiat baseless value that some man says it is which varies rather than the unchangeable value of a hard asset at any given point in time.

Gold and silver are equalizers for all the people, not just the wealthy like fiat is for them.

So, good health is based on solid principles for whatever modus operandi we are talking about…

The same is true with gold and silver as the health of both is solid but the pharmaceutical “man based” manipulation of unnatural fiat currency, with no basis of worth in anything of intrinsic value is providing the acute sickness we see in the metals so that no matter how much metal the physical investors buy for their personal stack there is no relationship born to the market price of either silver or gold.

One reason for the manipulation is to ensure low cost silver for industrial applications.

Another reason for the manipulation is to keep anything of hard asset value from obtaining its true worth.  If the true worth of anything is allowed to be seen then we see only the wealthy being able to  afford it.  We see this time and again in the art field where paintings both classic, impressionist, and avant garde have auction values way into the stratosphere and often times the worth of much of these is in the eye of the beholder.

Silver and gold are not allowed to obtain true value in the eyes of any beholder.  They are made to be the slaves of corruption as the elite of the world uses them in applications both private and industrial.   Gold has a special value as it makes the lion’s share of its distribution in jewelry.   The lion’s share of silver is industrial.  If gold price rises too high then many would cease to buy jewelry.  If silver prices rises too high then the additional cost is hardly noticed in most products using it but a great boon to those who sell the silver for its applications.  But since those who mine and sell the silver are hedged in the futures game what they sell product for is at best an opaque vase.

If price can be manipulated down by the futures game, then jewelry manufacturers are happy as are countries who buy gold bullion.

But there is another game at work here in that gold and silver used to be the currency of nations, but while the manipulators are busy playing their game, currencies rise and fall for various reasons without a hard asset base of value, a store of value that levels the playing field among countries.

I read an article by Steve Forbes, recently, calling for a gold standard.  Many, in these last days of the age, are calling for a gold standard.  When we do get that gold standard we will also get a confiscation order so all gold becomes the property of the state.  Sort of but far more than an FDR order all over again…

I have written recently we are going to get a gold standard probably in 2016 after the world wide economic crash of 2015 right around the time Martin Armstrong predicts.  But, between the crash of late 2015 and the implementation of the gold standard, there is going to be civil disobedience on a scale never before seen in the history of man.  The preppers are going to get the thing they have feared most and have been preparing for many decades, some of them.  

My mission is to get people to think for themselves and if you have to wade through a little of what is clearly going on around us to get to the next gold and silver prediction then just think of it as a wake up call.  😉

In silver, up to the end of the COT week on July 8, the large speculators gobbled up 6,637 longs playing right into the commercials hands for a short covering, HFT fueled, smash.  A smash I have been telling people for a few weeks had to happen.  The commercials meanwhile gobbled up 4,621 shorts and the disaggregated COT shows most of that was by the swap dealer commercials.  The small speculators were again virtually silent in terms of gross total change of open interest.  They knew better than to grab up a bunch of longs since they read my reports!

So, as sure as those of you reading this article know how to breathe, the longs grabbed by the large specs reached a tipping point and the commercials initiated a smash.  Simple.

The same movements are seen in gold as the swap dealers piled on new short positions and in the disaggregated COT managed money lapped up huge numbers of longs.

The tipping point was reached days later and the HFT short covering depression came to a head as speculator longs committed suicide when their stops were tripped.

Simple congruency between the commercials of both gold and silver.

Elementary, dear Watson!

Do you wonder why we have seen so many banker suicides in recent months?

It is because those individuals break, yes commit abominations, destroying the commandments of God relating to just weights and measures, fairness without respect to persons, and also manipulating international trade so that the little countries are always at a disadvantage to the bigger ones and I could go on and on with the adjectives but in the old testament there are stories that show us once a tipping point is reached God confused the enemies of Israel and turned them against one another and they killed each other and the armies of Israel merely stood by and watched the action and worshipped God as He delivered them from a tortuous battle and gave them the victory and the spoils.

To those who have all their paper fiat converted to physical silver and gold and other things of value in hard assets when the crash comes next year, you are going to get both the victory and the spoils given to you as a reward for investing in the hard assets created by Father God Himself and you had the wisdom to see its value and get yourself ready for the crash.

Until next week, stay thirsty for physical metal, my friends!

Reporting from the wilderness of Southern Illinois,



PS “There is nothing new under the sun but there are new ways of making you think there is” quote is mine…



  1. I enjoy listening to folks visions of the future.  I fall into the Catherine Austine Fitts slow burn camp myself but I don’t pretend to know how this is going to unfold.  So far, investing in gold and silver has only hurt me and it is hard to keep a good attitude about this whole mess.  I will feel a lot better if Bo Polny’s fairy tale comes true.  Go Bo!!!  Go 2000 dollar gold.

    • Lets get one thing straight… Bo is a SHILL and nothing more. If you are invested in gold / silver, it had damn well better be because you see a 17 TRILLION dollar deficit, trillions of central bank money printing, counterparty risk in stocks / bonds, etc. NOT because some fly-by-night hack like Polny tells you a fairy tale.

  2. It looks like the Dow spent about 30 nanosecond of mourning over the 300 deaths yesterday.
    Up nearly 100 pts today
     Figures, given the anture of the ghouls that occupy Wall Street
    I’ll spend about as much time mourning the DOW when it crashes and dies

    • @AG, There is not going to be a crash, silly.  When DJIA reaches 19,000, this is simply a trigger to  invite other countries into the fold.  @AG this is a process (slowly) from one extreme to the opposite.  We hold precious metals, do you want to see people die, misplaced, or not be able to reach a higher frequency boggled down with contempt?    Yes there is going to be a shock, yet it this will be in giving than in taking.  

    • @AGXIIK
      Look at it this way, AG.  While the deaths of 296 people in Ukraine is a human tragedy of significant proportions and something that we all find reprehensible, it is NOT a world-shaking economic event.  THAT is what shapes things on Wall Street.  This is understandable, since it is the bottom line that influences everything that happens on Wall Street.
      “I’ll spend about as much time mourning the DOW when it crashes and dies”
      We will ALL mourn when the Dow crashes and dies because that will lead directly to untold economic suffering by tens of millions of our fellow countrymen.  At least, I would hope that we would be affected by the suffering of our fellow citizens.  We did not cause this mess but we will ALL be affected by it and in terrible ways that are not always readily apparent.

  3. Marshall Swing has no credibility whatsoever… it was just a few weeks ago when he was ARROGANTLY writing about how “smart” the put buyers were and how “smart” the call sellers were, and how they were making free money at the expense of the idiot longs.
    Fast forward to now, and the price of silver / gold is up. So Marshall was completely WRONG, and ARROGANTLY bashing longs. Why should the Doc even give his drivel posting rights on this site? Not only are the Marshall Swing articles complete garbage, but they actually engage in slander against the longs (who have been on the right side of the trade since MAY).

  4. Republic from Mars
     I think I get what you are saying
    My disgust with stock equities and bonds is that the central banks have invested $30 trillion (50% of the equity markets today)of their DIGIFIAT into these markets to pump them up beyond anything supported by real economics.
     These equity ponzi schemes are  part and parcel of other wretched activities of the central banks and TBTF banks, all of which rotate around the only two acitivities available to central banks—Debasing currencies and starting and financing wars.
      I got myself wrapped around the axle about the cause of the airline shoot down, thinking it’s connected to and a warning to those who are adopting the BRICS bank.
    The entire FIAT currency schemes  are part of every country in the world but some are  promoting a very solid  move to an alternative currency outside the US Dollar.  The petro dollar evil empire is causing damage beyond description, trying to save itself.
    The turmoil and conflict in Ukraine is a US/CIA sponsored segment of empirebuilding retention and viscious attempt to contain Russia’s ambitions.  No matter who launched the missile, it would not have been launched if we had not started down the path of destabilization of Ukraine
    The DOW is a banker’s hog wallow which does nothing to help the middle class.  
    The DOW is an extension of the banker’s wet dream of continuing the reserve currency print to infinity pump and dump paradise that throws large numbers of people in  the US and other countries into debt penury
    The DOW is nothing more than a snorkel tube running from the human body to the mouthparts of a huge parasite. Picture a city sized blow fly sitting on all of humanity, sucking out the life force of all of us.
    The collateral damage to the human population,  and I include those innocent people killed by the missile, is a both direct and indirect result of currency and economic wars that have been fought in serious and earnest manners since the crash of 2008 and well before that. These wars are on the tipping point edge of getting very hot and involving millions of innocent people.
    These wars over economic stability, mission critical commodities, not least of which are gold and silver, the relative value of currencies that either serve the overlords and elites or crush the average Joes into dust, are being fought in the Ukraine right now and may be fought in our country at a later date
    So in my opinion the DOW, S&P and Nasdaq can get F’d.  
    I am out of this clusterbungle of HFT trading and theft in the trading pits.
    There may be no crash tomorrow but there will be one soon enough, maybe this year.   It will be very painful for those unaware of its true nature and those who exit too late.  Maybe the central banks will be the ones who get a stick up the ass when the markets collapse   That could be one result of these wars that will  have a salutory end to the criminal banksters invested in the stock markets today
    I am sick to death of seeing innocent people killed by the evil people of this world who care not one bit about ,We the people’s lives. I am also sick of seeing friends and neighbors pressed upon by the incredible greed and wretched thuggish behavior that we see happening in this country and others every day.
    Sorry about the rant  I still have a serious case of the red ass.
    The Dow reminds me of a straphanging grifter second cousin who stops by the funeral for some free food and then asks the host where he can get his interitance.

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      Those Zionist Jews are at it again, using their magic phaser brain-wave weapons to brainwash good Russians into defecting to the Rothschilds (West).
      😉 (yes, this is cynicism CV)

    • @AGXIIK
      “The DOW is a banker’s hog wallow which does nothing to help the middle class.”
      That has not been my experience.  I have seen several friends of mine become millionaires thanks to the US stock market.  This enabled them to retire early and in comfort.  It IS possible but only if one really works at it, which many of us have.  The 401(k) plan has created more wealth for more everyday Americans than is easily counted.  But… people DO have to avail themselves of it AND take positive action.  It does not make them wealthy all by itself or without their input.

  5. Cyberspace Void   No worries.  The problem is that this stuff gets to me.  I get emotional pretty quickly and that is the way I am.  In a few days I’ll chill a bit but right now all these stories make me very upset    There’s nothing to do about it except rant once in a while.  Interesting about the RT reporter quitting.  There are reported quitting left and right, even in the US MSM.  I guess there’s even a  a gag factor for those people.  Cheers and best to you.
    I’ll turn over my channel to Ranger for a while. He’s posting more and longer in the last week.  That means something.

    • AG,
      I guess not everyone can be a cold-hearted, sharp-tonged bitch like me. Luckily for all I (hopefully) have high moral standards between right and wrong or else I could have easily become a super villain. (Drats!)

      Unfortunately just because one is right doesn’t mean one is totally fair as there are always gray areas or exceptions … choices have to be made and it is those choices are what defines you as a person. I have been called a “possible idealist at best” on here and perhaps I am, but is striving for ideals such a bad thing?

      Cheers (and keep stacking),


  6. I was a blood sucking former banker so ‘cold hearted bastard’ was part of the game.
    Now I’m a recovering banker, 12 step  program and everything  
    I hate the SOBs and make no bones about it
    I thought you were a man.   You got some stones, posting with the testosterone gang.
    Cheers Lady.  
    You’d probably get along well with my wife.  Her last name is Right.  First name—Always.   And she let’s me know it
    Maybe that’s why I’m cranky sometimes.
     have a great weekend

    • Better take good care of her then, good women are hard to find 😀

      @AGXIIK said: “I thought you were a man. You got some stones, posting with the testosterone gang.”

      I can bait a hook and clean a fish if I have too, but when one swims with the fish it’s best to be a shark!

  7. Marshall, I am getting some complicting statements here.
    – manipulation of silver in part to keep cost for industry low
    – if price of silver riser, that does not matter for industry
    – miners are hedged and thus can keep going. However, we see primary silver manier booking losses when they sell at market prices. How does that work, where does the hedgingg go? Is it kept externally of the mining books and balances, and doing well? Then why at all make the effort of mining? It’s not exacty an easy business to be in even if you’re OK making a loss.

  8. Cyberspace Void   Are you related to MaryB?
    How are your gun handling skills?
    This reminds me of the old Russian joke
    You know—the one that end with the line
    ‘send a picture of the tractor’

  9. Marshall “For 3 weeks I have been saying it was time for a sliver and gold smash because the short levels of the commercials demanded a return to the “GREAT PMs DEPRESSION”.” But during the go, go time April 2011 Commercial shorts were 9,000 contracts 45M ounces more short than today. My chart shows silver closing July1, 2014 at $21.03 and July 8, 2014 $20.97 down 6cents. 6 cents down Not what I call a smash down.

    Disaggregated Commitments of Traders – Futures Only, April 12, 2011
    : : Reportable Positions : Nonreportable
    : : Producer/Merchant/ : : : : Positions
    : Open : Processor/User : Swap Dealers : Managed Money : Other Reportables :
    : Interest : Long : Short : Long : Short :Spreading : Long : Short :Spreading : Long : Short :Spreading : Long : Short

    Jy15-14 162,447: 11,693 46,797 31,818 55,410 5,899 55,361 9,418 12,763 10,546 7,211 12,011: 22,356 12,938
    July8 162,879: 11,855 44,628 33,136 58,381 6,062 55,539 11,588 11,302 11,490 7,560 10,237: 23,258 13,121
    July 1 156,698: 13,669 43,469 32,818 54,973 6,008 49,245 13,043 10,535 11,147 7,050 9,348: 23,928 12,272
    Apr12-11 144,670: 8,471 55,036 18,436 23,150 7,887 32,419 5,125 13,778 13,886 8,458 15,190: 34,603 16,046

  10. A gold standard, anything the parasites give us will be more worthless than their digital nothing today. What most humans’ are hoping is some sort of an economic event that will bring back gold and silver as un manipulated money beyond the control of the parasites. The parasites are going to use every digital nothing dime and every ounce of hoarded gold they own plus every share of stock they own to make sure gold and silver don’t go acting right. If the dollar goes to zero the parasites lose more than anyone. As long as there is a COMEX the parasites are going to be selling paper nothing silver to suppress the price of real physical silver as low as possible. We have got to realize parasites’ are Ponziers who want something for nothing. Digital nothing has worked well for parasites for over 300 years. A point arrives when the price of paper silver does not buy physical silver. Silver mines are going to cut back production if the price mines can sell silver is less than the cost to produce silver. IMO, commercial physical silver users are buying silver for the next six months or so right now. Last year during the summer silver went to nearly $25/oz. Silver should be tighter this year than last year. So logic tells me silver should trade at $25/oz by Sept.1. The parasites’ shills will preach the end of the world and cry this and that to get silver for real physical silver buyers as cheaply as possible. But after the BS real silver users will have to buy, and my guess real physical buyers will push the price of silver to at least $25 by Labor Day. Hear these comforting words. The sands of time grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small.

  11. I make no pretense about knowing the future. I have, and will continue to stack Gold and Silver.
    One of my very favorite shows is Lonesome Dove. I`ve read the book 3 times, and own video disks, and viewed them countless times. Once Jake Spoon returned, and told stories of Montana, Gus and Woodrow decided to go to Mexico and steal cattle from Pedro Flores. Woodrow decided to take young Newt along. As they mounted up, Woodrow threw Newt a pistol and said:
    Ladies and gentelman of the jury, I rest my case.

  12. Bix weir, now Marshall labelling the recent couple of price downturns as smackdowns or smashes? Seriously?
    Here’s a tip for you, guys: set your Netdania start date at June 1, and look at silver (or gold) up to the present date. What do you see? What I see is silver up 11% and gold up over 4%. Neither of the two drops in the past few days have gone anywhere near erasing the gains of the past 6 to 7 weeks.
    Take a pill guys and go back to whatever it is that you do when you’re not trying to whip up a stirm in a teacup.
    And what happened to Bo Polny’s prediction of a massive price smash in the first few days of July – didn’t happen. If you’re going to set yourself up to be an oracle, then you’d better damn well get it right most of the time – no-one’s asking for perfection.

    • Good Point, Speros, but if you read Bix regularly I think you will find that he’s been saying the “smackdowns” are becoming less and less effective, so he’s just kind of using the term for consistency. One can find other easier things in his commentary that can be critiqued, and to a greater degree, but again, he is being consistent. He is more of an “after the fact” analyzer than a prediction guru, but he does then interpret these events in the light of ROAD to ROOTA Theory. It’s always a great read, but I’m not a “private road” guy and I’m sure he lays lots more on the line to subscribers. No Known RTR subs here on SD! 

  13. Let’s say The US and partners launch a gold standard today at $4000/oz. Would we be happy with that? Let’s say they fix the gold to silver ratio to 1:40, a mex between old and current. Would be we happy? Our silver would go x4-5 and be stuck there forever. First inflate away for years or decades, until a reset is needed.
    The only good dolg standard is a floating one.
    And the only good way to have Comex operate is have it all be physical based. And 100% deposit, no margin plays. No margin hikes or similar tricks.

    • +1 XC! 
      $100 Silver makes no sense, and it was closer to 30:1 when it peaked (32:1 in April, 2011) 
      Floating is best, but unless we get TPTB’s heads on a platter, we will get screwed if there is a fixed ratio. 
      This seems to be what that arrogant A-hoe FOFOA alluded to in the few chapters of his stuff I read. 
      I like his FREEGOLD notion, but he always implies that Gold Only is what we will get and it should be 
      a free-floating poly metallic, real money arrangement. PERIOD. 
      I’m fairly heavily invested in Silver, modestly so in COPPER, and very little in GOLD. 
      Because SILVER has the most upside, in the real world. Makes Sense to ME!

    • In 2011, without the April margin hikes for silver, GSR could have dropped to 20 in August when gold peaked. 
      So we may well reach that again, especially in a physical shortage scenario that is prolonged.

      I am liking PGM more. The best investors are liking it to silver. Like Rick Rule. When this guy is right, he gets it RIGHT.

    • I clearly could see 20:1, in fact, my conservative projection was 25:1 if Silver was allowed to run on up to it’s natural new nominal high. 20:1 would have only been $96 ozT (with $1920 Gold) Seems the trajectory supported this possibility! 
      What are you calling PGM? 
      I thought it stood for Platinum Group Metals, and included SILVER. 
      As in an elemental grouping on the periodic table? 
      Here’s my answer…

  14. This is one of the best podcasts that I’ve listened to. This link is to a show that he did on silver. His other shows are just as good!
    [audio src="http://traffic.libsyn.com/modernamericanprepper/episode_6.mp3" /]

  15. This article is the biggest load of crap I have seen in a while.  The author says “Global Crash”. “Gold Standard” and Great Depression in 2015… Didnt I hear this in 2012?  2013?  2014?… I know there will be some kind of currency collapse at some period of time, but to make these bold predictions to a certain year, and then follow this by “oh yeah, this means the Gold Standard is here”, So try and pay for your online purchases with Gold?  or is it some bullshit quasi fiat which has “Gold Backed” written on it, to suck up your physical.   Oh Gee my subscription to BIG-JUGS is about to expire.  Here’s a 1/10 Maple,  Gotta have those JUGS.

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