willieWhat I see coming in 2015 is the final and greatest economic crash in human history which will devastate all the world economies and brings in a sort of one world government that rules with an iron fist.  
The Western public will likely cheer it on because after a few weeks and months of nearly devastating consequences, the world’s economies will be restored to a solid operating basis with hard assets as the underlying “good faith” once again just like various countries throughout history have had and used successfully.
This time however, it will be all the countries of the world who will participate in the new monetary system based on their possession of hard assets.   A world wide governing board of “economic kings” will be set up to rule and make decisions for all of us and their decisions will be final for international trade. 
Will some countries rebel?   Those who have little hard assets will be hard pressed into a slave mentality to those countries with the hard assets AND MILITARY POWER to both back up their dictatorial ways and force the poorer countries of  the world to do as they say and also make them believe it is for their own good.
The Greatest Economic Crash & financial system upheaval in human history looms.  



By SD Contributor Marshall Swing:

Here I am on Cathay airlines flying 30+ THOUSAND feet over the Pacific Ocean hurtling towards Los Angeles, CA.
I left Davao City late Saturday night about 10PM, got into Manila at 1140PM, then Ariene, my wife who was with me and I, were picked up at the domestic terminal by her aunt Imelda and fiancé Christian.
We proceeded to a small restaurant because I could not yet check into Cathay until 2AM.  At this small restaurant we discussed many things not pertaining to gold and silver but pertaining to economics, prophecy, and things to come.
The time advanced forward quickly and soon it was time to head to the International terminal and say my goodbyes.
Saying goodbye to my new wife, of just over 1 month, was extremely difficult for me as I have been alone for many, many years and I was getting very used to having her around and making my life much more satisfying in many ways by the conversations we have talking about many things.
One of the things we discuss in much detail is farming. Her parents are farmers in Southern Mindanao and Ariene is partners with them in a relatively new venture, pig farming.

I, of course, disdain pigs, and have convinced her and her family to farm chickens, cows, goats, and sheep and I will become a silent partner with them in the organic egg, poultry, milk, and other agricultural products business with them.

Most people do not know there are volumes of research out there showing definite links between pork consumption and liver cancer and many other auto-immune diseases. Those little piggy’s store the toxins and disease from things they eat in their fat cells where it cannot be cooked out no matter how hot the temperature you cook it. Pigs are synonymous with viruses. They do not call it swine flu for nothing 😉

God created gold and silver in the earth and it has always been greatly prized for both jewelry and as a store of value related to the worth people place on that jewelry as well as a historical backing for monetary currency.   However, in this day and age countries following after the United States and their 1913 decision to pass the Federal Reserve Act and begin the long, arduous task of printing fake fiat money based on nothing but “good faith and a promise to pay” have created for themselves consistent cycles of boom and bust because of the way capital flows from place to place seeking its greatest return on investment.
For those of you who have the slightest disdain for my mention of biblical things, please bear with me!
You see, God, in the scriptures never intended for man to have multi-national corporations from decade to decade, century to century that control both peoples locally as well as peoples and countries internationally in their economic interests and thereby control to a great degree social morals as well through continuous, pervasive advertising meant to break down moral resistance to products that are contrary to the people’s socio-moral local values.

BUT, this is exactly what we have seen happen all across the world particularly in the last 100 years but also on a smaller scale in a few centuries leading up to the events we see happening in the world today.
What does this have to do with silver and gold?   EVERYTHING!
Having such an economic system requires the destruction of hard asset values through very tight controls to feed those assets to predetermined multi-national corporations for their continual thirst for reaching ever deeper into the countries
of the world to control their economies and peoples.

But, those of us who follow closely, read and study the history of silver and gold know for a fact that the manipulation of those assets has led to various fiat bubbles of devastating economic proportions and we saw the results of the almost world wide collapse of the economies of the world in 2008. We saw the collapse of the so-called dot com bubble in the early 2000s, and before that we saw the crash of 1987, and on and on and on…

But, what I see coming in 2015 is the final and greatest economic crash that devastates all the world economies and brings in a sort of one world government that rules with an iron fist (so to speak) but the peoples of the world cheer it on because after a few weeks and months of nearly devastating consequences the world’s economies are restored to a solid operating basis with hard assets as the
underlying “good faith” once again just like various countries throughout history have had and used successfully but this time it is all the countries of the world who will participate in this scenario based on their possession of those hard assets and a world wide governing board of “economic kings” will be set up to rule and make decisions for all of us and their decisions will be final for international trade.

Will some countries rebel? Those who have little hard assets will be hard pressed into a slave mentality to those countries with the hard assets AND MILITARY POWER to both back up their dictatorial ways and force the poorer countries of  the world to do as they say and also make them believe it is for their own good.

In silver this past reporting period (remember the COT week runs from Tuesday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon in New York) we saw a little more run up in price and the large speculators were devastated as they gave up their new found short positions with considerable losses as the bullion banks do not desire a collapse of  the silver and gold price just yet. The large specs have been busy buying up shorts because of the MASSIVE short position held buy the swap dealers which is the leading indicator price must fall or else the swap dealers could be DEVASTATED in a sudden price rise that puts their shorts deep into the red.
Those swap dealers, in full collaboration with the commercial bullion banks have the price of silver and gold in a stranglehold and price does exactly what they command it to do as they are unconcerned about relatively minor price fluctuations because ultimately the bullion banks can use High Frequency Trading to place price exactly where they want it and for their short term purpose which is to cause DEPRESSION in the minds of the fund’s managers of the managed money category. It is sort of like boiling crabs in water, the water feels good in the beginning and slowly warms up and they are desensitized to the heat and visibly show no signs they are aware they are being scalded/led to their deaths.
In the disaggregated COT, we see both the producer merchant and the swap dealers loading up on shorts big time and the SDs outnumber the shorts of the PMs by 2 to 1. Those SDs are telecasting their intent that silver price is going nowhere upwards for any extended length of time. Managed money is bounced out of almost 12,400 shorts! I don’t know if anyone is counting but that is
62,000,000 MILLION silver ounces they had sold short that they had to cough up for sizeable losses!
We also see managed money has been suckered into buying up 5,892 longs and they will shortly take losses on those as well. When will these guys learn?
In gold, the ignorance of the large speculators is even more astounding.   Here they cough up -21,183 short contracts for massive losses while stupidly purchasing 21,381 longs and they are about to be raped in the HFT short covering exercise the commercials do so well.
The gold commercials, however, sold almost 14,200 longs at lower prices while picking up 39,123 shorts at high prices!!!
Do you know how to spell T-E-L-E-G-R-A-P-H-I-N-G their moves beforehand?  

That is well over 30 MILLION shorts those bullion banks picked up at higher prices and they will slaughter the longs of the speculators.
Unfortunately the small specs were not as smart as they usually are and picked up almost 6,500 longs this past period. Have they been reading the sun shiny reports of the commentators who say gold is on the rebound?

Did they go on vacation and leave their trading software on autopilot? If we look at the raw numbers on the disaggregated COT we see both houses of the commercials acting synchronously and they are indeed following the same master conductor.
They have no intention of letting metal’s prices get out of control.   They take their cues from the elite leaders of the “not-as-free-as-you-think” world who fully intend to collapse the world economy next year so they can regroup all the countries of the world under one umbrella in a new world order.

They take their cues from the elite leaders of the “not-as-free-as-you-think” world who fully intend to collapse the world economy next year so they can regroup all the countries of the world under one umbrella in a new world order.
The enslavement into the new world order is sort of like being assimilated into the Borg (if you were a Star Trek junky). Those who resist will do so futilely and those who assimilate will be not handsomely rewarded but they will have an existence similar to brain dead slaves.
She might look really good to some, but I got news for ya, she ain’t 😉

borg queen

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  1. Goodness help us the day he gets one right, though usually his calls are general enough for him never to have to admit he’s wrong. Assinine COT analysis along with a splash of convinced End Times theology, all delivered with the surety of someone who is certain he’s right but never is. Why Doc subjects us to this crappy, tiresome psuedo analysis remains the real mystery.

    • This stuff was plausible when Lehman failed, etc…but it is so old now. It’s like the bum on the streets holding the sign that reads :THE END IS NEAR”…Some day he will be right, but that day may be in a thousand million years. In the meantime, people are getting rich in stocks and real estate. I sold all my gold at a huge loss because I was tired of hoarding it, over time I’ll make it back. I’m slowly liquidating my silver and will just hold a couple of thousand oz…If gold goes down I’ll buy a little back…But the apocalyptic prophesies here are a disaster in their own right.
      The end will be 2010. Wait, 2012…2014?…Def 2015…Sound familiar?

    • Profile photo of
      Proverbs1616 says:

      Actually, not so, that is old school 19th Century theoretical cosmogony/astronomy.
      Modern astronomy confirms a young Earth… modern physics is giving credence that the uni-directional speed of light is much faster than than the reflected speed of light, etc.
      But don’t take my word for it, I don’t have a PhD in physics or astronomy. The experts do though 😉

  2. I got to know Marshall over the last  few years and he is a reasonable person. He is thoughtful and not given to hysteria.  It is clear that the problems we face in this country and in the world at large are such that they lead to conflicts, both regional and potentially world wide.  Whether we are tucked into PI, or Wyoming, or Ecuador, we might try to ignore the problems but they will not ignore us.  
    The issue at hand is what we, the stacker universe, do in light of a juggernaut assault against us by domestic and foreign terrorists (central banks and big governments)?   You can prep, watch, gather allies and pray but the fact is that if this house of card built on debt, FIAT and derivatives fails, there will be a cataclysm.  Being heavy in precious metals might help but it’s not the only solution and may offer scant protection

    • Agreed. Metals will not be protection from the coming disaster, neither will food, water, guns, ammo, first aid and the like. Those who have many or all of these elements gathered up and ready, will be several levels of protection higher than “FEMA Joe and Jane”. It will at least give us breathing room to strategize how to make it to the next day, one day at a time. Fact is if this comes to pass, it will be the challenge of a lifetime for the preppers and a free ride to a gulag for those in denial.

    • @AGXIIK
      “It is clear that the problems we face in this country and in the world at large are such that they lead to conflicts, both regional and potentially world wide.”
      Indeed so, AG.  But there is also the foreign vs. domestic aspect of this.  There will be PLENTY of violence at home and abroad as the world tries to cope with too many people and too few resources.  We hear a lot about “peak oil” but that’s just the tip of this iceberg.  It won’t be long until we pretty much have peak everything.  


      Is that what we’re all here for… to make each other feel better? Somehow, I was thinking that we were hear to read, learn, and share information and speak our mind on various issues. AG has done that.

  3. “Those swap dealers / commercial bullion banks have the price of silver and gold in a stranglehold and price does exactly what they command it to do …”
    “the bullion banks can use High Frequency Trading to place price exactly where they want it ”
    I’m convinced that Marshall Swing is like some kind of sock puppet for Jamie Dimon himself the way he aggrandizes the government and the banks…
    Personally, I believe that the government / banking complex is quite weak, and the shrillness of the commentators in the MSM is directly correlated to the fear level of TPTB when the masses do start adding modest amounts of silver and gold to their stacks. 

  4. According to Gene Arensberg, the Managed Money category until recently held a large short position to hedge their longs which had remained fairly constant at around 35000 contracts. Once the downtrend was done (fingers crossed) the Managed Money category covered their shorts (covered 25000 shorts since 3rd June) causing a short squeeze and boosting their longs. They have also added another 6000 longs. Maybe they know something we don’t.

    • “Maybe they know something we don’t.”
      Maybe.  Or maybe they just THINK they know something that we don’t.  Once their bets are paid off, we’ll know for sure because of the pile of money that they do or don’t have as a result.  😉

  5. If this world knew the truth of what is written in the scriptures, and that all  has bean ours from before the beginning and what inheritance awaits us all { bar none} we would be rejoicing in the streets and shouting His Glory  from the rooftops.

    • Kind of like this?
      “Hallelujah…..it’s a new world order, people are being trampled, there’s blood in the streets, thank you Jesus!!!!”
      God gave us the ability to determine which way to go forward, not where to sit while waiting for our “inheritance”, whatever that may be in your eyes. Also bear in mind that unless you are reading the Aramaic version of the bible, you are reading a translation of a translation. One example is this passage that has been historically confusing to those reading it:
      “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”
      when brought back to the Aramaic it reads more like…
      “My god, my God, it’s for this reason you have put me here.”…….
      Quite a difference huh?

    • And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Matthew 27:46

      It was this very moment in which Jesus became a curse for us, as it was this very question asked, He in His heart/mind separated Him self from His/our Father succumbing to a perception of GOD being outside of His self, understanding that Jesus kept the first commandment { thou shall not eat of it: Genesis 2:17} Jesus had not eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and it was His own reasoning He fought off in the garden of Gethsemane knowing that for this reason He came into this world, The very thought of eating of His own reasoning gathered by thoughts from outside of His self made Jesus sweat drops of blood

    • If you are referring to the word “Aramaic,” let me present you with this bit of factual and historical information:

      Aramaic was a Semite language known since the NINTH century B.C. (remember that David lived five or six hundred years earlier than this), and Moses who is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible lived considerably earlier than King David.   Certainly long BEFORE the ninth century which is the first historical acquaintance with the language of “Aramaic.”

      Actually the language of Aramaic was adopted by Jews, however, not BEFORE the first Scriptures were written, but rather AFTER the Babylonian exile!  Historians tell us that the Aramaic language looked more like, “The square Hebrew alphabet as distinguished from the EARLY HEBREW ALPHABET.” 

      Have you seen any of these Aramaic manuscripts that PREDATE the Hebrew and Greek language?
      You would be the first !

    • You wrote:
      “If this world knew the truth of what is written in the scriptures………..”
      My obvious point which begs debate is how do you know the iteration of the version you read, is a true representation of the original writing since so much has been lost in translation? It’s a rhetorical question at this point…don’t bother answering.

    • Most do not believe they are one with the father presently but pursue to be one by the very means that divided us from him in the first place, that being the eating of our own reasoning, This is the message of the wilderness that is preached in the land today, a perception that is caught between two mountains, sons, or fruits of one tree. Most have not begun to understand yet the language of God, not willing to forsake what they presently understand as being the truth. The cost to understand is everything, but few understand what this has to do with the price, and the absolute of this that we walk in

    • Only the Spirit of Truth can lead us into truth, which will forever be a present moment we live in , understanding truth having neither beginning nor end is forever expanding and if one holds to any one truth, it becomes a snake in our path,  as our heart/mind turns it into an idol/image  we hold to, understanding that the prince of this world is the image of this world, which is not the truth but our perception of it.

  6. A few folks are citing cryptic coding in financial data-feeds they interpret as forewarning of ‘the beginning of the re-set’ as soon as this Monday the 7th day of the 7th month of year 14 of the century, along with odd statements in certain speeches indicating that date through numerology references. All we know is that it’s long past due an sitting on a hair-trigger.

    What I know is that I’m experiencing horrendous conditions on the internet, which damned sure doesn’t bode well by my instincts.

    • “…the beginning of the re-set’ as soon as this Monday the 7th day of the 7th month of year 14 of the century…”
      Speaking of the number 7, today the Dow crossed over the 17k mark for the first time.
      What do the numerolgists have to say about that?

  7. If this is the beginning of the tribulation, it will be nasty. All I know is stay out of the system and do not under any circumstances take their mark. It will cost you your soul. You bible bashers are ignorant. All of history has played out perfectly in line with scripture. Just remember this, if the Jews rebuild the temple, you got 3.5 years til Armageddon. 

    • Is “Bible Bashers” the term used for those whom you bash with your Bibles? What if someone were to push the Qur’an on you as the playbook to the future? I believe all the different religious texts of the world are very revealing, I just don’t like the Bible pushers tactics because it offends those of a differing viewpoint and differing holy, (to them) texts. I do not believe that Christians are doing it right and all others are not. For the record, I am a Christian myself.

    • The kingdoms of this world that the adversary (in picture) would give, which is attached to the serpent that religion becomes (Christianity the chief of them) in the minds of men, was every soul, but it is the destiny of every soul to be the kingdom of God, which removes all the serpents from everyones path

    • @SilverSlicker
      As fellow Christians without portfolio, we are FREE to think and do as we will in our interpretation of what is truly good in the eyes of God and without the strictures of smaller minds intruding on our free will.  😉
      Bible thumping is neither necessary nor appreciated.  There is truth and wisdom in many religions, which shows quite clearly that there are many paths that lead to God.  Those who say otherwise are trying to manipulate people for their own benefit.  Typically, this is monetary but not always.  Sometimes it is just the usual drum-beating effort to expand the “flock”.  I have it on good authority that those who reach the next level of existence and are very “religious” in the conventional ways are absolutely surprised and astounded by what they find.

    •  All religions are serpents that become between you and your Father, but there are pieces of truth in all religions when we brush off the perception of dust/man.

  8. June 24, 2014
    158,093: 14,676 44,349 33,976 47,200 10,076 42,272 17,765 9,656 11,888 7,065 9,650: 25,899 12,332
    June 3, 2014
    161,062: 16,409 36,740 42,374 31,683 6,740 35,166 42,804 11,421 14,612 6,208 9,317: 25,023 16,149

    By my math Hedge Funds have sold 25K silver short paper nothing contracts, 125M oz between Jun3-Jun24. Hopefully Hedges lost a lot of money. Its outrageous the COMEX has a scam where 125M ounces can be traded in 3 weeks. Course there is nothing as low as Fed parasites’ interest rate swaps. Swap Dealers longs are 236M oz long 52M oz short as of the last COT. SDs shorts are up 16M oz and their longs are up 77M oz since June3. Not a massive increase in shorts a Marshall writes. As much BS as Marshall’s pork BS? The next COT comes out Monday June 7, so we can see what sick games the COT price fixing parasites have been playing for the last week. Sure the Fed parasites are manipulating mass murder and theft of the world economy by price fixing oil up and the dollar down, can you imagine racists with this much hatred in their hearts, generational Zword ism and Greed ism, but hopefully Revelations is talking about this sick lot being screwed, not just humans. Fed parasites’ shills are going to talk down the price of silver so they can help their commercial physical buyers buy their physical as cheaply as possible. Its look as if commercial physical buyers are buying cheaply, even if its not as cheap as Fed parasites want Commercials to buy their physicals. Here’s hoping and praying Fed parasites get screwed beyond their wildest dreams. http://www.cftc.gov/marketreports/commitmentsoftraders/index.htm A mining co I watch is down, parasite shorting miners to manipulate PMs down? Most of the Peeps of the world have been brain washed by the Fed parasites to believe money is God. Parasites know they can’t steal all the money unless Peeps believe like them, money is God.

    • @Ranger

      Look above …. I already called it for 2018. Figured if I put it out long enough I might not get harassed for awhile (and can claim my brilliance if it does happen!)…. oh and if you take 2 away from 1+8 you get 7 🙂

      Keep stacking!

  9. Guess you have wondered why most of you are here? The Truth be known, “Misery Loves Company”, You wonder if you have made the right decision, buying Gold or Silver. You hope to glean positive information about the metals market and hope it is the truth! But no, no, further disappointment prevails, it sickens you. You curse the criminal banksters, The Federal Reserve, and anyone that sells Silver for far less than you paid for what you have bought. It never ends, you think, I’ll wait till Silver gets back up to what I paid for it and sell it to some unsuspecting fool, Ha, Ha that’s it. But alas decades later, you realize your error as Silver has risen a dollar more than you paid. Is there no end to our misery? No, you try to get out and they drag you back in!

    • Hi troll…  gold is the best performing asset this year (beating Oil, Stocks, Bonds, etc).

      It also has outperformed the S&P 500 on a 10 year timeline.

      Unsuspecting fools are the ones who hold dollars, which have lost 97% of their purchasing power to silver / gold.

      One thing is for sure… government boot lickers are scared of the above information. And trolls getting more shrill is certainly bullish for us.

    • Hi @Ranger , I like you because I am a cynic myself.  There are a number of different reasons why I am here, and honestly one of them is as you say – seeking confirmation (from the other stackers here) that I am doing the right thing by stacking myself.  But I also come here to glean knowledge from the other folks who contribute with their comments.  The articles?  Not so much, but they do have an entertaining quality, don’t they?
      It’s all about taking in the information, processing it yourself, using what you believe in, and then just discarding the rest.  Having followed the old advice “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” I am okay with having some of my savings tied up in PM’s and sitting in a holding pattern.  I do have faith they will eventually increase in price, but when this happens nobody really knows.
      Once PM’s do finally head back up significantly, many holders of Physical will likely unload their holdings, which may dampen the price increases.

    • Ranger … “I’ll wait till Silver gets back up to what I paid for it and sell it to some unsuspecting fool”
      It never ceases to amaze me how sock-puppets betray their twisted thinking processes in the ‘belief’ that they’re somehow ‘slick’ and ‘convincing’ in the process … as if perpetually depreciating credit-stamps can ever be ‘measuring instruments’ for real things of rarity when the truth is the exact opposite.

      It’s no vain hope that silver is destined to trade for ever greater numbers of this Plantation Scrip because billions more units of the stupid stuff is cranked out daily … trillions by the year … but only hundreds of thousands of silver ounces can be recovered … and the current average is falling.

      Simple supply-demand math can’t be covered up by trillions in phony credit-‘money’ funded naked shorts, nor emotionally charged taunts calculated solely to raise self-doubts on easily debunked nonsense.

      Money Is Weighed, Fictions Are Counted.

    • @SeanKelly
      I usually think of Ranger as the “RESIDENT CURMUDGEON” but he would be a perfect TROLLL! 
      He’s been here so long, he’s older than Dirt, and he was speaking of taking the “long dirt nap” about a year 
      and a half ago, which ginned up a lot of sympathy that was directed his way! FUNNY STUFF!!! 
      He would be the PERFECT DEEP COVER Troll, and he has earned it!
      Either that or Z-Man took our buddy Ranger hostage and assumed his identity  O.o 


      ‘Anti-dollar’ propaganda is a ruse to protect the banknote scheme itself. Each of these ‘reserve currencies’ in turn are mathematically destined to self-destruct by sheer design structure which can’t be avoided. First the German paper ‘mark’, then the British paper ‘pound’ … now the American paper ‘dollar’. Are we so abysmally stupid as to be fooled a fourth time with Chinese paper ‘renminbi-yuan’?

      To accomplish any semblance of rational economy, justice and Liberty, the Peoples of the world will be best served by a stance of ‘anti-banknote’. It’s this circulation of pure credit in trade which destroys economies and forces financial arrangements into criminality.

      Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

  10. @Mammoth,
    I guess what amuses me the most Mam is the flood of Newbies here that try to glorify the news that something is really going good. They don’t realize the realities and glad handing by the Gurus sitting on the side of our beds and telling us how great things are going to be as we both know that nobody knows!
    Happy Fourth or whatever Obama has left of it

    • @Ranger:  The Newbies, as you call them, are really low-information left-leaning liberal slugs that think everything is rosy because they believe Obozo implicitly.  Why not, it takes all the thinking processes AWAY from them.  I hope we don’t see it, but the FEMA (concentration) camps that will be popping up to “give aid” to those in need, will be nothing more than internment camps with the first rule being  “leave your freedom and thoughts at the gate”.

    • @silverrrrr
      It is entirely possible that the gate pass for these FEMA camps will be an EBT card.  If you have one of those, you get in.  If not, then you are on your own… and likely prefer it that way.

  11. Hey Good and Evil. Bro, you burned one too many fatties back in the day. Most all of us did to some degree but you are like my room-mate at the frat house- Stubo burned up a little too much grey matter during our bong-a-thongs and never recovered. Cheers.

    • For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. 1 Timothy 2:3-4
      To come to the knowledge of truth. is the narrow path that leads to LIFE, understanding that this truth we come to, is the knowledge of self, seeing that there is only the one tree in the midst of the garden.  

  12. I do not subscribe to  religious intolerance  but I am getting really tired of all these biblical references in
    rious articles recently.
    Why do people feel the need to inject religion into the conversation.
    lets keep this site secular and dispense with personal religious views and  or biblical references.

    • Why do people feel the need to inject religion into the conversation.
      @inlikeflynn they think they need to convert people not realizing that we need to find the Truth ourselves.
      using what you believe in,
      @Mammoth so true, it’s what I believe within that matters and I have a strong believe that the inner controls the outer and not the other way around. Hence why I stack and Prep because the God spark within is telling me to and most of these articles I don’t read anyway. I just thumb through. I like being with like minded people that believe as I do concerning what’s happening around us..
      @Ranger don’t give up yet your gonna need your stack down the road, whether it be tomorrow or a year from tomorrow. Love you my friend. Keep Stacking

  13. sorry silverrrrr  I get a little wrapped around the axle sometimes
    I did hear something the other day.  Christine LeGard’s Indian (Feather not dot) is Five Horses.
    Translated to Engish   it’s  Nag, Nag, Nag, Nag, Nag.   
    Can anyone tell me how this second runner up to the casting call for The Lizard People got a job as the head shed of IMF
    I know she was a synchonized swimmer but come on, with a gob like her’s— WTF.  Looking at her hurts my eyes
    Inquiring minds need to know.

  14. nice marshall! just married my wife in Bohol Philippines on may 17. left her there she is starting chickens, tilapia, ginger on parents rice farm!! also buried more silver 40 feet north of the mahogany tree below the face of the rockwall. the date of 29 th of elul 2015 will be the hammer with a few gut kicks before.

  15. The question isn’t when the collapse is going to happen, it’s how much longer can the Government play this charade? If you do the math, a loss of 1% a year of the value of the dollar, we’ve got three years left.

    • It’s slow motion musical chairs right now, “paper assets” will be moving into different classes and categories, driving up prices in things that we thought were stable. So far:
      Stock Market (artificially) 
      Pretty Soon it will really hit something new and unexpected. I am not very good at this style of “What’s Next” 
      but I can guarantee it will catch the sheeple by surprise and it will run like wildfire. 
      So, in short, the collapse is well underway. 

  16. @ PatFields “Are we so abysmally stupid as to be fooled a fourth time with Chinese paper ‘renminbi-yuan’?”
    Yes Pat, unfortunately it will happen again. Greed will again be in fashion after the PM’s have their brief return. The short memory of human’s will come back. However, in the short period when gold and silver are again money, take advantage.
    2 OZ.

    • 2 OZ. … “unfortunately it will happen again”
      Maybe I’m too trusting that human capacity can rise above past foible and grasp the truth, so I pray perhaps not. This time, having arrogantly spread their credit-‘money’ poison worldwide, all are destined to ‘inter-destruct’ together. Goverments can probably pull off the charade again, but nothing can possibly change for the better and as that’s recognized, Peoples’ final rejection of the true underlying cause beneath this calamity can be faced with certainty and solid resolve. I hope I’m around to witness it. It’ll lift my heart immeasurably.

  17. 2OZ  welcome back   How have you been?  What’s new?
    Pat Fields in response to your comments about selling silver for paper, it’s my belief that there will be many people who reject the Plantation Script and trade hard assets for hard assets—silver for something else such as land, possibly labor, food, and medicine.   I trade silver for many things.   Time is spent considering what and how I would trade silver for things that are vital to our wellbeing, even to the extent that these trades can be done while leaving the government out of the conversation.  That heavy handed overreach is now something to be dealt with.  That is regretful but such is the state of affairs we find ourselves in.  But I do have some good plans to thwart this gummint’s intrusiveness.  That makes me a doubly damned wretched criminal DOMESTIC TERRORIST—thinking about the next post on SD.   My Gadsden Flag says exactly that
    MaryB was kind enough to make the template.
    There will come about a natural balance to the value of silver and those other things that are desired. Maybe in that time period we will evolve into a higher consciousness that rejects slave stamps and the false paradigm exigencies of the FIAT/DEBT/GULAG.

  18. Pat, I hope you are right about the people understanding this time around and hopefully they will reject another fiat. I just see those around me going back to buy things on credit again so soon after the last financial debacle. The poison has indeed spread world wide and nothing would please me more than to see the banksters squashed under their own heavy greed for power and money.
    Doing fine AGXIIK. Just working and stacking when I can as well as trying to make sense of all that’s going on in this great wide world we temporarily occupy. :). I believe unless you are in total agreement with the MSM, we are all considered terrorists. LOL!

  19. @Mammoth:  The Queen, huh?  Well, actually, in MY case, that’s a great deal, because for most of the fifty-four years I have been married to my bride, I have referred to her as “The Queen”.  There are a lot of folks that think that’s her name!!!!

  20. LeGard makes about $850,000 a year free of taxes   With that sort of income she could afford some lazer facial surgery.   I think it could be done more cheaply.  Think a belt sander and carbolic acid.
    As for QEII.  The old battle axe commissioned a new battle ship.
     There she does again, building battleships to kill her subjects
    It must be fun to be king   Even more being queen

    • It was actually an aircraft carrier …. much more useful in situations calling for humanitarian airlifts and evacuations than a battleship. The US also used one to supply incredible amounts of fresh water after the big Haiti earthquake.

      As for Laguarde and QEII, both need help. I keep wincing about the later’s pic being on Canadian and Australian bullion coins when I decide to buy them

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