I have been saying for a while now that worldwide economic collapse is soon to come to a country near you, a state near you, a city near you, and right up to your doorstep.
In all the financial world, no other than one Martin Armstrong gets it right.  The same Armstrong who analyses all data everywhere, all sectors, all history, throws it all into a computer data model and out pops the date/timeframe of 2015.75 – end of the 3rd Quarter, 2015.
This is a planned crash, folks.  Not a mere accident waiting to happen but a planned crash.  It will be done to subjugate the entire world into one economic system with full power given out by a dictator who knows best how to rule (in his eyes) the people and make slaves the whole world over…
I highly recommend the liquidation of all paper investments and that includes stocks, mutual funds, all retirement vehicles, etc and hold your dry powder for when silver dips below $19 again this Fall/Winter.
It is going to happen and when it goes below $19 I say buy, buy, buy physical and hold it.



Submitted by Marshall Swing:

Greetings from the Wilderness of Southern Illinois!

Ever since I returned from the Philippines the weather has been tremendous here as no one I know here can believe it is July, usually the hottest month of the year.  For sure, just two years ago and to quite some degree last year, the scenery was quite brown from drought as water did not fall from the sky.  This year, however, there is ample water, the lakes are full, even the Mighty Mississippi River is up to the necks of its banks as I noticed from the Poplar Street Bridge going to St. Louis the other day.

In fact, in some places the Mighty Miss has topped her banks and filling farm fields on the East Side.  It’s a veritable Garden of Eden this year.  Well, except that the Garden of Eden was organic and all the land around here is pretty highly polluted with the chemicals famers, who want to compete with agribusiness, have to put on their land just to keep up with the big boys.

Those chemicals go into the water tables and wash to streams then into the Mississippi River and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico helping to create huge dead zones around New Orleans.  A few years ago, I was going to put a well on my property to water my lawn and garden so I had a drilling company over to decide if shallow or deep well was the correct route to take.  They informed me deep wells in the near area had turned up with water that would burn your skin if it touched it because of the chemical runoff into deep places in the earth.  They recommended a shallow well.  That was 2012 and I still do not have a well but I do have very green grass this year!

Silver and gold are no different from the land.  The Big Boys will pollute anything they touch and they truly do not care.  They are in things for profit in the short and long term and CONTROL.  They are completely about control and desire to leave nothing to chance when it comes to the world of trading gold and silver futures on the COMEX (Commodities Exchange) in New York.

Ever since Dodd-Frank was passed and all manipulation of silver and gold futures through the use of concentrated short positions was eliminated, the world financial scene has been a far more stable place and everyone in America can feel much more safe and secure than in 2008 when the world economy almost crashed.


That’s the Congressional Wall Street “talking head” version:


Here’s one little humorous piece on Dodd Frank you can sink your teeth into…  😉


Crass, but funny.  Gotta love the tire treads on that law…  The blood on the knife tells all.

Here’s some real irony over at Forbes:  http://thedailyshow.cc.com/videos/rmbag2/dodd-frank-update

And at Money Morning:  http://moneymorning.com/2012/02/24/dodd-frank-isnt-legislation-its-a-comedy/

And finally, here’s some good fictitious interview quips:


Of course, all of us in the silver and gold world know Dodd Frank is better named “Dud Fart”.

In that “law” were required implementation of position limits for the players on the COMEX and the CFTC spent years figuring out what those limits should be then once they came up with numbers for those limits the Bib Banks balked and lobbied and you know the rest of the story:


So much for “Hope and Change”…

Seems so many in the financial world know the reality that the things that were bad in 2008 are still bad today and getting worse but Main Street Media is paid to tell you otherwise.

I have been saying for a while now that worldwide economic collapse is soon to come to a country near you, a state near you, a city near you, and right up to your doorstep.

In all the financial world, no other than one Martin Armstrong gets it right.  The same Armstrong who analyses all data everywhere, all sectors, all history, throws it all into a computer data model and out pops the date/timeframe of 2015.75 – end of the 3rd Quarter, 2015.

This is a planned crash, folks.  Not a mere accident waiting to happen but a planned crash.  It is done to subjugate the entire world into one economic system with full power given out by a dictator who knows best how to rule (in his eyes) the people and make slaves the whole world over…

He will come into world power next year and he will not leave the world stage except without a fight.

I spoke of this worldwide economic crash in early June and the headline was picked up by Trunews.com and I was interviewed about the coming derivatives crash here:


This Rick Wiles at TruNews has been operating on a vision or dream from God, since the late 1990s, that there would be a worldwide economic crash due to “derivatives”, a term he had heard nothing about, and left a very good job to go into radio as a novice and proclaim news almost no one else reports.


Silver Shield 1/10th oz Silver Argyraspides
Would You Fight All Day For This? 

A Day’s Wage For the Roman Legion…

Less Than a Modern Coffee at SDBullion!

Many writers in the financial world proclaim NOW proclaim a worldwide economic crash is coming and unavoidable.  They see the handwriting on the walls, all the walls.  This is now common knowledge.

But as far as I still know, only I have linked this worldwide economic crash to Revelation 18:

“The kings of the earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, 10 standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’”

This comes right along near the last blood moon on Tabernacles, the Israelite Feast Day, in 2015.

I have declared September 23, 2015 to be the start of Daniel’s 70th Week found in the prophesies of the book of Daniel.  But, this final biblical week is better known as the events we read about in the book of Revelation because it brings a very horrible time upon the people of the earth.

Those who comment on my declarations and biblical references in my weekly article, particularly those who scoff, should know I write what I write for everyone who has eyes to read and ears to listen.  I began writing of the crash of the precious metals about 3 years ago when everyone else who writes could see nothing but blue sky and the reaping of handsome profit in their hard asset investments.

So before jumping on the bashing trail, I remind those of that fact.  How could ANYONE have predicted silver in the TEENS when silver was $37-38?  My best acquaintances who are very well known commentators laughed at me but they are not laughing now.

Anyone in the entire precious metals sector who wants to know where price is going now reads my weekly article.

I say these things humbly not boastfully because while I came up with the mathematical models, database, spreadsheets, analysis, and all the technical understanding, I cannot take credit for the certainty by which I predict price movement.  That comes from understanding these are the very last days of the age and the understanding of what happens in the scriptures.

I cannot take credit for that last part.

IN SILVER, we see some unusual numbers on the aggregated side where everyone seems to be selling but on the disaggregated numbers it is revealed the producer merchant picked up 2,169 shorts while the swap dealers covered -2,971 shorts.  That is what I call INCONGRUENCY or DIVERGENT paths and probably means we have reached a temporary bottom, for now as stagnation might set in and sometimes we call these the SUMMER DOLDRUMS.

On the sea of precious metals futures, we hear the term/phrase every Spring called “Sell in May and Go Away”.  Being in a sailboat in the Sargasso Sea this time of year with no trade winds has caused many to drink seawater when they run out of freshwater!

They, the bullion banks, appear to have zeroed in on $21 as a place marker for the Summer and while price might drift up or down a little they will plan their next adventure from there.

Managed Money was bounced out of their shorts the previous week and the residual effects are still clear this week as the covered -2,170 shorts.  The small speculators were very quiet but they did sell -902 shorts at hopefully higher prices, before the HFT crashes last Sunday through Tuesday, reaping a good profit based on what they know to do from reading my articles.  They are smart guys and gals!

IN GOLD, we see clearly the realization of no long rally has set in completely and the large speculators gorged themselves with 4,049 new net total short positions.  They also gave up on -3,514 longs suffering big losses.  In a HFT (high frequency trading) engineered crash, it is not possible for the trailing stops to save profit once they are triggered because the crash contracts have already been issued ahead of the unsuspecting speculators and price goes too low too fast to sell quickly and break even or secure profit.

The commercials covered net -6,553 short positions presumably at good profit, in securing the temporary bottom.  It appears they bought 2,544 long positions at the bottom, around $20.80 to further secure that temporary bottom of $21.

The small gold speculators may not have been as fortunate as their silver counterparts as they gave up almost -3,000 long contracts and covered -1,442 shorts net total contracts.

It is extremely important to understand the CFTC numbers are in terms of net totals, not reflecting all the TRUE action every week.  To understand the TRUE numbers, one has to follow the options and volumes on a daily basis and correlate that to price every hour of every day.

Just throwing that out there for any math guys still trying to figure out how I accurately predict price!

In disaggregated gold numbers we see it is the Swap Dealers who are revealed as the leaders of the pack with covering -5,129 shorts in the HFT short covering price depression.  We used to see this occur all the time in the Producer Merchant and now it is in the Swap Dealers?

But, by law, I thought those two were not allowed to get together in the light of day and plan price control?

I thought their functions had to be separate even if contained in the same bank(s)?

Guess they don’t play by the same rules everyone else does!

Go figure…

What’s good for the goose (who engineers the paper fiat game/casino) is not what is for the gander, it seems.

Do you hear me?

Are you still with me?

Just checking!

I highly recommend the liquidation of all paper investments and that includes stocks, mutual funds, all retirement vehicles, etc and hold your dry powder for when silver dips below $19 again in the Fall/Winter.

It is going to happen and when it goes below $19 I say buy, buy, buy physical and hold it.








Reporting from the Wilderness of Southern Illinois and urging you to stay thirsty for physical silver and gold, my friends,



  1. Another one of the arrogant swamis that was saying how “brilliant” buyers of puts were and how “stupid” buyers of calls were, only to have the price of silver advance, enriching the longs and costing the shorts.

    Now saying to sell your mining shares? The mining shares are ON FIRE in the last two months and ready for another HUGE MOVE UP.
    Was there ever an apology for the arrogance or an admission of being wrong? No… just more garbage articles. Will there be when you miss out on the mining share rally? Of course not.

    People, do not listen to this CHARLATAN.

    • Nothing here but bombastic rhetoric. I have yet to see this writer even define derivative, candidate say 75% of readers here have a better understanding of interest rate swaps and who holds them, let alone repos, versus this guy.
      His timing is consistently wrong, a fact he ignores, as he boldly goes ahead to make new predictions. Needless to say, this isn’t tradeable advice. As for sell paper, buy physical. 100% of readers here have known that for years, and gave heard it better said than this blatherer

    • I have followed this guy for some time and its my experience there is no such thing in his vocabulary that he’s wrong. He is Mr. Excuse. If silver doesn’t crash to $18 in the summer then he pushes his crash to $18 to Fall.. When Fall comes the crash will come in Winter. Let’s see by my chart silver June 3 silver had crashed to $18.73 and then July 11 silver went to  $21.41 and its down to $20.35 or so today July 24. Its my guess silver will break $21.41 before it breaks $18.73. Actually I’m hoping silver does not break down below $18.73 in the foreseeable future and I would like to see silver up around $25.00 by Labor Day. That’s giving silver only six weeks to move $4 dollars and some change, 20%, which logically that’s a massive move and silver probably wont move that high in such a short time. As I have said, when you have a silver market that is completely rigged, its impossible to predict. The only thing humans can hope is the day will come when there isn’t enough silver to meet COMEX calls for physical delivery. I am still waiting for the day Marshall’s wife arrives in the USA. Seems like I’ve read about Peeps who have said we’re living the Book of Revelations when markets crash. I know I’ve written for years starting in 1995 or so .that I hope a Book of Revelation predicted crash comes that screws parasites beyond their wildest dreams. A managed crash where parasites put humans in a bigger Hell hole than we are in now is certainly not what the Book of Revelations is talking. A Book of Revelations crash is one where the parasites lose control and humans can put the heads of parasites on concrete, either figuratively speaking, or possibly in fact, and stomp forever. That’s the day I want. Not some NWO Fed parasite controlled crash that Satanists say is a Book of Revelations crash and puts Satanists’ evil more in control than their evil is now.   

    • Just a further note… I added to my long AUY position yesterday (those mining shares Marshall says are so dangerous).
      FYI, SLV is bouncing off of its 200 DMA right now.
      HL is bouncing off of its 200 DMA and 50 DMA right now. Golden Cross in progress.
      CDE is bouncing off of its 50 DMA right now.
      AUY is bouncing off of its 50 DMA right now.
      GDX has just completed a Golden Cross.
      Etc. The mining sector has completely bottomed out. Don’t let this charlatan keep you out of the huge gains about to be made.

  2. Prophecy

    Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, AND TO ANOINT THE MOST HOLY. Daniel 9:24
    Neither by the blood of goats and calves, BUT BY HIS OWN BLOOD HE ENTERED IN ONCE INTO THE HOLY PLACE, having obtained eternal redemption for us. Hebrews 9:12
    MERCY AND TRUTH ARE MET TOGETHER; RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PEACE HAVE KISSED EACH OTHER. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Psalms 85:10-11

  3. This asshole is giving props to Martin F…ing Armstrong?!?   What a JERK.   MA is a real sellout sleazeball. This guy says wait for $19 silver?!? Folks, it’s ONLY $20.50 now. These guys that stand behind their BIbles make me want to projectile vomit. this Huckster says sell everything. The part where he says God gave him a vision about derivatives was another “gag me with a spoon” moment. stay away from me with religious claptrap. And Illinois sucks! Lol

  4. Marshall I was around when you started predicting here on SilverDocs and I was the one that was saying that the Derivatives Market would be the cause of the crash and it will happen overnight WHEN the Cartel want it to. I have been saying it for years.
    So now if I believe you, then In my mind, I should sell over 3000 oz’s (I could make a small profit) because your telling me it’s going back down below $19 and that’s when I should buy again (below $19).  Well one Guru to another. LMAO I believe the next resistance point is $19.60 or so and it won’t go below that and I also believe the Derivatives Market is already teetering and as soon as the word WAR is mentioned and starting to head in that direction, then that will be the time when the Derivatives will collapse as the Cartel will have an excuse that, the Fear of WAR caused the collapse. Keep Stacking for Survival never mind the bloody price, just Stack…..

    • I agree…and since we really don’t know what the next beat down might take silver to (I agree it probably won’t be below 19.50/19.50), then buy now if and when you can.  Who cares about downside price risk at this level?  What’s a couple bucks when we know the upside valuation potential will eventually be off the charts and basically “priceless”.
      Buy on your normal schedule, if you have one, and buy how ever much you can afford when it’s right for you and don’t worry about price.  Just keep stacking ounces.  Obviously, one should not go out and buy proof ASE’s for 50/oz or shit like that.  Buy Buffaloes and still buy ASE’s, Maples, etc. 
      We know a collapse is coming eventually, etc. etc.  But waiting around for silver to drop to some level at this point is not wise.  Because when or if it does there is no guarantee there will be any physical for sale. 
      Sure, it may get pushed down to 17 (I don’t think it will though), but who would sell unless they charged record high premiums that might drive your cost back up to 25/oz anyways?  Maybe even 30/oz at that point.  ASE’s on ebay frequently still go for nearly 30/oz. Sometimes less…sometimes more. But near 30 is about average.
      And like you said, Marchas45…should you sell 3000oz’s in hopes of re-buying it for cheaper at 19 or 18, etc.?  LOL  You know that answer to that question is of course a big fat “NO”.  hahaha
      You would have no problem selling it…but anyone selling phyzz now thinking they will be able to buy it all back cheap after another hit in paper price occurs is crazy.  They might be able to, but why in hell take the risk, right!??? 
      If silver hit 40/oz tomorrow I still wouldn’t sell one ounce from my stack.  Not even if it hit 50.  Because I’m a stacker for the long haul and I value my stack in terms of ounces…not stinkin’ worthless, fiat dollars. 
      Near 2016 for a possible collapse is not exactly a Nostradamus-like prediction either.  It only makes sense given the precarious spot the world is in right now.  The potential for TPTB to keep this shit from blowing up for another year before they pull the trigger is very plausible. 
      I’ve predicted for a very long time that in my opinion TPTB who control the world (and obama), and who want to destroy America may wait to pull the trigger right up just until before the end of his 2nd term.  They may then try to wreak havoc on America and the rest of the world.
      They know they need to take us down soon too, because more and more Americans are waking up and getting really F’ing pissed the more they realize the S is about to HTF.  TPTB realize this and so they may want to act quick right at the end of his term while their puppet and his regime of treasonous scum are still in tact and willing to do whatever they’re told to do against us. 
      If they don’t pull the trigger by then and are still somehow holding all this sh!t together, then it may just depend on who they install as their next puppet in 2016.  If it’s Hitlery or some other Marxist scumbag, then lookout…they may be ordered to pull the trigger at any time after taking over. 
      If somehow the Globalists lose and Rand Paul or someone like that, Ted Cruz, whoever that’s an awake Conservatarian-type actually wins then things will be delayed.  They may just have that person assassinated at that point just to get their evil plan back on track.  Who the hell knows?
      If some douche bag RINO like Romney or Rick Perry wins, then we might just see a slow down in treasonous policies as they will be used to lull the awake sheeple back to sleep somehow.  Like when Bush was in office.  The Left will re-group, launch 4 years of all out bloody, nasty attacks against that person (against anyone who isn’t Hitlery or some other Marxist), and they will create even more racial strife in America.  Especially with all our new resident Illegal Invaders pouring over the border.
      The Cloward-Piven strategy is in full effect now, and will continue until they finally pull the trigger and the collapse comes like an avalanche.
      So keep getting prepared, folks.  Keep stackin’ phyzz, water, food, ammo, guns, essential supplies, etc.  Don’t worry about silver price…just stack when you can and however much you can for as long as you can.  Same with other supplies, etc. 
      Get out of the banking system as much as you possibly can…cash in anything you can.  Sell anything you don’t need and use the funds for phyzz and other supplies.  Simplify your life.  Self-imposed forms of austerity now is also an essential way to prepare for what’s coming later…especially when certain forms of it will be imposed on us…by then we’ll be ahead of that game and ready for anything.
      Get rid of TV cable, satellite, etc. and go basic.  Get a basic cell phone and ditch that high priced government tracking device you’re paying so much for.  Pay off your debt cards and cut them up; save one for emergencies and barely use it otherwise.  Get a good running used car with no monthly payment and cheap as hell insurance that gets good gas mileage.  Even if it’s a second car and you drive a truck now like me….at least when you will need it you will have it and it will be ready to go if you have to get rid of your big rig.  Shop wisely and stack extra chow, etc. 
      Hell, I’m always open for good tips too if anyone replies with some then great!  Much appreciated. 
      But whenever the collapse occurs and in whatever form it takes, at least we know we’ll be as prepared as we can be.  Even if we all don’t have everything we need physically at least we know we’ll be more mentally prepared than the 99% of the sheeple, and that will count for a lot.  We can get by with the things we didn’t get to accumulate ahead of time. 
      Mental preparation for what is coming is huge in terms of survival.  And it could happen at any time.  Keep your head on a swivel and keep your mind sharp….you’re going to need it when the SHTF and others will appreciate your leadership and poise in a time of crisis as well.

  5. Just as Bo Polny will most likely be proven wrong, this guy will also be proven wrong.  There is no way, I mean no way that anyone, using analysis or cycle work, or tea leaves or any other method, could predict how this is going to unfold.  It is best not to change any positions.  Except maybe to add onto what you are already have.  And, just sit and wait this out.  It looks like we are in for some waiting and my patience is short. 

    • Absolutely… he is literally saying to sell at the BOTTOM of a 3 year pullback in the mining shares. This is the most disgusting advice I’ve read anywhere. At least the gold / silver bashers in the MSM are up front and honest about their hatred of gold bugs. But Marshall is even more insidious by being such a fake gold bug. Sell now? Are you effing kidding me? Rot in hell, fake Christian, fake Gold Bug.

  6. one other thing occured to me 
    The price of silver in 1920 was $1, roughly.
     The price of gas was about 20 cents
    You’d be able to buy 5 gallons of gas.
    One ounce of silver today is $20
    The price of one gallon of gas is $4 roughly
    With one ounce of silver you could buy 5 gallons of gas
    I was scratching my head to come up with another personal,  mission critical commodity that is apple to apples like gasoline thst I could compare in relation to prices 95 years ago
    If we are to see silver (and gold) go up substantially it seems to me that oil prices will have to go up
    When the two gasoline price shocks hit the US; one in 1974 with its 100% price hike and in 1980 with another 100% price hike, this probably had something to do with the fear factor rush to precious metals rush. Some of the 2000-4000% price increase from 1970 to 1980 was fear of inflation and some was fear of seeing basic commodities skyrocket.
    We talk about hyperinflation today.  No, its not hyper. But it is hard and strong.  Venezuela and Argentina are seeing 50-90% inflation.  
    Hyperinflation is judged to be 25% year over year
    That might be the precious metal tipping point.  Just a guess on my part but with the current war and FIAT events in the world today, the MENA region is exploding and that bears watching for its impact on oil prices.  That dot may affect PM prices
    Other opinions are welcomed.   

    • AG
      See steve st angelo EROI. it was 100 barrels for 1 invested in 1920 (approx.) and now its under 3 barrels for one invested.
      Fun math formula….100 barrels/3 barrels today = 33x 1920 1 AG = 5 gallons of gas. 33x5ag= 165 gallons at 4.25 in cali right now. = 701$ per oz.

      Hmmm where have i seen those numbers before? Cliff High HPH is saying 600+ Chris Duane is saying 1000+…by this logic seems probable.

    • AG,
      In all due respect today is no comparison to quaint older times. The simplest term is that when Credit was expanded by the immoral use of the credit card, you know buy now and pay later was introduced, morality, responsibility, integrity and debt reasoning has gone straight to Hell in a hand basket. Let alone the U S government thought it was a grand idea. Today is in no way comparable to times of the past.

    • I USE to be able to load my ammo or $4.00 per 20 rounds, now closer to $18.00.
      I USE to buy cigarettes for $0.75 a pack, now $7.00.
      I bought my home for $75,000 it WAS worth $185,000, now $135,000.
      I USE to buy half a beef for $135.00 NOW $800.00
      I could go on.

  7. The most annoying thing about guys like Swing is that they constantly move their goal posts. I am sure if silver goes under $19 he will then say that $17 is where you want to start stacking. If you’re a buyer right now at roughly $20.50 then what is point of waiting for $19? Depending on premiums you are going to be paying between $22-$24 anyway so why risk waiting for a dollar to the downside that may or may not happen? Most of us here believe that silver is going to be much higher in the future than it is today so buying when you can seems like the most prudent thing to do.
    I personally think silver and gold for that matter are going to trade sideways to lower for balance of the year. Even with all of the geopolitical chaos going on right now investors are shrugging that off and continue to buy stocks. Until we get a meaningful correction in the stock market I don’t think we are going to see much upside movement in the metals. It’s easier for TPTB to keep a lid on prices when they can tout a strong equity market and strong dollar as the reasons that PM’s are down. 

  8. Marshall ?????? Since I have been here longer than most of you here. I have heard that the Comex was going to crash in a short time (that was at least a year ago) Steve Quayle (Bless his little black heart) announced at least two years ago that the Euro had failed. There is no end to the Bullshit that is spewed out here. GET IT? It never ends, the time keeps adding on and on, 2013, Nah, 2014 Maybe, 2015 Who cares, 2016 The metals could be at Zero. If you have a nice stack (I have) just hold it, don’t stack anymore, most likely the Fiat will not go away for a long, long time. Hell what would you buy Food, Clothing and Shelter with while waiting as nothing ever happens as predicted?
    IMO, if it doesn’t come true in 2014 (The PM’s) with all the Black Swans lingering to land in this world, it isn’t going to happen for a very long time!

  9. That1Guy   understood   the EROI has dropped like a rock while oil prices have gone up what? 2000%  The PMs seem to follow oil prices or so I heard one time inthe past
    @Ranger I hear you
    I was just comparing the value of a silver dollar in 1921 7 years after the formation of the Fed and today’s value of a silver dollar.
    That is about 95% drop in buying power.  Past history is not guaranty of future performance but if oil going to da moon the PMs might spike as a result of that event.

  10. NOBODY FUCKING KNOWS when the balloon will go SPLAT!  So, given that truth, just DOLLAR COST AVERAGE for shit-sake.  Buy it for 21 today, 19 tomorrow, and 20 the next day, and 30 the next, and 15 the next.  Who the fuck cares.  You just bought five ounces and paid 21 per ounce. Capeech?  The key is not how much your stack is worth, but HOW MANY OUNCES YOU HAVE!
    I hope all of you out there wise up to this.  That way you will be a happy camper one day, not cursing that you shoulda bought when it was …..!!!!

  11. Life wouldn’t be the same without Marshalls daily Horror column
    Like something slimy scraped up off the floor of King World News, out to suck the eyeballs of the SD readers, with more horror stories of Calamity.

      From Beth Israel Worship Centre website
      It was then that an American Indian, “Wahu” Fuchs showed up on a Friday Night Service and told Jonathan that he was “the one.” He further told Jonathan that God had instructed him to give him a check for $150,000, which he did, and which provided the funds needed for Beth Israel to purchase its first building.

      All religions are serpents that become between us and our Father, we must understand that Jesus did away with religion or man’s perception of coming to God, seeing that every religion in the world was started by one man who had an experience and after writing it down became a path of a serpent to those who would attain to his experience.

    I highly recommend the liquidation of all paper investments and that includes stocks, mutual funds, all retirement vehicles, etc
    Im going to have to think that one over especially since my current metals portfolio is up 45% ytd.
    Wouldnt equites backed by hard commodities be a keeper? Just wondering.

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