empire revoltMarshall Swing joins The Doc & Eric Dubin this week for a MUST LISTEN Metals & Markets.
Our guest this week sees more downside straight ahead before the precious metals position for a rip-roaring rise as the final & greatest economic crash in human history takes place in 2015!
We also discuss: 

  • NFP: Only Wall Street and MSM could look at today’s lousy employment report and cheer
  • Cartel unable to keep silver under $21:  Eric sees precious metals resuming an uptrend next week; Marshall Swing sees another major cartel hit soon
  • 2015:  Marshall expects major financial asset downturn and complete derivatives bubble implosion– Is the coming derivatives collapse prophesied in Revelation?
    Marshall makes the case why Gold & silver (paper) will crash, followed by super-spike to unimaginable levels as entire world’s financial wealth simultaneously rushes into Phyzz
  • Jamie Dimon diagnosed with throat cancer– will derivative mastermind Blythe Masters take over for Dimon at The Morgue? 

The SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Doc, Eric Dubin, & Guest Host Marshall Swing is below:


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This is a beautiful chart pattern:

silver - july 3 - 2014

It shows cartel attacks around the COMEX open over the last two days, but steady buying of those artificial dips.

Last month, on the way down to the $18 region, we didn’t see big intraday turnarounds until the price was testing $19, busting lower, and so forth. What you see above are the footprints of active buying after only modest consolidation over the last two weeks. This is healthy.
Today’s bounce back came despite a stronger dollar, weaker oil and a major bid for stocks on the back of the headline employment report.

This pattern might very well change and we will not see a resumption of the upside move starting next week.
Our guest this week, Marshall Swing, sees more downside straight ahead before the precious metals position for a rip-roaring rise as the wheels fall off the global financial system in 2015.

In general, I agree that the risk of a systemic crash is increasing and 2015 may very well be the year when all heck breaks loose.
But I’m sticking to my near-term forecast now over half a year in the making: July should see precious metals moving higher.

snake oil promotions

Employment report out: what are Wall Street and the MSM smoking?

What percentage of mainstream media reports on today’s jobs numbers will report that full time jobs fell by 523,000, while part-time jobs rocketed higher by 799,000? Probably no more than 5% of mainstream reportage will have this critical fact. But traders itching to head out for the holiday weekend could care less. The stock market ran to the upside and presumably, today’s trading action reflects a somewhat demented view about the “inflation trade.”

I happened to catch a ZeroHedge report on the release before reading mainstream accounts.
Given the pathetic showing for full time jobs, it looked like Wall Street was, on balance, pushing asset prices higher on the theory that the Fed would favor more accommodation in the near-term.

To some extent, that dynamic played out today. But there was also a camp looking at inflation reports over the last month and taking the “inflation trade” thesis to their trading desks. It’s really hard to separate and categorize these competing views.
We have schizophrenic markets.

Geopolitical Update: Conditions Suck, Worse Still To Come . . .

Fair assessment, yes?

Since our last broadcast, Petro Poroshenko, the West’s hand-picked oligarch Ukrainian president declared a cease fire and then broke it as Russian diplomatic efforts prove too reasonable to accept. Meanwhile, Poroshenko’s government has been attacking civilians with indiscriminate artillery salvos in an attempt to crush popular support for Russia in Eastern Ukraine. There has been almost no coverage of this story in the West.
Click here to access the geopolitics section of The News Doctors.
We’ll be following this and other stories closely over the holiday weekend. Beware, some of the video is rather graphic.

Odds are high we’re going to see an escalation in the Ukraine over the summer. The same can be said regarding Iraq.
Geopolitical tensions have only played a minor supportive role for precious metals in the last year.
That’s going to change this summer.

Finally, for an additional take on today’s trading in the wake of the employment report, check out Dave Kranzler’s latest article.  Click here.

To our American audience, have a wonderful 4th of July!


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  1. Prophecy

    Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, AND TO ANOINT THE MOST HOLY. Daniel 9:24
    Neither by the blood of goats and calves, BUT BY HIS OWN BLOOD HE ENTERED IN ONCE INTO THE HOLY PLACE, having obtained eternal redemption for us. Hebrews 9:12
    MERCY AND TRUTH ARE MET TOGETHER; RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PEACE HAVE KISSED EACH OTHER. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Psalms 85:10-11

    • Lord, thank you for helping Mr. good/evil/(Yoda) find a more appropriate venue for his religious prognostication, it’s in Jesus’ name we pray…..amen!

      I am assuming Jesus reads this blog.

      Happy fourth all!

  2. Do you guys think that Jamie Dimon’s admission to having cancer could be a way to bail out from JPM without creating panic? Is the rat leaving the sinking ship? As far as Masters taking the sit-very unlikely. She is not stupid. Why would she opt to become a captain of sinking Titanic? They’ll find some looser to take the blame. By that time Jamie will be “undergoing treatment” on British Virgin islands and will be unavailable for comments due to problems with his throat.

    • @AGXIIK

      Wouldn’t be the first time something like that has happened, and it won’t be the last. Time will soon tell if Dimon is faking as the effects of chemo and radiation can’t be hidden especially on the neck. I wonder how big an insurance policy Chase has on him?

    • Difficult to evaluate the truthfulness of Jamie Dimon’s throat cancer diagnosis.  It’s not like he doesn’t lie about stuff.  But, if you’re going to lie wouldn’t you choose a more sympathetic cancer than HPV related throat cancer.  In Dimon’s defense CEO’s are under scrutiny to come clean about serious health problems. Willie says it’s all a lie, I dunno. My gut says it’s probably legit. Too easy to publicly observe the physical changes caused by chemo and radiation with throat cancer.

  3. This is what Jim Willie had to say about Jamie Dimon’s alleged illness:

    “Word passed to me this morning is that CEO Jamie Dimon does not have any cancer at all. He just wants a graceful way out. Lying is a way of life to these scummy people.”

  4. 2OZ   that mini burger was just about the same size that my friend bought in Tonopah on the way to Front Sight.
    $5 for the smallest burger in human history.  White Castles were gigantic compared to the miserable POS.   

    • A can of Campbells soup has doubled in price but shrunk down to the size of a can of frozen orange juice.
      And the AmeriKan proles line up at the grocery stores and stay silent as they pay their Fiat Plantation Script.

    • @TheRedPill
      “And the AmeriKan proles line up at the grocery stores and stay silent as they pay their Fiat Plantation Script.”
      Well, why not?  I mean, it’s not as if it was REAL money, is it?  😉
      As for Campbells soup… it’s OK but a poor imitation for most any home-made soup.  A large steaming bowl of home-made soup and a slab of fresh from the oven home-made bread makes for a tasty, filling, and healthful meal.  Not sure if the Campbells rises to any of these traits but, to each their own.

  5. Nothing gonna happen. I live in the Detoilet area 80% unemployment and You can’t get a parking space in a mall or find an empty seat in the restaurants. On the heavy welfare days (1st and 3rd of the month) You would swear it’s Christmas eve! They need traffic directors at the warehouse clubs. Everyone is grossly overweight and the nicer the car, cell phone and blubber a person has say’s they are welfare recipients, living it up on the system!! 
    The powers that be have figured this out a long time ago, a truly utopian society has been invented. Only the foolish work anymore. Happy fourth suckers.

    • @Dolph:  “Nothing gonna happen”.  While I agree with your comments, let me throw this out.  The day is coming—and real soon, too–that all this free cream is coming to a screeching halt. Here’s  the way its “gonna happen”: The plug is gonna be pulled on the ATMs.  Period. Over.  Done. Finished.  Those EBT cards are no longer gonna be good for nuthin! Then watch those fatties scurry for the dumpsters to get what they can.  That’ll be a great day, indeed!
      The downside, then, Dolph, you will need to get the hell out of there, or have enough firepower to keep you safe.  In any case…Good Luck!

    • @dolph
      As troll`s go, your pretty good. You would like us to belive you live that way? I don`t think so. People like you describe, are face down in an I phone sweating out Facebook, twitter etc……….. They don`t come to sites like this, they may accidently learn something.   But it was a nice try

  6. This is the first time I listened to entire clip on this issue, thank you.  Yet I believe Jon Corzine can be new blood  to JP Morgan family.  What we are in right now is the economic royalist (Nazi) group which all came from Babylon failure.  Stepping aside from colors in the markets, China and Russia are making direct trade in currencies (remember were backed by Gold and Silver) excluding Former Richard Nixon’s Presidential temporary closure.  Basel III Compliance and the BRICS + Associates on July 14-16, 2014, will change paradigm shift sooner than later.

    • No problem.  He is a high ranking Obamunist, so has a Get Out of Jail Free card.  :-/
      Any of us pulling s**t like that would be in jail for the rest of our days.  Yes, it’s good to be king but also good to be one of the king’s best friends.

  7. Happy July Fourth, everybody – American or not.
    In an early celebration of America’s birthday, yesterday I purchased a fistful of ‘Constitutional silver’ in a private deal for just a hair above Spot.
    Earlier today I spoke with Papa Mammoth who – a WWII Veteran in his late eighties – is headed to the Mall in downtown Washington D.C. to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities.  He complained about having to go through security and be searched, in order to enter the Mall.
    Happy July Fourth, indeed!

    • @Mammoth
      “He complained about having to go through security and be searched, in order to enter the Mall.”
      As crusty as those WW-II vets tend to be, I am surprised that he didn’t extend a hand with the center finger raised while growling, “Search this, sonny boy!“.  lol

    • @Mammoth
      Not me, Woolly.  I know just how feisty those characters can be.  My 88 year old step-Dad was flying a B-17 over France on his 18th birthday.  The time that he spent there and in Korea taught him not to take any crap from anyone.  lol
      You inherited your spunk from your Mom… your Dad still has his!  😉

  8. Marshall Swing?  Is that some kind of army jazz band?   
    I just can’t be bothered with these “gurus” anymore.   
    Every time there is a slight up trend in Gold or Silver all of the “gurus” rush into print.   They must get something on paper because if there really is an explosion in the price they want to be able to tell you they predicted all along.
    When nothing real happens they quietly stop beating their drums and wait for the next opportunity.   They are all blow-hards that need attention.   Failing any news they continually interview each other.
    I stop by this site because it use to be informative.   Now it’s just another sales and hype site.

  9. “Since our last broadcast, Petro Poroshenko, the West’s hand-picked oligarch Ukrainian president declared a cease fire and then broke it as Russian diplomatic efforts prove too reasonable to accept.” (as published above)

    BS. Publishing propaganda statements like these show where the ‘Doctors’ beliefs lie …. it sure isn’t for truth. Perhaps I should take the term “Silver Doctors” to mean one who doctors the truth about silver? “News Doctors” as to them doctoring the news? One has to ask about their personal agendas and why they push them so blatantly.

    Then to end with “To our American audience, have a wonderful 4th of July!” shows unmitigated gall. I may not support everything our government does, but I can hold my head high for the American people’s genuine belief in freedom, TRUTH, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all.

    I am an American Patriot, and I fight for these ideals.

    • @Flying Wombat

      Well, since Putin admitted that the “little green men” that appeared in Crimea were Russian military, I think that is a rather bizarre question . Putin had moved in more than the maximum number of allowed troops in Crimea beforehand against treaty limits and units were active in the occupation of both the Crimea parliament building and several Ukrainian military posts before the declaration of independence. In addition there were both direct flights of helicopters carrying troops from Russia and later airlifts into the airport after it was seized by the “little green men”. This of course was supplemented by armoured vehicles and additional men that arrived by ferry from Russia via the Ketch carrying Russian military markings.

      What world do you live in? It must be nice ….

    • You didn’t answer the question, CV.  To restate, now for only rhetorical purposes:  did Russia invade, yes or no? 
      You come close to answering the question by stating your opinion (which isn’t true) that Russia exceeded treaty-permitted Crimean troop deployment, etc.
      Obviously, I asked the question just to stick you somewhere along a continuum of perspective on what happened.  Your unwillingness to answer my simple question and your belittlement to which I’m indifferent (“What world do you live in?”) is in fact my answer.
      Over and out.

    • Au contraire, it is indeed true and admitted by Putin himself. I guess I gave you more credit that I should ….. it was indeed an invasion by their military abet an undeclared one (that’s a yes). The facts all point that way, and I am sorry you can’t accept it although I not terribly surprised. The same is now happening in eastern Ukraine but Putin has thrown them under the bus … guess there just isn’t enough value to him, and now all he is looking for is to extract enough vengeance to make his satellites fearful.

  10. Wow! I don’t Buy into this BS ……………..Has nothing to do with the AG just Paper Certs ,can’t use paper certs for Industrial uses .Solar,Electronics,Plastic ect.,these Industrial users NEED AG .

    • The passing of the silver fix later this year to an electronic “fix” will have almost no impact on the cartel’s ongoing manipulation of silver (and gold, should the gold fixing stop as well).  Many commentators in the precious metals space continue to get this story wrong.  The vast majority of manipulation we see has nothing to do with fixing.  

    • Good plan with the electronic fix.  Can we say “flash crash”?  Why, yes, we can… and we probably will be saying that one of these days.  :-/

    • @Ed_B, theoretically, if there is to be a fix as it exists today but by other means, we’d still be talking about an “AM” and “PM” fix at the open and close of the LBMA market.  Thus, theoretically, by definition, it could not be part of a flash crash at the LBMA — certainly, with respect to the PM fix.  OTC markets, perhaps…  But if there’s a flash crash in the minutes just before the close of LBMA trading (or, over on the COMEX), an electronic fix would theoretically act like a price halt for normal market hours trading on the LBMA.

    • @Flying Wombat
      There is an old saying in chemistry… it goes like this… “In theory there is no difference between theory and in practice.  In practice, however, THERE IS!”.  lol
      I am going by Murphy’s Law here… “Anything that can f*** up will do so and at the worst possible time, inflicting maximum damage”.
      With no “official” fix, we will be in uncharted waters.  Maybe this will work fine.  Maybe it won’t.  Like a new kind of food, we won’t know if we like it until we take a bite.  Hopefully, it will be OK or at least no worse than what we have now.

  11. Hey gang  I just came up with two more prepper gizmos
    The first is a paint can stove
    Take a 1 quart paint can that can be bought empty at a hardware store.  It is completely empty.  At walmart you can find 24 ounce bottles of rubbing alcohol.   Take one roll of toilet paper and stick it into the paint can.  You may have to unroll some of the paper from the spool.  Remove the cardboard roll from the tube.  Put the TP into the paint can making sure it fits snugly    Fill the paint can that has the TP roll in it with the alcohol.   The paint can lid can be resealed but be sure you keep a screw driver or broad head nail nearby to pry open the paint can.
    When you light it you’ll find it gives off a lot of heat    This can be used to warm a space or, better yet, heat water or food. It acts a bit like a Sterno can used in a buffet line.  The acohol smell is not terrribly offensive.   When you want to extinquish the flame just reinstall the metal cap
    The Second one is an extension of the solar light Mason jar candle
    At Walmart, yes, the ubiliquitous Walmart, you can find 1 lumen solar lights for 97 cents.  These tiny lights come precharged and on a stem with a stake.  Pull out the small paper tab and this tiny light will give off a ton of light.
    It will easily light up a portion of a room or act as a small night light. If you carry it in your hand it will act as a small but effective flashlight
    The one thing you need to do is remove the light from the stem  You can hold the small container that has the solar charger, battery and light.  It’s not much larger than a spool of thread
    Instead of buying tons of batteries from the store, buy 24 of these little lamps.  Don’t remove the paper tab until you are ready to go.  It should be a very effective light for smaller rooms or use 2-4 for a larger room.  
    They should stay illuminated for the entire night.  The next day just put them outside to recharge for another evening’s lighting use.  You can ready by one of them BTW or put them in  a hallway or other pathway in your home to keep it well light during a complete blackout.

    • @AGXIIK
      Good ideas, AG.  Having a reliable heat source during SHTF will be really good.  Typically, isopropanol can be bought in either 70% concentration (30% is water) or in 91% concentration (9% water).  I suggest the 91% for combustion.
      Question:  why does the cardboard tube have to be removed?  Does it smoke or produce too much ash?  The TP is obviously serving as a wick for the isopropanol but when the alcohol burns off the paper will then burn as well… or, do you refill the alcohol after each use and cool-down? 

    • Roger that, Dan.  The red light would be good for low level lighting and would not screw up your night vision.  That might be needed if one has to engage in some extra-curricular activities after dark.

    • @AGXIIK
      Nice idea, I made something similar whilst on a camping trip once … but be sure not to use up all of your TP so quickly 😛 LOL especially if your are out in the middle of nowhere. The desert is the worst as there are no plant leaves around, only cactus LOL Ooooouuchies!
      One little addition that I would suggest however is to use metal coat-hangars to fashion a handle mounting that wraps around the upper lip and that has lower arms from the lip to the bottom ridge of the can to prevent the handle from coming loose from the upper lip.
      There is nothing worse for a stove than not being able to move it quickly and safely without dropping it when it is hot or alight … ie, dropping all of the fuel all over the ground or some unwitting friend standing in the wrong place.
      Metal coat-hangars are a MUST for the survivalist (as well as a good heavy duty pair of cutters and pliers in one piece).
      I could probably build a moon rocket with coat-hangars and a pair of pliers 😛

  12. I think Marshall has a point: We’ll see a serious smack down soon because the “chasers” are getting on the band wagon. The smack will shake them off the wagon and the rise will resume. As for 2015???? We’ll see. I think this fall will be beautiful for the strong Stackers.
    I went big for the 4th of July AGXIIK. Made a 2 pound Cheese Burger. Delicious!

  13. Happy 4th of July to all the regulars! As always, its doesnt take much to get good conversations rolling.
    So the magic ‘7’ th month has arrived; the numerologist Christine LaGarde says there’s something special in store for the world.
    If you follow her clues fron the press club speech in January; the star ISIS will rise together with the sun over Cairo;Egypt on July 20th. The date itself compresses to the majic ‘7’ to which she refers; so that may be a good date to have your pantry, ammo, and gas tanks full.
     Axiik; do a search on youtube for TLUD stoves; made from a few discarded tin cans; which only require a small handfull of dry twigs to produce a hot meal. I figure you can only have so much alchohol or Heet on hand; so making a good running TLUD style stove is good preps. Those little solar lights are super convenient though!

  14. silverseeker123  Those hobo stoves are a good idea too   Alcohol will run out and no one wants to burn a good drink tomake heat
    EdB  the can is filled by pouring alcohol down the tube area.  Removing the card board tube allows it to soak into the paper easier.   that is how it was explained to me. 

    • @AGXIIK
      Ah, that should help.  Or, the tube could be left in and the TP simply not pressed all the way to the bottom of the can.  If it is a snug fit, friction on the sides will hold the roll off of the bottom of the can.  If not, then a couple of small stones will work and allow the alcohol to absorb into the roll via its bottom.  One can also fill the can with alcohol after the roll of TP is in and then put the lid on and let it sit over-night for the alcohol to be absorbed.  By having a couple of cans, they can be alternated to make up for any slower filling.  I’m thinking that the cardboard tube might not be so easily removed as we might like.

  15. 1.5 quadrillion golly that’s a whole lot. What’s the planet’s GDP? Last time I checked the whole planet was worth like 4 quadrillion dollars. Or was it 12?  The whole planet is setting up trade agreements that exclude the dollar.  If those countries are going to be taken out the Red Shields better be get along with the imploding part of all this.  That would be great if the dollar was still breathing afterwards.  When if what ever.  Bring it Uncle David. 

  16. silverseeker123  
    Ooops  I was way off base  The TLUD I checked on startpage is entirely different  I’ll check on this with wikipedia.
    I have a volcano stove that attaches to propane fuel canister or burns wood and produces some real heat quickly. I have  a boatload of propane but it isnot infinite
    the TLUD sounds enticing   Thank you for the reference.  We live in  the Sierras and there is an infinite amount of wood.
    We had dinner with friends the other evening. They served  a home grown chicken slow cooked on a solar stove. Rumor has it the chicken went on an egg strike so ‘Alakazam—into the pot”
     Those  solar ovens are about $250 on Amazon and do a really nice job.  I bet a wooden box hinged and lined with the shiny side of mylar blankets would do quite well in a pinch. You Tube has some videos on that aspect of solar cooking.
     You could easily crock pot a full meal with 3 items or just blend them together.  The great thing about solar stoves is that they do not produce smoke or cooking odors since the stove area is sealed with a plexiglas cover.  That is a decent way to keep the zombies from sniffing out your meal and having you for dinner
    Since we are talking grid down cooking, a survival situation, a hungry or starving person who smells your epicurean efforts will kill you for that. Cooking odors was be smelled half a mile down wind.
     You can use a solar stove inside your home if the sunlight is directed to the stove or outside and out of sight.  Just sayin’ but everything I consider when thinking about survival is keeping OPSEC to a max, nosy parkers to the minimum and a small degree of comfort for those efforts.
     All shooting is Combat shooting.
     All associations are either people who have your back or not.  
    ‘Not’ is a situation we plan for with extreme prejudice  But you knew that
    2OZ   no going big on the Fourth  I was on the Sheriff’s SAR boat keeping the loons from doing stoopid things on the lake It was a normal dinner for me   6 hours of bouncing up and down on the boat with 2 foot boat chop and 3 ft wind chop does not make Moi hungry  
    Tonight its Beer, Brats, and Billy Ray Cyrus.  Whoo hoo  Time to get the inner C&W on
    Andrew James   World wide GDP is guestimated at $70-75 trillion  It is close to the same as world wide net worth.
    I ready that the Central banks have $29 TRILLION invested in the equity markets, trying to keep them levitated and continue the lie that is the stock markets.  The derivatives are a FIAT/DEBT UBER PONZI SCHEME to protect these ghoulish sons of bitches.  I read somewhere that Blythe Masters was one the inventors of derivatives just like Greenspan developed the software for derivative, HFT trading and other things that allow the central banks to kite the paper currency to the moon
    They should get a room together—in hell.
    Such as it is, the $1.4 trillion in derivatives is like a turd pyramid stacked on its pointy end.  
    That pointy lower  end is made of gold and silver.
     Like Atlas about to Shrug, gold and silver are getting really tired of supporting the Tower of Merde.
    Don’t be under it when it collapses.  
    Just take your gold and silver and move to a safe distance—like another planet.  
    This pyramid will collapse with THE PLOP HEAR AROUND THE WORLD.  

    • “Rumor has it the chicken went on an egg strike so ‘Alakazam—into the pot”

      Either way it shows you end up being totally committed one way or the other (laying or otherwise). This woeful tale might be able to be made into a good metaphor for the economy.

      Keep stacking.

    • @AGXIIK
      “Such as it is, the $1.4 trillion in derivatives is like a turd pyramid stacked on its pointy end.”
      Now, AG, you KNOW that I am a numbers guy and this is NOT gonna slip past me.  😉
      The derivatives market is estimated at somewhere between 1 and 1.5 QUADrillion US dollars.  Yes, that is 1,000 to 1,500 trillion, not 1.4 trillion.  lol
      I say that this is estimated because there is no overall derivatives book that accounts for this financial madness.  Many of these have been raised in dark pools and under rocks, so are not known to those who look at such things.  But they can make a reasonable guesstimate and this is it… about 1250 trillion… in notional value.  Why “notional” value?  Because the bozos who came up with this financial drek have this idea in their heads that these things actually have some value, when they do not.  These things are a lot like 1,000 hikers on a mountain somewhere.  They are all tied together.  If a few slip and fall at the back end of the group, the others pull them up to safety.  BUT, if that same number falls from the top, they will pull the entire string into the abyss.  Such is the nature of derivatives.

      This is why Lehman Bros. was allowed to fail. Their collapse did not cause a derivatives cascade failure. But, the collapse of AIG WOULD have! This is why AIG was saved via a $160B bail-out while Lehman was allowed to die. The same could be said for Bear Sterns. They were a large and important financial company but not one that was critical to the survival of the derivatives market.

      It is entirely likely that the derivatives market and a company’s position in it is what determines whether or not it will be saved when the financial SHTF, as it did in 2008.

      But… here is an odd thought. The derivatives players tend to be the really big financial companies; big banks, big insurance companies, hedge funds, etc. None of these are critical to the needs of the American people. They could all suck it and die and none of us would miss their worthless butts. All we need are the small local banks for writing and cashing checks, making loans, and a few other banking services. We do not need the mega banks or their BS. But the politicians know a fat hog when they see one and they definitely want those thick juicy slices of ham to keep coming their way… and saving these SOBs from themselves is the only way to ensure that this happens.

  17. DanDaley  Thanks  for the lookup on the Coleman flash light.  I’ve been looking for something like that and did not know there was such an item. I usually paint a white light flashlight with translucent red paint.  We do night ops on the SAR boat and red is the only illumination allowed.  I’ll check with Amazon on this a few other things to clump the pricing and shipping.  Cheers.  This is a good light for a go bag.

    • @AGXIIK – I have several of them and give them as gifts to family members. We just has straight line winds in Iowa 4 days ago that brought down some 70 foot black locust trees in our back yard, i.e. power out for 2 days…I used those flashlights set on end as a room light. 
      I was amazed at how many power-company trucks materialized to fix things (we counted 16 trucks on our street alone)…of course this type of response in a economic meltdown probably will not happen, therefore, be prepared.

  18. Ah,  Boogers   Busted again.  
    Now I can’t spell the diff between Quadrillion and Ttrillion.  
    1.4 trillion is pretty much nothing in the game of high stakes banking and government debt
    $1.4 quadrillion is another matter
    Re that paint can with the TP cardboard left in—- I like the idea.
     It keeps the roll from collapsing.  Some are pretty flimsy.
     If you want to pour the alcohol into the TP, you could turn the bottle upside down and let it trickle into the tube.  Like you said, if you put something in the can first so that the TP roll was not touching the bottom of the can, the alcohol could be introduced gradually.   The wick effect would still be present.

    • Republic  I read that article in Willie’s June newsletter    While they are no great friends,SA and Rus, the way Willie sees it, and a good guess IMO, is that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ comes to mind.  Putin is a pragmatist and realist.  SA is an ally if they go with China and their petro pipeline set up.  SA might be a tired old regime but they still pump a boat load of oil even today. China wants that oil, SA will sell it in RMB or Rubles if they know that the US won’t perform a kill shot against the Royals and their decendants.  ISIL might be a stalking horse to scare the SA royals back in line but SA might have to fight them with their own resources, coupled with some Russian backing and war materiel.  Those Sukhoi jets sent to Iraq are a huge middle finger to Dumbass and his oval office neocon dingbats. ISIL threatened to destroy Mecca and the holy shrines. That get’s peoples attention
      SA still has an 12 figure wealth fund to buy up whatever gold is floating around—or buying it from some of the arab homies like the UAR boys.  As SA goes so goes the petro dollar. They need to replenish their gold stocks stolen from the UK and US.
      I think the dollar as the world currency, bought and paid for by trillions in war costs and uncounted deaths, is coming quickly to an end.  There are enough governments and people in the world saying ‘No Mas’ to the USD that it’s demise is ‘almost’ a forgone conclusion.  I expect that  the Petro Dollar will not go down without a  serious fight.  The war mongers, Nazis, central banker and neocons are going to be real SOBs, more so than they are now, before this is over
      Yellen will become a war time central bankster in this fight as well.  She says the MACROPRUDENTIAL measures will be taken until the monetary system is stabilized.  That means NIRP, capital confiscation ala Picketty, printing to the moon and anything else needed to take the fight to the BRIC alliance. The floggings will continue until morale improves. I am tired of the lash on my back.

      On another note, Michele Obama, aka by her American Indian name, Three Axe Handles, will go down fighting as the nation’s Dietary Uber Nanny.  ‘You will eat your foul tasting lunchs if it kills you’.  She means it.  
      I wonder what those 290,000 illegals bringing their third world diseases to mainstream USA will eat?   I heard that this immigration fiasco is as much about knocking down the health system and bringing some really nasty bugs to the heartland as solving a humanitarian crisis. Besides which, the Dems needs lots more ‘instant voters’ They’ll have their voter ID and EBT cards in a New York Minute Maybe that card will be univeral. A biometric chip, an EBT card, instant citizenship and all the free stuff this government can thrown at them.

      But hey, how about those job creation stats.  288,000 new jobs
      All part time.  

    Marshall Swing, doubt Swing is his birth name, is a con shilling for the Fed parasites/ NWO just like Karen Hudes and needs more mental help than Karen IMO. If Swing was going to bring his new wife he married in the Philippines to the USA she would be in the USA now. He is using her… to track down the Golden Lily gold. Swing plays like he knows little about the Golden Lily when he knows a tremendous amount. He’s hiding something he doing in connection to the Golden Lily gold. Logically one of the major reasons the USA nuked Japan was to terrify Japan to divulged where the Golden Lily gold was stashed and steal it. Swing is looking for this gold. Swing says there is not going to be a military confrontation between the USA and Russia in the Ukraine and I believe he’s wrong. Swing says gold and silver and going to manipulated down more by the parasites this year while the stock markets continue to climb for the next year when two things happen at the same time. One. At the start of the Jewish New Year 2015 something Swing attributes to the Book of Daniel starts which we will see nothing happen right away. Two. There will be the crash written about in the Book of Revelations and gold and silver will go way way up and the stock markets will crash way way down. When the crash occurs the POTUS will rush to the rescue where the Golden Lily gold will be offered to back a new world currency. The NWO may be using Swing types to tell us their plans. Because the NWO has plans does not mean NWO plans are going to happen the way the NWO wants their plans to happen. Swing is saying the NWO agenda is going to happen the way things happen in the Book of Revelations. The NWO is evil, God’s plans in the Book of Revelations are for good to get rid of evil like the NWO. Can’t have evil and good doing the same thing. The NWO is trying to use the Bible to sell their evil as God’s work. I have read when a currency is destroyed is happens in five waves. We had the first two in 1973 and 1979 and gold/silver went up as they should in each wave. Marshall and others are compressing the three final waves in to one wave. This is too unnatural to happen as planned. So I believe gold/silver will move higher this year and that War between the USA/NATO/West and Russia, Syria, Iran, China, i.e. BRICs will progress with more deaths. The NWO are trying to hide their plans to increase War in 2014 and talk PMs down. For three years or so we have heard many  Gurus say the USA dollar is going to zero. Inflation is taking place because Big Oil is taking oil off the market. There would be no inflation from oil if the oil which is found were allowed to go to market. We would see clearly inflation comes from the printing press. What is going on in the world is not in alignment with the laws of physics. The NWO is trying to bend the laws of physics to meet their agenda. Logic dictates this is going to blow up in the NWO’s face. A good way to figure out what the Fed parasites want to happen is to figure out who the parasites’ shills are and figure the opposite of what they are saying is what the parasites’ want to happen.

  20. Well I’ll be darned, Marshall has a voice and all I need now is a real picture of him. LMAO
    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could see all the people that are posting, giving views, opinions and telling us what is coming down the pike. (I wonder If We’d Would Believe Them Lol)
    Hell I’ve been on this site since it began, I haven’t seen a picture of the Doc, FlyingWombat or others that give advice on this site, everyone’s hiding behind avatars. Hell if you are that important the Elite already know who you are and probably have pictures of you already. LMAO
    The TRUTH is in the eyes so come on out and play.
    Now to the Derivatives. Folks we have known for a few years now that the Derivatives is what is going to crash (well at least I have) the system and it was put out by none other than Pastor Williams and he doesn’t hide behind avatars but seems he is getting a little elusive now and more interested in filling his coffers.
    It’s also amazing, that lot’s of people now are saying the spirit within is telling them what’s coming, (Right Marshall) well if they really believe that, why are they still hiding in the background like good&evil? If you believe in the inner then nothing in the outer will harm you. So come forth.
    Well my rant is over and thank you 4 oz for posting the other video, it made me understand more in who I’m listening to and if I should heed their advise.
    By the way the Best Time To Buy in my opinion is NOW no matter what the price is. My inner self has been telling me that for a few years now. Keep Stacking for SURVIVAL Your Stacking Gods Money Not Theirs.

    Must be Sunday. Lol

  21. PS  silverrrrr   dont read my above post. I don’t want to give you the willies or  vurps.
    Charlie  Some people prefer not to have their faces on the blog rolls.
     There are at least 20 people on this site who know my name, address and phone #
     My avatar is actually a picture of me but I prefer OPSEC.  
    My face is nothing to look at so I prefer my words to be my weapons—-for now.  
    There is one thing I am certain of—most of us loud sorts on this and other sites are on more than a few lists.  

  22. Eeeeek! Marchas45, Charlie, you little devil.  That scared me almost as much as the picture of the queen   Almost
    WillNotBeASlave   That is a great idea    a bunch of metal coat hangers—-that’s a good addition to the prepping supplies
    I’ll need to figure a good way to secure the paint can if it doesn’t have a normal handle    The coat hanger should be insulated too  Maybe a piece of wood.  Wrapping the can with a coat hanger so that it works as a handle is a great idea
    I can picture that.
    As for TP   Collect phone books   They may not be Charmin but they work in a pinch.  They are also good fire starters if shredded  If you have papers etc that are to be thrown away, take some and shred them through a small paper shredder.  These can be compressed and stored   A dab ofBBQ starter makes the lighting process quick.  This is a good means of providing kindling if dry wood is not nearby.  
    these wads  of shredded paper can be stored in a compressed form in a metal can or other container.  Its good to have some of this in your car and bug out bag along with a larger size at home.  A large container of vaseline jelly, cheap and easy to store, is an excellent was to lightly coat the paper and keep it burning for a longer time.   It burns hot and fast so be careful

    • @AGXIIK
      Vaseline as a fuel? another great idea. I didn’t think of it like that, but I can see the advantage of a jelly for convenient coating, not to mention that there are also medical and other uses for Vaseline. A multi utility indeed.
      I will add some more to the preplist!

  23. a few tubs of vaseline is cheap  It is a good fire starter.   I have a cross cut shredded used to destroy loan files etc.  Those small pieces of paper are just the right size to wad up.  Massage a bit of vaseline into this  ball of shredded paper.  Don’t get too excited now.  This golf ball sized oily wad of paper can be stored easily in tupperware.  Keep several around for lighting fires.  It’s less volatile than BBQ starter fluid and does not evaporate when stored.

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