silver bullet silver shield sbssThe Financial Survival Network has released an excellent interview with firearms expert Mark S. Mann discussing the extreme shortage of ammo caused by fears generated by the Obama administration combined with massive hoarding by the 3 letter acronym federal agencies.
Mann states that ammo prices aren’t going down any time soon-rather they are set to begin another rapid price spike in the near future.
Mann’s full interview is available below:

Our firearms insider, Mark S. Mann, joined us for an in-depth interview on ammo prices and trends. He explained why prices are so high, why they’re not going down any time soon and what you need to do to be prepared. The market is complex and the government isn’t necessarily conspiring to deprive you of your Second Amendment rights. No, the issue is deeper than that. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stock up on your favorite types of ammo now. There could come a time where it could be difficult, if not impossible to obtain it, especially .22 rim fire. It’s just smart business to be prepared.

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    • @Marchas45
      Well if they get hung up on this then I’ll shoot them one by one and save my Ammo and Fiat.”
      Knowing how bloody tight-fisted you Scots are, I expect that you will shoot them with arrows that you can then recover and reuse. 😉

  1. Hey Silver Doc,  appreciate the ammo offers but please take off the .22LR until you have 100000 rounds to sell.
    I am clicking the life out of my mouse checking everyday.  Maybe a App alert for us iPhone users when you get some in.
    Thanks for considering.

  2. As I have mentioned before some months back, I am not at all convinced that this ammo “shortage” isn’t a contrived beast brought on by someone in the Obama regime.  This looks a lot like back-door gun control via pinching off the supply of ammo because they could not pass any even more restrictive gun control legislation.
    Ammo makers are happy to see high ammo prices and it is in their financial interest to keep them there if they can.  This shortage of .22LR ammo is particularly troublesome.  Does anyone else out there grasp just how ridiculous it is for .50 BMG ammo to be more plentiful and available than .22LR?!  Well, it is.  Many on-line ammo vendors will happily sell us all the .50 BMG ammo we want at $3.50 or so per round but bring up buying any .22LR ammo that isn’t a blank, a low-powered load, or a shot-shell and they shrink back like Count Dracula confronted by a cross.  
    I am envious of those who put in a stock of .22LR ammo a couple of years ago and have 5-10k or more rounds sitting on their ammo shelves.  Yes, that was some excellent timing on their part but just try to do that today.  No can do unless perhaps you know someone who works for an ammo maker and they can grease the wheels of progress for you.  Even then, the price will be 4-5x as much as it was in 2012.  
    Gun makers need to be putting pressure on the ammo makers over this issue.  Why would anyone buy a .22 caliber gun these days if they cannot get any ammo to feed it?  Beats heck outta me!  Maybe the gun makers should get into the ammo business?  If the ammo makers can’t or won’t supply what is needed, someone else needs to get the job done… and who has a bigger interest in seeing that their guns are properly fed than those who make them?

    • Great quote and choice, Dan.  Or, as I sometimes like to say, “Life is too short for bad wine, slow computers, or obnoxious people!”.  lol

  3. It appears….WEST  VIRGINIA ” PLACES E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G ” IN WRITING..!
    I guess the clarity leaves nothing to your imagination….” IF YOU KILL SOMEONE, WE WILL KILL YOU BACK…! ”

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