foreign and domesticAmerica’s greatest enemies today are not foreign, they are domestic.  At least one Marine is taking his oath to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic seriously:

Marine Cpl Joshua Boston has sent Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein a letter informing her that he will not comply with her legislation requiring Americans to register their weapons with the Federal gov’t, informing Feinstein that:

I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America.  I am the man who fought for my country.   I will not register my weapons should this bill be passed, as I do not believe it is the government’s right to know what I own. Nor do I think it prudent to tell you what I own so that it may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection yet decry me having the same a crime.

Cpl Boston’s full MUST READ scathing letter to Senator Feinstein is below:

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Senator Dianne Feinstein,

I will not register my weapons should this bill be passed, as I do not believe it is the government’s right to know what I own. Nor do I think it prudent to tell you what I own so that it may be taken from me by a group of people who enjoy armed protection, yet decry me having the same a crime. You ma’am have overstepped a line that is not your domain. I am a Marine Corps Veteran of 8 years, and I will not have some woman who proclaims the evil of an inanimate object, yet carries one, tell me I may not have one.

I am not your subject. I am the man who keeps you free. I am not your servant. I am the person whom you serve. I am not your peasant. I am the flesh and blood of America.  I am the man who fought for my country. I am the man who learned. I am an American. You will not tell me that I must register my semi-automatic AR-15 because of the actions of some evil man.

I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.

We, the people, deserve better than you.

Respectfully Submitted,
Joshua Boston
Cpl, United States Marine Corps



    • Really is that the best you can do, you register your car…and look what happens the government will take your car even if it is legally parked in some cases to extort impound fees and or parking fees from you and if you upset the wrong agency the government can take your car and crush it in the state of California.

    • Hey balz, what are you doing here trolling around ridiculing the inalienable rights of Americans? This is SilverDoctors not You know what else happens when you register your car??? You pay tax of about 2% of the value of the car year in and year out so the worthless govt can expand their power and take away our wealth and liberty (however and everyway possible.)

      My letter would have been much less polite and civil. It would have sounded like Stanley Kubrick’s DI in Full Metal Jacket and had references to ripping off heads and sh*tting down necks. “Choke yourself! Not with your hands! With my hands!!!!!” LOLOLOL

      Even if “balz” made the car registration argument honestly, as an argument from his or her own intellect and heart, it nevertheless represents the same sort of message board insertion that a CoIntelPro paid s*ht-stiring operative would post.  Going forward, when we see things like that, perhaps a message or two in response is worthy, but I’m happy to say that one of the reasons I like SilverDoctors so much is that the majority of people here let posts like this roll off their backs like water off the back of a duck.

      I bring up CoIntelPro because we’re going to have to deal with it on an increasing basis.  Government and corporate interests pay huge sums of money to PR firms that employ monkeys to post and stir things up.  Government also does a great deal of the work in-house.  As but one example, consider the words of Obama’s former White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein.  He actively promotes the need to regulate speech and ideas on the internet.  Type in “internet censorship” and his name into your favorite search engine and you’ll see what I mean.  Thankfully, he’s now out of the President’s office, but some other similar minded monkies will pick up the slack.

      * * * * *

      Driving a car is not a natural law right.  Having the right to bear arms in the context of a well regulated militia or in the context of a person’s right to protect himself is a natural law right — period, end of story, as already ruled upon by the Supreme Court, a fact legislators totally ignore.  (NOTE: “the people….” in the Bill of Rights means each person in all instances the phrase is used across the entire Bill or Rights, obliterating the dumb arguments that focus on the term “well regulated militia” and claim it wasn’t speaking of individuals; furthermore, “regulated” didn’t mean overseen or controled or what have you, but rather, “regulated” in the sense that a well regulated and cared for tool is capable of performing desired work;  NOTE as well that even though at the time, not all humans were considered persons, subsequent legislation and Suprem Court rulings extend the meaning of “the people” to include everyone in the country – man, woman, black, whatever, including resident aliens within the country.

    • Balz, So you believe in the first amendment but not the second one? Have to inform you that all the rights go together as one. Your response is the kind I would expect to see on Yahoo not on SD.

    • @Tawnyard – If Marine Cpl Joshua Boston and everyone else just shut up and “maintained his privacy” as you suggest, you would no longer have the luxury of keeping both your privacy and the natural law right he’s standing up to protect.

    • Amen flying wombat exact thing I was going to reply to tawnyard as well.

      At this point who gives a damn if the enemy has a file on me or I am on some list. SHIT we are all on lists for every bad comment we lave about the government online, every time we visit this site or even everytime we purchase survival items or SILVER!!!

      Screw them!! I own Guns, I own Silver, I own Gold,  I own Ammo, I own assault rifles, I own farm land producing food, I hate our Government and think they should be hung for treason, I hate the UN and their one world government. They are the high tech enemy and at this point you have to be naive to think they don’t have quite an extensive digital file on each and every one of us.

    • That is what makes us true Americans different than the rest of the world. Orion, I have previously said that they can put me in one of their FEMA camps if they wish, i just need to know what’s for supper. Could be a fun challenge breaking out of one of those. Methinks those commies have a bigger challenge.

      For the record several of my ex husbands had large collections that I kept part of:

      I have a .380, a M1 30 Carbine, an M1 Garand, an AK47, 2 .22 match rifles with scopes, 5 compound bows, 3 crossbows, 2 bowie knives and a large assortment of ammo. Also have some taped magazines and several bottles of silver nail polish. Feinstein, think you have the balls to take them?

    • @Tawnyard – OK, fair enough. 
      Regardless, you have to admit the letter is stronger by his willingness to put it all on the line, naming one of the weapons Senator Frankenstein is foaming at the mouth about, one of the weapons claimed to have been used at the Sandy Hook shooting.  

    • @Flying-Wombat Oh, yeah, I agree, the letter is stronger for his courage in sticking his neck out.

      @Crissy I have a taser (prod type), a bowie knife and a kilo Metalor bar (with certificate) that I can lob at someone’s head if they attack me. When I’m not fending off evildoers, I use it as a heatsink for my laptop power supply.

    • “Feinstein, think you have the balls to take them?”
      Absolutely not, Crissy.  Feinstein is one of those gutless lefto-communist wonders who wants to live under one set of rules while saddling the rest of us with a MUCH different and harsher set.  Varmints like her should carry a bounty.  A pox upon those who keep this bitch in power.

    • When something is bigger than government why are “we the people” told to practice what we believe in private? The politicians practice their wares on a public forum, so how can we combat that in the private sector? The more Joshua Bostons we have the safer we will be. “We the people” have no choice but to go public when the opposition goes public. Dianne Feinstein has the right to state what she believes, but the rest of this nation also has the same right.

  1. Reading this PATRIOT’s letter makes me even more proud to be an American.  Its why I gave forty years, six months, and 18 days to serve this great country. 
    What truly is a shame is the incredible number of Americans who HATE this country, what it stands for, and are willing for whatever personal reason, to tear it down, or work tirelessly to do so.
    This brave and proud Marines’ back is covered.  I, and millions of other TRUE Americans will see to it!

  2. Now if we could get everyone to have this same attitude about the income tax, we might be able to make some changes.  Founding Fathers knew an income tax would open the door to the re-establishment of a tyrannical government …see the Fifth Amendment.  That’s why they made it unconstitutional.

  3. Just like the Navy SEALS should have done before the unfortunate demise of many of the ones that were involved with the OBL compound raid………….this soldier better be looking over his shoulder. The military doesn’t like grunts exerting their individuality.

    • Looking over one shoulder may be wise.  But not taking action and not speaking out is sometimes far more dangerous and outright illegal.  A five star general and a grunt both take the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies, forign and domestic.  All grunts are bound by the military code of conduct and such laws as embodied by the Geneva Conventions.  Failure to uphold both is comon, but that doesn’t change the laws.  It doesn’t blur the line between right and wrong.  it doesn’t protect you from the banality of your argument.

  4. Damn, I got a little late to this post .  All the fun’s been had.  Joshua, an a natural right person and Marine, could probably give a rat’s ass that someone might pick up on his statement.  Yes, the goon squad could come in the night like they did with Brandon Raub, but these flinty hard men and women now know the the government is the enemy of their rights and are forewarned.  Many of my military friends are posting this letter and it is getting serious attention nation-wide.  Molon Labe is the only response to the gun grabbers, followed by a hail of lead.
    PS I never served in the military but they rank high in my book. If I can have their backs that’s where I want to be

    • “PS I never served in the military but they rank high in my book. If I can have their backs that’s where I want to be”
      Exactly right, AG.  I never served either, although I wanted to very badly.  I come from a military family where service, pride, integrity, and honor mean everything.  I would give my life for this country but not for this government.  They are corrupt elite oligarchs who don’t give a flaming damn about anyone but themselves.  There actions prove as much, no matter how smooth and slick their lying words might be.  Many is the night when I fall asleep hoping and praying that some Jock Strapping Marine General officer seizes DC, arrests these traitors, tries them for treason, and visits justice upon every single one of them.  Maybe then we could get back to constitutional government.

  5. It’s quite possible this gun grab effort (and the new false flag operations our loving government launches in 2013 to support gun grabbing) will backfire, big-time.  The oligarchy likes to think it can predict all outcomes and contingencies.  But even they don’t pay enough attention to the lessons of history.  Complex social systems have a way of acting unpredictably and I have both a hunch and an educated guess that a far greater percentage of the American people than the oligarchy is aware have been pushed “too far” — losing economic standing, rights, etc.  The pushback is coming, one way or another, with or without success.  But make no mistake.  It’s coming.  Heck, it’s already starting.  The reaction to internet censorship as seen with the demand to stop SOPA is an example of the great mass of the American people slowly waking up and taking action.

    The American Revolution was supported by something like 3% of the colonies in terms of actual fighters, and no more than 15% overall support.  History is replete with examples of an active tiny minority taking center stage and changing everything.

    It doesn’t make much difference that half of the population is pretty much zombified.  It will only take an active minority to protect our natural law rights and to start moving this country in a direction more in keeping with the Constitution.

    • That minority is pretty big. Gun owners in town have all said they will toss out anyone attempting to gun grab, that includes the new gungho town cop who is on thin ice for trying to deny pistol purchase permits.

  6. When I was in the Army we had a saying that the Army does all the work and the Marines get all the credit. In this case the credit is well deserved. In case anyone didn’t know a gun is considered field artillery and a rifle is a weapon, not a gun. Much like a ship in the Navy is not a boat. So let them ban guns, no one really needs a 155 Howitzer.
    Army Theme Song

    • “When I was in the Army we had a saying that the Army does all the work and the Marines get all the credit.”
      Yeah, an Army puke would say something like that.  Makes us all wonder, though, why the Army gets ALL of the brand new hardware while the Marines get the leftover Army shit from the last war.  Hell, maybe that’s all they need.  😉

    • Seems like this article is bringing out the worst in people commenting on here. My Father was career Army. I was born at Ft. Benning, grew up at Ft. Polk, Ft. Hood, Ft. Jackson, and Ft. Irwin. I served at NAB Little Creek, Ft. Sill, Ft. Jackson, and Ft. Carson. I even got to train with some Marines and did morning cross country runs with them, and joked with them using the same quote, where they just laughed it off in good faith. I heard the quote you referred to many times from my dad not just while I was serving my country during the Vietnam Conflict. My dad was on the front lines in WWII and during the Korean Conflict, he was shot three times, had three purple hearts, lived through having gangrene and was an amputee. The doctors wanted to cut his arm off, but he took a huge chance and survived with only a finger missing and lived to fight again. He had to eat off the land for months without provided food while MacArthur was in charge. He died a horrible death laying in his own crap in a filthily Veterans Hospital where the doctors and orderlies could care less about it. You care to elaborate on what you think the United States Army has done for this country so people like you can say nasty things like that? When and where did you serve to know so much about it? I am sure everyone in the service gets good equipment, the Army can’t be getting all the money that is going to defense. I have nothing but respect for everyone that served, in all branches of service, but with comments from people like you and the commies in Washington, sometimes wonder if defending this country was worth it in the end.

    • RRG, Those Goats sure were loud, but you have to love the smell of diesel in the morning. They would go anywhere, any terrain and over water.

    • Oh, PLEASE!  Service guys call each other “pukes” ALL THE TIME.  It is a casual and not an unfriendly insult that derives from service rivalry.  As a matter of fact, there are many military people in my family and more of them are army than not.  My Dad also was a career army man and I am sure that our paths crossed any number of times.  I was born at Ft. Benning myself, lived in Hunstville, El Paso, Lawton, Weiden, and Frankfurt am Main.  Dad served for 25+ years, fought in WWII in the Pacific, and still retained a sense of humor.  Not everyone does, I guess.  Don’t even think of lumping me in with any damned commies.  You don’t know jack about me.  This is ridiculous.

  7. @Flying Wombat:  I think the false flag incidents have ALREADY started in earnest. Start with 9/11 and come forward identifying any circumstance where US citizens/military have lost lives (excluding Iraq/Iran).  Critera?  If there are NO clear explanations that make sense, then its false flag incident to be sure.  The most recent is Newtown.  Remember the ME (medical examiner) standing there in a press briefing and answering the question about type of weapon used: “Long gun” was his answer.  Yet, no long gun was found at the scene.  Since Lanza acted alone (supposedly) and he died at the scene, who took the long gun away?   There supposedly was a long gun in the car trunk, but if anyone over the age of three saw the TV clip, its clear it was a shotgun, not an assault rifle.  I’m ranting, but you get the drift.  We have to be vigilant, else we will lose everything we hold dear. 

    • @silverrrrr:  Certainly, false flags are numerous, and 9/11 is without a doubt a documentable false flag given physics and logic, best exemplified by WTC-7.  Sandy Hook hasn’t risen to that status just yet in terms of evidence that can stand all rebutal.  Sandy Hook may very well have been a false flag.  It’s too early to nail it down, unlike 9-11.  In the case of 9-11, anyone debating it wasn’t a false flag simply demonstrates their ignorance of all the facts that have come to light or, an intellect compromised by false patriotism.

      In 2013, as the powers that be play their hand in support of their attempted gun grab, the odds of screw-ups are higher this time around with any black-op.  Why?  Because the overall culture of the target population is becoming more aware of the black-ops methodology.

  8. I’m a newbie here on SD, & am learning so much! 
    I would like to say Thank You to this marine for speaking up – I’m Canadian and we long ago lost our rights to carry…just about anything! No automatic, special permits for handguns, on & on…. Don’t let this happen in the US – just isn’t safe for us (the citizens) or right!

  9. Does anyone really believe rank and file members of the US military enlist to fight for their country… or for freedom?
    They do not… they enlist as a difficult career choice, fighting and dieing in wars to protect the financial interests of the elite (funny how so many countries in the world enjoy every bit as much freeedom {actually much more since the Patriot Act} as Americans without invading a single country or killing a single inocent), whose sons and daughters would never dream of risking their lives in battle.
    Harsh but true, and I mean no disrespect to Mr. Boston, but I see a fortunate (to be alive), brave young man that has swallowed the military hero meme (just like the 911 first responders were heros… until they got sick and were treated like lepers), seems to have a mysogyny issue (some woman???), does not respect the rule of law (should Senator Feinstein’s bill become law), and clearly has swollowed the shameful, profit driven, corporate gun lobby campaign to fear monger the population into supporting any and all guns regardless of cost (30,000 lives a year and counting) to society. 
    Sorry Corporal, I’m sure you’re a fine youg man (notwithstanding the gun worship issue), but I cannot salute you on this one.

    • Guys, speaking as a Brit who lives in a country with strict firearms regulation and very little gun crime, I am inclined to agree with SRV.

      Speaking as a woman, I bristled at the ‘some woman’ reference, but I bit my tongue. He also referred to ‘some evil man’. He’s a marine, not a school teacher. His words are heartfelt, if not exactly PC.

      No disrespect to the young man.

    • @SRV: Disrespect is exactly what you mean to do. You never say where you are from do you. I would like to know where that is! Lets dig up some history and facts on your country, of you and yours shall we.

    • @RocketsRedGlare I assume your first comment is directed at SRV.

      As for your comment to me, I don’t live in England. I live in Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom, but a separate country. Britain is another name you can use, but you must remember that it encompasses Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

      I will take your comment about England being a madhouse as a good natured jibe. I lived in England for 20 years. I didn’t find the English people at all violent. As in any culture there are exceptions, e.g., football hooligans, but they are a darned sight less dangerous than the gangbangers in Inglewood or the Bronx. For one thing, they don’t carry guns. Furthermore, you never hear of kids carrying guns to school in Britain. This appears to happen frequently in the States, if you can go by the depressingly regular news reports of shootings and the lyrics of bands like Wheatus. Hell, I don’t even know of a single school in Britain that has to have metal detectors and security guards at the entrance. What kind of world do you live in, that you have to screen kids on their way in to class?????

      I am proud to come from a country where handguns are something you only see on TV – in American movies and shows. 😉


    • Once again, you saw it on TV.  Read it in a news paper perhaps. That must be reality. It surely couldn’t be you were being conditioned to think a certain way. Weapons in schools seems like a good idea to me. They are like little indoctrination centers where the good are Forced in with the bad by dictate from on high. If an equalizer is good for the goose why not the gander?

    • @Tawnyard: The government schools can be like little prisons. Gangs roam free. The Spin is they don’t want it. But the truth is they do everything to create a climate of hatred on every level of society especially in the schools. It’s mind control. If a gang wants to jump some kid after school a beat the hell out of him “or her” in a racial attack or “some other biasedly motivated reason”. I hope the targeted victm is armed. Just because they are 16 or 13 even, should they be allowed to be brutalized? Not allowed to defend themselves? The state will say yes! I say,BS

    • RocketsRedGlare:
      “But the truth is they do everything to create a climate of hatred on every level of societyespecially in the schools. it’s mind control.”
      If you’re typical, they’ve succeeded.

    • @Tawyard: No I don’t hate anyone. More of your snooty arrogance! Many of the parents can’t afford a better neighborhood. They can’t afford private school. By law they must send them into the meat grinder of public schools. Churning out exactly what the state wants.

    • LET ME BREAK THIS DOWN! He didn’t join the military because he believed in freedom. No his motivation was to enrich bankers and kill INNOCENTS (TO CORRECT HIS GRAMMER) to protect financial intrests, JOLLY GOOD SPORT. He is just to stupid to have a thoughtful or considered reason for joining the military or for his views on the 2nd amendment. No he just a moron who swallows corporate & military memes. No other country in the history world or their people have ever invaded another country or killed innocents and would never dream of it! Americans are the first to ever do that! The law is what Mrs. Feinstein wants it to be not the constitution. If you don’t agree you’re just a product of shameful fear mongering and GUN WORSHIP. As to suggest that his support of his and our rights are nothing more than blind obediance to the corporate Gun God!  BUT OF COURSE HE MEANT NO DISRESPECT TO HIM OR US. How could anyone confuse any of that as being disrespectful?

  10. I have a neighbor across the street who was teaching my kids about drugs. He stopped after I shot him. They called it a crime gave me a 500$ fine. I was pissed, it should have been 50$. They put him in prison for running a mobile meth lab a few years later. My lead and money were both both well spent! The taxpayers money is being wasted keeping him incarserated. Justice was done.

    • @RocketsRedGlare Mate, I have spent time in 35 states in the USA, Mexico, Cuba, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Monaco, Iceland, Russia, Ireland, Spain, etc, to name but a few.

      If you’ve been to even as many states as I have, never mind countries, I would be extremely surprised. Most Americans have never been out of their state, never mind their country. They speak with such ‘authority’ on countries they have never been to, and cultures they have never experienced.

      How many times have you been to ‘England’, then?

    • @Tawnyard. Been to most of those countries. They were closed. Not just visited most of the states but I lived there too. What you should be surprised about is your peasant Eurotrash arrogance!

  11. I applaud him for standing up for his rights as a US citizen. And that is the difference between the US and Great Britain, we are citizens not subjects all because of the second amendment.  More need to stand up and make it known that they will no longer tolerate the stripping away of our rights.

    • I agree, Mary. It was very brave of him. US military personnel are getting a pretty raw deal these days. Whether they’re standing up for what they believe in, like Bradley Manning, or just wanting to be gay, like Tammy Smith, it’s been an uphill battle.

      BTW, I am a British Citizen. That’s what it says on my passport, under my name.

      I know we could debate this until the cows come home, but I would still contend that we have as many rights as citizens of the United States. What you consider to be the stripping of your rights to bear arms, we consider to be the freedom to live in a country devoid of handguns. One man’s meat is another man’s poison, wouldn’t you agree?

  12. Their ancesters were peasants. They couldn’t own a horse, a weapon, or land. They couldn’t come and go, had to give their wives away on their wedding night. And that is what they are going back too. With open arms to their masters! They are passing laws RIGHT NOW saying they can’t even own a butcher knife for goodness sakes! They want that kind of horse shat for us! no thx! Stay there. He is Lucky he got out of that madhouse for awhile. With all that travel he claims you would think he might have learned something. No crawls back to the land lord licking boots all the way!

    • @RocketsRedGlare Perhaps your comprehension is as poor as your memory, grammar and, dare I say, your grasp of British culture?

      We have spoken several times before. I am female.  F.E.M.A.L.E. geddit? Not that I’m really bothered what you think of me. I simply enjoy the banter. We’ll be agreeing wholeheartedly on something next week, just you wait and see.  😉
      Meanwhile, methinks you have been watching too many Barbarian movies. If there’s anywhere where the Englishmen give away their wives on the wedding night, please tell me, cos I’m there!

  13. @Tawnyard,
    I think I’m in love 🙂
    But enough already… the poor guy just doesn’t stand a chance!
    You’re so lucky to be so far removed in Wales… I’m right across the US border in Toronto and the nonsense is slowly creeping in (thankfully very slowly, but just 30 years ago it was common place to leave doors unlocked around here). We also have a corporatist Conservative government in power just now (not for long though)… they’re even using Tea Party consultants to advise re. various, neferious campaign strategies but fortunately (like the US) they seem to have a shelf life and are losing support.

    • Sir, I applaud your courage and your candour.

      Stand shoulder to shoulder with me, and we’ll hold the line.
      It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
      PS: Okay, I’ll stop poking him. It was only a bit of fun. 🙂

    • Shhhhhhh. We’re just having a laugh.

      I love meeting people who can imagine what it is like to live outside of the States.

      All too often, these people live outside the States.

    • Enough already, I live in the US, born in Scotland married to a lovely English lady and I’ve been around (Country Wise and Street Wise). Viet Nam Vet, wounded and still go to the VA hospital every month. I have been in England and most European Countries, Japan, Philippines, Canada and most States in the Union.
      Tawnyard all I see is an arrogant lady on here and I can picture you living in the country away from the cities where life really takes place. As for the UK there are many Meth Labs and such and drugs are a common thing.
      So stop trying to build up the UK for what it’s not. I KNOW, I’VE LIVED THERE and have lots of family there. So gave it a rest your starting to sound like (As The Brittish Would Say) A Big Mouthed Yank only sorry to say Brittish.

    • Read the thread, @Marchas45.
      We were expressing our opinions on the young Marine’s letter respectfully and thoughtfully when your fellow countryman, RRG, came at us with a barrage of abuse. It was a battle of words. And he would learn his lesson sooner, if others were less blindly patriotic and more able to see someone being abusive. You’re fighting in the corner of a fool.

      I am not arrogant, I am proud. I have lived in a big city in the UK for 20 years. I have spent time in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, Northampton, Cardiff, Swansea, Portsmouth, Southampton, and dozens of other British cities. I have friends who live in all these places. 

      Drugs are a problem almost everywhere in the world. I happen to live in a country where we don’t just grab a gun and start shooting at someone who’s peddling them on the street corner.

      Just read the thread. RRG got his ass kicked. He deserved it.

  14. @SRV:There it is! I knew you were a little pipsqueek of a socialist. You aren’t man enough to do your own stealing! Got to get all the losers together and propaganadize the have nots and vote for it! Can’t have the prey armed! They might not like it and put a bullet in your head, coward!

  15. May be best to just relax a bit there RRG… another year or two and from what I hear the mental health coverage in Obamacare will kick in… I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.

  16. @Tawyard: I’ve never bothered to notice what sex you were or are and I don’t care. Nothing Humorous about Foreigners posting us to give up our liberty, ever! And this SRV who thinks he’s some oracle who knows the hearts,minds and motivations of our soldiers kicked a hornets nest! But of course thats was his intension.

    • RocketsRedGlare:
      “With all due respect England is probably the most violent society in the the west. Because you don’t have fireams is my belief. England is a madhouse.”
      “I have a neighbor across the street who was teaching my kids about drugs. He stopped after I shot him. They called it a crime gave me a 500$ fine. I was pissed, it should have been 50$…. My lead and money were both both well spent!”
      You are a human oxymoron.

    • @RocketsRedGlare I’ve asked you outright several times if you’ve ever been to England, or even the United Kingdom. Several times you’ve dodged my question.
      The best answer I got from you was:

      “You still think you have a Kingdom. LMAO All you have is piss in your streets. It stinks! It’s fly over country!”
      I’ll take that as an admission that you’ve never been to the UK.

    • Tawnyard, You should be referring to it as a contradiction, not an oxymoron. Wow, an ignorant American teaching English to a Brit. Actually, it would be a non sequitur since the logic is being constructed to suit your point.

    • “With all due respect England is probably the most violent society in the the west.” is an oxymoron in itself, especially as he started bragging about the people he’s shot. 

      I didn’t construct anything. I simply repeated his words back to him.

      Look how this all started. SRV and I were respectfully stating our opinions. Are differing opinions allowed in the forums?

      RRG was unable to tolerate any opinion that differs from his own and launched into a barrage of insults. We simply allowed him the opportunity to make a complete fool of himself, without resorting to the kind of language that he used. I repeated his words back to him and asked him pointed questions. What’s wrong with that? If it puts your noses out of joint, as Americans, you should be asking yourselves why.

      I don’t want to fall out with you, @Crissy. Or you @AndyZ. What happened last night is entirely RRG’s own doing. Read the message thread!

      No matter how much you stick up for RRG, you won’t make his intolerance of others’ opinions any more acceptable.

    • I know I’ve been yanking your wire all night, but that won’t be necessary. I don’t want to disarm anybody who doesn’t want to be disarmed. I respect your constitutional rights. Besides, I’m sure the SAS and Her Majesty’s Royal Marines are far too busy to come looking for you.  😉
      Anyway, for what it’s worth, I can’t shoot for shit. Really. So you can have my back anytime.
      Goodnight, RRG.

    • Yep. They drink their own piss. I know that, because two of my best friends were Royal Marines. Piss drinking is a survival technique. And, in a bar, it can faze drunken idiots looking for a fight. When a Marine has had a skinful, his piss is mostly water. To down a pint of piss is no biggie. Hell, I’ve even known the Marines down a pint of the other guy’s piss! Urine as issued from the bladder is sterile. (Playboy Magazine, circa 1976.)

    • @andyz: SRV says, Does anyone really believe rank and file members of the US military enlist to fight for their country… or for freedom?
      They do not… they enlist as a difficult career choice, fighting and dieing in wars to protect the financial interests of the elite. If he or anyone else were to bother and ask them what their motivation is or was I doubt that would be the answer they would get!

  17. It started as a serious debate over the rights and wrongs of gun control.
    Respectful opinions being exchanged by enlightened individuals on both sides of the fence.

    RocketsRedGlare turned it nasty with his purile insults.
    So we just had a little fun with him. Note how we didn’t sink to his level. Not once.

    • RRG is coming from a direction you will never understand. First we had to kick the British out of our country and then we had to go kick some German Nazi butt so the British could still have their own country. Americans shed a lot of blood because of your limey asses. By the way mate, the British .303 was one of the worst military rifles ever made. Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Maybe neutrality was the best policy. You are welcome. Even though the Germans do make the best beer, I really enjoy a black and tan made with Guinness and Bass, ever now and again.

    • It’s sad that RocketsRedGlare can’t grasp that the ‘America’ he’s moaning about is the result of the unchecked proliferation of firearms.  Any crazy can get a gun, and most do. Crazies are armed, so everybody feels scared and wants to be armed too. Ewwww.

      America is in a mess because the guns are out there. It’s too late. You need guns because you’ve got guns.

      Guns are being touted as the solution. The sad truth is, guns are the problem.

      Come on, seriously, what is a gun, or a rifle? It’s a device made of steel designed to propel a lump of lead at high velocity into the body of another human being where it causes grotesque damage and often death.

      There must be better solutions than that. There must be.

      I’m bowing out. I’ve had a gut full of this crazy talk. You can keep your guns, all of them. I have no need for them in my country, so why do I even care about your problem? It’s your problem. I’m going back to talking about debt and precious metals. At least there is some rationality in those discussion.

    • Yeah. If RRG had been there, he would have taken his gun out and started shooting. And a fair few poeple here, being Americans, would have started shooting with him. Not because he’s right, but because he’s American. Somehow, that’s become more important than right or wrong.
      They called it the Patriot Act for a reason. They know what makes people tick in a country with an American Flag in every other back yard.  😉

    • I have played music in my share of bars all over the US. Never seen a pistol pulled. Saw a lot of punches pulled with blood on the floor. One guy got it with a knife on a Sat night while taking a leak, an alcoholic Dr. through him on the pool table and fixed him up. The bouncer chased the perpetrator down in the parking lot and beat the crap out of him. Guess things like this doesn’t happen where you are from. You don’t know us.

    • No, Crissy, I think things like that happen all over the world. It’s cool that you get some excitement, so long as everyone’s happy with a little blood on the floor – or the pool table. In my home town, exciting is when some kid spray paints a picture of a bong on the sidewalk. Happy days!

    • @Crissy
      “RRG is coming from a direction you will never understand. First we had to kick the British out of our country and then we had to go kick some German Nazi butt so the British could still have their own country. Americans shed a lot of blood because of your limey asses. By the way mate, the British .303 was one of the worst military rifles ever made. Couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Maybe neutrality was the best policy. You are welcome. Even though the Germans do make the best beer, I really enjoy a black and tan made with Guinness and Bass, ever now and again.”

      We kicked a bunch of redskin asses so that you could have your country. Ingrates.  😉

      You’re right about the .303. Sucks. And German beer is awesome. Guinness is better in Ireland than anywhere else in the world, and there is no better Guinness than one served in a Dublin pub.
      Truce?  : )

    • I never hold bad feelings just got in the spirit of things. Maybe one day we can have have a pint. A company has to know what they are doing when they have been doing it for over 250 years. I’m sure you have to go to Ireland to get the good stuff. My local Walmart version is probably slightly inferior. By the way, I am mostly of German origin, but have a little Irish in me.

    • @Crissy Cool! Yeah, a pint sounds good. Real ale if it’s in a British pub, but I wouldn’t have a clue what to drink in the States. I quite like an icy Bud, longneck, of course, but I’m no expert on beer.  In the States you’ll usually find me filling my boots with sipping whisky.  🙂

  18. @Tawyard; You don’t get it and never will it seems. We all live in this crazy world. You and people like you are just so well adjusted to it. Those who won’t adjust their life to accommodate crazies are called the crazy. Who’s really crazy. Lets leave it to the well adjusted crazies to decide.

    • Speak for your own part of the world, RRG. Don’t speak for mine. In my opinion, my part of the world isn’t anywhere near as crazy as yours. I certainly don’t need a gun to live here. The only problem I have to deal with is bent politicians, greedy bankers, low wages and high unemployment. And inflation. That’s what’s on my mind. Not guns. I’ll fight my battle in the precious metals market. You keep stacking silver and lead. I’ll focus on silver, thanks.

      If you want to see yourself as a ‘well adjusted crazy’ that’s your prerogative.

    • Same newspaper:
      “…police arrested an American Eagle pilot after he failed a blood-alcohol breath test before he was scheduled to fly from Minneapolis to New York City Thursday.

      Kolbjorn Jarle Kristiansen was running pre-flight checks at approximately 6.30am when police, acting on a tip, boarded the plane and made him take a breathalyzer.”

      Fecking hell! All American pilots are drunks!

    • One American pilot fails the test and that makes all of them guilty, Sherlock? Hey, that has a familiar ring to it, sounds like the ‘gun’ argument.

    • Aye, it’s satire. Tongue in cheek humour. I’m taking the piss out of RRG and anybody who thinks like him, Crissy. And that newspaper is for plebs. Have you ever read it? It’s one step below the Sunday ‘Sport’ (read: ‘Tits’) and about on par with that national embarrassment, “The Sun”.
      And if you’re wondering why I’m using sarcasm and piss taking, it’s because I ran out of patience last night.

      I don’t want to fall out with you, Crissy. You seem like a reasoned, intelligent person.

  19. I’m bowing out. I’ve had a gut full of this crazy talk. You can keep your guns, all of them. I have no need for them in my country, so why do I even care about your problem? It’s your problem. I’m going back to talking about debt and precious metals. At least there is some rationality in those discussion.
    Finally you have made sense, because my next question was and is; Why the hell are you here on an American Silver Forum, trying to learn something?  My answer is no, because everytime I read what you have written it’s contradictory and argumentative to others especially OUR LAWS AND RIGHTS.

  20. 1) Methinks brave marine has shot himself in the foot with his semi-automatic AR-15.
    Rule #1.  If you’re going to fight for privacy, maintain the privacy you’re fighting for.

    Same newspaper:
    “…police arrested an American Eagle pilot after he failed a blood-alcohol breath test before he was scheduled to fly from Minneapolis to New York City Thursday.
    Kolbjorn Jarle Kristiansen was running pre-flight checks at approximately 6.30am when police, acting on a tip, boarded the plane and made him take a breathalyzer.”
    Fecking hell! All American pilots are drunks!
    Your words; To me all Sacarstic.


  21. @Crissy: There are foreigners that would never understand our culture, so be it. I wasn’t bragging, Other neighbors might have administered capital punishment! I let him live, he took his show on the road and never pushed in our neighborhood again. He’s gone now and all his friends too! I’m happy to report my children and those of my neighbors are all just high on life. Who knows what kind of life they will choose in adulthood thats their busines then. Our neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. We all live our lives as we choose to live them and know when it’s “none of our business”.

  22. Tawnyard  If you can pick up on Craig Paul Robert, Alistair MacLeod  and David Stockman, they have 40 years of brain trust knowledge each and no dog in the “I’ll sell you a subscription” fight.  They are just great intellects with tons of back story

    • Hi AGXIIK!

      Alistair MacLeod is someone I read often. I check in with GATA a couple of times a week. The other two guys, I will definitely look into. Thanks.

      BTW, you showed up late to the gunfight, cowboy.

      Missed a bloodbath.

      I must have PMT or something. I’m real grouchy.

    • It’s time I took a break from the forums. I’m on the leaderboard now. I’ve achieved it in a few weeks over a couple dozen threads. I just wanted to put a scare up @sumkid. Let him see me gaining on him.

      Speaking of whom, I haven’t seen him for a while. I do enjoy those times his folks give him access to the router.  😉

  23. Hi Tawnyard.  I didn’t miss a round.  Up late night with a Tanq and tonic watching Looper, I was in the Eagle’s nest, a good enfilade position .  But with everyone going for the knockout punch I decided to stay back.  Everyone knows where I come from with firearms so there was little to add.
    BTW Looper is a stange little flick, maybe a paycheck for Willis.  Basically the theme is time travel where the future is owned by the bad guys who dispose of unwanteds by sending them back 30 years to a dystopian near future.  The travelers are loaded with silver as payment for the present day hit man’s payment.   Once a Looper takes enough silver they usually spend the next 30 years living life easy.  At the end of that 30 years, moving in the bad guys time continuum, they are inconveniet to the bad guys since time travel is muy illegal.  Watch the movie to see how things turn out.  It’s interesting if you’ve had a few.  violent with lots of blood and gore.  Besides which, I don’t post fer beans when I’m a little looper-ied.

  24. Lolz!   I’ll check that movie out. Silver, you say? Cool.
    I promise you, I was just playing with RocketsRedGlare. I like him, really, but he comes easily to hand when I’m feeling crabby. No lasting ill feelings, I hope. Well not from me, anyway.   😉

  25. Reluctantly, I will attempt to punctuate this “interesting” thread (since I must accept responsibility for starting the acrimony)… my apologies, it will take me a few minutes.
    Growing up in Toronto, two of our three TV stations were from Buffalo (yes I am very, very old J) so I have been intimately exposed to the US culture. Through my mom, I became interested in politics at a young age and even followed US politics as a 10 year old, loved JFK, and used to run home after school every Tuesday to catch his weekly press conferences (Helen Thomas jousting with JFK was just great entertainment… too bad she’s been dragged through the mud for speaking the truth about Israel’s occupation of Palestine… they bulldozed every remaining Palestinian village after the British plopped them in the middle of land occupied by Palestinians for centuries, and eliminated anyone who so much as lingered too long… there are ex Israeli soldiers beginning to talk openly about this as they prepare to pass on. Of course they have many valid grievences as well) on a small grainy B&W TV (we were dirt poor). As most will recall, JFK was moving the country (world?) in a just, and politically very difficult direction taking on big steel, big oil, the mob, and of course the third rail of race in the pseudo antebellum south (looking back you have to say… what was he thinking!!!)… I believe he was well aware of the danger he was in but moved forward with what he believed in… a great (and of course imperfect) man!
    Then the world blows up (close) with the Cuban crisis, JFK is murdered in cold blood (by a cabal of the worst of the FBI, CIA, the mob, the military, and of course powerful elements of the federal government and the ever present corporate monsters… and to this day not one member of the corporate controlled US media {just five corporations control it all} will speak one word of the truth… takes my breath away). Had JFK or RFK lived, there would have been no Vietnam (initiated by a fully documented Gulf of Tonkin false flag), no Vietnam vets, and no Vietnam casualties. Then comes Nixon, the Powell Memo… link below (if you haven’t read it you must… it is the corporate blueprint guiding the next 50 years by a soon to be Supreme Court Justice to the soon to be all powerful US Chamber of Commerce), and the Reagan administration (who was elected by bribing Iran to hold the hostages until a couple of hours after he came to power). The Reagan revolution was actually the beginning of a coup by the corporate elite (the second link shows the elite corporate Puppet Master Don Regan pulling the strings in full public view), and beginning of the war on middle and lower classes, resulting the biggest transfer of wealth in history, and of course, more wars for no reason but profit (once the “commie threat” wound down, terrorism took over as the fear trigger… with much convenient assistance on 9/11). Add a little gun running for money to buy drugs in order to fill corporate prisons and further the decay of middle America, complete evisceration of corporate regulation with focus on criminal financial activities, an emboldened central banking cabal (including the IMF) that has spread throughout the world wreaking havoc wherever they touch down, and we’re pretty much back to my reason for visiting the Docs site… to try to survive through the last barrier to their domination… precious metals.
    So, back to Mr. Boston’ letter…
    My view of the gun issue addresses the (IMHO) evil corporate interest pandering to fear, with a healthy dose of cheerleading of a well established rural gun culture in America, to further THEIR CORPORATE interest… they could not care less about loss of life, or the right to bear arms (an almost comically outdated Amendment that, as written, has made no practical sense for over a hundred years). To me, the bottom line is that, without guns there can be no gun violence (can anyone really argue this point), and 30,000 die from guns in America every year (there are almost no guns in Japan… was in Tokyo for over a month in /05 and never saw a single gun… they had a total of 4 gun murders in one year recently). It is with these views in mind that motivated me to make those comments… I’m sure Mr. Boston is a fine person, and my issue is with the puppet masters (the MO is exactly the same with the “grassroots” Tea Party / Rove / Koch Bros divide and conquer strategies… stoke fear and hate for the other side, and pass it off as the true, patriotic, will of the people… that just happens to further the interests of the corporate elite at the expense of general population… how an average American can support a party that would risk everything to fight for tax relief for a few billionaires is simply astounding to me)!
    My comments on military service were also directed at the “system” that takes advantage of the poor, and disadvantaged (the few well-to-due members of the military are officers, and usually members of military families). I always looked at the draft as tyranny, but lately it seems the lesser of two evils, if the endless avoidance loop-holes could be eliminated (let the elite begin to lose their children to war and see if their appetite for it continues unabated… it would not). My comments on the gun control issue are from the same place and not focused on Mr. Boston, or any of the other gun enthusiasts (I do however take issue with the over the top “RRG” like, fanatic approach… but he’s most likely just having some fun with me anyway) for that matter. I see the “NRA,” and “well greased congressional representatives” behind every fanatic defense of the gun culture (see… Canadians are paranoid too J).
    Finally, kudos to Tawnyard… as a competitive hockey player for 30 long years, I’ve been conditioned to do battle, dust myself off, and move on (even in a politically motivated internet dust up which exactly what I would have done had I not read her subsequent posts)… I guess it takes a woman to see the benefit of pausing to explain the motivation behind ones views as the conversation become acrimonious. I don’t expect to change any minds but would be pleased to have even a few thinking a little more critically on the issues.
    There is of course much good in America, as there is much wrong in Canada, the UK, and any other country. Hoping my punctuation of the thread helps you understand that at least I mean well and, as far apart as many of our views are, there is at least a thread of common ground (buy Ag to fight the banking cabal). Wish you and yours well RRG… I am however entitled to my opinions (as far out as they may seem to you… as yours are to me) and trust you see they are not personal. I care passionately about what’s happening to America (and with the extent of their influence to much of the world) and will continue to voice my opinions… even in the face of overwhelming opposition… but hey, somebody has to be the pinata!
    Powell Memo…
    Regan, speed it up… (apologies to my right leaning friends for the MM commentary… couldn’t find the one without it)

    • Well said, SRV. I read every word carefully.  We need some balance. We need some perspective. We need discussion. We need to hear the opinions of all people. There’s no reason why Silver Doctors can’t be a place where we can come together and find common ground.
      Have you seen the film Four Horsemen? These are the two trailers for the movie.
      No, its not ‘America-bashing’. You have to watch the whole DVD to get what it’s about. These guys want discussion. They want us to think for ourselves

    • What is being missed here as I see it is we are in this global fight of international corporate tyranny. The American gun companies (most family owned) are very small and not part of the takeover. They do not advertize on TV, radio, or news papers. They keep a very low profile and almost exclusively advertise in firearms magazine. They are in fact persona non grata in the corporate scheme. Not the evil brainwashing entity that some would have us believe.The international banking cartel and the corporations and governments (including the media that American gun companies can not advertise in) that they control, do not fear people in the streets. What the fear is and armed population that can challenge them! Such as exists here in the U.S. and to some extent Arab countries (who are also under attack by these same banking families FROM EUROPE). The lie and propaganda put forth by the corporations are that if there were no guns there would no longer be crime and our warm, fuzzy and lovable societies would bask in peace and tranquility. Everywhere the public has been disarmed the opposite happens and that is the harsh realty! If we were to disarm, we give up any chance of defeating the designs of these criminal corporations. Gun control is population control, plain and simple. Gun control is not about public safety but rather about about protecting the power, position and control these international banks and corporations have over government, political parties and international unions (AFL-CIO), and they will do or say anything at this point and sacrifice anyone to get their way. We cannot defeat the emerging international corporate state, “the NWO” in America with out our arms. To give up our 2nd amendment and our rights is surrender to them. This would usher in the darkest age in all of human history! All that makes us free humans would be lost. The fight for the human race is at hand. The fight is NOW. The lines are drawn. There are those that say many counties are have more freedom than the U.S. I won’t dispute that. But they are not free! I intend to be free. As said in the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Jesus died to make man holy, let us live to make man free. I for one don’t believe it is for us to go around the world and try to make man free by any other means than by example. Not war or intervention in any way. I expect that same respect from those that would come here!!! Here physically or over the internet. You have your ways and institutions, good for you. We leave you to them. Leave us to ours! Don’t be a hypocrites! This is the our fight, for our liberty, in our land and we will not disarm and surrender on the eave of the battle for our very existence and way of life!

    • I read everything you wrote @RocketsRedGlare. Noted. I had no idea that Silver Doctors was an American only web site. I thought the Doc wanted it to be international.
      Talking of international, have you watched the movie? It gives an international view of the dilemma facing the world. People from all over the world are interviewed. Not just financial experts and economists. Intellectuals and academics. Watch it, please, and tell me what you think.

    • The problem of this planet is a lack of Freedom and natural law and respect for each others rights. Pretty simple really. This site is whatever the Doc want’s it to be. But it is physically in America and when you come to it that’s where you are. I don’t know any Americans who roam foreign websites and bash and disrespect that hosts country and people (there maybe people who do that but I haven’t seen it and they would be wrong to do it and I won’t make excuses for their behavior). Foreigners seem to revel in doing that to us. Then throw out some lame and ridiculous excuses for their behavior when their called out for it.

    • What about mine and SRV’s rights to peacefully express our opinions of Cpl Boston’s letter?

      In Britain, we have laws protecting freedom of speech. Dating back to Medieval times, the British have fought for it.  I’d like to know who appointed you Censor of Silver Doctors, Gatekeeper to the Rest of the World?

      You were out of order. Your fellow Americans only stood up for you because they saw that you were an American who’d gotten yourself into a fight. Kneejerk patriotism. The very same kneejerk patriotism that allowed your Wall Street and Washington masters to push you into nearly every big conflict in the last century.

      What makes Cpl Boston think that he’s fighting for his country when he’s deployed thousands of miles away from his home? As SVC somewhat more subtly points out. This brave young man has bought the lie. He’s not fighting for his country. He’s fighting for his country’s masters’ interests.

      Watch the movie, tell me I don’t understand what’s going on.

    • None have censored you or SRV in anyway at all! So much spycho-babble to excuse behavior. I don’t expect you to understand it if you haven’t already, it was insulting and disrespectful. Now I’m done with it too!

    • @RocketsRedGlare.  I understand the situation perfectly well. Better than you, I believe.


      Because I live outside the United States.

      I grew up on America’s biggest Aircraft Carrier. All through the 1970s and the 1980s I lived on a small island that had cross hairs trained all over it. Nuclear Warheads pointing at it.

      All as a result of American Foreign Policy.

      Look what was on the TV when I was a little kid. Public information films telling me what to do in a nuclear attack. Broadcasts telling me that every day could be my last. So don’t you dare lecture me, you ignorant little pipsqueak.

    • Your boundless arrogance is only eclipsed by your “superior this and that” ignorance. You keep giving me this information about yourself.  Where you are from, where you have been, aprox. age… and all that. I give you nothing about me. Then you assume everything about me. Then you act on your own blind assumptions. Arrogance and ignorance. I say it again. I’m done with it.

    • I know plenty about you, RRG. You’re a man who just goes ahead and shoots people instead of calling the police. You call others names, throw insults and speak on behalf of everyone, instead of speaking only for yourself. You think guns are a good idea in schools, and that the streets of Britain are filled with piss. You won’t tolerate any opinion other than those that agree closely with your own. I have judged you on your words.

      I have humoured you for so long, and now I am almost out of patience. I tried to make peace with you yesterday, but you insisted on carrying on.
      Unless you want to watch that film and discuss your thoughts on it with me, let’s consider this conversation finished, shall we?

  26. Thanks Tawnyard… right up my alley (found the full movie on YT)… well, there goes the first half of tonights NFL playoff double header… lol…  I’ll get you back for that one day!
    .. and thanks again for being the voice of reason
    p.s. had me at ‘Mad’ Max Keiser in the first trailer… can’t go wrong there

  27. It’s an amazing movie. Thought provoking. Got me like no other, and I’ve seen a few.
    When it’s shown in a British theatre, time is allowed for an audience debate afterwards. I’ve experienced it.  It’s awesome, how people can work together and figure this thing out between them. They walk out of the theatre thinking, ‘Fuck. It’s up to me.’

  28. SRV can you put up a link to the youtube of the 4 horsemen?
    To your point Tawnyard. There may be a chance that some SD readers, call us the Bullion Brigade Irregulars, as in the military parlance, could unite in a common cause if a team of like minded silver seekers lived close by to one another. It’s all good and well to talk on this channel but being up close and personal, without the Napolitano big ears lurking, would be nice. I live in Nevada and anything less than 80 miles from Reno NV is close. Or maybe a group raft up at a nearby landmark like a hotel or restaurant; time and date to be determined.
    BTW the more I read and study on this notion of US Empire Hegemony the more the dots seem to connect. To see this one can’t take sides. That feeds into the Helegian Dialect, the worst enemy of critical eyes-open thinking and scrutiny of the world we live in.
    There was a post on SGT that listed the US military engagements of the last 100 years. I always thought of WWI, WWII and Korea, Vietnam and the ME were the big ones. They were the hottest blazes in an incredibly bloody century where virtually every nation was embroiled in conflict. We’ve been in conflicts for 100 years without cessation. Some fights were noble, others not. But it’s hard not to wonder what’s up with the all the wars? I’ve been as jingoistic as anyone around but after some reflection on empires past and present, it’s pretty hard to argue that we aren’t an empire builder and one who’s days may be ending. That’s a hard bark road to travel

    • Four Horsemen is a movie that is permanently ‘on tour’. When they have enough requests for a city, the movie screens there.

      From what I can see is happening in Britain, organisations such as “Transition” are arranging for screenings of Four Horsemen. Screenings can also be used for drafting up new groups and organisations. 

      Organisation is best done on a local basis. Groups can be affiliated nationally and internationally, but much tighter knit in the community. Chris Martenson is taking this approach too. His Peak Prosperity website allows people to form ‘cells’ of like-minded individuals in their neighbourhood. It only takes a handful to become a movement.
      We should be looking for our common ground, not bickering over our differences.

      I am not sure the movie is available for free. I got the DVD quite cheaply, and it was worth every penny.

    • “US Empire Hegemony”…. is it or isn’t it? Tough question. The sort you can only answer by stepping back and not taking sides.
      Empires are something that the movie explores, without bashing any particular country. The experts interviewed are of all nationalities – I think that was done deliberately – and many of them are respected academics. 
      Somebody asked today what I hope to learn from being here. I can’t deny that I find American forums interesting.  America is where it’s all happening. All eyes are on the United States. What it must be like for Americans, I can only imagine. Being in the vortex of a huge storm. There are storms in Europe and elsewhere in the world too, but America is a country with a lot of… connections. It’s all coming together. The perfect storm. I see people waking up and wrestling with this, and then the deeper realisation that not only are they in the eye of the storm, but they are strapped to the back of a giant whale.

    • I live in the North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains. We have more trees to hide behind. Have been to Arizona, great place. When I went to the Hoover Dam I drove out in the desert and found great peace in the vastness. Also did a Mt. bike trip in the desert. Ate some Mexican food in Phoenix. Wouldn’t want to live there for anything. Maybe in the desert in a small camper surrounded by rocks close to a water source with solar panels. Let me know if you know someone that has such a place and will take silver as payment. I guess you would call it desert. I lived in the Mojave Desert for 2 years, now that was a desert. I would move to Barstow, quaint little town, but who wants to live in Cali.

  29. Just got back from buying 7 more oz’s. I will be taking a long vacation for now on from sites such as this on the Internet. All the news on Drudge and from all these gurus is beginning to move my Karma in the wrong direction. Best wishes to all and hope you dream of silver eagles flying around in your head. I’m going to take a long hot bubble bath, look for that bottle of Break Free CLP and do something constructive.

  30. SRV  that’s the one  thank you. 
    Crissy I hope to see you back soon with news from the hinterlands. Karma on
    Concentrating from 50-100% on these topics can be as close to brain damage as I care to think about.  As for the epoch we are now experiencing, the US is ring side to this global debt and Ponzi situation with plenty of viewers in other countries wondering, like us, what shoe will drop next, how hard and where.  There is going to a time, soon I think, when we all want to move from ringside to a remote location 100 miles from the epicenter of ground zero.  For those who want some brain candy and bean heads like me eat this stuff up, Mauldin and his band of brothers came up with some really good essays on the global debt and ponzi paradigms.   I connect with them at http://[email protected]  That’s about all my tech know how allows to help you jump to that site.  We’re having a little party for some friends tonight so I’ll be tuning out until tomorrow.  Cheers.

  31. Chrissy  Onemoer thing.  My BOB is looking for some rural acreage east of Fallon NV along hwy 50  There are small lots, maybe 1,3 or 5 acres.  Rural, off the beaten path, with water, near BLM, arable, good for crops and small animals, rabbits, goats, chickens ducks etc.  A friend just set up camp on a 100 acre parcel and even with this winter, his rabbit business to moving along.  Google acreage for sale nevada and then narrow the search.  The small communities are wide spots in the road but the little towns have all the facilities. Fallon is not to far down the road.  Top Gun’s there.  Airforce and military facilities.  As a former military person you’ll find the communities serve their military friends well.  Down hwy 95 toward Tonopah and other older WWII military bases there are vast open spaces.   Lots of small ‘vils and First American reservations.   NV has no income or cap gains taxes. I would trade sivler for land in a heart beat.  These isolated land parcels are completely outside any muni BS regulations.  No zoning regs. You buy it. You built what you want.  Many sellers will carry paper at low rates with a 20-40% downpayment. My BOB is going to start looking for a rural bivvy this year.  Bug out and farm type of situation just in case.  Depending on a vehicles MPG the locations are usually half a tank of gas of less round trip.  RT from where?  Don’t know.  Maybe a six pack for the round trip.

    • I did some exploring out that way back in ’95.  Saw plenty of reservations/homesteaders, but didn’t see many mustangs. I thought there would be loads of them.  Can you ride a horse, AGXIIK?

      And did you get a chance to watch the film?

  32. Tawnyard   I have not watched the movie yet but plan to this afternoon.   We had some friends over last night so no time then  Re horses.  There are feral horses all over the areas of Storey, Nye and Lyon counties.  We have to be careful driving as they cross the roads in good sized herds. Several to several dozen are common.  My wife loves horses, raised and broker her own when she worked on a cattle ranch in the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  Quite competent in the riding arts.  Me?  I can ride but my skills are modest at best.  Horses don’t like me much though. I weigh to  much for most horses except a large John Wayne type buckskin.  The  horses can be seen all over the place and frequently come to people’s home looking for graze and water.    Our area is Sierras so we have bears foraging for food and garbage.  While they are not rideable they get hit by cars frequently, like the horses over the hill.   The wild horses are completely unrideable since they are wild.
    PS Wifey regards me more in the light of stable boy. Clean the poop, curry the horses. I really gotta to talk to her about the whip and spurs though.

  33.   We, the people, certainly have good reason to be concerned about guns, gun violence and gun control.  My take on this is fairly straightforward.  A cursory reading of the history of the 20th century shows about 275 million civilians died in wars and at the hands of their own governments. Nearly all were unarmed or disarmed people who became direct casualties or collateral damage to the fascist juggernauts that rolled across the globe. 
    I am not taking sides in this because governments wear many uniforms and covers. The US has played a huge part in  the 20th century global and regional conflicts, at war in some manner or other for  nearly every year since 1913, the year the Fed was formed. We have fought noble wars against tyranny as well as  wars to preserve the financial and resource interests of powerful people and corporations that seem,  for now, to have far too great an influence in Washington.
    Central governments do two things.  1.  Debase the currency.  2  Wage war.  Central banks finance both.
     That is a strong tie and no coincidence, in my opinion, to current events where the threat to our Constitutional rights have hiked to  a fevered pitch.  My point in this discussion is to make some comments about how we, the civilians, whether former military or  civilians who’ve never served,  are to protect ourselves from an increasingly harsh and controlling central goverment with its fellow travellers, the banksters and the industrial complex that serves the military and our government.  This alliance scares me and I think for good reason.
     At the turn of the 20th century only 15% of the casualties of war were civilians. Today the civilian death toll easily hits 75%, and even 85%.  I am a civilian and that concerns me even though I do not presently see MRAPS and troops marching down my streets. That could change in an instant if the flash point for violence in the inner cities ignites or the incredibly aggressive gangs that populate our urban areas are given reason to break out of their confines and go to war with us.  They are as well armed as the police and   military.  They have their business interests to protect and have a command and control structure similar to that of military units. They are prepared for urban warfare and have the arms to handle themselves as well as a Haji in Fallujah.  It’s no accident that the various governmental agencies are stocked with nearly 2 billion rounds of very lethal pistol and long gun ammo.  Police and LEO forces are up armored to a degree never seen before.   Even if I plated my SUV with a few layers of Farmer Armor I might be at a slight disadvantage.
    Hey, don’t ‘drone me, bro!
     I am concerned about the mind set of our government at the highest levels.  They are either stark staring nutzo  Neocons when it comes to putting down people, either foreign or domestic, or they are the ones who want to want to implement incremental soft tyranny upon the American people. 
    When government fears the people we are safe. When we fear the government, we are not safe. 
    Right now the  government gives me the willies.  There is clear evidence of civilians fear of the present government as the’ve purchased  literally millions of guns over the last few months. Ammo is scarce. Magazines are hard to find.   We are armoring up for what might be a  real fight.  And it could be against our own government.  Anyone who’s studied the flash points of war know that when two adversaries start arming, the escalation of the conflict to the point of war increases exponentially. 
    Just take a look at the dispute of the tiny set of islands in the South China Sea.  They might be resource rich.  2 nations claim them.   China is starting down Japan. Japan is not blinking.  War ships and men are being marshalled off shore of these islands and the US is being dragged into this conflict due to our alliance and defense agreements with Japan.  There is going to have to be  some serious negotiations to prevent a hot conflict from erupting.
    That said, once two opposing forces have the bit in their teeth, it’s is increasingly difficult for the two sides to back down.  Right now, those two sides are the gun owners and the gun haters.  Neither side trusts the other.  They never have and never will. That is a legacy of 200 plus years of the people v big government. 
    It’s in our American DNA to distrust governments, whether they come with hands extended or gripping the stock of a rifle.  This is a very different country and it’s my belief that we are almost genetically compelled to distrust elites, the power structures of government and the various satrapies set up to control our lives one way or other.  In my opinion, the only thing that’s  protected us from the tyranny of fascists, communists and Progressives in our government is that they know we are well able to fend for ourselves.  If that means taking up arms to defend ourselves, so be it.  The 2nd Amendment protects the Ist Amendment and all the  others too boot.  Right now we seem to be winning the battle and it is through switching on our minds, intellects, critical thinking and the glorious INTERNET, the best weapon available to expose the plans of the elites, their strategies and how they plan to implement their objectives, some of which are now being shown clearly. 
    I think the battles and war can be won without violence.  Divesting ourselves of our Constitutional right to bear arms is NOT NEGOTIABLE.  Giving up one of these most important  tactical and strategic assets leaves us totally unprotected.  When 3 wolves invite 3 sheep to dinner, the menu is set. Mutton anyone?
     I’ve seen some large losses of constitutional protections through the Patriot Act, NDAA and NDRP. These are full frontal attacks against our  Constitution.   This erosion of our civil rights, basic freedoms and liberties has been ongoing in earnest for 40 plus years.   If it was just one party guilty of shredding the Constitution I could at least zero in on this ‘enemy. ‘  I use this strong word for a reason.  There are way too many people in  high office, elected, appointed or just plain old and simple acting as  hired guns who want to supress the average civilians in this country. These people and   their intentions and actions are antithetical to our way of life and God-given liberties.  Those freedoms we enjoy are were not handed down by men.  The Founding Fathers were, in my way of thinking, the conduits for these guaranties of our liberties, passed from God to man.  They are our natural rights, provided to us by that  higher power.  Those freedoms and liberties are NOT SUBJECT TO COMPROMISE.  It’s not from some quid pro quo backroom bargaining and horse trading. To me they are absolute.
    As a bit of a lark Marshall Swing asked me to rewrite the Declaration of Indepences in mid 2012,  mostly to see how it would resonate in modern times.  We  see our freedoms hammered to pieces via the debt monster thrust on us by an evil foreign force called the Federal Reserve Bank.  Doc put my rewrite on SD around July 2012.  In reading it, my thought is that we should leave these sacred documents alone.  They have served us well for 240 years or so.  They work and for good reason.  We, the people, see how they protect us from the rapacity of governments. 
    The 2nd Amendment was not about hunting. It was very much about making sure the people could defend themselves against what seems to be an unnatural progession of government power that  tries to restrain us to the point of eventual tyranny.  As a part of my thinking, I grew up reading the Magna Carta.   As a child and adult the power of its words reverberated through me.  Reading the Magna Carta and the Constitution side by side clearly shows that after  nearly 1,000 years  the power of these two documents is still relevant, as much today at when the Barons told King John that it was time to back off.
    My father saw it as his touchstone as he fought against tyranny, first against the Nazis in WWII and later in his work with the Canadian Government and  against the  evil forces brewing in the UN.  That is quite a story in and of itself. I have great respect and affection for my British conferes. Born in a little town in Canada and singing “God Save the Queen’ then with the same vigor as the Star Spangled Banner today, I have great affection for both countries as well as our motherland, England.  Call me a sentimentalist . I’ll go with that any day.
      In the 1950s and 60s there were no gun laws to speak of in Canada.  We all owned pistols and rifles.  There was no debate about owning them.  Today my  Canadian family is concerned about their loss of rights to own guns, contrained by the laws now on the books. Crime is up as well.   The US has 30,000 laws regarding guns as well. So the issue is not about laws against guns.
    Most of you know I generally speak my mind but  don’t like to take sides in blog wars.  In this case, taking sides is not optional.  I draw the line  on this subject.   I will defend myself, family, neighbors and the country against enemies, foreign and domestic. I won’t be using a salad shooter.   I took the oath when I chose to join the LEO in our little vil.  While I have no color of authority I am still regarded as part of LEO so I take this oath with utmost seriousness and can be called to serve at any time.    Being part of LEO  goes along with my basic themes of protecting Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  While this is not be a resonant theme that  others follow in their countries and may  not part of their belief systems, I respect the beliefs others as their right to have their say about any subject. My right to choose in THIS country must not be infringed on by a government that has taken upon itself some sort of extra Constitutional authority to deprive me of any of my rights.
    If someone starts down that road then my Hillbilly upbringing will surface real fast. Them’s fightin’ words.  I will fight against anyone who tries to take my means to protect myself, my family, neighbors or country.
    I got their backs. That’s the way I’m built  and that’s as simple as it gets.

  34. @Tawnyard
    Thanks again for the 4 Horsemen… interesting approach to issues many have covered, and first rate production (first rate contributors as well… I’m familiar with most and all are first rate)!
    Several times I was taken back to a very early “awakening” to the power of the moneyed elite (for me).
    Just in case you’ve not had a chance to see it, here is a link to The Money Changers… very long and somewhat disjointed at times, but a great history lesson on subject, leading to a prediction of the 2008 financial meltdown… and it was produced in the mid 90s! Produced on a very small budget (and it shows) but a must see, IMHO… but beware of the evil ball point pen (it’s all fun and games ’till somebody loses an eye…lol).

  35. The pen in mightier than the sword, but I don’t want one in a knife fight.  The ‘journalist’ who disclose the names of LEO and others who are then targeted by the bad guys don’t deserve our Constitutional protections.  That is virtually the same as shouting ‘Fire’ in a theater. The Freedom of Information act is a two way sword. Imagine the calamity if anyone is forced to register anything that might be a weapon or weapon component in nature. Imagine having to register the purchase or sale of silver.  Than calculate the chances that once the state gets their hands on this data, and be absolutely certain they will, someone, whether a journalist of just a malicious hacker get accesses this data under FOI.  It’s then published and much like Craig’slist, Angies list or some sort of site that anyone can access at no charge.  You will find everything you own available like some sort of swap meet laundry list of goodies that any criminal can look up before going shopping.
    “Honey can you do some shopping?’ 
    ‘Sure, whattya need?’ 
      ‘I need 500 ounces of silver, 20 ounces of gold, a Glock, an AR 15 and 2,000 rounds of ammo plus magazines.  I see here in Dope’s List that Average Joe at 123 Main Street has everything.  Hey, one stop shopping.  Ain’t computers great.
    And when you’re done, take the Glock and hit the Quicky Mart on your way home.  I need milk, bread and some Camels’.
    ‘Do that for me sugar?’
     ‘ Sure anything you say’
       ‘Aren’t you glad you took those computer classes at Phoenix University. We can sell some of the gold and pay your loans.’ 
    ‘Oh, you don’t have  to pay them back?  Oh yeah, I heard Obama is going to pay them for you.  Whoo hoo, ain’t America Great.’  

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