LEAP/2020 has issued a RED ALERT for the Western banking system, stating that Europe’s hour of payment has arrived, and compares the next two months to the Israelites circling Jericho for 7 days prior to blasting the trumpets.
LEAP/2020’s red alert states the Western banking system’s trumpet blast will occur in September or October.

The seven blasts of the trumpets of Jericho marking the September October 2012 period will cause the “Dollar Wall’s” last sections and the walls which have protected the world as we know it since 1945 to collapse.

The shock of the autumn 2008 will seem like a small summer storm compared to what will affect planet in several months.

From LEAP/2020:
According to LEAP/E2020, and in accordance with its already timeworn anticipations, just like Franck Biancheri from 2010 in his book “The World Crisis: The path to the World Afterwards”, this second half of 2012 well really mark a major inflection point of the global systemic crisis and the answers to it.

In fact, it will be characterized by an event which is very simple to understand: if, today, Euroland is able to address this period in a promising fashion (9), it’s because, these last few years, it has gone through a crisis of an intensity and depth unequalled since the beginning of the European construction project after the Second World War (10). From the end of this summer all the other world powers, led by the United States (11), will have to face an identical process. It’s at this cost, and only at this cost, that they will subsequently, in a few years, be able to start a slow recovery towards the light.

But today, after having tried all means of delaying the payment on the due date, the hour of payment arrives. And, as with everything, the ability to put off the inevitable comes at a high price, namely the bigger shock of adjusting to the new reality. In fact, it’s a question of the endgame for the world of before the crisis. The seven blasts of the trumpets of Jericho marking the September October 2012 period will cause the “Dollar Wall’s” last sections and the walls which have protected the world as we know it since 1945 to collapse.

The shock of the autumn 2008 will seem like a small summer storm compared to what will affect planet in several months.

In fact LEAP/E2020 has never seen the chronological convergence of such a series of explosive and so fundamental factors (economy, finances, geopolitical…) since 2006, the start of its work on the global systemic crisis. Logically, in our modest attempt to regularly publish a “crisis weather forecast”, we must therefore give our readers a “Red Alert” because the upcoming events which are readying themselves to shake the world system next September/ October belong to this category.
Read more of LEAP/2020’s RED ALERT:

  1. Better get your preps in order ASAP.  Food, meds, personal hygiene, water and protection.  Fall of 2012 is going to be the most interesting in 100’s of years.  We will get to see, in realtime,  changes that will be spoken of for thousands of years…


  2. Morning thoughts…so you still keep your PM’s in a safe deposit box?

    From a news article about the police retrieving a stolen coin collection:
    “Police gained information at the Way Street home that led them to safety deposit boxes at a local bank.”

    “The search warrant that we’re serving right now at a local bank where we found that safety deposit boxes had been used to probably conceal some of these stolen items,” Wall said during a news conference Thursday.”

    Didn’t keep the paperwork when you bought your coins from APMEX, or you purchased them from a private seller so you do not have a receipt? Sorry, they must have been stolen, too bad but we’re taking them.

    Linkey: http://tinyurl.com/87tmkkk

    Maybe it’s time to remove your PM’s from that safe-deposit box and put a note inside that has “F* YOU!” written on it.  Remember, if you don’t have it in your physical possession, then you do not really have it at all.

  3. 100% agreement with the idea of leaving anything with a bank.  The convenient shut down of BVI and Nat West allows many hands to poke through your safe deposit boxes.  Expropriation by police using any excuse is just another way to separate you from your phyzz.  Leave nothing in the box except non-essential material and nothing that leads any reader to know of your physical assets.  Even wills and other documents that allude to your personal possessions would not be a good idea.  Store these vital documents in a fireproof file, ammunition can or safe.  Period.

  4. ILUVPMs said:

    Hey doc, 
    Heres an
    excellent article by trader dan on deciphering silver. Thought you might
    want to post it. Very interesting and may shed light on JPM and their
    “losing short position”

    I’m sure trader Dan is right and not every smack down is caused by JPM.  But when the big smack downs happen, a huge amount of contracts are sold at the same time the bids are pulled.  We are nearing the end of the penent formation and silver is going to break out hard one way or the other.   I suspect it will get a push in the down direction:

  5. Nothing is safe if it’s in someone else’s hands. I guess anyone that saved their silver coins from yesteryear can consider them stolen. Good point Mammoth. Well then, things are really starting to move. Hang on.

  6. It almost feels like the government is taking the position that anybody that wants to store something in a safe deposit box is trying to hide it.   For sure, it is better to stash your precious metals some where else than in a bank’s safe deposit box given how the social mood is evolving.

    The good news is precious metals are a very dense store of value and can be squirreled away easily where they will be safe.   A buddy of mine didn’t want his in his house.   He put them in a bird house in his backyard where he can look out everyday and see everything is just fine.   And now birds have built a nest on top of his Krugerrand’s.  Even if the tree gets hit by lightning and falls, probably the coins stay safe.

  7. The way laws have been formed, there is a way around anything you say, any defense you have. Civil court will make you prove the PMs are yours. Could have been bought with narcotics money will be the excuse used for confiscation.  

    Bank holiday will stop access to your safe deposit box real quick.
  8. The government wants your life and finances to be an open book.
    Why do people keep their savings in a den of thieves?
    Convenience or fear? Beats me. PMs are the way to go if you can keep your mouth shut and defend your property.

    I like the birdhouse idea, as long as crows can’t get in there. Thieving devils, those crows.

  9. The new government regulations like FACTA and FBAR are ring fencing the US with currency controls. There is likely to be an attempt to confiscate assets in the case of a national emergency. ATMS will lock down or limit your withdrawals.   Keeping your silver and gold safe can be as simply as putting them in a plastic or metal ammo can under rocks or concrete in a place easily found. A single ammo can holds 720 1 oz coins in their plastic tubes. That’s nearly $20,000 in silver or over $1,000,000 in gold.

     Bird house!?  What a great idea! Under the dog house?  Under the roof tiles  Just keep the metals from a metal detector or use metal to surround the hidely hole to draw off the detectors. 

    Think about how bad things could get that the US Gov would be sending goon squads to try to find your phyzz, things would have devolved to some sort of Mad Max Croatia-Kosovo kill or be killed barter system with complete societal collapse. In that event we would be on our own. There are books that speak to situations like this. I’ve read up on these events and how to deal with them from an intellectual view point  but it is really a crap shoot if that should befall us.  My level of trust in the trickle down scale is

    #1  My BOB    That’s it.    

      LEO, FEMA, Paramilitary groups, local militia and the government would not even register on the trust scale.  But they don’t register on the trust scale even at this date in time because they have not proven themselves trustworthy. 

  10. Cool idea on the bird house.  I’m not sure I’d totally trust THAT, but there’s things to be said as well for keeping a small amount of “whatever” that you’re willing to easily part with if things DO get “THAT BAD”, easily seen / accessed.  It may just keep those crooks looking to separate you from any phyzz from digging deeper into your REAL stash that you’ve hidden away better, where ever that may be.  I operate this way with one thing in mind – people are LAZY, espeically if they’re overweight thugs (or gubmint cop-thugs) looking to steal your wealth.  If htey see it right in front of them, most are gonna be too stupid to look elsewhere, instead being all to ready to mentially and physically high five themselves at getting such an easy haul nyuk nyuk nyuk. 

    We sure do live in interesting times, that’s no doubt!

  11. Good points AG as always.  Told my wife the other day (unrelated to THIS) “the only people I trust are you and me and frankly, I’m not so sure about me right now.” (hehe).  Knowing your neighbors can help.  Figure out who lives around you that you might be able to trust.  And for goodness sake, if you in any way live IN a major city (at least in the US), figure out damn quick if there’s ANY opportunity for you to get out of town to friends or family in the countryside.  Heck, I’m about 45min to an hour outside of a BIG city, and that still feels uncomfortably close at times.  But I know that does give me some “buffer” if it gets really ugly to head FARTHER out to a relative’s house that’s, while not totally in the “boonies”, a lot more remote and less populated area / density than the slaughterhouses that inner city will become if things ever get THAT bad.

    Laugh all folks want to about “the zombie apocalypse”, but one of the first lessons in all those things are to avoid like the plague any major metro areas, big cities, etc.  Low to no capability to grow or sustain food in any way, WAY more people than supplies, and lots of folks who are conditioned to only turn to big daddy governmet for support.  When big daddy goverment is too busy surprdessing the rebellions and all, there’s gonna be a whole lot of people in that situation with no food, poteitally no power, and a big desire to go “get some” for themselves.  The farther you can be from that, the safer you and yours will be.


  12. The System will not collapse SEP/OCT.  Only more QE to Infinity and kicking the can down the road.  Problem is the cans getting heavier, the foots getting tired, soon that can, ain’t gonna move folks.  Message here is fill your own can with silver, and bury it under the tomato bush for a rainy day.

  13. Red Alert, what the hell most of us have all known for more than two years what was coming down the pike (they are talking two months then blow the horns) Shit we as a group have been trying to get the word out to everyone we know. I love these media types getting a big story out now but is it to late for most people because of the Controlled Media? Have you noticed in the past two weeks that the media are just now talking about it and getting the story out? Get The Fear Out Next and We Can Control Them!! Pisses Me Off

    When I Walk by My Stream I Smile, Because My Silver Is Still There As It’s Still Sparkling and The Gun On My Hip Is Sparkling Also..

  14. metal detectors pick up silver around the zinc/aluminum spectrum so if you bury or silver, sprinkle some nickles and pull tap from beer or coke cans around. They will drive themselves nuts looking for the right place to dig.   Gold is over on the iron side of the spectrum so drop nails around the gold hole.

  15. Why they (leap) would compare the coming economic collapse to a ficticious account of a failed exercise in seige warfare perpetrated by an adulterous, murdering traitor is beyond me but, I guess they needed some sensationalism to get the web hits.

    As with any story or opinion……….consider the source and motive.




  16. The Biggest Battle in All of Human History is Coming

    by James Gardner

    3:15 June 22nd 1941; 3 million men, 600,000 vehicles, 750,000 horses, 3580 AFVs, 7184 guns and 1830 air craft began the battle that decided the out come of World War two and the fate of the world.

    How does that apply to us today? Because Joe Stalin knew it was coming well before it happened, could have stopped it in it’s tracks and instead chose to put his head in the sand just like the majority of Americans are doing now.

    WW2 Soviet and British intelligence compared to German intelligence would be like a soccer game between an all star pro team and some genius level ten year olds. While the kids might develop brilliant plans, strategies and the occasional good move they would be mercilessly trounced at every turn. Thus it was that Stalin knew not just the placement and planning of the invasion forces but the very dates of the German launch. How do we know this? In the first few weeks of the invasion the 221st Defense Division in Lomza recovered from the CnC of the First Cossack Army maps with the accurate location of German Armies, Army Groups and Divisions. That was the good news, After Admiral Canaris, head of the German Abwher (spies), finally caught and forced a soviet spy to give him the key to cracking radio codes in November of 1942 it was discovered that the Russians had an agent that was tied into the German high command and could inform them with in two days of any change in plans. And the best evidence is a telegram sent by the German Naval Attache’ in Moscow on 25 April, 1941 which said the British Ambassador was giving June 22nd as the date of the beginning of the war between Germany and Russia. That’s two months before it launched folks. It would seem everyone everywhere knew what was coming so why do you suppose Stalin didn’t act?

    He had more men, (4.7 million), more (and superior) tanks, more planes and probably for the first time in his life the moral high ground. What did he lack? Belief. Stalin did not believe Hitler would attack while the west remained undefeated. So he refused to act in the face of overwhelming evidence and the Germans were able to kill or capture millions and push all the way to Stalingrad and the gates of Moscow before being defeated.

    That’s history, here’s today. Our government has “legislated” away most if not all our rights, without the approval, and in fact in direct opposition to the will, of the people. They have ordered massive amounts of ammunition, armored vehicles, spy cameras and drones to be used within the borders of our country. They have brought home and trained combat units in population control, turned the police into para military units, built camps for the internment of millions and demanded the citizens spy on each other. They are stealing our wealth through the printing of fiat currency, demonizing if not killing those that point out their methods and making a mockery of the peaceful means of transfer of power and the law in total. They spend our lives in foreign wars of aggression, dictate to other countries how to run their financial systems and lie to us about everything they do and who they really are. Are their intentions beginning to register with you?

    “What if” is always anyone’s guess but the German Generals agreed Stalin had large concentrations of armor and mechanized troops near Bialystok and Lvov. German General Guderian put the number of Russian tanks at 10,000 at the start of the war but in reality is was more like 17,000. Stalin had already won the concession from Rumania of Bessarabia which put him near the oil fields of Ploesti. The Russians were both to the east and north of the German supply of crude. Facing German Army Group South consisting of roughly 40 German divisions and 14 Rumanian Divisions were the 70 divisions (including 18 armored divisions) of the Kiev and Odessa special Military Districts. What if Stalin had taken the initiative and launched his mobile forces. The German war machine would have been denied their source of oil in 1941. The Panzers would have ground to a halt, the Luftwaffe become grounded and the U-boats permanently docked. Oil moves everything including the food on your table. Had Stalin acted could the war have ended three years sooner and with millions of lives saved? After all Stalin didn’t have to hold the fields all he had to do was destroy them. Economics would have done the rest, no oil no anything in modern warfare.

    Americans are always fighting one war behind. Ours is not a war that can be won with bombs and bullets, it’s a war of means and participation. Your superiority is one of mass and knowledge. If you don’t participate they can not do anything. You provide them wealth. You provide them man power. You are killing yourself. Oddly enough victory doesn’t require you to jump on a grenade or take someone’s life. Victory is as simple as buying an ounce of silver. Victory is as simple as eating locally grown or purely organic food. Victory is as simple as turning off your TV, Ipad and XBOX and reading a book. By participating in their constructed fantasy trap you slowly bleed your life away in trivial pointless efforts. Why does a dollar have value? Because you believe it does. Why do you shop at Walmart? Because you believe you get more for that dollar you think is worth something. Fantasy will not survive contact with reality.

    Most of the stuff you buy is toxic garbage and you buy it with valueless paper. Why are you over
    weight? Depressed? Lethargic? Sluggish? Because you eat processed high fructose corn syrup that is not nutritious or good for you but it is cheap and tasty and deadly. Why are you always chasing a buck? Because you have been fooled into believing amassing large amounts of green paper equals wealth. All through history wealth has been measured in gold and sliver. In cattle. In land. In family, friends and health. In tangible things not imaginary concepts.

    You can be like Stalin. Believe you can simply wait for a more favorable time to act. Hope they fail to move forward because they can’t get their act together and seem to be imploding on their own. You can cross your fingers and put your head in the sand and your butt in the air. Or you can act now while you’re still both numerically and morally superior.

    Fantasy is meeting reality. You can not pay a debt with more debt. You can not spend your way to prosperity. You can not win hearts and minds with occupational armies. You don’t build a country by destroying it’s farming and manufacturing ability. Reality is coming. It’s a harsh and unforgiving teacher. Learn and act now before millions of men, hundreds of thousands of vehicles, horses, drones and, more than any thing else, the fantasy world you’re living in comes crashing down on you at 3:15 a.m. as you attempt to ignore reality until it’s just too late.

  17. Very cool M45. I’ve got a little stream in my back yard. I’ll have to see your words first hand. LOL. Now that the MSM is starting to talk, we may see more sheep starting to get in the PM’s. What an interesting week already.

  18. Predictions for the rest of the year….Euro collapse, riots in capital citys, derivative market crash,Dow to 6000 soon, more failed money printing,  massive deflation then hyperinflation then war. Martial law called in the US and revolution to follow soon after. Paper Silver price to plummet to $15.00 or below then the big de-coupling between Phyz and paper. Paper to $0.00, phyz to 4 figures. Money that has been in bonds flee’s to safe haven of PM’s then the sky is the limit. Hold tight brothers of the silver phyz our time is nearly here…….

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