ViaMat, one of the world’s leading precious metals storage firms (used by BullionVault & GoldMoney as primary storage provider) has just notified  US customers that effective April 30th 2013, it will discontinue private storage of precious metals for all clients with a US tax liability.   Clients have until April 30th to notify Via Mat International where they would like their physical bullion dispatched to.

All signs point to an imminent escalation in capital controls in the US, just as we predicted last year as the controls were issued by Southern Euro-zone members such as Italy. 


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ViaMat issued this notice to clients Feb 17th:

“We are currently experiencing rapid and substantial changes in the general regulations within this business. The changes mainly relate to the tax structures and taxation systems of various countries. As a consequence of these changes VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL has taken the decision to stop offering this service at its vault [sic] outside of the US to private customers with potential US-tax liability.”




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  1. im guessing the Fed Vault would like to offer free storage.  its been recently audited and if you store it there long enough, you will end up with a few oz more than you began with, meh… or it will end up in germany 😀

  2. Maybe their trying to create jobs for the Cement industry by building underground storage units for their clients gold.
    But on the serious side, The US Government IMO is trying to control the Gold supply of American Citizens and get it back to the shores of the US by using tactics of Taxation and when on US shores like the post says above “Hi! Mr. Citizen We Need To Acquire Your Gold”.

  3. Plunder if they wish Silverrrr. They can’t have it. I think they would be hard pressed to get the PM’s from my friend M45. He doesn’t have any. when they show up at his house, they’ll find none (except for a little silverware LOL.) No central location for the Bammy! You guys have it right. 🙂

  4. If this doesn’t have you looking for a canoe accident, I don’t what does.
    First your guns
    Then you gold
    Then your IRA
    Then Prima Nocta with your Fundillo
    If your Google translator is slow on this one, think KY jelly. You’ll need lots of it.

    • “If your Google translator is slow on this one, think KY jelly. You’ll need lots of it.”
      No need.  I’ve seen Braveheart 5 times!  lol
      Better than KY would be sand.  That’s an old Indian trick.  Prevents rape EVERY time.

  5. They are flushing all the little gold birds out from the grass, your can bet your left nut that there will be” list” kept of where all the little gold and silver birds have flowe to. This my friends is how the global technocracy works, they make you leave a trail of info right to your door so when they come knocking they know exactly how much to confiscate.

    • Glad most of my purchases have been from non-typical sources so nobody wil have a clue how much I am holding… not quite sure I know exactly right now lmao

  6. Swiss banks were targeted by the US taxman a few years ago and many of them had no option but to stop servicing US customers for fear of crippling sanctions in cases of disputes.  This is probably along those lines, rather than some complicated confiscation scheme.  Also, just yesterday I read (can’t recall where) that the likelihood of obtuse confiscations is nil – the savage beating the markets are taking NOW is in fact the confiscation.  That made a lot of sense to me. Stack ’em while you can!

    • Yes, they were and the intimidation worked all too well.  I recently read an article about the Cook Islands.  They have a banking and legal system that does not recognize any off-shore court orders, except for those from New Zealand.  The US tried that same crap with them and they told the US to go pound sand… and they did.  No, they were NOT happy about it, but they did it.  Nothing like a nice off-shore trust these days.  The Isle of Man also has a good one from what I read.

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