After consolidating near $23.70 throughout this morning’s Asian trading, silver has again been hammered by the cartel, with the first wave of selling beginning shortly after the London open, and culminating in a classic vertical waterfall decline taking the metal nearly back to $23 on the COMEX open.
The move has broken silver out of its nearly 3 week long trading range of $23.30-$24.50 to the downside, meaning a re-test of the correction low at $22.005 is now entirely possible.

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Silver smashed on both the London & COMEX opens:



Gold was also hit shortly after the London open as well as on the COMEX open, dropping as low as $1420:


    • My opinion is starting to go this way – all the money printing has been parked on bank balance sheets so the inflationary effect could not be further away. In fact we are actually getting a sniff of deflation. The Fed, being that they need king dollar to survive, are trying to sympathetically throw the book at any commodity that they can to help it along the way.
      How long these satanic mongoloids keep the wheels on? Lord knows. Their desperation is lingering in the air like a stale beer fart.

  1. luciferian  madness,hoping to convince the simple that these manipulated cert. silver prices relect the Actual prices of phyzz silver and gold…ahahahahaaaa   maybe the  luciferians have found a way to use paper certificates  for solar panels ,industrial electronics ,jewerly ,coins ect?…that would be awesome if they can pull that off

  2. Basically all bullchit  coming from the luciferians ,while the BRIC nations and the smart money thinkers are buying phyzz like there is no tomorrow for the USD …luciferians wizards printing paper and turning it  into value in the minds of those who belive ,wow! magic

  3. IMO silver Dagger.  the only reason we, the people,  have not been taken down by our most evil government is defined by the chart you presented above.  If the day comes we assume a gun ownership along the lines of Japan we will shortly  assume the body count of Mao’s China or Hitler’s Nazi Germany or Poland after the Nazi massacres in 1939 and 1940.  The more I learn of the Founding Fathers the more I appreciate their incredible wisdom and basic foundations and tenets of liberty and faith.

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